Movie Review #3

Movie Title: Oblivion

Actors: Tom Cruise

Role: Jack Harper

D.O.M.R.: April 19th, 2013

Link to Watch: Just released, no link given.

Pre-Movie Summary: Unknown.

I literally just got home from the movie theater with my sister from watching this movie.

Basically what this movie is, is Earth is now a wast land 60, 70 years in the future. Alain invaders destroyed the moon causing the world to go into a series of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. The entire earth population has been evacuated to ‘Titan’ which is the new colony of earth on the largest moon of Jupiter. Jack(Tom Cruise) and his team mate, Victoria(I forget who plays her, and I’m too tired to look it up) are the only ones left. Basically what they are is the clean up crew, as Jack had said to Julia(Again, I forget, not looking it up). Who Julia is, is a woman Jack saved from a ship crash when the droids that he and Victoria were kept to running properly. He brings her back to the base. And what happens after that is he and Julia get caught by the ‘Scabes'(feel free to correct me on the spelling and the name). And what he learns is that the droids he’s been assigned to fix, are killing humans. So he’s asked to reprogram a droid so it’ll go to the space station in which holds the base for them. So, Victoria tells the boss of the organisation, Sally, that she and Jack are no longer an effective team. And by doing this she kills herself and almost does the same for Jack. And through out this all, Jack starts remembering his past before it was whipped out for the mission. He goes into the off limits zone, which they have been told will incinerate them if they cross it because of the toxic fumes left from the war. He finds another him, and realizes that the organisation has lied to him. He goes back to the Scabes, ¬†reprograms the droid. But just as they were about to send it out to space other droids come and basically try to kill everyone. So a new plan is formed. Julia gets him to make her the ticking time bomb to kill the organisation. But he switches it on her. She ends up at his house, where he promised her they’d come back too, and it’s the leader of the Scabes who’s up in the space station with him. They detonate the explosives and the entire station explodes. It’s then fast forwards to three years later when Julia has a little girl, and the other ‘Scabes’ come to see her, along with the ‘other’ Jack.

Basically(I know I said that a lot), this was a really good move. A lot of action, a lot story, and is really interesting. I will admit to it being corny. Like it’s pretty much a hero saves the day, it ends happily for everyone in the end. And all that.

I still call it a good movie, corny as hell, but a good movie.

I give this


Out of