TomKat Jones ( a the Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 2)

I stepped out of the car with the help of two of my older brothers and leaned on Junior as pepperoni got my crutches out. I was able-bodied enough to come home, but I still had to be on crutches for a while. The worst part is I’d have to rely on everyone for at least two months. I was always independent, so this was going to be hell for me. especially because my house was a few stories high, because that’s what my mama wanted when my daddy built it, and I was on the top floor.

Junior was the spitting image of my father in every way. pepperoni had my ma’s black hair and green eyes, but his height was entirely from my daddy. Jaguar looked the exact same, everyone had to look twice to make sure they got it right. That was until pepperoni cut his hair.

“Are you sure your alright like that?” Junior asked as he walked backwards in front of me towards the door.

“I love you guys.” I told him, “But let me keep what little independence I still have.” I begged.

“Yeah, come on, J.” pepperoni defended for me, “Let the little girl do some things on her own.”

He sighed, but nodded and opened the door. I sorta hobbled in best I could. When I got into the living room everyone jumped out and yelled


There was even a banner that read ‘Welcome Home Kat’. And everyone was there. The gang, the Shepards, the Brumlies, my brothers, even Evie and Christin.

“Welcome home, Kitty Kat.” Soda, Steve, and Two-bit said at the same time coming up to me.

“Did you guys do all of this?” I asked smirking at all of them, knowing.

“Why, yes.” Soda stated proudly.

“Yes we did.” Two-bit concluded.

“There goes my hopes of getting some real good sleep.” I said smiling.

“Who can sleep when we got beer?” Dally yelled holding up a bottle of my favorite brew.

I sighed, “You guys care too much.” I told them, “Here I thought you was all greasers.”

“We are.” Max from the Brumlies hissed.

“Thing is,” Tim Shepard continued, “We can all agree we got a soft spot for our neighbourhood Alley Kat.”

I laughed, but was lifted up by each arm by Soda and Steve and gently thrown on the couch.

We all talked laughed and drank.

When the party withered down it turned out to just be me, my brothers, the gang, Evie, and Christine. Christine was lying with her head in my lap, Evie was practically asleep on my shoulder. Even though it may not seem like it at first glance; a tough looking girl in jeans, a slutty greaser girl, and a young girl dressed appropriately, all three of us got on real good. As close as the sisters we never had.

I was the only girl, Christine only had Two-bit and her mom, Evie was an only child. So when Steve brought her home, it was real nice day.

“Hey, Kat?” Christine asked from my lap.

“Hmm?” I asked almost asleep myself.

“What’s it like?” She asked.

I just looked at her, so did everyone else.

“Being burned I mean.” She said after a second, “What’s it like?”

“Christine.” Two-bit started almost passed out next to Soda.

I shook my head, “It’s kinda weird to explain.” I told her, “It’s like, hmm, w-when you scold your tongue on hot tea or hot chocolate or something. You know how it hurts, and then it’s sorta numb for a while?” She nodded, “It’s sorta like that, but a lot hotter. And instead of feeling numb, your skin, you can feel it like bubble. Pain shoots through you, it’s almost disorienting. Then air gets to it, and it hurts a little. It’s weird like that.”

“It sounds gross.” Evie said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Hey Eves, before you go to sleep can you get off my shoulder? It’s about to go numb.” I told her.

She winned but sat up properly.

“You have a boyfriend, go lean on him.” I told her stretching.

She rolled her eyes and I chuckled a little.

“So, how long before you’ll be on your own two feet?” Dally asked.

“Doc said it could be two months at least.” I told him, “I’m aiming around the one and a half month area.”

“Kat.” Junior said from across the room.

I gave him a look that clearly stated ‘what?’. And he gave me a look that said, ‘you know exactly what’. I just gave him a confused look that mostly said, ‘you don’t think I can do it?'(the good thing about having a pair is that you can make faces at them that everyone else would think to be weird and you two would understand it perfectly. So if we don’t feel like talking about something in front of my other brothers or the guys with out using another language, we use faces(I didn’t tell you yet, did I? My parents are from a bunch of different ethnicity, so they had us learn their languages. My ma said they would come in handy some day. We know English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. My mama wanted us to learn Japanese from her distant blood lines).). He just shook his head.

“You need to let you body heal itself, honey.” He told me, “Your not invincible. You may think it because of what you’ve gone through. But you need to rest, Kat. You can’t just keep  going on like this.”

I shrugged. I knew I wasn’t invincible. I knew I had to slow down eventually. I knew there will be something out there that I try, and it could very well kill me. I knew one day I was going to die, probably of my recklessness. But I also knew I was too stubborn to admit it.

“So tomorrow back to school?” Maddog asked.

I shrugged, “I guess.”

“Finish your homework?” Darry asked me. The guys that still went to school dropped off my homework everyday.

“Haven’t even touched it.” I said like it was nothing.

I leaned back on the couch more, took a deep breath, and smiled smugly as my brothers and Darry chewed me out about it. I didn’t care.