Peer Pressure

I have only really given into peer pressure a handful of times, but not for something bad. More so hang out with one of my friends other friends or something.

This time I’m here to tell you I’m adding onto my blog. I’m going to start doing movie reviews.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “Everyone does movie reviews, why are you doing it too?“. The answer is simple.

I love movies, and I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself when I see a good or bad movie.

So to start I’m going to do this in the order of the movies of the actors I wanna watch. If you wanna give me a suggestion for a movie, or an actor to watch the movies of, I’m open to it.

For right now I’m working on Tom Cruise(Still), Rob Lowe(Finding all of his movies are hard to do), Emilio Estevez. And I will soon be working on Matt Dillon(I actually started with him, but I never really got around to finishing), Patrick Swazy(I think that’s how you spell his last name), Thomas C. Howellie(sp?), Ralph Machio, and possibly Diane Lane( I think).

And if this sequence of actors(and one actress) seems familiar to you, well I’ll help you out.


I read this book in eight grade for English. I fell in love with it and for the longest time it was my favorite book and movie.

After practically memorizing both the book and movie I decided to see what the actors to my favorite move also did. I started randomly, in this case Matt Dillon. I watched a couple of movies staring him.

Then I went to Tome Cruise. Stayed with him for a long time watching the movies with him I liked the most(I pretty much memorized one of his earliest ones[not The Outsiders]). Now I’m going back and forth between Rob Low and Emilio Estevez. I started with Rob, but the sight I go to, to watch movies doesn’t have a lot of his. So I figured, while I find another site to watch on, I’ll work on the actor I crushed on the most in the Outsiders.

I’m gonna finish Matt Dillon soon enough, and I’m gonna do Patrick Swazy, Thomas C. Howellie, Ralph Machio, and possibly Diane Lane. I’m not sure about her because I was never a real big Cherry fan(It’s ironic ’cause I love the flavor of cherry). I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway. If you’re looking forward to that, look for posts that are titled ‘Movie Review’ And I’ll write the movie name, and the actor, who they played all that. And if it’s a book, I’m gonna try and get that and read it too.

You can expect a lot of Tom Cruise reviews in the next little while if I have time. I still have school, another sharing site I go on regularly, and my birth day’s coming up.

I’m still going to continue on with my ‘TomKat Johnes’ love story, and ‘Is She Really What They Say?’. I think I’m also gonna come up with some other stuff and post it on here. But yeah. I just thought I’d make a post letting you guys know what’s going on with all that.

And I’d like to apologise for not posting things recently, I have had a little writers block with both stories and I think I was neglecting my other site for a while. But, that’s what I’m gonna do.


I’m Not Sure Anymore.


This post is going to be different from every other post I’ve put up here before. I have three big things I need to address. I’m writing this manly as an apology to my sister.

1.) I would like to say sorry for the comment I posted on that entry last night. I was writing is as a monotone voice in my head. I didn’t mean it the way you took it. It was nice of you to write a memorial for her, but I didn’t want you too. I guess after everyone kept apologising to me and asking if I was alright, I grew tired of it. Like I didn’t want anything to do with it at all. I didn’t mean to make you upset. And thank you for deleting it by the way. It made me feel a little better. But then I felt worse when you said you were upset. I’m sorry, I meant nothing by it.

2.) This one is for anyone who is completely clueless as to what I’m talking about.

Yesterday, at about 11 a.m. I went to go and clean my hamster’s cage. Her name is Cali, I got her last year about February I think. A few weeks or so after I got her, my sister’s cat knocked her cage down a few times. My mom took her to the vet, it turned out she had a pinched back. She had lost the use of her back legs. Still she survived. This particular morning I noticed her was stuck in the grates of her cage. I figured I could get her out because this wasn’t the first time it happened. I couldn’t, she was jammed in there. I asked my sister for help. She said to take her to dad. I did, and he cut the grate in which she was stuck in. Cali was bleeding. Dad said she was dying. I started to cry. My sister kept telling me it wasn’t my fault. I just kept saying ‘I’m sorry’ to her, Cali. I was holding her, trying to get her to drink some water. She would take a little, but then spit it up. She was becoming really still, and with her that was never something we were used to. She started to get cold, not moving, not taking any water. My mom came home, a while after my sister left to go to school. My mom suggested I put her in a smaller box than her cage. She said she probably wouldn’t make it through the night. I already knew. It was about six p.m. I looked over at the box next to me at my desk. I checked to see if she was okay, but she didn’t respond. I tried a couple of times and nothing. I think I cried all I was going to when I first realized what was going to happen. I put the lid over her, slid on my shoes and went outside to the back yard. I put her under the gazebo we had while I went to dig her grave. I tried one place by the big tree in out garden, but I hit a root. I moved to the back, right near the fence. It was good. During that, my mom, dad, and sister came home while I was digging. My sister suggested I bury her next to her cat, but I put her in the back, near the fence. My dad and sister went inside. My mom went to the gazebo and opened the box. I went over to her when I was finished, she was looking in the box. She handed it to me. I put it in the hole, and covered her. My mom kept telling me she was in a better place, and asking me if I was okay.

3.) I think what I wrote as a comment an my sister’s blog had to do with all of this. I was frustrated with myself. Maybe if I went to clean her cage earlier, then I could have stopped her from getting caught and she’d be alive right now. I’m tired of hearing everyone ask me if I’m alright. Yes, I am. Stop asking. And I was plain feat up with mom saying she was in a better place. I know that. I hate it when people tell me something I already know. That has to be in my top three pet peeves. I just wanted to forget about her, straighten my head out. But then my sister posted that blog and I read it, I posted a comment correcting her on a couple things and trying to tell her how I feel. But so far everyone thinks they know how I feel. Well they don’t. If they did then they’d stop asking. My mom wouldn’t have said anything about it. I would have been able to dig her grave and bury her by myself. Mom wouldn’t have been there. I’d be left alone and people would just leave it as it is. What’s done is done. I can’t go back and stop it. I know I’m not going to have a pet of my own for a while. Maybe a fish or two after a while, but not for a while. And it just sucks, I finally get things sorted out with my best friend after a fight, and now my hamster dies. What’s that gonna look like when I’m asked about my spring break in one of my classes? “And Torri, what did you do over spring break?” “I learned what it feels like to be a grave digger for about twenty minutes.” “You killed someone!” “No. My hamster died.”
Yeah, sure. ‘Cause I’m totally going to do that. I just want people to understand something. I feel things much different than the average person. We all feel things differently, but take a look through my eyes and walk a mile or two in my shoes. Then tell me something to make me feel better. If anyone who loves me does then they’ll leave it and not bring it up again. I wanna get over this and move on with my life. I miss her, but I’m willing to move on. I just need the ability to do that. And if I can’t in my own house, well we have a few problems here don’t cha think?

Is She Really What They Say?( A Taps Story)

Summer session was in full swing. We were training almost all day. The odd time there’d be a night training session.

As of right now we had a few days free of training.

Me and the guys had plans to go around town and hang out. I was working in the kitchen for the morning, I always did as request of the general. He said he never minded having anyone as strong and determined as I, but he did suggest I pick up a few ‘woman skills’, as he calls them, when I can.

The kitchen staff was actually quite nice and excepting of me from the beginning. I had fun, and they’d let me make dinner for everyone some nights.

No one other than Alex knew about it though. But after a little while I told Shawn too. I had him promise not to tell anyone. Someone found out it’s just one more reason why I shouldn’t be here. One more thing for them to comment on about me being girl. I hated it with a passion, but Shawn actually liked me more for it.

He really is a strange one that boy. Then again I am too. I guess we make a pretty good pair together.

I told them I’d meet them at the park at ten hundred hours.

I was running a little late. I spilt some batter so I had to clean it up and start again.

I was running down the street trying to make it on time. We were going to decide what to do when I got there.

I saw them sitting on one of the benches.

“Hey! Sorry I’m late!” I said as I stopped next to them and caught my breath.

“Right on time.” Brain said checking his watch.

“So what are we going to do?” J.C. asked.

We all thought for a moment.

“We could go to the arcade.” Alex suggested.

“No,” Rusty said, “Me and Shawn got into a disagreement with some of the townies that hang around there a lot. Not the best place.”

We nodded in agreement. This place belonged to the civilians, not us. We were borrowing it for a while until we were excepted into the army, navy, air force, and marines. We all knew that.

“What about the skating place?” Eddy brought up.

“I pissed off the owner a while ago.” Shawn said.

“Can’t go anywhere with you.” Alex mumbled.

Shawn did a nice thing and pretended not to hear him for my sake. I glared at Alex a little before coming up with something.

“How about the ice cream parlor?” I suggested, “We can have milkshakes and

listen to the music on the juke box.”

“That sounds good.” Brain told me.

The rest nodded in agreement.

We headed over, talking about this and that. Not holding one particular conversation very long.

We came in laughing about a joke I just told. We grabbed a both and ordered milkshakes, still talking.

“You two always get the same.” Bug stated as we started slurping on our think drinks, “Why?”

Alex and I looked at each other from across the table for a second, then shrugged.

“Great minds think a like.” We said at the same time.

“You’re both crazy is what you are.” Rusty told us.

“How you figure that?” I asked going back to my chocolate and vanilla drink.

“You’ve been taking on guys that have the potential to kill you, Christina.” J.C. started.

“And, Alex has the nerve to fight with Shawn, and he can hold it with you.” Ed told me.

I shrugged, “You should of seen some of the stuff we did before we came here.”

Alex laughed, “Good times.”

“Ain’t about to deny that, but we were trouble.” I commented.

“Chrisa, that’s an¬†understatement and you know it.” He corrected.

“Why don’t you two ever talk about the stuff you got into before?” Brain asked.

We both awkwardly sipped our shakes not answering.

“We’re waiting.” Shawn cooed almost evilly to us, he was sitting next to me. At this moment his hand was lightly on my knee.

I stopped and looked at him, “We don’t talk about it ’cause before I didn’t know you guys well enough. And we wont know because you’d kill Alex if you knew half the stuff we did.” I then turned my attention back to my drink. It was huge and I barely made a dent in it.

“Forget half the stuff, he finds out ten things we did.” Alex told me giving me that playful look, “He’ll explode.”

I giggled and nodded in agreement with that. We did a lot of crazy things before this. Even before we were at this point right now. He found out about any of them, any of the more embarrassing, humiliating, messy things. One bad thing, Shawn’s just. . . . . . . . . . . protective and slightly possessive.

“And what were some of these things?” Rusty pressed wanting either to see Alex get killed, or Shawn’s head explode.

“Stuff.” I said.

“like?” He pressed more.

“No of your business, quite asking.” Alex snapped.

J.C. gasped and joking said, “Did you two marry when you were little?-gasp-¬†Is that what you don’t want Shawn to know? That you two kissed and are secretly together?”

I almost chalked on my drink at that.

“What?” Me and Alex demanded at the same time.

“You heard me.” He teased.

Alex and I looked at each other for a few seconds, then, without warning, burst out laughing.

They looked at us like we were crazy.

“M-me and Alex. Y-You haha- have to be kidding!” I laughed.

“Not a chance in hell.” Alex continued.

We finally calmed down enough to talk properly.

I shook my head, “I ain’t ever been married, neither has he.”

“I don’t think I wanna for a while.” He said.

“Then what’s the stuff you don’t want me to know?” Shawn asked.

I looked at him and batted my eyes at him, “If I told you that then what would the point of keeping it from you be?”

He sighed, “Why do I try with you?” He asked himself.

” ‘Cause you love me, ‘member.” I told him.

“Right.” He said nodding and looking away.

“seriously,” Brain said more to me than Alex, “I just wanna know one thing, please.”

I hated to see a cadet beg. I glanced at Alex, his face showed he didn’t care as long as Shawn was as far away from him as possible.

I thought for a moment.

“We’ve shared the same the bed.” I said.

They all stopped, Shawn tensed up next to me.

“It’s nice when you’re seven or something, but we grew out of it after a year or so.” I told them thoughtfully, “Besides, when we had sleep overs we’d most likely be passed out on the couch watching a movie or something.”

They all looked disappointed, Shawn relaxed again when I told him about the age.

“Aww, that ain’t fun.” Eddy whined.

“He only said one.” I told them bringing the straw to my lips again.

“And you didn’t want me to know why?” Shawn asked.

I shrugged, “Figured you’d get all pissy with it again, try and take Alex out when I’m not around. Make some big deal about it, like how seven-year old’s sharing a bed translates to sex or something.”

The rest of the table laughed.

“I would not, I just want the truth.” He whispered in my ear.

I looked up at him and pressed my lips together. I leaned up and whispered in his ear,

“I’ll keep my secrets, you keep yours.”

He let out a frustrated sigh. I didn’t care. He didn’t need to know all of what we did.

“Come on Alex you next.” Rusty pressed, yet again.

“Why do you always press us about stuff?” He asked trying to change the subject, “There are plenty of brothers in the school you can press for stuff, why always us?”

“Because unlike all the brothers in this school,”He began, “The only one who’s a girl is Christina, and the only one in the school who’s close enough to her to call her brother is you. Now spill.”

“She skipped a grade and we got in detention a lot together. We beat up a bunch of kids that we didn’t like and ran around the forest near our town every summer. We’re best friends, what else is there you wanna know?” He asked annoyed.

“Wait.” J.C. said freezing to conversation, “You skipped a grade?” He asked me staring in disbelief.

I nodded,”I skipped kinder garden and went straight into first grade. I was in advanced programs because I refused to skip another grade. On the bright side, Alex and I raised all kinds of hell on the playground together.”

“So, instead of going on fifteen, you’re thirteen going on fourteen?” Brain asked.

I nodded, “Yeah, and you guys never knew the difference.”

They all turned to Shawn and said, “Pedophile.”

My jaw dropped, and he was looking for something to say. Alex was trying to burst out laughing.

“He’s a year older, that means nothing.” I told them, “A pedophile is an adult that takes an interest with children, and takes action upon it.”

“Still.” J.C. laughed.

I took the rest of my milkshake and dumped it on his head. I grabbed Shawn’s hand and stormed out of the parlor, dragging him behind me.

“Christina.” He said stopping me after we were a couple blocks away.

“What?” I asked timidly.

“That was awesome.” He said smiling, “Thanks for sticking up for me, like that.”

“Thanks for not dumping me after I told you the first time.” I said smiling.

He put his arm around my shoulders and we walked, presumably back to school.

“I love you, Christina.” He told me, “I’ll except you no matter what.”

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Now, what’s some of this other stuff, I don’t need to know?” He asked as we walked.

I just sighed and rolled my eyes at him, he wasn’t about to drop this anytime soon.