TomKat Johnes(A The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 20)

Kat’s pov.

I walked down the street to the Curtis house.

“Hey.” I said when I opened the door and froze.

Darry already left for work. Lorry was colouring on the floor in front of the tv. Soda and Steve were cuddling with their girls before we had to go to work. BUT Johnny and Sally were sitting really close together, Amilia was in Two-bit’s lap, Tootsie and Ponyboy were holding hands. And the worst part, Christine was being held in Dally’s lap.

“What the hell’s going on?” I demanded.

Two-bit broke the news to me.

“We figured out last night, you had the girls around not just ’cause you knew they’d be good friends, but ’cause you wanted them to be our girlfriends. So we tried to save you a little trouble.” He grinned.

My eye twitched. I knew I was about to get a grey hair.

Before anyone could say anything else, I ripped Christine off of Dally.

“I swear to God, Dal I see that again the only reason better be she’s hurt, cryin’ and no one else’s around.” I hissed.

He put his hands up in defense.

“I just know I got a grey hair.” I thought out loud, I sighed but continued, “Tootsie, stand up.”

I put Christine in her place and dragged Tootsie over to Johnny and Sally, I pulled Sally up and put Tootsie next to Johnny. Dragging Sally across the room to Two-bit Amilia was already out of his lap. I forced Sally down and Amilia followed willingly to Dally.

“Any problems?” I hissed.

“We were off!” Two-bit laughed.

“No shit.” I told him.

“How come it’s all like this?” Steve asked.

I took a deep breath, “Both Lilly and Soda have been hurt by people they thought they loved before hand, knowing that, they weren’t gonna do that to anyone else. Pony and Christine, it’s simple, she’s sweet, young, innocent. She can dream with Pony but keep his feet on the ground. Pony’ll never think about her getting hurt and’ll do anything to stop it, he’s dreamy and that’s what Christine needs. Amilia’s sweet and classy, Dally’s wild and a hood, They’ll balance each other out. Tootsie and Johnny, there is no better example of opposites attracting. And Sally and Two-bit, he’s funny, drunk, and the town wise crack, she’s smart and responsable. And if I find a grey hair, I’m blaming both Dally and Christine. Everything else was fine.”

I stalked into the kitchen and grabbed some cake. It was still quiet out there, when I came back out I realized why. Dally’d taken Amilia out of the house, Tootsie and Johnny were cuddling on the couch, Christine and Pony were holding hands at the table looking at each other lovingly, and Two-bit and Sally were sucking faces.

I sighed and looked at the clock.

“Soda! Steve! We’re gonna be late!” I called headin’ out the door.

“We’re comin’!” They yelled.

“You set everyone up just to tear them away.” Steve teased, “How does that work?”

“Have to be cruel to be kind my friend.” I told him.

The rest of the way was silent for me, but they wouldn’t shut up about their first double date together.

I unlocked the front and set up, today I was behind the counter.

Entire day the usual happened, greasers try to steal stuff, Socs coming in thinking their better than everyone else. It wasn’t until long after one that something happened, Pony and Christine came in holding hands, Johnny and Tootsie not too far behind them.

“Hey.” Christine grinned.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“We wanted to thank you.” Johnny told me.

I smiled, “No problem guys, I just want to look out for you guys.”

“Which is why we’re here to help you!” Tootsie giggled as Evie, Lilly, and Amilia came through the door.

“What’s this about?” I asked.

“We’re going to help you get the guy of your dreams too.” Evie told me.

I rolled my eyes, “Thanks but no thanks.”

“Why not?” Lilly asked.

“He doesn’t look at me as anything other than a little kid, I know it.” I told them.

“How old is he?” Amilia asked.

“Nineteen.” I said hesitantly.

“You really do like ’em older don’t you?” Evie asked.

I shrugged, “They say people do end up marrying people just like their parents.”

“And is he like you’re dad?” Lilly asked.

“Not really.” I admitted, “But my parents were seven years apart. I guess that’s sorta like it.”

“Who is he?” Christine asked me.

I put my finger on my lips, “It’s a secret.”

“We can keep one.” Evie told me.

I nodded, “I know. But I don’t want to tell.”

“Why?” Pony asked me.

“You’ll make fun of me. And like I said, he doesn’t really look at me as anything more than a little kid.” I told them.

“There’s a party coming up at the dingo this Saturday.” Evie told me, “Just before school starts again. We could give you a make over or something, but damn it Kat let us help you.”

I shrugged, “I’ll go to the thing, but I’m iffy on the make over thing.”

The girls squealed in delight.

I think I could wait forever until Saturday.