TomKat Johnes(a The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 5)

Two-bit’s pov.

I yawned and stretched out on the bed. I winced as a headache came over me. The after effects of alcohol. I blinked a couple of times and looked around the room.

My shoes, jeans, and jacket were thrown all over the room. But my Micky Mouse t-shirt was folded neatly on the bedside table.

Did I fuck a girl last night? I asked myself and tried really hard to remember what happened.

I came here with Kat, Soda, Steve, and Dally.

Me and Steve went to get a drink as Soda was swarmed with girls.

I lost Dally and Kat in the crowd.

I got a little drunk, but enough to remember things.

Steve pointed out Kat going against some bicker guy in a game of pool and they started up shots.

I drank more.

After Kat and that bicker guy’s first round of shots everything blurred together. The only thing I remember is a mess of beautiful, black as midnight, raven hair.

So I did fuck a girl. And she wasn’t a blond either. What a story did I have to tell the boys.

I got up and got dressed, ignoring the pain in my hangover. As I left I gamed my hands into the pockets of my jeans. I felt something cool and oddly shaped, when I pulled it out I saw it was a dog tag.

‘Constantien, Mark Andrew’.

First off, this is dated to world war two. Second, that’s the name of Kat’s dad, and I know this is his old dog tag because it has the notch on the side of it. And third, and the most important, Why the hell do I have it?

Maybe, we …..

“No,” I said out loud, “Couldn’t happen in a million years.”

I shoved the necklace back in my pocket and continued down to the Curtis house. I’d give it back to her.

Kat’s pov.

It was still early when I got in so I stayed quite. Stacey and Marry Sue did laundry last night so I had clean cloths in the living room. I grabbed some and took a cold shower.

I don’t take them for that purpose if that’s what your thinking. I take them because it helps me think after something big happened.that I need to get straight.

I still felt his touch lingering on my skin as the cool water cascaded over me. I was still longing for him to be holding me now. Damn it, Two-bit! What the hell did you do to me!?

After I finished that shower I came to the realization of a couple of things:

1.) I just violated my greaser girl code of ‘never steal another girl’s man’.

2.) Even though both me and two-bit feel the same, we can never be together.

3.) I will eventually go through a mental meltdown after a while of Two-bit being in ‘love’ with his slutty blonds.

4.) Even though I had just committed one of the worst of the seven deadly sins, in my opinion, I cannot ask for God to forgive me for sleeping with Two-bit before we’re married.

and finally 5.) My life position has not improved one inch.

I got out and got dressed. I wasn’t really hungry so I just brought my cloths up to my room. I had good timing too. Just as I closed my door, the front door was slammed open and my name was being called. So I called I was upstairs back.

Within thirty seconds Steve did the same treatment to my door as he did the front. He was panting and out of breath.

“Come on.” He said grabbing my wrist and dragging me down stairs.

“Steve, slow down!” I told him and he did.

The gang knew that stairs hated me. So, he let me come down at my own pace. Once both my feet were on the floor of the hallway between the bathroom and the hall closet, he grabbed my wrist again and pulled me out of the house.

I called to my brothers that Steve was kidnapping me and I might be back for dinner.

“Can you at least tell me where we’re going and why?” I asked as my house was going out of my view.

“The Curtis house.” He said factivley, “Two-bit’s got some big news about the party last night, but he wont tell anything until your there.”

“Oh.” I said obliviously, “Race ya’!” I said and took off in the direction of the Curtis house.

Steve chased after me laughing like an idiot. So was I. We made it there in record time.

I came bursting through the door and Steve picked me up from behind and threw me on the couch and Soda. Then he himself took a seat in between us.

“I got her.” Steve told Two-bit, “Now talk.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Two-bit said digging in his pocket for something.

“Kat, this is your’s. Don’t ask me why I have it.” Two-bit told me as he tossed me something.

I caught it and when I looked at it. My jaw almost dropped. How did he……. oh. He just tossed me my daddy’s dog tag from way back when. I just realized it was missing. I remembered he took it off and stuck it in his back pocket last night.

“Oh yeah,” I said sounding like usual, “Thanks.”

“Why did I have it anyway?” He asked me confused.

“We met up at the party last night, after I finished some shots. We were messing around like always, and I guess you took it. Thank’s for hanging onto it.” I told him, “Now, what was it that made Steve here come bursting in my house and drag me over here for?”

We all looked at him intently.

“Last night at the party, I guess I met up with this really hot girl.” He started.

“Shocker.” I interrupted.

“I banged her, and guys won’t guess this.” Two-bit exclaimed.

“She was actually a he!” I exclaimed and laughed. So did the rest of the room.

Two-bit shook his head, “No! Or at least I hope not. Anyway, she had black hair.”

We all stopped. Two-bit NEVER went for a girl who wasn’t a blond. Ever. And now he banged a girl with black hair at one of Buck’s parties. Even when he was completely wasted he could tell the difference. At the same time I couldn’t complain about last night.

“Your kidding.” Pony started, coming out of this shock faster than anyone.

“Kat’s right.” Soda started, “It must have been a dude.”

We all laughed again.

“Guys this is serious!” Two-bit yelled, “I actually think I might be in love.”

The guys stopped completely. I stopped and stared at him for a second, realizing he was serious and burst out laughing again.

“Two-bit that’s rich.” I managed to croak after I calmed down.

“Kat it aint funny.” Steve hissed.

“How?” i asked finding this more and more amusing by the second.

“When a guy says he loves a girl, he means it.” Soda told me.

I nodded and then asked, “Then how come some of the players out there will tell a girl he loves them, take what they want from their body, and then dump their asses?”

“Let’s see if I can refraise my brother’s wording.” Darry said picking his words carefully/

“It’s true when a guy tell’s a girl he loves her, in our neighbourhood anyway, their just trying to get her to sleep with him. However there are just a few exceptions to that. But when a guy tells his friends that he loves or is in love with a girl. He means it. Kat, it’s extremely rare that a guy will tell his friends he’s in love and then not mean it.” Darry explained.

Whistled and got up.

“Sorry ’bout that man.” I told him lightly punching his arm and going into the kitchen.

“No problem, Kat.” He said, “After all what you went through, I doubt you’d believe me anyway.”

I shivered as I reached in the fridge remembering. My first boyfriend was Tim Shepard. imagine how that when. It was during the time that Soda was dating Sandy. I tried to tell him that she was cheating on him, but he wouldn’t believe me. We got in this big fight over him trusting a girl over me. In my after best friend break up fury I got together with Tim. He was actually a pretty decent boyfriend. He knew how I felt about physical stuff and all that so he took it slow.

I broke it off about two weeks after me and Soda made up, unfortunately him and Sandy were still together much to my demise, because he cheated on me with Sylvia when Dally was in the cooler.

Needless to say it was one more reason why I kept getting turned off with guys. I just didn’t trust ’em anymore.

“So besides black hair, what else do you know ’bout her?” I called back to the living room as I pulled out a beer.

Two-bit thought for a second before he said, “Not much to be honest.”

I scoffed and rolled my eyes as I opened the beer with my teeth. I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it.

“Oh there is one this.” Two-bit exclaimed like he just got a light bulb over his head.

“Don’t leave us in suspense.” Soda encouraged.

“Well, I know she has black hair. A lot of it.” He started, “But last night, I-she had a scar.”

I narrowed my eyes a little. Did he remember it was me? Or was he just remembering in general? Either way I didn’t like where this was going.

“Where?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know.” Two-bit admitted, “But I know she loved it when I rolled my tongue over it.”

The guys let out cat calls about it. I shivered remembering the feeling on my collar-bone where I took the bullet for Dally a few years ago. I did love the way he did that.

“Kat, you okay?” Pony asked noticing my shiver.

“Yeah, no worries.” I told him and plopped back on the couch.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Two-bit asked.

“Me and Johnny were going to a movie.” Pony said as Johnny got up and they both left.

“I have some errands to run.” Darry said leaving aswell.

“I’ll probably go ’round town, try and find some trouble.” Dally said and left lightly a cancer stick.

“What about us?” Soda asked.

Steve and Two-bit shrugged.

“How ’bout we go into town and do what we usually do?” I suggested.

“What’s that?” Soda asked oblivious.

I shrugged and replied, “Whatever the hell we feel like Pepsi-pop.” I told him and stood up.

They did they same and we were out running through the streets of Tulsa like the wild teen greasers we are. I only wished things could a staid this way.


Is She Really What They Say? (a Taps Story)

(From now on the story will be told from Christina’s pov.)

I was finally back at bunker hill. Man did I love this place. I unloaded my stuff and said good bye to my mama and daddy. I loved them to no end, but I was really glad to be back. The only reason why I left was because I had too.

I was walking back up to my room when in the corridor I was picked up and spun around a little.

“Hey Chrisa! Long time no see!” Alex exclaimed happily putting me back down.

“Hey Axey. How are you?” I asked giggling as we walked towards my room.

“No bad, you?” He asked.

I shrugged, “I’m okay. Better now that I’m back.”

He nodded in agreement.

“We all missed you.” He said as we stopped in front of my room, “Why’d you leave again?”

I looked around for a second, “I’ll tell you later.”

I opened the door and immediately confetti was thrown on me and cheers and greetings were yelled in my ears.

“Hey Chris. We missed you.” Rusty told me wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“I missed you guys too.” I said dusting off some of the confetti that was on me.

“Where’d you go?” West asked as they sat me down in my chair.

“A lot of places actually.” I told them.

“Well, were listening.” Shovel said passing around some regular chips.

I laughed lightly and began, “Well, when I first got home my ma had a talk with me about woman things I should be aware of and stuff.” They nodded politely even though non of them were interested in it, “Then my daddy took me out fishing that weekend. I caught a lot more fish then he did one was this big.” I extended my arms a little wider than my shoulders, they seemed sorta impressed, “We also went camping. It was me, my daddy, and a few of his old friends. One of them was a war veteran. I learned a lot about his experience in battle. It was really cool.” all of them looked really interested in that, “I went swimming a lot. And I went to the zoo. My daddy was doing a case for the owner so I spent the day looking at the animals as he took care of legal work.”

“Hold on.” Brian interrupted, “I hear you say a lot about you ‘daddy’. But I thought you hated him, and what exactly does he do?”

“Oh.” It just dawned on me that I never told them, “Well see. I do hate my biological father. But I love my step-daddy. You’ll always know the difference with me because I’ll always call my step-dad daddy, and my biological father, father. You’ll also notice venom in my tone when I talk about my father.”

They nodded, “As for occupation. My daddy is a lawyer. My father runs a company that makes him travel and get a bunch of different kinds of alcohol. I hate the guy.”

“How was the zoo?” Alex asked changing the subject.

“It was really fun actually. I got to hold a bunny and feed a tiger and help collect chicken eggs.” All of them ooh’d, “I volunteered at the retirement home for a while with mama. I also got some target practice in.”

“How?” Hulk asked.

“Well, daddy took me hunting with a couple of his friends on one of his day’s off. And I got to go paint baling too.”

All of them were astonished.

“Oh, Alex. You wont guess what else I did over the summer.” I teased him.

“I’m not gonna guess Chrisa, just tell me.” He said sounding slightly annoyed.

“I went horse back riding.” I announced proudly.

“You actually went horse back riding?” He exclaimed like he couldn’t believe it. He probably couldn’t. He tried to get me on a horse first year. It didn’t go so well. I was nervous to begin with. And he didn’t know that the horse was harder to handle. It kicked me off and I wound up in the hospital for about a week with a couple broken ribs.

“Well,” I admitted, “It was a sweet pony, and I technically just sat on it and braided it’s main. But it still counts. Right?”

He chuckled and said, “Considering it’s you. Maybe.”

“I don’t like how you said that.” I told him crossing my arms.

He laughed and rolled his eyes.

“So how was the summer session?” I asked the rest of the room.

“Summer session-y.” Bug told me.

“The only really interesting part of it was watching Shawn practically rip his hair out trying to figure out what you meant before you left.” J.C. told me.

I giggled again. I knew he would. That was my whole point of doing it. I figured leave him words like that and think if ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is real.

“Where is Shawn anyway?” I asked them.

“Why? Need to talk to your boyfriend?” West teased.

“I need to talk to him, and I’ll let you know if he is my boyfriend after.” I told him getting up unfazed by anything. I was always like that.

They stared at me like I was crazy. I shrugged it off and started out. I caught Alex’s eye. His face read, ‘if he does anything I want to know’, and ‘if he does anything I’m going to kill him’, and we can’t forget ‘I can’t believe you like that guy. You can do so much better’. Of course I just shrugged this off and went to look for him.

I found Shawn on the basketball court making failed attempts at shots. The ball bounced my way. I picked it up and made a swish shot. Shawn turned around and saw me smiling at him.

“You suck at this.” I told him grabbing that ball and bounce passing to him.

“You came back.” He said absent-mindedly letting the ball bounce past him.

I looked at him like he was crazy, “I only left for one summer Shawn. Besides, I promised you I’d be back. Didn’t I?”

He walked closer to me. He cupped my face and rubbed his thumb on my cheek. I savored his touch.

“what did you mean back there?” He asked.

“Huh?” I asked, not sure of what he meant.

“When you told me I should have told you I liked you sooner. What did you mean?” He asked again anxiously.

I smiled softly at him and said, “What I meant was; you should have told me that you liked me sooner because I like you back too.”

He smiled at me too, then he leaned in and our lips barely touched each other. He did this a couple of times before he fully put his soft, yet slightly chapped lips on mine. It was perfect. I swear if I wasn’t already, that kiss made me numb.

When we pulled away I looked deep into his brown eyes and he looked into my green ones.

“I love you, Christina Waywater.” He told me resting his forehead on mine.

“No you don’t Shawn.” I told him, “What your feeling is an attraction and interest in me. There for having your brain stimulated to the illusion of love. You don’t love me, Shawn. Even if you do it’s not real. But, I have a strong attraction towards you.”

“Why do you have to make things complicated. And more importantly, why do you say I don’t love you when I do?” Shawn asked seeming to get mad.

I shrugged, “Maybe it’s my heart trying to make up for the guilt I’m feeling for not being able tell you the same thing back.”

He looked at me like I had two heads.

“All around me, Shawn. Ever since I was little, there was never any love. Only abuse. I figured that, that was what it was always like. There is no love, and even if there is then I have right to it. I don’t deserve it. All I am is a crazy girl with the loss of pain. What use am I to anyone? What love does anyone hold for me? Shawn, all your feeling is interest and attraction. Nothing more.”

He kissed me again but this time it had more passion in it.

“I don’t care how you want to put it, Christina.” He said when we pulled away, “I don’t care if you can’t say it back to me. I love you, and because I love you I’m going to show you love and make you see this isn’t just attraction and interest. I love you, Christina and I will always protect you from everything. So, I was wondering, would you want to be my girl friend?”

I looked at him for a second, then replied, “Only to see if you can really love me and show me what it is. But, yes, Shawn. I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

He smiled even bigger then he did before and kissed me again. Well, Alex would just have to live with this, and Shawn would have to put up with us.

Now, if only I knew this was the beginning of my troubles.

TomKat Johnes (a The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 4)

When we got off I walked home. Soda was still busy with some girls at the station so he said he’d close up. Steve was going to see if Evie could come to the party tonight. No one usually bugged me if I was walking by myself on Saturday nights. But I didn’t want to take any chances so I walked fast.

When I got in I said hi to everyone who was there and took a shower. I reeked of oil and grease. While me and my brothers didn’t mind the smell, the girls and kids said no. I respected that decision.

I went up to my room and threw on fresh jeans, tight black tank top, black high tops, and a jean vest. I put my hair up like I usually did. I glanced at the clock and it read 8:07. I shrugged.

I went over to my windowsill and picked up some of the change that was there. It was something my mama taught me. If you keep your change on your windowsill then it will stay in your house. I think it was a witch lore or something. I wasn’t sure, but I did it because I liked how it looked.

I slowly glided down the stairs to see Junior come in the door.

“Hey, bro.” I said grabbing an apple from the kitchen.

“Hey, Kat.” He said coming in the room, “Where ya’ heading like that?”

I shrugged and swallowed before answering, “Me, Dally, Soda, Steve, and Two-bit are heading to a party at Buck’s.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Dally invited you to a party at Buck’s?”

I shook my head, “He only asked us what we were doing tonight. That automatically translates to ‘do you guys want to party’. So we said yes, and I’m heading to the Curtis house to meet up with them before we go over.”

“Just the five of you?” He asked.

“Evie might be coming, but I’m not sure.” I told him, “Don’t you trust them?”

He sighed, “Kat. You know I trust you, and the gang. I would never doubt them. However, when you go over with some of them to Buck’s, yes I get concerned. I’m afraid that some guy is going to get you drunk and seduce you. I know you can hold your liquor better than most guys. But still, I get nerves. It might be more than one guy. And what if Dally, Soda, Steve, or Two-bit can’t get to you in time? What if one of those guys that did that to you are there and they want more. What then Kat?”

I finished my apple, threw out the core, and looked at him with a face he knew all to well.

“I can hold my own. Buck knows to look out for me. I’m sure the Shepard gang is going to be there too. And even if I do get drunk, fattest chance of that happening by the way, I’ll still be in right enough of mind to know what I’m doing and what’s going on.” I told him.

He sighed, “Be careful.” He said. He knew he could never win with me on something like this.

I smiled.

“I might see you later tonight, early in the morning, or in the morning. I haven’t decided yet.” I told him as I walked to the door ad shouted bye to everyone.

It was just after nine when I got to the house.

“Finally!” Soda shouted and jumped up as I came in.

“You take forever!” Two-bit whinned.

I rolled my eyes and decided to play their game.

“Oh come on guys. Like you don’t think that the ten extra minutes I took to get ready doesn’t make me look good.” I teased.

All they did was roll their eyes and push me out the door following behind.

“What about Evie?” I asked as we walked.

“She couldn’t come tonight. Said she’d make it up to me.” Steve said as we continued.

I shrugged and we continued on. Steve knew I liked Evie. Hell, everyone did. She was the first girl that one of the gang brought home that I liked right off the bat. I couldn’t picture Steve with anyone else. See, it may be weird. But I have perfect girls already picked out for all the guys in my head. I know exactly what each of them want and need in a woman. And have everything set up for them. That’s why I ask the questionnaire thing to every girl they introduce me to as their girlfriends. It’s just up to them to find her. I just don’t know their names.

When we got there Two-bit and Steve imedientlly when to get a drink, Soda got swarmed with and started flirting with girls, I lost Dally somewhere in the crowd. I shrugged it off. I was left by my lonesome a lot at these parties. I always found something that can keep me entertained for a while.

I found it at the pool tables. Some bicker guy was looking for a new opponent. I picked up a pool stick and asked above the music.

“What’s minimum bet?”

He looked me up and down for a second, “Your body.”

I did the same thing to him, “What if I don’t want yours?” I questioned cockily.

He growled in his throught and said, “Twenty bucks.”

I nodded. It was fair enough. I won that game by a land slide. And he wanted to keep going and going and going. And I kept winning and winning and winning. Before you knew it I think I cleared almost two hundred dollars from the guy.

He growled again and suggested a double or nothing. Shots this time. I agreed.

A table was cleared and twenty shots a piece were given.

I found out the guys name. It was Bill. Bill the Bicker. I thought it fit. Anyway, we knocked down all twenty shots. He was drunk. I wasn’t feeling anywhere close to a buzz. Bill called to have the shots refilled. So we went for round two. We knocked down about ten shots before he fell over on his chair. I smirked and finished both of our shots. I just hated to see good tequila go to waste.

When I finished the remainder, I turned to one of his buddies and told him to pony up the money. He slapped two hundred down in my palm and helped another of his buddies carry Bill out of the place. I walked over to the bar and got a drink. I figured since I was already on the verge of being buzzed, I may as well get there.

“Hey, Katty-baby.” A familiar drunk slurred in my ear.

I giggled, “Hi Two-bit.”

I looked over and just by looking at the guy you could tell he was wasted.

He leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear, “You were really sexy taking on the bicker guy in pool and shots and winning, Katty-babe.”

I knew he was completely wasted now. He only called me Katty or Katty-babe or Katty-baby or something like that when he had way too much to drink and was still at it.

We kept talking as best we could with Two-bit slurring every word with the next. We had a few more beers and had a good time though. Then he dragged me out on to the dance floor.

We started dancing normally. Then he brought us closer together. Then he made us dance really close. I was shutting off all my logic at that moment because I didn’t want to hear it nagging. At his will he made us start dancing dirty like. Then he made me full on grind into him. I could feel him getting hard through both our jeans. I didn’t care. I was in heaven.

If this hadn’t became apparent yet. My crush is Two-bit Matthews. I think I may love him, but I will not admit to it. In my eyes love is for everyone other than me.

Two-bit leaned down and whispered something in my ear.

“I have something I want to tell you Katty.”

“I’m listening.” I told him putting my hands on his shoulders.

“I don’t know how to tell you this. It might ruin our friendship.” He told me.

“Two-bit, nothing could ruin us.” I told him.

He smiled and said something if at any other time I would have laughed knowing it was a joke and he would be dis a pointed because I figured out his prank.

“I love you, Kat. I really do. And don’t say no you don’t. I do.”

I simply stared at him for a minute trying to figure out what to say. Did I love him enough to say it back? Did I love him at all? The I remembered. No matter what I said, he wouldn’t remember what I said in the morning.

I still couldn’t find my voice so I did the next best thing. I grabbed either side of his face and leaned up. Bringing us together in a fire-y, passionate, and loving kiss. I didn’t want it to end, but we had to breath.

He was smiling as big as the sun, and he out shone it right then. I’m pretty sure I was the same. He pulled me towards the stairs and I knew exactly what was going on and what he wanted to do. I didn’t care. I wanted him. And if I was never to get any one true love. Then let me lust off the one guy I really like for one night.

God please forgive me for my sins. We both knew this was bound to happen one day. And if not tomorrow or later today, or whatever time it is. I will pay my respects and ask for your forgiveness about this through father Cromin(the priest at the church I spent the first three years of my life at and will only ever confess and ask for forgiveness there).

It was a night I will always remember. But I wish I might be able to forget it. Then that way, when I see him with a girl I wouldn’t be jealous.