Rain in the Forest Part 4

Seven year old Myrth was practicing his summoning, while not too far away five year old Crysalys was training to tame a beast with a whip.

It cracked as she flicked it through the air with ease, she was young but she was definitely as the elders said, strong and fast. She back flipped and landed in a crouch as the giant grizzly swiped at her, she flicked her wrist and the whip cracked again.

“Hey, Crysalys!” Tia, a black mage called down into the arena, “Our red tiger just had her litter, and there’s a runt! Did you want it?”

Upon hearing this, Crysalys cracked the whip on last time and jumped out of the arena and landed right in front of the young woman.

“Lead the way.” She said dropping the hip.

Tia smiled down at the young girl, she was one of the few who didn’t judge her by what she was. Of course most of the cave knew she would be the beast princess when she was born. She had strange birth marks. It wasn’t uncommon for the people, especially with beast master or necromancy history to have large birth marks in the shapes of animals. But Crysalys had birth marks that looked like dragons, clear enough to be tattoo’s. All in the shapes of dragons. Two on her arms, one from her shoulder spiralling around her arm to her elbow, and the other was shaped almost like a seahorse as a dragon on her bicep. One was on her stomach heading down to her privates that looked like it was in the fetal position, one on her right thigh that was curled around into a ball on the front,  and the other was on her left leg, it zigged and zagged across her shin. They started off tan, but as she grew older, especially the past couple years, they darkened, right now they were dark brown.

Tia on the other hand has never taken to the liking of birthmarks or tattoos. She had milky skin, hair that was dark as the night sky itself, eyes that matched perfectly. She was one of the more beautiful women in the cave, she married a strong beast master and together had two boys who are practicing the trade.

“She wants it.” Tia said to her sons, who were older than Crysalys, “You can’t kill it.”

They pouted.

“Why do you always have to take the things that aren’t any good?” The younger of the two asked as he handed a tiger cub to her.

Silver, who was by her side, growled.

Crysalys simply smiled and said to the boy, “If you were born smaller than the others, or deemed as not any good, wouldn’t you try to prove them wrong?”

“A boy and a runt ain’t the same thing.” He argued, “A girl and runt maybe.”

Crysalys looked dead into his eyes and snarled, “Next time we have combat, your ass is mine.”

And she turned on her heels and left, all the while Tia was laughing and their father was telling him off.

Crysalys sat down at the fire next to her mother and picked up the baby blanket that was there, wrapped the cub in it, and then grabbed the bottle from near the fire.

“You knew.” She said to her mother.

Lilly nodded, “Tia asked me if it was alright. I knew you’d say yes.”

She grinned up at her mother temporarily taking her attention away from the new born tiger in her arms, “Thank’s mama.”

“It’s your responsibility.” She told her.

“I know.” She replied.

“What are we gonna name this one?” Myrth asked sitting next to her opening a spell book.

“Well, it’s a girl.” Crysalys said out loud.

“Normally I’d ask how you know, but you’re full of surprises.” Colis said coming up to inspect this runt.

“Romona.” Crysalys said, the tiger let out a slight noise no one could tell what it was, but Crysalys knew she liked it.

“She likes it.” She told them, “What do you think, Silver? Think you two will get along?”

Silver let out a bark, and she nodded.

“What he say?” Myrth asked.

“Boy I hope so.” She told him, “Think they’ll be close as us?”

He shrugged, “Maybe. I mean, they’re gonna have you as their guardian until they die, you know how loyal animals are.”

She nodded, “Eat up, Romona, there’s more where that came from.”

“Almost there, dear. Hold on.” Joseph encouraged his wife as her dream was coming true.

“Almost there.” The alchemist doctor told her, “Just a few more pushes.”

“You can do it, Mother.” Trevor encouraged his mother. He too was excited to have a little sister, he wanted to show her what he knew and show her how amazing he was at everything.

Melody fell against her pillow exhausted.

“It’s a beautiful baby girl.” The alchemist told her.

She was so happy, tears of joy fell from eyes, then pain as more contractions shot through her.

“Uh oh.” He said.

“Uh oh?” Joseph asked.

“We aren’t done here.” He told him, “I need you to push again Melody.”

She sighed in frustration but did as she was told pushed only by the joy of having not one, but two little girls to doubt on. Trevor too, was excited, he now had two people to show off to.

“Two, beautiful, healthy, baby girls.” The alchemist told them handing them the twins.

“What to name them?” Asked her husband and son.

“I’ve always liked Star.” Trevor told her.

“The oldest shall be Star.” She said nuzzling the girl in her right arm.

“And she will be Chime.” She said kissing the girl in her left arm.

“Star and Chime.” Joseph said out loud, “Beautiful little girls, just like their mother.”

“They’re so tiny.” Trevor said, “Can I hold one?”

Melody smiled at him and handed him, Star.

“Hey.” He said cradling her awkwardly, “I’m your and Chime’s big brother, Trevor. We’re gonna have so much fun as soon as you can walk and talk. I’ll show you everything.”

Melody and Joseph smiled at their son, he was going to become an even better gunner now that he had two things he loved to protect. And he knew it too.