Rain in the Forest Part 6

“Come on Myrth!” Crysalys yelled to her friend, “We gotta hurry. Colis, if you wanna hang out with us you need to keep up too!”

“Sorry, Crys!” Myrth said sarcastically, “We don’t have the same amount of stamina or energy as you do! Slow down!”

She sighed and waited at the top of the steep hill with her hands on her hips. She wasn’t impatient, but she just wanted to have some fun. Silver and Romona were starting to get impatient though. She couldn’t help that.

“What are we going all the way over here for anyway?” Colis asked when they reached her.

“You’ll see.” She said.

They continued on, letting Crysalys have the lead, but she was nice and slowed down for the two of them. She kept on forgetting what she was, and how hard it’d be for others to keep up.

“What are we looking for?” Colis asked.

“Colis,” Crysalys said turning around to look him in the eye, “If you really wanna hang out with us there’s something you should know. You need to shut up and trust us. You’ll see when we get there, and if I wanted and opinion, I’d ask for it. if you can’t do that, you’re a warrior in training, turn around and head back to the cave.”

He scoffed and crossed his arms in a pout but still followed. He didn’t want to show her that he was weak in anyway. But he wanted to know just where they were going. He trusted her, but he wasn’t sure. His father had told him the stories about the beast princesses, he couldn’t help but believe them.

Crysalys motioned for them to crouch down. They did and continued to follow her along the cover of the forest along the river.

She stopped and peered through the bushes. She smiled and motioned for them to come forward, but be quiet.

They looked through the holes in the bushes, spaces between two bushes, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Four beautiful young women, in things that only covered the parts of their bodies that they were told they would see after marriage. Four boys about the same age resting on the rocky banks of the river, in nothing but short pants. They all looked happy. They were eating colourful things, laughing, and drinking out of brass cups.

It was amazing.

“It’s amazing.” Colis told her.

“How did you find them?” Myrth asked.

“Mama asked me to go out and get some more herbs for her, I came to about here and saw them a few times. I figured you guys would like them too.” She told them.

“I do.” Myrth said.

“Same here.” Colis told her smiling.

“Hey.” One of the guys on the banks said, “Is it just me or do you feel like you’re being watched?”

They all froze.

“A little.” One of the girls said, the others agreed.

“Let’s get out of here.” Another guy said.

The girls got out and they started to put their cloths on. Even they were very nice. Light coloured, like healers, but cleaner, nicer, more expensive looking.

Just as they were about to leave, a giant grizzly bear came out of the forest on the other side of the lake.

The girls screamed and ran.

“Don’t run you idiots!” Crysalys yelled by mistake.

Instead of going after the others, it charged across the rocky banks to the other side.

“Stay perfectly still.” She hissed.

It jumped over the logs and bushes. Then turned around to face them. It’s think fur coat was standing on end, teeth bore, beady black eyes, black nose. But the one thing that got everyone’s attention was the scar on it’s left eye, it was pink and cut straight through the brown fur, and looked like it almost split it’s eye in two.

It walked forwards and sniffed each of them once or twice. When it got to Crysalys it sniffed a few times. She wasn’t scared of it.

It then let out a roar of rage.

“Myrth, Colis, Run!” She yelled, just as it’s giant paw came down towards her.

She managed to get out of the way, mostly. It came down on the outer half of her right eye. It spurted out blood.

She hissed in pain, and bear stopped. It froze.

“Crys, hurry.” Myrth said.

She jumped up and ran with them.

They made it about a mile or so, when she finally stopped, leaning on a tree for support.

“I can’t see.” She told them.

“Crysalys, let me see.” Myrth said.

She raised her head to looked at him. The cuts she got looked deep, Myrth and Colis swallowed hard realizing that she could potentially lose her eye. She was cut from her fore head to her cheek bone, you could see the bone of her skull coming out, the entire right side of her fave was covered in blood.

What was everyone going t say when they got back? This wouldn’t be a problem if it was anyone but Crysalys, she was their hope.

“Get me back to mama.” She told them, “I can barely see, so I need you’re help.”

“Let’s hurry.” Myrth said grabbing her hand and leading her as fast as he could to the cave, Colis, Silver, and Romona following behind.

In the town, the young men and women who were at the river where talking the head of the town.

“You saw what?” He demanded again.

“There were three of them.” One of the boys said, “Three kids, I’d say no older than Trevor. One looked like he’s be a necromancer, the other looked like he’d be a warrior. And then there was a girl. But she wasn’t dressed like a healer.”

“What did she look like?” Trevor asked them.

“She aren’t really sure on specifics.” One of the girls said, “But she was dressed in animal skins, they were too dark to be a healer, but too light to be a black mage. We think she might have returned now.”

“The beast princess?” He asked.

They nodded, “She told us not to run from the bear. And then it ran right past us to where they were. I think it might have slashed her.”

“Slashed her?” He asked.

The girl nodded.

“It can’t be the beast princess then.” Joseph told them, “She’d be too fast for a bear.”

“How would the beast princess come into this world?” Trevor asked his father.

“Same as anyone else son.” He told him, “With a father and a mother.”

“Then what if she still is a child and learning to be that beast princess right now? If she comes into the world like everyone else then, then who’s to say she’s not weak at one time or another?” He asked.

Joseph thought for a minute.

“Never in the legends has there been anything about a young child being a beast master.” He told him.

“Father, I don’t think we know enough about the beast masters and their allies to make any assumptions, any accusations. We don’t know enough so can’t rule anything out right now.” He told him.

“And how do you know all this?” He asked.

“I had a really good teacher.” he said, “This is my hypotheses on the beast princess so far; she’s born like any other person in the world, right now she’s still a little girl and is being trained to be that fast, strong, fierce fighter that they need. And if we hesitate any longer then she’s gonna grow up, she’s gonna become that legend, she’s gonna kill every last one of us. They said she’s probably wounded from that bear, so I say we go to that forest, and kill her before she can do that.”

“I hope you realize one small kink in your plan.” Joseph said, “We don’t know where their cave is, and is she is hurt they’ll be healing her as we speak, and if we do attack then they’ll have her well guarded and hidden.”

“So we strike while they sleep.” He told him.

“You’re a cocky little shit.” He told him, “I call the shots here for now, you wanna go there and kill her, you can go alone.”

“You’re scared.” He said.

Joseph irked, never in his life has he been known to be scared.

“You’re afraid of a little, hurt, girl who probably can’t move right now.” He said smirking, “You have the perfect opportunity for finishing this, and you aren’t gonna take it?”

“If you say one more word, you’ll be spending a month in the dungeons.” He threatened, “If that’s all, thank you.”

They nodded and left still a little dazed.

Joseph sighed and lit up a cigar, his son was beginning to be a pain in his ass. And he son was beginning to think the same thing about his father.

Issa and Lilly were sitting on the grass near the cave taking in the sunlight and talking.

“Do you think Myrth and Crysalys will get married one day?” Issa asked Lilly.

She thought for a second, “I hope so, they’re so close right now. Eventually the are going to realize they have feelings for one another.”

“I don’t think so.” Misula, Colis’ mother said joining in, “She seems to be getting fond of my son.”

Lilly sighed, “That’s what Jaihje, Cosmo, Kawhkie, and Peach said about their sons.”

“I guess we’ll have to see when the time comes, huh?” Issa said.

They nodded, “But, Colis.” Misula continued, “He’s going to be a fine man one of these days. I’d say he’d be a fine husband too.”

“Oh please.” Cocoa said sitting next to them, “One of my sons would make a better fit for the beast princess than anyone else.”

“How about we wait and see.” Lilly said, “I can’t make the decision for her. That’s something she has to learn on her own. Besides if it’s true love, how can we interfere with that?”

“I still say it’s going to be Myrth.” Issa said.

“Colis.” Misula argued.

“Do you smell that?” Lilly asked, “It smells like blood.”

They all looked to where the wind was coming from. Out of the denseness of the forest, Myrth, Cyrsalys, Colis, Silver, and Romona came running out best they could.

“She’s hurt!” Myrth and Colis yelled.

Lilly and Issa jumped up and ran to meet them half way.

“What happened?” Lilly asked moving her daughter’s hand to get a good look at the injury. Others had started to gather.

“Long story.” Crysalys said, “It’s my fault, I’m to blame. But I’m glade it’s only me who’s hurt.”

“Oh sweetheart.” She said.

“Prepare boiling water, bandages, the herbs, and something for her to bite on.” She told them.

“This can’t be good.” Crysalys thought out loud.

“It wont be that bad.” She told her hurrying her into the cave.

“Are either of you hurt?” Issa asked Myrth and Colis as Silver and Romona took off after Crysalys.

“A little shaken up, maybe.” Myrth said.

“But we aren’t the ones who are hurt.” Colis finished.

“Come on inside, I’ll make something to calm you two down.” She said.

As they entered the cave they saw Lilly having a little trouble with Crysalys.

“Stay still, please.” Lilly started to beg.

“I wanna see the extent of this first.” She said.

“Here.” Tia said handing her a mirror.

“Oh God.” She said examining her cut up face.

“It’ll be easy to fix, but you need to cooperate.” Lilly told her.

She nodded, and did her best to hold still as her mother cleaned the cuts.

“Think she’s gonna be okay?” Colis asked as they sat by a fire a little ways away from her.

“Lilly’s the best we have.” Issa reminded them, “And Crysalys is too stubborn to give up with something like that.”

“You seem awfully quiet.” Colis commented to Myrth.

“I broke my promise.” He said, “I promised I’d protect her, but I couldn’t.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault.” He told him.

“Yes it is.” He told him.

“You stopped it from tearing her to pieces.” He told him, “So what if she got a little cut. Something like that, with a mother like hers won’t keep her down for longer than a week at most. I bet you anything, day after tomorrow she’ll back at training. And the only reason why day after tomorrow, her mom won’t let her out of her sight tomorrow.”

“You think?” He asked.

“Go talk to her after her mom’s done if you don’t believe me.” He told him.

He sighed but nodded.

Myrth couldn’t help but feel bad. He promised on his life, he should be in her position right now. But what could he do? She was so reckless to begin with, he could barely keep up with her as it stands. He decided right then and there he was going to do everything he possibly could to keep up with her and keep his promise.

“Well now, it’s not too bad.” Lilly told her wrapping her eye up.

“What the greatest extent of it?” She asked.

She smiled, “You’re right eye will be a paler green than your left, but in the long run you’ll be fine.”

“How long will I have to wear the bandages?” She asked as her mother placed her hand gently over her hurt eye and began using healing magic.

She though for a moment, “I’d say about three or four weeks, and then I’ll change the bandages to see how well it’s healed. If it’s good enough then I’ll take the bandages off and we’ll let the air get to it. If it hasn’t More medicine and I’ll put them back on.”

Crysalys sighed, but understood. At least she still had one eye.

“So what happened with you guys anyway?” Issa asked coming over with Myrth and Colis.

“I brought them to watch some gunner people.” Crysalys said, “I found them playing in the river when I went to find herbs and stuff for mama. I figured they’d like to see them too, so I brought them there. But a grizzly bear came, and I didn’t think I’d need my whip. It charged over to us instead of to them. It sorta sniffed us all, then it roared ’cause it was mad. I got out of the way in time to avert any bad damage, but it got my eye. Myrth stopped it before it could hit me again with a spell or something. We ran, and then I couldn’t see ’cause of the blood. But we got here, and I’m gonna be okay now right.”

“That was reckless.” Lilly said.

“The only type of gunner that’s a good gunner is a dead gunner.” Garther said.

“We were watching for observations.” She said.

“observations?” Keshil, Crysalys’ teacher.

She nodded bast she could with her mother still working on her eye.

“I figured we could learn from watching.” She said.

“What did you learn?” He asked.

“They aren’t accustom to dealing with wild animals, they ran when it came instead of being still.” She started, “They choose to settle things with violence rather then rationality. They can, however, sense things like bears, boars, cougars, creatures that can’t hide their presence. We can, and I think that will be their down fall.”

“You truly are as the legend says, Crysalys.” He told her, “With you we can’t lose.”

She smiled to him, though deep inside she knew what she had to do to bring the land back to what it should be. It wasn’t going to be done with a large war, but by peace. And it was her destiny to do that.