TomKat Johnes(A The Outsiders Love Story: Chapter 24)

“So what are we gonna do?” Two-bit asked as we walked around for a little while.

“Kat?” They all asked.

“We all turn to me when we’re board and looking for something to do.” I said sarcastically.

“Of course, you’re the one who knows how to have the most fun out of all of us.” Soda told me.

I playfully punched him in the arm and he punched back.

I thought for a second. We can’t really get Soda, Pony, or the girls in trouble. Not a whole lot of money in any of our pockets. I stopped and put my hands on my hips to get a better idea.

“What you thinking?” Dally asked.

“What we’re gonna do tonight.” I said, “And right now I’m thinkin’ we head back to the Curtis house, marathon Mickey Mouse, and have wrestling matches.”

They all agreed, even the girls. So we headed back, and on the way we ran into the Shepards’.

“What’s up guys?” I asked them as the guys pulled their girls behind them.

“Not much Alley Kat.” Tim grinned, “You found yourself a new man after what’s-his-face?”

I shook my head, “Figured I’d take a break from datin’ for a while is all. Maybe become a little more girly, you know.”

He half laughed.

“Guess, you’re outta luck there, Curly.” Tim said to his brother, who then glared at him.

Tim never liked it when I went out with guys after he and I broke up. I guess he thought I was still his and he was just waitin’ for me to come to my senses. I broke up with the guy almost two years ago. And I though with me acting the way I do to him he’d get the hint. But I guess that boy’s head it real thick.

“If Curly asked me out himself, I’d think about it.” I told them, twisting my torso back and forth with my hands clasped behind my back in a very feminine mannor, “Same time, Curly needs to understand most of the guys who ask me out don’t make it past the first date. And I never kiss.”

“I can live with that.” He said.

“You’re still missing something.” I told him.

I could feel the guys behind me trying not to burst out laughing at the kid and me.

“Umm, Kat.” He started nervously, “Do you, maybe, wanna hang out at the Dingo Friday? With me, I mean.”

I thought for a second. I knew it was eating at him.

“I’ll meet you out front say, six thirty?” I said.

“Sounds great.” He grinned.

“I look forward to it.” I said, “Later guys.”

“Bye.” They said.

I could hear Tim curse Curly out as we walked away.

“You’re going for another Shepard?” Steve hissed when we were far enough away.

“You know how I work, Stevie.” I told him, “I give any guy who asks me out a chance. And you know me so well, you should also know that I’ll go out with him Friday and that’s it.”

“Really?” Sally asked me, “He seems like your type.”

I rolled my eyes, “His brother seemed like it too. And here I am, single and ready to mingle.”

The girls giggled.

“Think you’ll ever find a real good guy, Kat?” Christine asked me, “One who’ll love you no matter what, accept you just the way you are, shares what you like, and will always wanna be around you?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, Krissy.” I admitted, “But I know you have a guy like that.”

She grinned and turned red as Pony pulled her in closer to him. They were cute together.

“C’mon, Kat.” Evie said, “You have to find someone like that eventually, someone’s gonna find out exactly how amazing you are.”

“Aww,” I brought her into a side hug, “Thanks, Eve. But I don’t know, no offence to you guys, but all the guys around here seem to like nothin’ more than how much a girl’s got in her bra.”

“Not true.” Two-bit came in, “Some of us like butts, some of us like legs, some of us go for the hair colour, or general size of the girl. Not just boobs.”

“Okay, non of the above I have.” I laughed.

“Oh, come on, you aren’t bad looking.” He told me. My heart started to hurt.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I teased.

“Sally knows nothin’s gonna happen between us.” He said.

If only you knew what I knew you felt. Maybe things’d be different. I thought.

So, we wrestled and watched Mickey Mouse most of the night. Darry won the wrestling championship, it was no surprise.

I just kept wondering what would happen if I told Two-bit I knew he loved me, and I felt the same way. But I couldn’t do that, I didn’t want to wreck anything we had. And what about Sally? She was practically in love him right now. I couldn’t do that, not if my life depends on it. It’s against my greaser girl code.