The Outsiders 7 Minutes in Heaven

Note: Johnny isn’t going to be in here, simply because I don’t like Johnny like that. I might add him after a while like I did with Dally, but we’ll see.

You were pushed into the closet by your own cousin, Steve. He slammed the door shut making you flinch. You felt around for a minute for something, your hand brushed against something hard and warm. You pulled back hurriedly because you realized it was Darry. “Sorry.” You mumbled. But little did you know, Darry was trying to hold himself back pouncing on you. “So, how have you been, ____?” He asked cutting through the awkward silence. You shrugged, “I’ve been alright.” You said, “What about you, Darry?” You felt him shrug, “About the same.” He said, “But I’m glad the guys conned you into playing this.” You rolled your eyes, “It’s over rated.” You told him. “How do you figure?” He asked. “A girl and guy go into the closet.” You started, “They stand in there for a little while, start making out, then they confess they love each other. After seven minutes in the closet it’s a love that’ll last forever.” “It is a little over rated, now that I think about.” Darry admitted. You nodded, “Why did I even bother coming up this summer?” You asked yourself not meaning for anyone to hear you. “You don’t want to be here, ____?” He asked. You shook your head, “It’s not that.” You told him, “I just don’t like how I was conned into playing a stupid game with the guy I like by my cu-” You slapped a hand over your mouth and going red. You didn’t mean to say it. Thankfully, Soda opened the door two seconds later. As you walked back out to your seat, head down, blushing redder than a beat. “____.” You heard behind you. “Yeah?” You asked. “Wanna skip this and go to Jay’s?” Darry offered. You turned around and faced him, wondering if it were true. But then you smiled and nodded. It wasn’t your style to be making out in a closet anyway.

Soda dragged you into the closet with him. It’s not like you were against going in with him. But it was the fact that there was a camera, and when the door flies open a picture will be taken. But, as soon as the door was shut, Soda wasted no time. He pulled you close planting soft and light kisses on your lips. Then he moved to your neck and started sucking on various places. You moaned a bit, and the guys outside heard you and were roaring with laughter. You wrapped your arms around his neck and tangled your fingers through his silky blond hair. You pulled it lightly and made him look at you. You then didn’t hesitate to plant a large kiss on his lips which he gladly returned with equal amounts of passion. His fingers traced circles  on your hips as he pressed you against the wall. He moved down to your neck again, and went farther. He slipped your shirt off over your head, and as he was kissing his way around your stomach you felt his hand creep up your thigh. “Soda.” You moaned. “Be my girl, ____.” He said coming back up and whispering in your ear before he gently bit your lob. You sighed and brought him down for another kiss. “Yes.” You said when you pulled apart. He smiled and kissed you again, but this time he was tracing your lips asking for entrance. You gladly opened up for him. He roamed around for a little while, making you moan with every movement he made. Not just in your mouth, but all the while he was running a hand along your side, and groping your butt. It was a real turn on, and you were debating whether or not to jump on him. He pulled back and you started panting from lack of air. He pushed your back out of your eyes. “I love you, ___.” He told you. “I love you too.” You breathed out. You both smiled and as your lips connected the door flew open and a flash of light appeared then disappeared causing both of you to be blind for a second. You blinked a couple times and realized that Soda was shielding you from the guys view. Then it occurred to you, Soda unclipped your bra. You quickly clipped it back and slid your shirt on as the guys were complaining. “Sorry, guys.” Soda said wrapping an arm around your waist and leading you out, “____, is all mine.”

You nervously walked into the closet with Ponyboy. You weren’t nervous with him, you and him were secretly dating. And it was secretly. Even though your older brother loved the kid, he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt anyone who touched you. Two-bit Matthews, he was a good brother to have, but he had to grow up. You and Pony awkwardly stood on opposite sides of the closet shifting from one foot to the other. “What do you wanna do?” He asked after a minute. “Not get killed for kissing you.” You grinned. You knew he was smiling, “I’m going to get killed if we get caught.” He said. You shook your head, “Darry’d kill me.” You told him. “And you brother would welcome me to the family.” He said sarcastically. “Maybe.” You thought out loud, “I mean he still thinks you don’t like girls.” “I don’t like girls.” He said, your heart broke a little, “I love a little angel that fell from heaven thirteen years ago. And he name is, _____ Matthews.” You grinned and pulled him close wrapping your arms around his neck, he snaked his arms around your waist. “So what if we get killed.” You told him. “Yeah.” He said, “We’ll die together.” “In a lip lock.” You added. He grinned and leaned down a little lightly pressing his lips to yours. You kissed back harder, he kissed harder too. Before you knew it the door flew open and cheers came. You both pulled back confused, and blushing. “About damn, time you two tell us.” Your brother laughed. “Since when did you two find out?” Pony asked them. “I was drunk one night and found you two cuddling in the drive in.” Two-bit told us, “I’m proud of your two, you each got a good, girl!” He burst out laughed. You stopped Pony from going after him by kissing him. He smiled at me as you rested my head on his chest. There was nothing wrong with you two being together. No one would stop or kill you, you being made fun of . . . well. . . . that’s another story.

Steve sauntered into the closet, you hesitated a little before following him aswell. Two-bit slammed the door shut behind you causing you to jump. But you jumped right into, Steve’s arms. “Hey, jumpy, what’s up?” He asked you. You blushed a little and tried to pull away from him, but he just held you tighter.You gave up and asked, “Can you let me go?” You saw him smirk and shake his head. “Why not?” You asked. ” ‘Cause then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” He said and pulled you into a kiss that made your head spin. You pulled him in closer and pushed his vest off of his shoulders and running your hands up and down his chest. He pulled away quickly and pulled off his and your shirt and throwing them somewhere in the closet. You kept running your hands all over the exposed skin as Steve started to work his way down your neck. You let out a loud moan when he brushed a certain spot. You heard the guys outside laugh like crazy. He kept sucking and biting that place making you moan even louder. You soon got tired of this and pushed him against the wall, trailing your kisses up and down his neck and chest to tease him. You reached down and unzipped his pants. “Don’t.” He warned grabbing your hand. “Why?” You asked teasingly, “Are you small?” He growled, you knew stuff like this bugged him a lot. “It’s too close to time being up.” He hissed. You rolled your eyes and turned around, locking the door. You smiled to yourself as you turned back to him, smiling evilly and pinning him to the wall. You continued to make out, and this time he didn’t stop you from unzipped his pants and undoing his belt. You started playing with it like a toy, as he moaned, gasped, shuttered. It had to be the greatest turn on to you to have a guy like him at your mercy. “Stop.” He groaned. “Why?” You asked playfully licking his neck. He grabbed your hand and pinned you to the floor. He pulled your bra off and smirked. He kissed all around until he decided to slip off your panties. Outside the closet everyone was hearing everything, but they dared not go in there. “Do you think we should save, ____?” Ponyboy asked the rest. “Do you wanna open that door?” His brother Sodapop asked him. A scream of pain and a few dirty words were uttered from the closet. Ponyboy shook his head furiously.

He threw you over his shoulder and carried you into the closet. He set you down and locked the door when one of the others closed it. You figured this was another of his pranks or something. He backed you into the wall and pinned you there. “What’s up, Two-bit?” You asked him. He didn’t reply he just started kissing you roughly and pressing you up against the wall.You moaned as he pushed his way through you lips and teeth and started exploring your mouth. You kept moaning, and you went red when you felt one of his hands go up your thigh. Good thing I wear jeans, you thought to yourself. He move to your neck. You’d moan quietly when he’d kiss a new place, but when he kissed this one place you moaned extremely loudly. You heard the guys in the living room dying of laughter. He kept sucking that spot, making you moan louder. It wasn’t until he trailed kisses down your stomach to were you t-shirt met your jeans that he stopped. He took your shirt off and stood up to look you in the eye. “You’re real pretty, ___.” He told you, “I love you.” You were shocked. But it softened when you realized he was serious. You swallowed hard, “I love you too, Two-bit.” You told him. “Wanna be my girl?” He asked coming so close to your lips, but not quite having them touch. “I’d love too.” You said. He smiled and kissed you again which you quickly kissed back to. You quickly turned him around so he was against the wall. You pulled his shirt off and started feeling up his six pack. He slid down the wall, eventually coming to sit down on the floor and have you in his lap. He then pushed you back onto your back and unbuttoned your jeans. “Two-bit.” You moaned out. “Yeah, baby?” He whispered gripping your hips. “Not here.” You pleaded. He smiled at you and helped you sit up. He handed you your shirt, and helped you up. He grabbed your hand and unlocked the door. He pulled you out and to the door. “Dally! I’m stealing your sister’s virginity tonight! Don’t try and stop me!” He called back. You blushed as he lead you to his car and drove you up an old dirt hill. There you two made love all night long.


He dragged you to the closet, slammed the door shut, and locked it behind him. You were scared, you and Dally never really did get along all that well, you were a good girl, and he was a bad boy. He stepped closer to you, you tried to back up, but your back hit the wall and he had you pinned. You could feel him smirking evilly down at you. You swallowed hard. “Scared?” He taunted. “Go to hell, Dallas.” You spat. “Aww.” He teased, “Little miss perfect can cuss. What is this world coming to?” “I hate you.” You hissed. “Well now,” He said seeming to tower over you, “We’ll have to change that fact now wont we?” Before you could say anything against it you were smashed against the wall with his tonuge in your mouth as his hands went any where they pleased. You had to break away to breath, it didn’t bother Dally, he simply attacked your neck with hot, sloppy kisses. You would never admit it, but you loved the way he was treating you. You’ve had boyfriends before, and because you were so petite they were always gentle with you. So you broke it off ’cause you didn’t like it, this you could get used to. “Dally.” You moaned when he nipped a place near you collar bone. He smirked against you skin, he teased you by kissing lightly a couple of times, the bit hard enough to draw blood. “You can’t go back perfect.” He told you and kissed your lips again, “You got my mark.” “Why me of all people?” You asked him breathlessly. He shrugged, “Somethin’ ’bout such a goody-goody I need to corrupt.” He said. “Keep make out sessions like that, I’m not opposed.” You told him. “Little girl likes it rough?” He asked, “I got my work cut out for me.” “Shut up and kiss me.” You hissed and grabbed him bringing him back to you, this time it was you who was in his mouth. He had fangs, you noticed, it was a turn on. He grabbed your ass, and slid your skirt up. You pulled away to pull off his jacket and shirt. He then returned it by unbuttoning your blouse, he was supporting you, so you let it fall off your shoulders. He kissed each of your breasts as he reached around and slowly unclasped your bra. “Dally.” You moaned as he licked your nipple. “You’re my girl now.” He said as he lay you on the floor of the closet, “Any problems?” He asked. You thought for a second. “Yeah,” You told him, “You be gentile with me, I will bump you faster a bronco does a girl guide in the rodeos.” He laughed and kissed you again, roughly. You could get used to being with Dally. he wasn’t going to be gentile with you at all, and that’s what you wanted.


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