Is She Really What They Say?(A Taps Story)

47….. 48……49……50….. Done!

It was physical training right now. I was in an advanced class with this, mainly because of my strength, stamina, and endurance. I liked it. The only bad thing was I didn’t have any friends.

Well, there were people I got along with well enough, but I wouldn’t call them my friends.

Michel Nasker, who at the beginning of my time here said he was going to make my life a living hell. I told him, by Christmas break, he’d be my bitch. And I made that come true. I will admit I got hit a few times in the process but, it was worth it.

We became fairly good friends before he graduated. Now he’s gone, and a lot of people envy me for doing what I did.

“Alright, you sissies!” Hissed Private Migolley, “Five hundred yard run! You fall behind, You are left behind!”

And with that we started to run. Five hundred yards wasn’t all that much when you think about it. On an average weekend me and Alex would run more than that around the track in the parade field.

I usually enjoyed doing this, but today, I couldn’t wait for this class to be over. Today was Friday, a new movie was coming out and I managed to convince both Alex, and Shawn to join me. It’ gonna be fun.


I ate dinner with all of them. It was usual now.

Shovel was pigging out, Hulk was bragging about how well he did in physical training, Bug was talking about something new he learned with communications, West, Rusty, J.C., and Brian were all talking about a lecture or something they had last period, Shawn and Alex were on opposite ends of the table glaring at their food.

I knew they both knew that each other was coming along. This was why our table was calmer.

Usually everyone was trying to talk over each other, we’re telling jokes, joking about how everyone did on a test, paper, or in physical training. But today, no one wanted to say anything even slightly out of line.

Shawn’s eyes looked like he could kill in a second. Alex didn’t show anything on his face, but his eyes were showing that he wished that Shawn would get hit by a car on the way. And I’m not sure if it was from the hatred towards him, or the fact he didn’t want to sit through another movie with me.

I finished eating and told them both to meet me at the front gates in twenty minutes.

I ran to get changed. I didn’t like going anywhere outside the walls in grass and sweat stained shorts and a t-shirt.

I figured jeans, a t-shirt that read `Buncker Hill`on it would be good enough. I brushed my teeth too. That was just me after dinner.

With that I grabbed my sweater and was off to the front gates. Their were two shadowed figures standing there appearing to be arguing.

I rolled my eyes and walked up.

“Will you two ever stop fighting?” I asked coming up to them.

They stopped and looked at me.

“I’ll stop soon as he does.” Alex said pointing a thumb at Shawn.

“I’ll stop when he isn’t giving me shit.” Shawn hissed back.

I rolled my eyes and linked arms with both of them. Alex on my right, Shawn on my left.

“Come on you two.” I said as I practically dragged them away from the school, “I never ask much of you guys. I never say if you get to know each other you’ll like each other. But can you two please humor me and try not to fight when I’m around?”

“I’ll make an effort, but no promises.” Shawn said.

“I’ll try, but only for you.” Alex said glaring at Shawn.

“That’s all I ask for, and it’s only for when I’m around.”

“And when you’re not around?” Shawn asked.

“Plan the best way to kill each other if you want, I don’t care. Just. . . . not in front of me.”

They nodded.

Alex let go and Shawn laced his fingers through mine as we walked.

I told everyone we were dating after he told me he loved me. They all burst out laughing, but stopped about ten minutes after they realized I was series. It was kinda strange ’cause they encouraged us to be together. I really thought they were gonna tease us.

Day after Shawn and I got together, he gave an engraved necklace. It was on a silver chain, it was in the shape of a heart, the heart was pink, it had stitches on it, the stitches and colour was mounted on a silver back, the engagement was on the back, it read, ‘Christina, I will always protect you. – David Shawn’.

It was adorable. I wear it everywhere now. It helps me realize that I am loved by more than just one or two people, but I am loved.

We came to the theater. There was good number of people outside, but not enough to indicate that the place was packed inside.

We got in line and got our tickets. When we got in there still was a lot of people, but it wasn’t packed.

I bought the popcorn, soda, and candy. Then we went to theater. There was a bunch of people in there, but not too many.

We talked quietly and ate some popcorn before the movie actually started.

When it did, Alex took the popcorn, and I tuned everything out but what I was watching.


It finally ended, and I came back to reality. We got up and I stretched.

We were just walking back to school, not saying anything. I was still lost in the world of that movie.

“Last time I go to see a Tom Cruise movie with you, Christina.” Alex told me, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I sighed but nodded.

“I’ll go with you anytime.” Shawn said.

I smiled, “Thanks.”

“By the way,” He asked, “Why did you get a bunch of candy? Non of us touched it, you didn’t eat any of the popcorn once the movie started either.”

I shrugged, “That’s always been me, I guess. I always get a bunch of popcorn, soda, and candy. But once the movie stats plying I get so into it, I forget completely about it. Kinda why I need someone to come with me all the time.”

He smiled and nodded.

He really needed to do that more often. He was almost cuter than Tom Cruise when he did that.

And, yes. I got a small thing for Tom Cruise.

We went the rest of the way in silence. Alex walking next to me, Shawn holding my hand.

We got into our dorm building. Alex said good night and headed in the direction of his room.

Shawn still didn’t let go of my hand as we walked to my room. We lived in separate halls. Brian, Rusty, West, Hulk, Bug, J.C., Alex, and Shawn all lived in the hall closer to the gates. I lived in the one further away.

He walked me to my door. No one else was in the hall right now. I was kinda glad.

“With the exception of Dwyer being there, I had a nice time with you.” He said caressing my cheek.

“I had a fun time with you too.” I said savoring his touch.

This was rare and happy moment for me. He was hardly ever soft and sensitive. He was usually rough, rowdy, loud, aggressive, and a little of a jerk.

But when It was just him and I, he was someone else entirely. He was sweet, sensitive, a little shy, calm, everything he wanted to say to me, I could get in just a little touch from him.

He smiled and leaned down slightly. I leaned up a little. And with that we kissed. His lips fit mine perfectly, he moved his so slowly, and softly. He was always so gentile with me, probably because he’s seen what my dad has done to me. But I kinda liked it.

I would never tell him this, otherwise he’d be even more protective and gentile with me, but he’s the only one who can hurt me.

I never felt pain from anyone else since I was about seven or eight. When we fought last year, about me leaving for the summer, every punch he threw, every time he threw me against the wall, I felt it. I felt the pain corse through me. Almost like a drug. And I loved that feeling. I hadn’t felt it in so long, I think I became addicted.

but just the way that he’d treat me so delicately, it was so nice. He did love me. And that’s why I felt the pain when I did. That’s why he’s always so gentile with me everyday. And the fact that I could feel the pain he gave me. . . .

“I love you.” I breathed when we broke away.

He looked almost shocked to hear that, but he smiled.

“You mean it?” He asked holding my face in his rough hands lightly.

I nodded, “I do, Shawn. I really had to think about it, but I do. Or at least, I think I do. I mean, I feel so different towards you than all the other guys. I- I really think I do, so. I love you.”

He kissed me gently again and pulled away smiling.

He kissed my temple, and mumbled against my hair, “Good night, angel baby.”

He left. I stayed out there for a couple seconds just smiling to myself.

I went in my room and closed the door. I slid down my door, like I did the first day I heard him say it to me. The day we had our brawl. He loves me, he loves me. And no longer did I have to a pull a flower form a ground and ask, does he love me?, does he love me not?