Rain in the Forest Part 3

The training of Myrth and Crysalys had begun. Myrth had taken in quickly what he’s been taught about dark magic, spells, rituals, sacrifices, ect. Crysalys on the other hand has been doing horribly. She mixes up the medicinal herds, has no healing ability, and she finds the meditating to be boring.

Silver, the wolf she had been nursing had become big and strong though still a pup. He is loyal to Crysalys as knowing what she did for him, and Crysalys never abuses it.

“I’m wondering what’s wrong.” Lilly spoke to the elders one night long after the children had gone to sleep, “She’s my daughter, but she can’t heal, she doesn’t retain any of the medicine, she can’t sit still. What am I to do?”

The cavern elder leaned back on his rock behind the fire, next to the long white bearded, bald man was an old woman, long silver hair pulled back into a bun. Each had wrinkles that enhanced their features and age, each had squinty eyes from either being, or nearly being blind. They were wise, they held years of information no one person could get, and they looked over all.

“Bring, her, to, us.” The elder said slowly. He was slowly losing his ability to speak, but the healers were working on helping it.

“Right now?” She asked slightly scared.

“Yes.” The she elder said in place of her husband.

Lilly nodded and went back to the living area of the cave nearer to the front. She lifted the fur pelt of her daughter’s off set cave. And nearly shrieked to find her grass bed empty. Most of the tribe prefered straw or animal fur. For the strangest reason, Crysalys prefered grass.

Lilly had an idea as where to look. She hurried to Myrth’s off set cave. Pulling aside the fur pelt, sure enough, there she was. Curled up next to Myrth, Silver at their feet. She sighed and reached forward to the children carefully shaking Crysalys awake trying not to disturb Myrth.

“Crysalys,” She spoke softly, “The elders wish to see you.”

Crysalys, who was still half asleep, rubbed her eyes and followed her mother out of the warmth of the cave, careful not to wake either Myrth or Silver.

She followed her mother deep into the cave, deeper than she had ever gone before. The cave in itself was confusing with many passages, dead ends, off set caves which were turned into sleeping quarters and used for storage.

When they arrived at the elders, Crysalys was wide awake and taking in her surroundings. An old man and woman on rocks at the back of the cave, a fire burning, and everyone staring at her like she didn’t belong. Crysalys knew this wasn’t good.

“Bring, her, forward.” The elder said.

Crysalys stepped towards the old man on her own. She knew her mother was scared as to what was going to happen, she didn’t want her to hold her hand the entire time of this.

“What is your name child?” The woman asked.

“Crysalys.” She replied shortly.

“A, lovely, name.” The man said, “Crysalys, why, is, it, you, do, not, take, to medicine, like, your, mother?”

She shrugged, “I don’t like it.”

“Why?” The old woman asked her.

“I like animals.” The three year old spoke.

“Animals?” They both asked.


“Why?” The old man asked her.

“They talk to me.” She explained, “They tell me things that you don’t understand. They understand me, and I don’t even have to talk.”

“And, you, say, you, don’t, have, any, healing, power?” The old man asked.

“I tried.” She admitted, “I really did, but I couldn’t ever do it. I wanted to make mama proud of me when I become a great healer like her, but I guess I can’t. I’m sorry, mama. I can’t be what you want me too.”

“You, are, something, greater, than, your, mother, could, have, ever, asked, for.” The elder said.

“How?” She asked.

“You, my dear, are something that only comes around once in a few lifetimes. And your mother should feel honored to have been the one who has birthed you.” The old woman said.

“What am I?” She asked.

“You, Crysalys, are, the, beast, princess.” The old man said.

“You posses no healing ability, and I’ll assume no magic either?” The old woman said.

“I tried a spell from a Black Mage book, but it didn’t work.” She admitted.

“When the sun comes up,” She continued, “You will start the training of a beast master. That is the trade you belong in. And I know you will not fail us, you will be in your element.”

“What is a Beast Princess?” She asked.

“A, young, woman, born, without, any, healing, ability, or, magic, what, so, ever. She, is, the, strongest, fastest, keenest, and, most, fierce, fighter, there, is. The, gunners, will, be, afraid, the, moment, they, learn, we, have, our, ultimate, warrior, back. You, will, do, what, you, must, Crysalys, to, bring, this, world, we, are, living, in, now, to, what, it, should, be.”

“That’s what you were born for.” The old woman said.

“Thank you!” Crysalys exclaimed. She looked back at her mother and found her crying. She ran to her.

“Mama, why are you crying?” She asked wrapping her arms around her legs.

“It’s nothing, dear, I’m just proud.” She sobbed. Though she was lying to herself and her daughter. Lilly had heard all the stories about the beast princesses. How they all became true savages, killed for the pure joy of it, just to see blood. How they’s massacre entire villages just because they were board. It was true that they were strong and fast, that’s what made them so dangerous.

She didn’t want that to be what her little girl is. Once they become a true princess, they become a demon. They feel no pain, they have no limits, they kill to stay alive. She didn’t want that, but she also knew she’d be happier working with animals instead of medicinal herbs.

She walked her back to Myrth’s sleeping chamber, completely forgetting to ask her what she was doing in it. She was just praying that she didn’t become what she knew was a beast princess.

“Myrth.” Crysalys said shaking her friend awake.

“Hmm.” He stirred annoyed.

“Myrth,” She repeated, “I’m gonna be a beast master.”

He shot up to get a better look at his friend.

“A what?” He asked.

“A beast master.” She repeated trying to be quiet.

“Only boys can become beast masters.” He told her.

She shook her head, “Apparently once in a few lifetimes a girl is born who can’t heal or use magic, but she can talk to animals and have an understanding of them, she’s a beast princess. I’m her Myrth. I’m gonna start my training tomorrow, and the elders told me I was born to bring the land back to what it was. And mama, she was so proud that she, out of everyone, had me, she was crying. I’m gonna be a beast master, Myrth, I’m excited.”

“Don’t beast masters require an animal partner?” He asked her.

She shrugged, “I’ll find out tomorrow.” She said laying back, “But if I do, I know who I’m going to pick.”

She giggled as Silver climbed up onto her stomach and started licking her chin.

“What do you think, Myrth?” She asked.

“If it makes you happy, and that’s what the elders said, I’ll support you.” He said, “But you have to promise me something.”

“Okay.” She said.

“You have to promise that no matter how important a princess you become, you’ll always be my best friend.” He said.

“Why would I wanna promise that?” She asked, “No matter what you’ll always be my best friend, Myrth, and nothing will change that.”

He smiled and pulled the smaller girl into a hug.

Joseph chewed the end of his cigar staring out the window of his bedroom.

“Sweetheart, come to bed.” His wife, Melody said to her husband.

“Something’s not right.” He told her blowing his smoke away from her, “I can feel it.”

“And if I don’t feel you in this bed in the next thirty seconds, I’m taking Trevor and going back dancing on the road.” She threatened.

Melody was originally a bard, but she married a gunner and gave him a son. Now she was just hopping for a little girl of her own to teach her the tricks of her trade.

“I thought we went over this,” He said to her, “I pay for whatever your heart desires, you stay with me and raise our son.”

“I want a daughter.” She told him, “And you refuse to give it to me.”

“We have a boy.” He told her sitting next to her.

“You have a boy.” She corrected, “Trevor with become a gunner like his father wants, I want a little girl so I can teach her how to dance and sing, so I brush her hair and put it up in ribbons, and dress her up in pretty little dresses. That’s what I want, I don’t care about expensive dresses, or pearls. But a little girl, if want to give me everything my heart desires, give me a little girl. Please.”

She looked at her husband with begging eyes, ones can’t say no too.

He sighed, “Sometimes I wonder why you married me.” He said.

She shrugged, “You’re the one who saved me from that creep when we were in town. I owed you a night, and after that you proposed, how can a girl say no?”

“I think a little sister would be good for Trevor, give him something more to want to protect. What do you think?” He asked.

“I think, it’s a smashing idea.” She said and kissed her husband’s lips, “Now come to bed.”