Mutations Story

June 5th, 1973

A complex strand of DNA composed of four simple chemicals; adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. By manipulating these chemicals in a person or living organism, these are what we call mutations.
We placed a fertilized egg into a large container of protein that has been altered so it would be the same a mother’s womb. There were six fertile eggs that we started with.

The first one we lost after about a month, when the monitors indicated that all life in that egg has ceased to exist. The second one was lost after about three months or so after they had become small fetuses, it exploded when we introduced a new chemical to the proteins.

December 19th, 1973
About six months along we had gone from six specimens to four. Around this time, new, stronger chemical would be added to the protein.
It was also around this time that one of scientists suggested that we come up with names for the four of them. While they were coming up with names, something unexpected happened. One of the boys. The one who had been developing the fastest out off all of them had become as hard as stone. It was from an autopsy and information from the monitor that revealed the cause of death. The baby was developing so quickly, that his heat exploded.

February 21st, 1974

We were about eight months into the experiment. Half of our original fetuses were dead. We’re expecting to lose another one soon. One of the boys, the one we have named, Thomas. His body is no longer excepting the nutrients he requires anymore. Even if he does make it another month, our doctor informed us that he would be a still born.
It’s not much to worry about. We still have two children that are coming along well. One boy, one girl. We have named the boy, Alex. As well there is a small debate as what to name the girl. Fortunately they have narrowed it down to two. She will either be Hayley, or Christina.
But there is one thing that troubles me about her. She is the only girl who survived. We made it even, three boys and three girls. She has absorbed more proteins and nutrients then is required. I was observing the monitors of the three of them the other night. She opened her eyes, she looked straight at me.
Her eyes were green, and they were cutting straight through me. Almost like she was looking straight past me. She gave the slightest smile, then she looked away and closed her eyes again.
I haven’t been the same that night. Thankfully there’s only one more month left before they’re born.

March 30th, 1974

Both children have had a successful birth. They’re now one month old, and doing far better then first expected in tests.
The name for the girl had been decided for the girl as well. She is Christina. They’re is just one small problem with the two of children. They require much more milk then average child. We have decided to give them breast milk, as our doctor said that they will be healthier with that instead of formula.
As of right now, their brain capacities are as high as the average eight grader. While neither of them have the ability to speak, write, read, or walk yet the scans of their brains indicate that they have the same processing ability as a thirteen or fourteen year old. Right now these results are better then we could have hoped for.

September 15th, 1974
The children are six months old now. Both are showing their strengths, weaknesses, and own characteristics.
Alex enjoys running around, he’s quite fast considering his age. Both of them could walk when they were about four months old.
He has a thirst for learning. Alex is doing everything at a ninth grade level. He’s coming along quiet well. We also found he loves to read. And his hair has blond pigments, and blue eyes. The ideal nautsy child.
Christina on the other hand is showing struggling signs. She refuses to do the work, except for anything that’s science related. The only thing she’ll read, other then the text books, are books about war or classics. This is troubling because her brain scans show that she can do everything at a grade twelve level. The only exercise she’ll do is kick boxing.
And if that wasn’t enough, she refuses to take the medicine orally. So, we then have to strap her down and inject them into her.
The medicine we give to them is to help with the improvement of their genes. To make them quicker in multiple areas.
The strangest part of her is that she has such bright green eyes and such dark brown hair. She truly is a strange one. At the same time, it could be an after effect of all the medicine that we’ve given to her. We’ve already decided that the chemicals will be changed to see how her body reacts to them over a couple of months.

April 9th, 1975
Both Alex and Christina are one year old now. Both of them can walk run and speak. Alex’s first word was ‘run’, it wasn’t surprising to anyone. He loves to do it so much. Christina’s first word was ‘no’, surprisingly. She says that to any and everything, and by the look you see in her eyes you know she means it.
We’re going to introduce Alex and Christina in a few days. It was decided that it would be best to keep them separate until we found them at a suitable enough stage that they could handle interaction form each other.

May 3rd, 1978

Three years old and they’re getting along well. Both have taken a liking to fighting, great runners, unbelievable runners, exceptionally strong. Alex is now at a grade twelve level. Christina is at a university senior level.
They’re first blood tests revealed exactly what we wanted to see. The chemicals given to Alex show that his chromosomes have changed slightly. His DNA strands have been gone through and the mutations have taken great effects. We compared them to his original DNA strands, by far the best mutation we have seen.
The speed of an Olympic runner, brain capacity of a university student, and an immune system so strong, he’ll never get sick.
Christina’s were even more impressive. She’d never get sick, her endurance was extremely high, then there was something else strange about it. It turns out that with all of the chemicals that we poured into her, she cannot feel pain. This has to be the best mutation discovered yet.

August 20th, 1980

They’re five now, and we allow them to wander around the facility as freely as they like.
Both Christina and Alex came to us the other day and requested something remarkable. They asked if they could go outside. Non of us were really sure about what to say to this. Then one of the members suggested that it would be a good way too see how they would react in the real world.
It went quiet well actually. We brought them to a public garden with a playground in the center. They explored every inch of the place. They were amazed by every little leaf they saw. They never wandered off either. They were very good and stayed within sights.
There were even a couple of girls that came up to Christina and asked her to play with them. Alex pulled her away before she could answer. This is when it became apparent to us. Alex sees Christina as a little sister. He’l always be protective of her. And Christina will always look up to Alex as an older brother.

January 17th, 1983
They’re eight years old now. Alex is a healthy height and weight for a boy his age. Christian on the other hand, she’s a little smaller then the average girl her age. We think it’s a side effect of some of the chemicals.
Alex has now taken a fancy to baseball, both watching and playing. Christina has a taste for gymnastics. And of course this cannot be forgotten, they both love the water. Swimming in something they can’t get enough of.
Christina has also gotten into the habit of reading any and everything she can get her hands on. As well, she’s taken a large liking to math. And movies, she’s managed to get Alex to watch every last one with her.
We’re about to try a small experiment between the two. Over the past few years they have grown extremely close. But we found that this will be the best way to prepare them for the real world in some way.
We also realize that this will be extremely hard for the two of them. They’re always together. Christina is always there watching or helping when Alex is playing baseball. And Alex is always supervising Christina when she’s doing gymnastics. Not to mention this; even though Christina has a perfectly good room all to herself, she still sleeps in Alex’s room.
There’s this small feeling that it’ll all go wrong.

February 1st, 1983

It’s been two weeks and we’re calling this experiment off.
Alex has been extremely aggressive since we separated them. He’s throwing things, hitting walls, even harming people in the facility.
Christina is no better. She refuses to do anything at all. She wont eat, she wont sleep, she wont take her medicine. And the worst part is she’s crying all the time.
This experiment was a failure. We brought them to see each other again. And what happened between them had to be the most touching thing any of us have ever seen.
Christina began to sob again, Alex wrapped her up in a hug and cradled her for a while. Then she told him, ‘Don’t leave me alone again. Your all I have.’
We agreed that we are not to separate them again. It’s best that we keep them together.

July 16th, 1985
They’re ten, closer then ever. Smart enough to hold any occupation they choose. It’s a little strange to see how far they’ve come. All of the team sees them as their children. I’m no exception.
They truly have come a long way from the beginning. The information they have given us is invaluable. And we can only hope that this is the start of our new warrior.

November 7th, 1987
They’re fourteen, straight into puberty. They still are as close as ever, if not closer. The most recent blood tests have shown that they might be a little slow to develop, but with all the positive mutations, this is nothing.

October 14th, 1989
If me and my team are to be parents then we are at shame. Alex and Christina are sixteen now. They were late to take their medication, so we went looking for them. We found them getting intimate in Christina’s room.
This set us into a fury. They were not to get sexually active, especially not with each other. However, they said that they loved each other. And if we objected then we’d have to kill them to stop it.
Of course we couldn’t, it would be almost twenty years of research and experimenting gone to waist. We agreed that they could be together, so long as they weren’t active in such and intimate way again. They agreed as well, so long as Christina could still sleep in Alex’s room.

April 20th, 1990
I’m not sure how to respond to what just happened. I came into my office and found Christina in here. She said she was looking for me and wanted to know what I wanted for dinner. She has taken up cooking. Non of us have complained. She is quite a good cook.
Her and Alex are now seventeen. And there’s something that’s bothering me. Perhaps it’s the fact that her and Alex are seventeen. And eventually they’re going to want to leave. What do we do then?
But I do believe there is something wrong with them. They keep asking me about gene mutations and if there was anything like gene therapy out there to undo it.
I don’t know what they’re trying to find out but

We’re trying to find out if what you people, within these walls that we grew up in, have done to us can be undone. This old scientist I have once learned to call my father, has betrayed us.
He and the team that we have once called our family has mutated and altered us to their liking since before we were even born.
We were born in tanks, raised in a facility that was designed to make us the ultimate warriors, and to make more of us to create the strongest military in the world.
We are people, just like you are. And if this journal survives, then I hope you take my words and listen to them.
Mutation isn’t a game. it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Lives have been lost before they even started in the process of making us and more will die still.
My partner, my lover, my best friend, myself, and the unborn child he has given me, we are going to destroy this hell hole we once called home, and everyone in it.
Soon we will be amongst you, and you wont even know it. This mutation process was to make us perfect. I feel like a freak. Imagine if it was you who was going through what we did.
I would like to get my hands on the sorry bastard that created mutations, and the one that ordered them to do this.
– Christina