TomKat Jones (a The Outsider Love Story: Chapter 3)

I was sitting on the couch at the Curtis house. It was a normal day now. I was sitting next to Pony who was reading, Soda and Two-bit were rolling on the floor wrestling. I was staring between the t.v. and them yearningly. I wanted so bad to be there showing them who was boss in this neighbourhood.

I was able to walk around on my own again, but they guys and my brothers wouldn’t let me do much. I still had to take it as easy as I could for a couple more months though. And they guys were acting like I was now made of glass and they wouldn’t let anyone touch me. I flopped down on the couch coming in, and they freaked. I did this a million times, and a hell of a lot worse has happened to me.

“I call winner.” I finally told the two.

“Steve already did.” Soda said trying to win against Two-bit.

“Then I get the winner of that.” I said rolling my eyes. I knew exactly how this was going to end up. I just wanted then to know that I was pissed at the moment.

“No,” Soda started but then stopped trying to find a good excuse.

“Because we aren’t wrestling anymore.” Steve said coming back into the room from the kitchen.

“What?” I asked teasing them, “Scared you’re going to lose to a little girl?”

“No!” Soda and Two-bit yelled at the same time jumping up.

“You aren’t straining yourself.” Steve said.

“But what if my legs are fine now and I can do whatever again, and the only way we can find out is to do something like we used to?” I asked bringing up multiple points.

“But what if you’re not and by doing something reckless will only put back in the hospital for a while?” Soda asked scratching his invisible beard.

“But what if I just need to stretch out a little and I’ll be good as new? We can’t find that out staying here reading books and playing gin rumy.” I made the point.

“You’re in a healing stage Kat!” Two-bit yelled, “You can’t do anything reckless or else you could make it worse and you may not walk again! The doctor said that you have to stay off your feet and rest as much as possible for the next month or so! Why are you challenging it?”

“Why aren’t you?” I demanded standing up, “I thought greasers always went against the law and did what they wanted when they wanted. Never really caring for anyone other than themselves and their friends. I thought you guys would be more than willing to go out and do something my brother’s and Darry would call the most reckless thing in the world. But no! You guys are treating me like a little girl and acting like if I step the wrong way I’m going to fall apart! I haven’t yet. I’m tougher than all of you together. Now stop acting like my guardians and start acting like my best friends.” I picked up my jacket from the back of the couch after that and left.

I had given them a lot to think about. And knowing them, they’d still be like that in the morning still letting my words sink into their thick sculls. I loved those guys, but boy were they dumb.

I lit a cigarette as I walked. I needed something to help me blow off some steam. I didn’t see any Socs around yet so that was out of the question. Besides, I never went looking for trouble, it always found me and I dealt with it.



I walked into the house, threw my jacket off somewhere I’d find in the morning, called a “I’m home.”

I got a few light greetings as I reached into the ice box for a ginger ale. Shortly after I went up to my room.

I flopped down on my bed after slamming the door. I had to work tomorrow. That means I had to face Steve and Soda and their stupidity. I hated it when someone, I didn’t care who it was, looked down on me and treated me like I was a little girl instead of the greaser girl I am. I turned over and fell asleep when I finished my soda.

When I woke up my clock read six am. It was usual for me to get up early. I got a pair of jeans, a tank top, my DX shirt, and shoes. I walked downstairs carefully so I wouldn’t wake the others.

After my parents died, and we got to stay together. I took care of the house. I was always up at about six every morning. I had to shower(before all the water was gone, you’d think with it being older brothers you would still get some hot water. Nope), make breakfast, make lunches, I myself had to eat, then I had to run around and find all my stuff for school or work. It wasn’t easy.

Well, it sorta is. With a photographic memory and OCD, yeah it’s pretty easy to keep track of things sometimes. With a few little kids running around the house, and I’m out of it for most hours of the day. Yeah things get messed up. But most of the time the kids’ll put the things they moved in a pile in the living room so I can fix it without killing someone. They learned that the hard way. I had to teach them that the hard way. I punched a hole in the wall the first time everything was completely out of place. And, uh, let’s just say the picture by the fire place isn’t just for show.

I made pancakes for everyone and had a bowl of cereal for myself. I never really enjoyed having a hot breakfast. And when I did it was eggs, toast, and bacon. Other than that cereal or chocolate cake from the Curtis’. Don’t knock it ’till you try it.

When I finished eating the house was just starting to wake up. Stacey(Junior’s wife) thanked me for making breakfast and the guy’s lunches. It was Saturday and it was only some of my brothers who had to work today. I walked over to the Curtis house. It was about seven right now so I knew someone would be up.

Usual morning. I thought to myself as I looked around. Two-bit in front of the t.v., Steve pigging out on cake, Darry looking for his keys(I swear someone hides them everyday), Dally was standing in the corner smoking, Johnny and Pony were on the couch talking, and Soda was asking for a shirt and jeans. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess.

“Hey.” I said coming in and plopping down next to Two-bit.

“Hey.” They said back.

“Darry check your coat pocket.” I yelled to him over the rest of the noise.

“Thanks Kat!” He called.

“Welcome!” I shouted.

Soda and Steve came over to me and looked down at me with shame on their faces.

“We want to say we’re sorry for last night.” Soda said scratching his head.

“We didn’t mean it.” Steve continued.

“It’s just, your always doing stuff that get’s you hurt for us. And we just worry that maybe, it’s us that’s slowly killing you without you knowing.” Two-bit finished.

I rolled my eyes, “I except the apology.” I told them, “But I take these things because I want to. You guys are my second family and I’d do anything for you. Your not slowly killing me. If anything your slowly saving me from wanting to join my parents. I think a few scars are the least I can do for you.”

“We just wanted you to know-

“Soda, I accept your apology. Now go put pants on.” I told him and laughed along with the rest of the room.

“So what are you guys doing tonight?” Dally asked.

“Nothing.” Came most replies. I just shrugged.

“Relaxing.” Darry said.

“We were going to see a movie, then come back and do homework.” Pony answered for him and Johnny.

“Two-bit, Steve, Soda, Kat. What about you guys?” He asked.

“Nothin’ I’m aware of after work.” I said.

The others just shook their heads.

“You guys want to come to a party at bucks?” He asked.

“Sure!” Soda said coming back into the room.

“I’ll ask Evie if she wants to go but I’m down.” Steve said.

“Party!”Two-bit yelled.

I shrugged, “Nothin’ better to do. What time?”

“Nine.” He told us.

“We get off at seven-thirty.” Soda said.

“And who said we had to be on time?” I asked in a scoff.

“All right let’s go!” Darry yelled leading me, Steve, and Soda out of the house and into the truck, dropping us off at work.

I sighed. Another party I was forced to go to, to keep the guys from doing something too stupid to remember in the morning. And another night I’d have to try to get drunk as I watch him make out with and then lead a slut upstairs. I had a photographic memory. No matter how drunk I ever got I’d still remember everything that happened in the morning after a minute or so. I love to drink but it’s not strong enough for me anymore.

And yeah, you read it right. I like a guy. And it sucks because I promised I’d never fall in love. But I doubt I could, he doesn’t see anything in me other than a friend. I have to accept it.