Is She Really What They Say?(A Taps Story)


I slammed my fist down on the snooze button of my alarm clock. I was exhausted. I pulled the covers off of my head, I blinked adjusting my eyes to the bright sunlight coming through me window. I stretched out a little then rolled out of bed.

Today was the last day of classes, tomorrow we had the commencement day and the senior dance. 

I yawned again and grabbed clean cloths, a towel, and toiletries. I quietly made my way down the corridor and down the stairs to the bathroom.

I was always the first one up. I had to if I wanted to shower in the morning. 

I did my morning routine and put on the official Bunker Hill cadet uniform. 

After this summer session we’d be in our fourth year. Things had started looking up for me. 

My mom finally got the restraining order put through for me from my father, so he wasn’t aloud anywhere near me. Shawn and I were going strong. I had even better relationships with the guys then I could have asked for at the beginning. And I really think Alex has come to except Shawn as my boyfriend. 

I heard pounding on my door.

“Christina! We’re gonna be late!” Alex said through the door.

I ripped it open and grabbed his hand and booked it down the corridor to our first class. We both had our books, so that was good.


The new seniors came in, the old ones left. The ceremony went well, no problems with the dance. 

Shawn and I managed to sneak away during the end of it. We made out a little and talked mostly. 

He was such a great guy too.


First day of the summer recess, after everyone left. I was walking with Brian and Eddy. We were talking about random stuff. Nothing really holding a topic.

All of us heard a loud. . . . smash. That would be the best way to describe it. 

I had a weird feeling about it, so did they apparently. All three of us ran to the spot where it came from.

In the common house, where we all slept. Right next to the senior rec room.

There they were. Alex and Shawn, going at it. No fists being thrown. But something happened. They were chewing each other out. 

“You don’t even deserve!” Alex hissed.

“You’re a little pint sized-

“Enough.” I barked getting in between them.

They stopped immediately, I glanced at both of them for a while them said,

“What the hell were you two fighting about this time?”

I put my hands on my hips and looked between both of them for a while waiting for one of them to speak.

“Shawn said he didn’t want me near or talking to you anymore.” Alex told me.

I glared at my boyfriend.

“He was getting way to friendly with you the other day.” he defended, “I was just making sure he knew you were with me.”

I rolled my eyes.

“No more fighting!” I told them, “At least not over, or around me.”

They looked down ashamed. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

“Shawn, I’m sorry but this one’s all on you.” I told him, his head shot up in shock, Alex was smirking with victory.

“Alex is my best friend.” I started slowly, “He’s like the brother I never had. Of course we’re going to be close. He knows I’m with you, and let me tell you we have no attraction between us at all. And it’s idiotic for you to think that. No matter what, Alex and I will always be close, but I’ll always love you.”

“Time out!” Alex exclaimed coming up to me.

“You love him?” He almost hissed.

I nodded, “I told you the other day, didn’t I?” I asked him as much as myself.

He seemed flustered and confused.

“You’re missing the point.” he said.

“Then what’s the point?” I asked.

“You love him. Not, like him.” He explained slowly, “I thought you said that you’d only ever give your heart to one man as long as you live, and that one man would be the best man.”

I nodded. He was even more shocked and confused.

he started stuttering part words of gibberish,

“I-you, eck, b-but. No-how-but, no. Ther-but, and”

I put a hand on his shoulder and he stopped.

“Alex, I’ll talk to you about this later. I know you’re concerned.”

“CONSERNED!” He yelled, “I think that’s an understatement, Chris! And no not later! Now! I wanna know what I’m missing.”

He crossed his arms and stared down at me.

Alex has always been taller then me. All the guys have. I was about as muscular as anyone of them, the exception being Hulk. I could just never argue with Alex. 

I sighed, “Fair warning, I’m about to rant on like a little girl.”

He ran a hand through his hair, he knew this would be bad.

“He’s protective of me, not like you, like a brother, but like a boyfriend.” I started, “He never tries to hurt me no matter what, and if he does, which he hasn’t, he makes up for it by taking me out to a Tom Cruise movie without me even dropping any hints I wanna go. He picks me flowers, and even he’s not like it when you guys are around, he’s real sweat, Alex. I know you don’t like him, but what I’m saying is that he’s a good guy. He treats me right.”

I hopped that’d be enough for him. He still stared down at me, eyes slightly cold.

“There’s something else, Chris.” he told me, “I wanna know.”

I shifted slightly. Should I tell? Shawn’d be even more gentile with me, and I like it when he’s a little rough. But if I don’t Alex will know. 

I sighed, I knew what I had to do. I motioned for Alex to come down to my level. He did and I whispered in his ear;

“To be honest, he’s the only one who I’ve felt pain from since then.”

I pulled away ans he seemed shocked. Everyone else way trying to see if they could decode what I said.

Alex then burst out laughing.

“So-so, that’ss the b-big thing that draws you to him huh?” He asked smiling, “Chris you really are one of a kind, but that does make sense.”

He pulled me in a slight hug.

“I’ll stop fighting with him when he does.” he told me and left go.

“Hey, Shawn.”


“I suggest you be extra careful.” he said, “I find out you hurt her, and I will, she bruises easily, I’m gonna hunt you down, and I’m gonna kill you.”

And with that he went upstairs laughing to himself.

After that everyone just shrugged it all off and left.

Shawn came up to me, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and asked,

“What did you tell him?”

“A secret.” i said girlishly. 

“I can keep one.” he said.

“It wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you, now wouldn’t it Shawn?” I asked pulling out from under his arm and heading upstairs laughing with him following begging for me to tell him.