TomKat Jones (A The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter one)

“I really hope she’s going to be okay.”

“Of course she’s going to be okay! It’s Kat!”

“And if you don’t quiet down, your gonna wake her up.”


“Think she’ll be mad when we tell her?”

“It’s for you guys. She’ll smile, laugh it off, pull you guys into a hug, and be proud.”

“Ya’ now, she’s actually really cute when she’s asleep.”

These were just some of the things that were being said around me. I didn’t catch most of it. My vision was blurry and I had no idea what was going on. And for me that was more than terrifying!

I tried to sit up and kept blinking.

“Where am I?” I asked when I was gently pushed back down.

“In the hospital.” Someone said after hissing at the other voices to shut up. I had no clue who anyone was.

“What happened?”

“Well,” I new voice said, “You were kinda in a fire.”

“I was in a fire?” I asked in disbelieve.

“Sorta.” Someone continued.

“What do you mean?” At this point I was just trying to piece together everything.

“Well, Dally you tell her. You know the most about it.”

The one known as ‘Dally’ sighed and started, “After Johnny killed the Soc and you lead him and Pony to me, I took ya’ up with me to visit them ‘member?”

I shook my head. He sighed again, “After we woke ’em up we went out to get somethin’ to eat. Tell the guys what was going on. When we got back the place was on fire. Pony ran inside, you and Johnny followed for some stupid reason. You got all the kids out and you shoved the two of these kids out before they got hurt. But, uh. . . . well, there’s bad news.”

I nodded for him to go on, “See after I hauled Johnny out, the roof sorta came down on you. And accordin’ to the doctors, your uh gonna have burn marks on the back of your legs. Pretty bad ones.”

I don’t know what came over me when he finished that. But I smiled and almost whispered out, “It’s nothin’ long as they’re okay.”

“You sure are crazy Kat.” Someone laughed form the other side of me.

“How are you feeling?” a deeper voice asked concerned. I had just realized that all the voices I heard were male.

“I can’t see very well, I smart all over, and I have no idea what you’re talking about, to who, or who any of you are.” I said looking the direction I thought he was in.

“Oh no!” The one who laughed earlier almost screamed, “She has that memory loss thing! Aminecah! What if she never members any of us, ever!? What if she goes off and we never talk to her again? What if she gets sent off to live with her grandparents? I don’t want to lose our Kitty-Kat!” He said really fast and out of breath and panic-y.

“First off,” I said calmly getting everyone’s attention and having him stop, “It’s amnesia, not aminecah. Second, this is probably temporary as a side effect of something. Third, Just because I don’t remember something now doesn’t mean that I can’t regain my memory later on, it simply means for the time being I don’t know anything about what my life was like before now. Fourth off, and the most important, stop freaking out, your scaring me.”

“Sorry.” He said shrinking.

“Well, since you don’t remember any of us.” The guy on the other side of me said, “I’m Steve Randle. I’m one of your best buddies, we hang out a lot, wrestle, and work on cars together. You have a job down at the DX, a gas station, with me and Soda.”

The guy next to him spoke, “I’m Sodapop Curtis. I’m another of your best buddies. We hang out a lot, work together, and I can honestly say that your most fun have around when we got see a movie ‘cuz you can’t stay still either.”

“Name’s Dallas Winston, but call me Dally.” Dally said, “We’re alright friends I guess. We like to cause trouble together. You’re the only one I can drag out and have a good time with without worry about.”

“I’m Darry Curtis.” The deepest voice said, “I”m Soda’s and Pony’s older brother. We tend to get over competitive in foot ball when we play. We both can hold and intelligent conversation.”

“I’m Johnny Cade.” A really quite vice that I didn’t hear before said, “I’m one of the guys you saved. You and me tend to walk around together and talk in the lot. You helped me a lot with school.”

“I’m Ponyboy.” a shy voice said next to Johnny, “I’m the youngest Curtis. You never mind me taggin’ along with you Soda, Steve and Two-bit. We like to read together. And your constantly telling me that if I ever bring a slut home to meet you, your literally kicking her out of the house and kicking my ass from here to Spain.”

“And I, my dear Kitty-Katty,” The boy who laughed earlier said, “Am Two-bit Matthews. Your bestest best buddy of the four of us. We joke around a lot, watch Micky Mouse together, and hit on girls constantly. Our favorite pass time is making fun of any random Soc we come across.”

“Since when did you become her best besty?” Steve asked obviously annoyed.

“Since forever.” Two-bit said plainly.

“How?” Soda asked just as annoyed.

“Well, I actually blow off my girlfriend to hang out with our best friend a lot of the time. Were as you two put your girlfriends before your best friend. I mean come on, what kind of best friend would rather make out than make memories?” He asked like this was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well, TomKat, now that your awake, how do you feel?” Some one new questioned.

I stayed quiet for a minute not knowing who it was until Steve leaned over and whispered in my ear “It’s the doctor.”

“I feel kinda dizzy.” I told the doctor after I knew it was him, “I can’t see right. Everything’s really blurry. It’s just swirls of light and colours. And I don’t remember anything about anything.”

He was quiet for a minute, “That would all be normal, except for the memory loss.”

“Then why does she have it?” Darry asked.

“That is a mystery only known to no one. Even the owner of the body.” He said.

“No,” I broke in, “God knows why, he just won’t tell.”

The doctor sighed and continued, “It was probably the Anastasia we gave her. There wasn’t much we could do. We had to get skin grafts, and this type we used was the lowest risk we had for her. After all with her weight, emotional trama, and simply the way her body works were all things we had to take in account.”

“So how much longer do you think before she’s out of it?” Soda asked gripping my hand.

“Soda, it’s fine.” I told him but I doubt I was heard.

“It could be a few hours, or a couple of days.” He said, “In a worst case a year, maybe.”

“A year!” They all yelled together.

I smirked, “Give me one hour. I’ll remember everything.”

“I don’t think that will be possible TomKat.” The doctor told me.

“I’ll tell you what’s possible and not.” I told him, “I need you guys to tell me everything you know about me, and any really big memories in detail.”

They did. It turned out they knew a lot and there were a whole bunch of big life changing memories we had together. My favorite was when Soda and Two-bit were telling me about my first kiss. I couldn’t stop laughing. Steve on the other hand got red.

“Anything else?” I asked after forty-five minutes as I stretched and winced at the pain in my legs.

“Naw, I think that’s it.” Soda lightly rubbing my fore arm.

I smiled and nodded. I then closed my eyes and concentrated. Five minutes later, I opened my eyes and my vision was clear.

I sat up slowly, everyone was looking at me.

“How long was I out for?” I asked

” ‘Bout three days or so.” Dally told me.

I groaned, “So I missed the rumble?”

“Babe, we wouldn’t a let you come even if you was out.” Steve told me rubbing my back.

“How long has it been since you called me that?” I asked, everyone shrugged.

“Oh, and Two-bit.”

“Yeah?” He asked

“I love all three of you equally. I have no favorite between you guys, okay.” I laughed when I saw his face drop.

“So you remember?” Soda asked.

“Wanna quiz me?” I asked them.

“In our last football game how many points did our team win by?” Darry asked.

“30, they couldn’t get one point.” I laughed.

“What was the first car we worked on together at the DX?” Steve asked.

“62 Mustang.”

“What was the poem I gave you for your birthday?” Pony asked.

“Kat-girl, the poem you wrote for me. It was really sweet by the way, I loved it.” I smiled and he turned red.

“What’s the secret ingredient in my mom’s chocolate cake?” Soda asked.

“You told me not to tell a soul, so if I answered that I’d have to kill everyone then myself.” I told him.

“I believe her.” Two-bit said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“So what did I miss with Mickey Mouse?” I asked.

“It was reruns, but you missed all our favorite episodes.” He said.

I groaned again and flopped back on the bad and whined in pain.

“I’m not going to do that again.” I moaned to myself. They laughed but checked to make sure I was okay.