TomKat Johnes(A The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 16)

Christine’s pov.

I was watching Mickey Mouse with Two-bit and the guys in the Curtis living room.

Alice was going to bring Lorry over here before she left for work. It was Sunday, and right now Kat was in church.

There was a knock at the door, and I got up to get it.

Alice was standing there with Lorry in her arms.

“Hi, Alice come on in.” I said letting her through.

“Hi, Christine. Everyone.” She said.

“Hey, Alice, Lorry.” They said.

“Uh, where’s Kat?” She asked.

“As of right now,” Soda looked at the clock quickly, “Probably singing ‘Amazing Grace’.”

She nodded, “She’s in church?”

I nodded, “She’s catholic, by raisin’.” I explained, “Her parents would take her and her brothers there when they where little.”

“What happened to make them stop?” She asked.

No one said anything.

“Did I strike a nerve?” Alice asked cautiously.

“Kinda.” Evie mumbled.

“I’m gonna come right out and say it.” I told her, “Soda, Pony, Darry, and Kat’s parents are taboo. So’s my and Two-bit’s dad.”

I paused, she shifted slightly. It seems like everyone tuned me out just them. It seemed better.

“When Kat was three her parents were killed in front of her.” She gasped, “A few years ago, when I was about seven or so our dad walked out on us. Don’t know where he is, nor do we care. And the Curtis’ were in an auto wreck ’bout two years ago now.” I paused and shrugged, “I guess all of us, exceptions being the girls, we all got parent problems.”

“I’m sorry.” Alice said quietly.

“Don’t worry ’bout it.” Johnny said quietly, “We got each other.”

I smiled, it was true. We always had each other. It was something Kat told me once and I never forgot it.

No matter how much you hurt, how much you want to give up, how much you just want it to end, you will never be alone so long as you have one person to be alone with.

She has to be the wisest person I know.

She nodded, and kissed Lorry.

“I’ll be back after work. Be good.”

“Bye!” We all called after her.

I sat next to Lorry and watched as she pulled out her colouring book.

“You like to colour?” I asked her.

She nodded.

“What’s your favorite colour?” I asked her.

She held up a bright yellow crayon and said, “Yedow.”

I giggled, “I like that colour too.”

She smiled.

“Mickey.” She said and pointed to the tv.

“Don’t tell me we got another, Mickey fan in this house?” Steve droned.

“Well I like her!” Two-bit said and pulled her close into a hug and set her in his lap.

I put her colouring stuff in front of her so she could colour and watch Mickey at the same time.

It wasn’t until about noon that Kat came through the door.

Kat’s pov.

“Who missed me?” I asked laughing slightly.

Everyone raised their hand.

“Aww, I feel love-oooh Mickey Mouse.”

They all laughed as I sat down next to Two-bit and stared at the screen.

When it was over I took, Lorry from his lap.

“Hey, Lorry. How are you?” I asked her.

“Good.” She said.

I smiled, “That’s good. You ready to have some fun?”

She nodded.

“We got anymore cake?” I asked.

Soda shook his head, “Two-bit ate the last of it.”

I rolled my eyes, “Wanna help me make cake?”

She nodded eagerly.

I smiled and took her hand leading her into the kitchen.

“Anyone else wanna help, get in here!” I said.

Christine followed, along with Two-bit.

“Just the four of us?” I asked setting Lorry on the counter.

“You remember last time.” Christine said.

I shivered slightly remembering it.

I conned Soda and Steve into helping me, somehow Dally got in on the mess, and Evie joined in for fun. It was all good until it came time to mix the batter. Steve flung a little at Soda, he flung a little back, but missed and hit Dally right between the eyes. Evie was choking back her laughter. Of course Dally was about to get at her when Steve stopped him. That didn’t turn out well. The entire bowl of chocolate cake batter ended up on his head. Me, Soda, Evie, and Christine were dying of laughter. Then Darry came home and chewed us out for the messy kitchen after laughing for a minute at Steve’s batter-bowl-hat.

“It was funny.” I laughed.

“But one of us could have been killed.” Christine laughed lightly.

I nodded, “But I’ll tell you this much, it wasn’t gonna be me, you, or Evie.”

We laughed.

“I know what the secret ingredient is!” Two-bit exclaimed.

I was about to ask him what, when I turned around and saw that he had placed Lorry in the mixing bowl.

“Two-bit!” me and Christine yelled at the same time.

“What?” He asked taking her out and placing her back on the counter.

We crossed out arms.

“Take a joke.” He said.

We pointed to the door heading back out to the living room. Much as I didn’t want to, I needed him out.

We got to work on the cake and let Lorry mix it a little, then we put it in.

“Wanna know what we do while it’s cooking?” I asked her.

She nodded, I picked her up and carried her out to the living room, Sally, Lilly, and Amilia were here now.

“We have forty-five minutes to an hour to kill until the cake’s done. What do we do?’ I asked.

“Girls can do make overs.” Sally suggested.

“I’d rather be awake as my appendix is removed.” I said.

“Second.” The guys said.

Evie rolled her eyes, “I think it might be about time we take you out for a girls day.” She said.

I laughed and plopped down next to her with Lorry in my lap, “Evie, you and I both know exactly what’s gonna happen if you do that, and let me tell you it’d be a lot safer if you let me be me.”

“Still.” She said.

“Don’t question the Kat.” Two-bit told her, “Only pain, suffering, heart-ace, and possibly death may come from it.”

“He’s right.” I said, “Though I would never do the last to my friends.”

She rolled her eyes as a Mickey Mouse marathon started.