Peer Pressure

I have only really given into peer pressure a handful of times, but not for something bad. More so hang out with one of my friends other friends or something.

This time I’m here to tell you I’m adding onto my blog. I’m going to start doing movie reviews.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “Everyone does movie reviews, why are you doing it too?“. The answer is simple.

I love movies, and I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself when I see a good or bad movie.

So to start I’m going to do this in the order of the movies of the actors I wanna watch. If you wanna give me a suggestion for a movie, or an actor to watch the movies of, I’m open to it.

For right now I’m working on Tom Cruise(Still), Rob Lowe(Finding all of his movies are hard to do), Emilio Estevez. And I will soon be working on Matt Dillon(I actually started with him, but I never really got around to finishing), Patrick Swazy(I think that’s how you spell his last name), Thomas C. Howellie(sp?), Ralph Machio, and possibly Diane Lane( I think).

And if this sequence of actors(and one actress) seems familiar to you, well I’ll help you out.


I read this book in eight grade for English. I fell in love with it and for the longest time it was my favorite book and movie.

After practically memorizing both the book and movie I decided to see what the actors to my favorite move also did. I started randomly, in this case Matt Dillon. I watched a couple of movies staring him.

Then I went to Tome Cruise. Stayed with him for a long time watching the movies with him I liked the most(I pretty much memorized one of his earliest ones[not The Outsiders]). Now I’m going back and forth between Rob Low and Emilio Estevez. I started with Rob, but the sight I go to, to watch movies doesn’t have a lot of his. So I figured, while I find another site to watch on, I’ll work on the actor I crushed on the most in the Outsiders.

I’m gonna finish Matt Dillon soon enough, and I’m gonna do Patrick Swazy, Thomas C. Howellie, Ralph Machio, and possibly Diane Lane. I’m not sure about her because I was never a real big Cherry fan(It’s ironic ’cause I love the flavor of cherry). I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway. If you’re looking forward to that, look for posts that are titled ‘Movie Review’ And I’ll write the movie name, and the actor, who they played all that. And if it’s a book, I’m gonna try and get that and read it too.

You can expect a lot of Tom Cruise reviews in the next little while if I have time. I still have school, another sharing site I go on regularly, and my birth day’s coming up.

I’m still going to continue on with my ‘TomKat Johnes’ love story, and ‘Is She Really What They Say?’. I think I’m also gonna come up with some other stuff and post it on here. But yeah. I just thought I’d make a post letting you guys know what’s going on with all that.

And I’d like to apologise for not posting things recently, I have had a little writers block with both stories and I think I was neglecting my other site for a while. But, that’s what I’m gonna do.