Rain in the Forest

Cries of pain could be heard all through out the forest as an aging healer lay in her straw and fur bed, bearing her only child.

“Almost there, Lilly.” One of her fellow healers encouraged as she could see the head of the baby coming out.

“One more push should do it.” Her assistant said.

Lilly gave one last push, the forest covered cavern was then filled with a new cry. That of the new born baby.

“It’s a girl.” They said washing her off, “Lilly you should be so proud. If she’s your daughter she’ll be an exceptional healer one day.”

“May I see her?” She asked weakly trying to sit up right.

“Here.” A tall, strong, blond, gruff man helped her sit up right.

Unlike the women all around, he was not dressed in light clothing. But a dark cloak, blue, with silver trim. He was a necromancer.

“Thank you, Garther.” Lilly said breathlessly as she was handed her new born baby girl.

“What should she be named?” She asked everyone around her.

“It’s a girl?” A small voice asked from behind the crowd.

Lilly giggled as she cradled her daughter in her arms, “Yes, Myrth. Come see her.”

A small boy, blond hair, blue eyes, curious to see the little girl as he could barely walk himself. He was to be a necromancer in training soon, to be just like his father, Garther.

Myrth sat down next to Lilly, whom was a light blond, with brown eyes and caring features about her. She was the best healer they had, hoping to carry on what she knew with her daughter.

“I say Willow would be a nice name.” Issa, Garther’s wife and Myrth’s mother. She was a good friend of Lilly’s.

“Luna.” Said the eldest woman of the cave.

As they were all debating on the name for the little girl, only Myrth, who had developed necromancy powers already, knew just what the little girl was, what she was going to be, and how everyone would react to her. Only he could feel the aura she was putting out. Either that, or he was the only one who could read it.

Listening to the people around him bicker and argue over a small girl they’d probably come to hate in the near future, he made a promise on his life he would do everything he possibly could to protect her from whatever harm she came across. He just prayed he could keep up with her.

“Crysalys.” Myrth said gaining attention of the adults.

“Sorry, Myrth?” Lilly asked again.

“Crysalys.” He repeated, “Crysalys of the forest.”

Lilly smiled and looked down at the young girl. Dark brown hair, soft skin, her eyes not opened yet. She was so innocent to the world around her. So peaceful, she was just like a cocoon.

“Crysalys of the forest, huh?” She said out loud, “Myrth, you are a genius.”

As the people of the forest talked about the training of the new born Crysalys, in a not too far away town, the head of the town paced back and forth in his meeting room with his advisors.

“Are you sure that they are preparing to wage a war again?” The head asked for the second time to make sure.

He was a tall, strong man, but had reserved a gut after a few years of running the town. He had dark hair and eyes that matched perfectly, stubble stained his chin like spots on a leopard. He was well groomed despite that. He dressed in clean, white shirts, dark trousers, and vests. He was a gunner. He was damn proud of it.

“I saw it with my own eyes sir.” A young ranger told him respectfully, “They were sharpening their weapons and readying their animals. I’d say it’s any day now, sir.”

Joseph, The head of the town, scratched his bead thoughtfully. He didn’t want a war at this time. Not when he had just convinced his son to become a gunner instead of a guardian.

“The beast masters must be stopped before someone innocent is hurt.” He told them.

“Father,” A young voice, coming from his only son, Trevor, “Who are, beast master?”

He smiled softly and knelt in front of his son, “Beast masters are evil people, they are not like you or I son. They’re savages really. They run around in furs from the animals they kill, most of the time they’re barefooted, the mainly eat raw meat. And they’re always males. Except,” He trailed off.

“Except?” Trevor asked almost scared.

“Once every few millenia, ” He continued, “A girl is born, with no powers of healing. The females who are born into their tribes are almost always healers, so they can heal their husbands and sons when they come back from war. A girl with no powers like that what so ever, but she is stronger than any man alive, keener too, quick, mischievous. If you see her naked body you’ll pulled in by magic and killed. She is the most evil and diabolical of them all. She’s the one who potentially has the power to kill any and everyone in her path. She, son, it the beast princess.”

Trevor swallowed hard trying to imagine that. Though he was no much older than Myrth, it was hard. Woman like, but stronger than a man.

If only then the young boy knew exactly who and what the Beast Princess truly was, he’d of never listened to his father to begin with.