TomKat Jones (an The Outsiders Love Story: Info)

My name is TomKat Jones. Yes, that’s my real name. I’m the youngest and only girl out of six. I have five older brothers that, in order, are: Junior Constantein who is 15 years older than I am and is born on the same day as me. Budwiser Constantein (Buddy), who is 12 years older than I am. Pepperoni and Jaguar are identical twins that are 8 years older than me. Last but not least is my youngest brother Maddog, he’s only 5 years older than I am. He and Buddy were born on the same day 7 years apart.

It seems weird, but all of us have a pair. Or that’s what we were told according to my mother. I look just like her. Long, raven black hair, short(I am short, not petite I have learned to live with it. Don’t try and convince me otherwise), I’m only about 5′ 2″-ish. My left eye is the same piercing emerald green as her’s, but my right eye is my own, it’a a soft blue-grey color.

My father on the other hand was an extremely tall man originally from Alabama. He had golden-blond hair that shined in the sun, brown eyes, a soft smile, tan skin, I’m pretty sure he was over 6 feet tall more like 6 5″-ish. He was large but very kind and loving. Or at least from what I remember.

If you were wondering about earlier, my brothers’ last names’ are Constantein, mine is Jones. It’s tradition in my family on my ma’s side for any girls born in the family for her to keep the maiden name of their mother, so then their daughters would have the same last name as her maiden name and so on and so forth.

My best friends have to be Darry Curtis, Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Evie Dalton, Christin Matthews, Dally Winston, the entire Shepard gang and the Brumly Boys. But my best friends of all are Sodapop Curtis, Steve Randle, and Two-bit(Keith) Matthews.

I guess you could describe me as rough, tough, sweet(when I want to be), happy, witty, humorous, funny, out going, smart(really smart. And I’m not even trying to brag or anything about that. I have a photographic memory, and an endless thirst for knowledge. Ask me anything, I’ll know it), violent(I really like fights. I never start one though, they start it, I finish it), perverted, I’m the biggest tomboy you’ll ever meet, I’m kinda bipolar, according to everyone I can be extremely scary, I mostly joke but I’m the first one to be Serious, I’m protective of my friends and loved ones………….. I think that’s it.

Some other things you need to know before you read my story. When I was three years old, on my birthday, my parents became victims of foul play. My ma shoved me in the closet before the door burst open and about four guys piled in the room with guns and my daddy. They shot both my parents in front of me. I met Sodapop, Steve, and Two-bit when I was about 2 and a half because my parents had their parents over for a play date. That was when I first met them. I still live in the house that my parents were killed in. It was in my room too, but it doesn’t bother me. The six of us only really got to stay together because Junior was 18. Everyone got a job to help out. I took care of the house.

My family was strict christian house until my parents were killed. After that we mostly stopped going to church, but we still prayed every night before bead and said grace and worshiped God and Jesus.

I have really bad nightmares a lot. Like their realistic, and I barely wake up before I die or something like that. My room is a mess in this case, which everyone thinks is weird because I have O.C.D. if something is out of its place I go crazy. Which is why I can’t clean it. Because of my nightmares my room is set up to give me comfort and make them less scary. My bed is bolted to the ground, I have seven locks on my door, two on my windows, I have things under my bed so no monster can hide under it, my closet it over flowing so nothing can hide in it with out me knowing, I have a thing on my bed that comes up on either side that I can hold onto(hence why it’s bolted down), and the most important: I’m at the top of the house so whatever monster has to get past five extremely over protective brothers of mine.

I have a part time job down at the DX with Soda and Steve.

I have a tiny drinking problem, but it’s sorta prescribed that I can drink supervised. Like a beer at dinner time can calm me down enough to help me sleep at night. Though I do go out and get drunk with Two-bit and sometimes Dally. I go through it like water, but I can hold my liquor better than a lot guys.

I do smoke, but that’s only sometimes to help me deal with stress and anxiety. I’ve had a lot of it since my parents and the nightmares got worse and everything. I’ve had the habit since I was lucky number 7. I go through a pack every week or so, but that’s because I share. I prefer not to smoke if I can avoid it.

I don’t wear any make up or skirts and I defiantly don’t give myself out and dress like a slut. I prefer hand me down jeans from my brothers, high top converse, and t-shirts.

I have a couple different scars on my body from helping my friends out with Socs and such.

They guys have always been sorta protective of me ever since I was about six or so and got in my first fight. I was always smaller than usual for my age, and I was like a little sister to everyone in the neighbourhood. It got a lot worse when I was 13. I knew I shouldn’t a’ but I did. I walked home from school alone one day. Soda and Steve were busy with girls or something, Two-bit had d.t., Dally was in the cooler, again, Johnny wasn’t there today, Pony was sick, My brothers were at work, and Darry and Maddog had football practice. I figured I’d be okay. I wasn’t. Five Socs jumped me. While I am a good fighter, at the time I couldn’t really take on more than one while I was alone. And stupid me forgot a blade. Not that it would’ve helped. They raped me. And ‘course bein’ christian, it wasn’t. . . . . . yeah.

The Shepard gang found me after they was done and took me back to my place. The entire neighbourhood knew my family was into God and whatnot. So they all knew it was bad when a girl that promised to keep her flower until marriage wasn’t a good thing. Needless to say once I told everyone they were all pissed, not at me, but the Socs. And of course following that was a rumble. No one let me participate in that though.

This story is going to start from when I’m 15. You’ll see it change and such as it goes on. Hmm. . . . . . . . . I think that’s everything. Oh, not quite.

I always forget to say this. I haven’t cried since I was 2 or something. I’m a greaser, we don’t cry it’s a weakness.