My Blog And What Will Be Going On Here

Hi, everyone who’s reading this. My name is Torri. And this is my blog. Here I’m going to be writing things such as lemons, one shots, rants, reviews, and at times there will be posts(most likely in the form of stories) that can and most likely will generate controversy; such as incest, abuse, bullying, ect.

If you truly do not enjoy those kind of things, I also post stories related to anime, the outsiders, and some other popular movies, books, and t.v. shows. I hope you enjoy this blog, regardless of your preference of reading material.

I have these monthly questions that I put out, my ‘how do you’ near the end of every month. I’ll be posting the best comment here at the end of every question so go check it out.




Also, please go and check out this really cool writer catnistic and her stories at She has really good writing for fanfics, and if you like what I write about anime, you’ll like her too.

So go check her out, go check me out, and have fun with it. Thank you.


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