Tomkat Johnes(a The Outsiders Love Story Chapter 10)

Warm lips were leaving a disorganized trail of saliva all along my cheeks, neck, and shoulders. Cold hands were caressing my hips. I was sitting on his lap in his car. His hands making circles on my bare hips as my jeans were pulled down a little. My shirt was lifted up a little so my stomach was exposed. I ran my hands through his soft silky hair, pulling lightly as he bit my collar-bone. I gasped, he only sucked harder. “Mmmm.” I moaned encouraging him. His hands slipped under my pushed up muscle shirt and lifted it up fully over my head. He looked up and smirked at me almost evilly. He started sucking on the tops of my covered breasts and groping my inner thighs. “K-Keith.” I gasped. I felt him growl in his throat with satisfaction. Then he lifted me up and threw me in the back seat. He climbed over and straddled me. I pushed his shirt off to reveal a tone chest, six packs. I ran my hands over them as he groaned lightly. He leaned down and kissed me again, bringing his hands to wrap around me. His hands reached my shoulder blades, he un clipped my bra. “Two-bit.” I shrieked turning red. He only laughed lightly and nibbled my ear slightly. I grabbed his shoulders and flipped us over. Or rather I tried, in the process I fell off. Instead of hitting the floor of the car I just kept falling watching him getting smaller and smaller. 

A loud ringing sound filled my ears as I stirred. I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times. I slammed on the snooze button on the alarm clock. It was strange I didn’t own one. Next to it was a note;

You came in late last night. I figured you might not get up in time. Buddy’s bringing over his new secretary to meet us. We need you up and home by five, no later. He seems to be real nice. And, Kat dress nice-like.

-Peperonii C.

I crumpled it up and threw it across the room. I stayed up late last night drawing pictures of Keith, not Two-bit, but the guy I’m currently going out with.

I wanted that dream to continue in real life. I don’t know why.

I stretched out and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before getting up. I threw on my favorite muscle shirt, black high tops, and jeans which I wasn’t sure if they were clean or not. I threw them on, greased my hair and pulled it back. With that I headed out.

“Look who’s up.” Maddog said as I came down stairs.

“Yeah, shut up.” I said heading to the door.

“No breakfast?” Jane asked.

I shook my head, “I’ll get something at the Curtis house.” I said and left.

It was real sunny. It felt nice as I stretched out again. I walked for what seemed like a couple minutes before I arrived at my destination. The Curtis house.

I walked up the steps and slammed open the door.

“Hey!” I yelled falling back on the couch, and onto Two-bit’s lap apparently.

“Hey, Kat. Have a nice trip?” He asked and laughed.

I nodded, “Beautiful scenery, the people were nice, and I feel relaxed now.” I said smiling as we both burst out.

I looked around the room. Darry was there, so was Dally, and Johnny, and Pony, and Soda, and Steve, and of course Two-bit.

“Alright.” I said turning the tv off so I wouldn’t be distracted By Mickey Mouse, “What you got against him, and what do you think he’s not good enough for me?” I asked stretching out again.

“He’s too clean.” Dally said.

“I agree.”

“Too polite.” Steve pointed out.

“I’m aware.”

“Too law-abiding.” Johnny said.

I simply nodded.

“Too nice.” Pony told me.

“I know.”

“You know all this, how come you still with him then?” Soda asked.

I looked at him.

“Who said I was with him?” I asked.

“Mean you ain’t?” Two-bit asked.

I shook my head.

“I’ve been on one date with the guy. I brought him home to meet you guys to see how he’d react with you. And to be honest, it ain’t gonna be very far with us. I just think it’s a nice change a pace from all them greasers in this place.” I explained, “Cake?”

“Kitchen.” Darry said.

I jumped up and walked in pulling it out.

Two-bit’s pov.

So she ain’t with him, yet. I’m just waiting ’til he’s out of her life for good. Then I’ll break up with, Anna and maybe, we’ll see.

No I have too. I loved having her in my lap like that. Maybe I should just suck it up and tell her how I feel? I mean come one it’s Kat. What’s the worst she’d gonna do?

Laugh in my face and say it was a good joke? Sick her brothers on me? No, I’m too good a friend. But the first is a definite possibility.

Come on man, you know this without hesitation, you need that girl. You love that girl, with out her you’re gonna die. Just talk to her.

Too late.

“I can’t hang around here too long, Keith is comin’ over to meet the family as Buddy’s secretary.” She explained eating some cake. I wish I was that.

“How long you got ’til?” Steve asked checking his watch.

“I ain’t gotta be home ’til five, but I figure four or somethin’ so I can shower and stuff.”

I was about to ask her somethin’ but Pony beat me to the chase.

“How come you don’t dress up or do nothin’ girly ’round us?” He asked.

She looked at him in disbelief for a minute then spoke.

“Why, Ponyboy? You want me to?” She smirked as Pony’s ear grew red. We all knew she was just playin’.

“N-No, I was j-just ask-kin’ a question. That a problem?” He said trying to be tough.

“I don’t know Pony.” She said, “Probably ’cause I’m one of you guys. If I came in here in a skirt tomorrow, what would you guys do?”

“Burst out laughing, then look for a hidden camera or the apocalypse.” Steve laughed with Soda.

“No, I’d look for the apocalypse first, then laugh my ass off at what I see.” I said.

“I’d check her out then, bring her….. out.” Dally said smirking.

Kat just looked at him coolly.

“You know you ain’t got nothin’ on me Dal.” She said, “Sides, I think the apocalypse thing would be a little more probable.”

We all sorta nodded.

“To answer you question Pony, it’s mainly ’cause a what would happen if I was a girl ’round you guys.” She told him, “I haven’t been a girl in almost sixteen years, I ain’t ’bout to start now.”

“I got it.” He said.

She stayed a while then, left about four thirty. I really need to tell her. I can’t keep going knowing that she’s with him.

It was weird ’cause when she was with Tim it never bothered me. Maybe ’cause I knew they wouldn’t last, Tim’d cheat sooner or later. But Keith. He’s a lawyer secretary. How the hell am I supposed to compete with that?