Movie Review #2

Movie Title: Interview with the Vampire: Vampire Chronicles

Actor(s): Tom Cruise

Role: Lastat de Lioncourt

D.O.M.R.: November 11th, 1994

Link to Watch:

Pre-movie Summary:  A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.

Okay, I really like this movie. It might be because I really the Twilight fake vampires. But I found this to be an amazing movie. Ann Rice wrote the book, and if I can get a hold of it I’ll read it and give a review on that(*Note: I’m thinking of starting to do book reviews, let me know what you think).

So, the main character Louy(sp?[Feel free to correct me on this spelling])(Played by Brad Pitt) is interviewed by a guy who wants to know his life story. Louy agrees and tells him he’s a vampire, of course the guy doesn’t believe it at first but then Louy proves it. And they begin the interview, it starts by Louy saying he wants death because he lost his wife and child. This takes place back when there were colonies in America. He wants to die, and Lastat(Tom Cruise) gives him a taste of it right at the beginning. Then he gave Louy a choice whether he wants to be a vampire or not. By doing this he drained him to point of death, when he said yes, Lastat gave him his blood to drink. That turned Louy into a vampire. He taught him about being a vampire, how you need blood and coffins. Louy doesn’t like the idea of taking human lives, so he goes after animals, eg. chickens, rats, poodles(lol, I crack myself up). Lastat isn’t happy about it. The slaves on Louy’s land don’t like what’s happening, so they go over to his house and try and burn it down. Louy beats them too it, tells them their free and burns the house. Lastat saves him and they move towns, renting rooms. Eventually Louy wanders into a part of town that was cursed by the plauge. He wanders into a house and finds a young girl crying for her mama. Uncontrolled, Louy drinks from her. Lastat finds him and he runs. Lastat went out to look for him and brought him back to their room, there he had a surprise for him. It was the little girl he had almost killed. Lastat turns her into a vampire, and Claudia is born. They become a family, and as the time goes by Claudia and Louy realize that they’re much better off without Lastat. So, Claudia kills him and sends him into the swamp. The two planed to travel to the mediterranean to search for other vampires that Lastat had mentioned before. It took them a few years, I believe, but they did manage to find a few others of their kind. Things go wrong when the other vampires realize that Claudia is also a vampire, for it is forbidden to make one as young as her. They imprison Louy and kill Claudia and a woman Louy had turned into a vampire to be her companion. Louy takes his revenge by killing them. Then he goes on to say that with that done, he refused the teachings of the one who offered. He continued to travel the mediterranean until he wants to return to the new country, America. He finally see’s a sunrise and colours thanks to movie projectors. He then smells death, follows it and comes to find Lastat. He tells Louy that he was always the strong one of the two of them. Louy ends the interview by saying he’s empty. They guys tells him that can’t be it, and he wants to become a vampire as well. Louy scares him and leaves, the guy runs out in fear. As he’s driving Lastat comes out of no where, and offers him if he wants to be a vampire as well.

I love this movie, I literally went out yesterday and picked a copy up. It wasn’t intentional, but I found it and I was not about to say no to a $5 movie like this.

I would recommend this to anyone who hates twilight, and to anyone who likes or loves twilight just so they can see what a REAL vampire is like.

I give it


Out of