New York, Huh?


I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria by myself. My best friend was sick today, so I was alone.

“Hey, Fairy!” Someone called.

I turned around just in time for a plate of the lunch ‘something’ to hit my face.

Every one laughed. I pulled most of it off and walked out and into the nearest bathroom.

The stuff was in my hair, covering my face, and staining my shirt.

I ran some water cleaned it off. This wouldn’t happen if, Logan was here. I thought to myself.

I’ve been here since the day I was born, my dad ignores me and mom died giving birth to me. But my dad’s there enough to put food in the fridge and give me an allowance every week.

Logan’s my best friend. He moved here when he was about eight or so. He was extremely popular and still is, everyone wonders why he’s friends with me of all people.

He’s real nice, dark hair, green eyes, tall, built. He’s a basketball, rugby, and hockey player. I always go to every one of his games, and he’s there for me in track. I think we’re such good friends because we have similar home lives.

His dad was in an accident with him when he was a few years old, his dad was killed in it. His mom tries hard to provide for him and his two older and one younger sister. I think they’re nice enough, a little to girly for me, but nice enough.

I got it all out of my dyed, blue, red, purple, green, and yellow hair. I could see my freckles on my cheeks without anything obscuring them. But my shirt was wrecked. Good thing I had my sweatshirt tied around my waist today. I slipped it on over my head and headed back out into the hallway.

Next period was gym, one of my favorites. Today we were running the mile, I loved it.

I was stretching out on the track as the other girls talked in their small groups.

“Fairy, are you gonna try and beat the school record this time?” My teacher Mrs. Alson asked me.

I shook my head, “I’m gonna go for my best time.”

She nodded, “Try not to strain yourself here.” She warned, “We’ll need you at the next meet.”

I nodded.

“Alright ladies!” She shouted,” Line up.”

We took our places, tension built with me, she blew the whistle and I was off. It was a faster pace jog than anyone, it wasn’t exactly running, but a jog it was not.

Before I knew it I passed Mrs. Alson once, twice, three times, four times, five times.

I needed to do it six to make it a mile. Most girls were only on their second maybe third lap.

“Last one, Fairy. Make it count!” She yelled as I passed her for a fifth time.

My breath was starting to get shallow. I slowed down a little, but kept a good pace.

As I passed a group of girls, they were rich, snooddy, and popular, one tripped me.

They all laughed.

“Aww, what’s the matter?” Hanna, the sobbiest one of them all asked, “Wittle Fairy can’t stay on her own two feet?”

The rest laughed. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and continued on. I didn’t care. She does that a lot. I’m used to it.

The only bad thing about he I hate is that she thinks she’s in love with Logan, and she thinks he loves her too. I know my best friend, he could never love anything like her.

I finished my lap, I wasn’t too happy with the time though. I had to thank, Hanna for that.

I stretched out as the rest finished up.

“Good time girls.” Mrs. Alson said, “I wish I’d seen all of you run though.”

“Excuse us if we aren’t like, Pixie here.” Hanna complained.

“It’s Fairy.” I snapped quietly.

“I don’t expect any of you to be as fast as, Fairy.” Mrs. Alson said, “But I wish I was all of you run or jog or something more than just strolling along for six laps. This is physical education, air for girls, you need to push yourselves physically.  By the way, Fairy, Amber can’t make it to the next meet, think you can cover for her in the hundred meter dash?”

I thought for a minute, “I need a little training before Saturday, but, yeah I think I can manage.”

She smiled, “Between you in the fifteen hundred, and Marry in shot put, we can’t lose.”

I smiled lightly. She always said stuff like that to make us run better so we don’t let her, the school, or ourselves down. I don’t care about stuff like that. I care that I’m doing my best, and that Logan’s there cheering me on, like I am.

He was at an away game until tomorrow, I’d congratulate him later today when he came back.

“Oh, by the way, Mrs. Alson.” Hanna asked, “When do the boys rugby team get back?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Later today.” She said.

“Thanks.” She smiled.

We were dismissed, last class of the day was English. To my unfortunates the snobby girls were in that class of mine too.

“Alright class.” Mr. McNole said brightly, “Today we’ll be writing a short story.”

The class groaned, I liked English.

“The topic this time is going to be about, drum roll please?” He fished into the bowl of ideas we made at the beginning of the year, “Is, love.”

I heard Hanna squeal.

“Now with this one, I want you show me all about how you love something, or someone and why.”

I raised my hand.

“Fairy?” He asked.

“How long can this be?” I asked.

He thought for a second, “Ya’ know what, I think since it’s such a broad topic, and there’s so much love around, I’m just going to make it a story, no limit.”

I somehow felt a smile grow on my lips, I know what I’m going to write about. I figure it’s just about time.

I scribbled down part of my rough copy and as out the door just as the bell rang. I was standing out front of the school waiting for the bus carrying the rugby players.

It came up the drive way, a lot of girls crowded around, it stopped and the boys piled off.

Hanna got to Logan first.

“I missed you!” She squealed hugging his tightly.

“Uh, yeah.” He said pushing her off and moving away slightly, “Hey, Fairy, how you been?”

He came up to me and hugged me quickly, I hugged back.

“I’m okay.” I said, “How was the game?”

He smiled and threw a friendly arm around my shoulder leading back into the school so we could grab our stuff before heading home.

“I don’t want to brag or anything, but, if our team wins one more then we’ll qualify fourth in the finals.” He grinned.

I smiled, “That’s amazing! I wish I could have been there.”

He smiled and hugged me closer as we came to our lockers, “Don’t worry, next game’s here. I know you’ll be cheering the loudest for us.”

I smiled and turned my combo, “I have all your homework.” I told him, “I’ll help you with it tonight if you want.”

He smiled, “I’d like that, but I can’t.” He frowned.

“How come?” I asked.

He sighed and shrugged, “My mom’s bringing home a new boyfriend and wants us to meet him. You know that kind of stuff.”

I smiled softly, “Sorry.”

He shrugged, “We can head to the library and you can help me there, it’s for dinner, he’s coming.”

I smiled and nodded.

We headed to the library and cracked open our books, I helped him with pretty much everything. Except for his French, I took German.

When it was six we headed home, we walked up to our apartment floor and said good bye.

I walked in and my dad was there at the table reading the news paper.

“Hi dad.” I said heading to my room.

“How was your day?” He asked not really paying attention.

“It was alright.” I said, “I have another track meet this Saturday. How was your day?”

“Buisy.” He said.

I nodded, “I’ll make dinner.” I said opening the fridge.

“I ordered.” He said.

I nodded, “If you don’t mind me asking, what?”

“Pepperoni pizza.”

I nodded.

“I need to talk to you.” He said putting his paper down.

“Yeah dad?” I asked sitting across from him.

“How do you feel about maybe, moving?” He asked picking his words carefully.

“Like a few blocks or something?” I asked.

He shook his head, “I mean, to another state, start over fresh.”

I looked at him shocked, “Why?” I asked desperately.

“I’m getting a promotion, but in order for it, I need to move to New York.”

“New York, New York?” I asked hastily.

He nodded.

I shook my head furiously, “I know it’s a good job opportunity, but I can’t leave dad.” I told him standing up, “I have track, and Logan, and it’s half way through the semester, I can’t.”

He looked at me solemnly, “We need this money.” He told me, “And last time I checked, the only friend you have is one that could be better off without you.”

“Shut up.” I hissed trying not to cry.

“Damn it, Fairy!” He yelled standing up too, “I’m telling you the truth! Everyone would be better of without you!”

“So then why don’t you stick me in a home or an orphanage or something?!” I screamed and ran into my room locking the door.

“Fairy!” He yelled.

I held my knees to my chest and cried.

It wasn’t true. I kept repeating. It can’t be.

I calmed down after a while and slipped out my window onto the fire escape.

I jumped over one and then two, and I opened the window leading into Logan’s room and slid in. I closed the window and sat under it waiting for him to come in.

We have telecenisus like abilities with each other, he knows when something’s wrong with me. And I know exactly what’s wrong with him.

I waited about five or some minutes before he came through his door, with Hanna at his heels.

“Please.” She begged.

“Not a chance in hell.” He hissed, pushed her back and slammed the door, locking and barakading it.

He looked over to his window and ran a hand through his hair.

“I think you can guess who my mom’s new boyfriend is.” He joked.

I nodded, but didn’t smile.

He looked sad as he scooped me up in his arms and lyed me down on his bed.

“What’s the matter?” He asked laying with me.

He helped me whip away fresh tears that were falling.

“My dad wants to take a promotion.” I said, “But in order for it to happen, we have to move to New York.”

His face twisted in pain as he looked away, he looked back at me and it looked like he was about to cry himself.

“I don’t want you to go.” He whispered.

“Logan.” I breathed, “Do you think your life would be better if you never met me, or you never wanted to be my friend, or something?”

He looked at me with a face I could never understand.

He shook his head, “If anything, my life would be hell without you.”

“How do you figure?” I asked.

He smiled lightly, “You’re my escape from everything, Fairy.” He said, “Even sitting in class and I look at you, everything stops, things go slower, it’s like even if the apocalypse was happening right outside my window right now, with you right her next to me, it’s like I can be myself. Like, I don’t need to be the woman killer, jock, class clown that everyone wants to be or wants to be with. Fairy, you’re my fantasy world no one else can give me. If you leave, I won’t have anyone or anything else. You are my everything, Fairy, that’s way I didn’t want you to read my English story today, it’s all about you.”

I looked up at him with shimmering eyes.

“You love me, Logan?” I asked.

He smiled, “Yeah, I guess I do, huh, Fairy?”

I felt tears start to form again.

“Please don’t cry, Fairy.” He begged, “It hurts me when you do.”

I quickly whipped them away, “I didn’t mean to.” I told him, “But I never heard those words from anyone before, and I think I may love you too.”

He smirked mischievously, “Let’s make you a hundred percent sure.”

I blushed lightly as he moved down to press his lips to mine. I moved away quickly.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

I shook my head, “I’m just scared I’ll mess it up.” I squeaked.

He smiled, “You never could.” He said gently moving my chin and placing his lips on mine making them dance together with fire-y lust and passion.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me, his arms snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He moved so he was leaning against the wall and I was in his lap straddling him.

His tounge traced my lips and I opened my mouth slightly, he pushed through my lips and teeth having his tounge roam around my mouth.

I had to pull back needing air.

He smirked as I went red.

“Here I thought runners were good with using oxygen?” He joked.


“It’s good for stamina and endurance.” I told him, “This is something completely different from running.”

“I don’t know,” he said, “I think I could run you ragged tonight.”

I blushed a deeper red.

He smirked and kissed my nose, “I ever tell you you’re cute when you blush?”

“No.” I said.

“Well, you are.” He said and kissed my fore head.

I blushed a little more, if it were even possible.

He then gently pushed me back on the bed so I was on my back and grinned at me evilly.

“I’ve wanted to do this forever.”

I blushed as he lifted up my shirt to the bottom of my bra, he lowered his mouth to the skin right above my belly button and blew. Tickling me uncontrollably.

“Logan!” I squealed trying to get him off, to little eval.

One hand reached down to the button of me jeans, I stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

I looked at him with pleading eyes, he nodded and reached up to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you.” I breathed when we parted.

“I love you too.” He told me holding me tight.