TomKat Johnes(A The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 19)

“So what are we gonna do tonight?” Soda asked breaking the silence.

“Buck havin’ a party?” Steve asked Dally.

“Naw.” He said blowing his smoke towards him.

“School’s gonna start back up soon.” Amilia added.

“We could go to a movie.” Tootsie said cheerfully.

“Do you girls really wanna get in and out how we do?” I asked.

“Under a fence?” Sally asked.

I nodded.

They shook their heads.

“Football in the dark.” Christine offered.

Me, Soda, Two-bit, and Steve burst out.

“What’s so funny?” She demanded.

“D-do you guys remember?” I asked trying to breathe.

“A-and the Shepard’s.” Steve chalked.

“And then when Steve and Two-bit,” Soda added.

“That wasn’t funny.” Two-bit defended still laughing.

“Y-you’re right.” I told him calming down enough to talk properly, “It was highlariuse.”

We burst out again.

“Well that’s a no.” Pony said, we all managed to nod.

“Are you guys ever gonna tell us exactly what happens in these stories you guys relive?” Christine asked.

I thought for a minute, “Actually, when you think about all the stuff we’ve done since we first met, I think we could make millions writing a book on it, and turning it into a movie.”

“Think so?” They asked together.

“I want you to look back on everything we’ve done since way back when, and tell me you don’t think it’s gold.” I dared.

They laughed again.

“So what are we gonna do?” Lilly asked again.

A mischievous smile spread across my face as I scurried off into the kitchen before anyone could say anything. And emerged a moment later with an empty beer bottle in hand.

“Spin the bottle?” Soda asked.

I nodded, “Only twist is, instead of the generic kissing game, the two people go into the closet together.”

“We need some ground rules.” Dally insisted.

I nodded as I sat down and everyone made a circle with me.

“Because we have siblings around her, if you land on them, you get a re spin.” Christine sighed in relief, “If you’re a guy and you land on another guy, you still need to go into the closet but you can not kiss.”

“What if there’s two girls in the closet?” Steve asked.

I put my thumb and pointer finger under my chin and said, “That would depend on who’s in the closet with whom.”

“Kat?” Evie asked.

I giggled, “No girls don’t have to kiss one another, but the same rule with the guy, you have to go in the closet. What happens when the door closes is not my business.”

We laughed lightly.

“If there is more than four years between a guy and a girl, you re spin.”

“Why?” Christine asked.

“You wanna kiss Darry?” I asked her.

She laughed nervously and shook her head, “Neither do I. Sorry, Dare.”

“It’s better this way.” He said trying not to laugh.

“Umm, oh yeah. I have my camera here, so when you go in be prepared to have your picture taken when a guy and girl go into that closet.” I added.

“Anything else?” Dally asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “No one can rape someone in that closet. Better yet anything that exceeds making out will be disqualified and you’ll have to streak around the neighbourhood”

“Fair enough.” Sally said.

“So who wants to go first?” I asked.

Steve ripped it out of my hand and spun it hard and fast.

“Let’s see who the lucky lady is.” He said.

Evie smacked him playfully, and he acted like it hurt.

We laughed for about a minute before five or so gasps came. I glanced down and saw the neck of the bottle pointing straight at me. And giggled.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself lucky, but I promise he’ll still be yours when we come out.” I said the last part to Evie as she looked scared.

We walked into the closet, Soda closed it behind us, I was trying not to giggle too loudly. But we were both thinking the same thing.

Two-bit’s pov.

I watched as they walked into the closet and Soda shut the door. Steve was Evie’s, and last time I checked they fought too much to have a stable relationship together as anything more than friends.

But something changed my mind when the second Soda sat back down where he was, and banging, moans, groans, and gaps came from the closet.

Evie looked white as a sheet. Christine was covering her ears. Pony’s, Johnny’s, and most of the girl’s ear were turnin’ red.

“Steve!” Kat yelled in such a way I was going to kill him after they got out.

“Almost.” He groaned.

Dally got up and threw open the door, they fell out one on top of the other. Hair was messed up, jeans unbuttoned, shirts open and switched. Kat’s bra was black with light blue bows on it.

Before anyone could say or do anything, they burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe we pulled it off.” She laughed pulling off Steve’s vest and throwing it on him.

“You were laughing the entire time.” He snarled still laughing passing her shirt back.

“But it was fun.” She told him.

He just laughed in his reply.

“I’m lost, what just happened?” Evie asked scared to death.

“I borrowed your boyfriend to freak everyone out for a good laugh.” Kat explained.

“You two faked it!” Soda yelled jumping up.

“And by the looks of it, we made it believable.” She said buttoning her pant’s up and fixing her belt.

“You faked.” The girls said.

“Did you really think I’d go against greaser girl code?” She asked pulling her head through her shirt, “You stick together and you don’t steal another’s man.”

They joined the circle again.

“Started with Steve, we move counter clockwise.” She said, “Sally, it’s you’re turn.”

She grabbed the bottle and spun. It landed on Christine, which non of us seemed to be all that keen on.

Kat shut the door for them, and asked if anyone wanted a drink.

Me, Pony, Lilly, Soda, and Tootsie.

She got one for each of us along with herself.

Kat’s pov.

I opened the door and they walked out as if they hated one another. But sat down where they were anyway.

“Soda’s turn.” I said as I sat down.

He spun it and it landed on Lilly.

Soda’s pov.

I spun the bottle and it landed Lilly. I swallowed but not enough for anyone to really notice it. She seemed to be embarrassed. But I got up, and helped her up. I held the door open for her, Kat closed it behind us. And we were locked in sudden darkness.

“Are you okay, Lilly?” I asked her.

I felt her nod, “I’m just a little nervous I guess.” She admitted.

“What do you got to be nervous about?” I asked her.

“That camera for one.” She did have a point, “And the fact that Steve and Kat faked it. How does that happen?”

I shrugged, “It’s one of those things only those two know.” I told her, “But the rules do say we have to kiss.”

She shifted awkwardly towards me. I realized she was shy about this, so I’d have to take over. I took a deep breath and just went for it.

I cupped her chin and slowly and as softly as I could pressed my lips to hers. At the slight contact, something went off in me, her too a think ’cause the next thing I know I have her pinned to the wall and we’re making out. I’m roaming her mouth, she’s roaming mine.

She’s letting me touch everything, I practically ripped my shirt off because she was rubbing my chest through my shirt.

We were both breathing hard, but we didn’t want to stop. I caressed her cheek with my thumb, and in the dim light of the closet, I couldn’t help but let these words escape my mouth.

“God, you’re beautiful.” Just as I whispered those, the door opened. And there stood Two-bit smiling but no camera.

“I told you to take it with you!” It was Tootsie who was making a big deal about this.

I grabbed my shirt and carefully lead her out of the closet and sat her on the couch.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Dally asked.

Lilly snuggled into me.

“We aren’t gonna play anymore.” I told them.

“How come?” Pony asked me.

“I don’t want my girlfriend in the closet with another guy.” I said.

Kat’s pov.

Lilly’s head shot up when he said girlfriend.

“Really?” She asked unable to believe it.

He grinned, “If you wanna be.” He said.

She smiled back, “I’d love too.”

And she hugged him again, he kissed her head.

“You’re welcome.” I said smirking.

Everyone’s head shot to me, like I was crazy.

I reached and grabbed the bottle, opened it and shook something out.

“You know it’s so easy to fix a game like this.” I told them as I picked up a fork and Lilly’s drink.

“But I guess it’s true what they say.” I shook off what I took from her drink, “It’s funny what you find, that attracts.”

I showed a magnet in my left hand, and let go of what was in my right hand. It instantly went to the magnet, a paper clip.

“I was almost named destiny for a reason.” I told them, standing up and grabbing my jacket.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Dally demanded.

“Home, my brothers actually want me home in time for dinner.” I told him. I smiled over at Soda and Lilly, “Take care a each other.”

And with that I was out the door walking down the street.

Two-bit’s pov.

“So that’s what she meant when she said she had a girl for all of us.” Pony said.

“What do you mean?” Soda asked.

“I think we were all wonderin’ why she brought the girls over in the first place, right?” He said.

“We got along.” Amilia said.

“Might not be the only reason.” He said, “You guys know her the best, you said yourselves her mind is complex barrier and maze of things we don’t care about. And because of that, no one can know what she’s thinking.”

“Go on.” I told him.

“So, not only ’cause you guys got on real well, but ’cause she also realized you’re what each of us needs.” He explained.

“I have one question.” Johnny said from the far side of the room. Keep forgettin’ the kid’s in the room.

“Who’s for who?” He asked.

“That’s the question ain’t it, Johnnycake.” Soda said, “We know Kat ain’t about to say nothin’ ’bout Evie and Steve, Darry’s got a good girl, I just mine.”

“But that means we’re one short.” Christine said.

“What do you mean?” Steve asked her.

“Amilia, Sally, Tootsie, and Lilly. Lilly and Soda are together. But that still leaves Pony, Johnny, Dally, and Two-bit without a girl.” She told us.

“Two-bit, you don’t think she might. . .

He trailed off but I knew exactly what he was about to say.

“Not a chance in hell!” I yelled jumping up and rushing out the door.

“Where are you going?” Dally demanded.

“To find that girl, and straighten her out.” I yelled.

“What if it’s not Christine and someone else instead?” Amilia asked.

“Like who?” I asked coming back into the house.

“Well, you guys did grow up together, so. . .

It was her turn to trail off.

“Amilia, “Steve started, “There is no way, Kat could or would go for one of us. She just ain’t the type.”

“I don’t know.” Evie said optimistically, “She always did strike me as the type to go for an older man, which she has, and one to seek a lot of discomfort, but wants security.”

“Meaning?” Soda asked.

“Kat could and very well does like one of you.” Lilly finished.

Please. Be. Me. I begged. Please. Be. Me.

“How do we know?” Pony asked.

“We don’t.” Sally said, “We have to wait and see.”

“Screw that!” Dally said from the other end of the room.

“I say we figure this out for ourselves, and if we’re wrong she’ll correct us.”

It wasn’t all that bad of an idea. The only thing was that we had to use Christine, I was hopping it was Kat who was the other one. But when you consider it, if she did, she’d most likely of asked me out already. Oh a, I mean whoever it was. Please be me.