Rain in the Forest Part 7

Crysalys was back to her old self after about a month. Her eye was a lot paler then anyone had anticipated, but she could see perfectly fine. Her mother still used healing magic on it every night in case it split open again.

Right now she was in combat with two other beast masters in training.

One came left the other came to her right. She reversed summer salted and the crashed into each other. In on swift movement of her left hand she drew her whip, cracked it in the air, and had the two of them tied up together.

Keshil clapped and untangled the two boys from the whip.

“I’d say it’s about time you start sparing with adults.” He told her.

“Think so?” She asked.

He nodded handing her back her whip.

“Crysalys, what you don’t understand is the fast you excel, the fast we can restore the land to what it should be.” He told her, “We need you at your best. That’s what I pin two or more on you at once.”

“I figured you didn’t like the guys.” She said.

He had to laugh, “No if I didn’t like them they’d be in the animal cages.”

She nodded, it sounded legitimate.

“How about you spare against me some time?” He said.

“Why you, Keshil?” She asked.

“It’ll give us an accurate depiction of where you stand in strength right now, and how much further we have to go before you’re ready.” He explained.

But that was only half the reason. Keshil wanted to find out for himself the true power of a developing beast princess. he had heard that her power is unmatchable, but he wanted to find out first hand just how strong.

“Right now?” She asked.

“Did you have another place to be?” He asked her.

She smiled sheepishly, “Mama wanted me back after my match, she said it was important.”

He nodded, “Tomorrow then.” He told her.

She nodded and jumped out of the arena effortlessly. She was almost ten now, and she found that the more she fought and trained with everyone the stronger she became and the easier things are.

She jumped and landed kneeling right next to Myrth, whom was reading his spell book, right in front of the fire.

“How’d it go?” He asked.

“Two on me, I won by a land slide.” She said in a board tone.

“Something tells me you’re getting cocky.” He told her.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s just boring.” She told him, “I’m not trying to suggest anything. But I’m tired of fighting against guys like that. I need a challenge.”

“Things will never work out just the way you want them.” Lilly said coming back with Issa, something wrapped in cloth was in her arms.

“What’s that?” She asked her mother.

Lilly and Issa smiled at each other.

“It’s yours.” She said and handed it to her.

Crysalys put it in her lap, and it moved. She was startled by it, not expecting a movement from it.

She pulled back the cloth slowly, a brown, furry, big, grizzly bear cub.

She looked up at her mother with shock.

“A gunner killed it’s mother. We figured you’d want it.” Issa told her.

She stared down at the little bear. Just looking at it she knew it couldn’t be more than a few months old. It was always new born’s she got, plucked right from their mother’s as runts. That’s what she was used to. This was no runt, it was usual size, healthy, full of life.

A tear fell from her eye as she wrapped and cub in a hug.

“Scar.” She whispered.

“What?” Myrth asked.

“Scar.” She repeated, “He’s named after the mark on his mother, that she shared with me. Scar.”

“Wait.” He said, “It was that bear a few months ago that gave you that?”

She nodded, “I should have realized it.” She admitted, “Winter just thohed, around that time bears have their cubs. She was being protective. She slashed me like she did because I wasn’t afraid of her and she saw that as a threat to her cub. It’s irony, really.”

“So you’re really gonna take care of it?” Colis asked.

She nodded, “His mother’s gone, his name is Scar, and I’ll take his mother’s place. It’s fair, ignorance for parent hood.”

“You too soft.” He said.

“I have a sweet spot for animals.” She admitted, “All there is too it.”

“I just noticed something,” Issa said turning everyone’s attention back to the mothers, “Crysalys, the skin around your eyes, and your nails have been turning black.”

“Really?” She asked repositioning the bear in her lap so she could get a good look.

“Isn’t that what happens when you’re close to being a true princess?” Myrth asked.

She shrugged, “I never read or heard the legends about me, I can’t tell you.”

“Really?” Colis asked.

She nodded, “I figured they were stories about the previous princesses. I’m me and we’ll figure out whats going on with me when the time comes.”

“That’s very mature of you.” Lilly told her.

She shrugged again and picked up the bottle. Crysalys knew at this point in the cub’s state he still required milk.

Things were peaceful on the cave, if only the same things could be said for the town.

“I’m going after her, you can’t stop me!” Trevor yelled at his father.

“Go then!” He yelled, “Get yourself killed and cut up! Have you liver be turned into her dinner, your heart her new necklace, and your head her new ornament! You don’t stand a chance yet boy!”

“Then you go!” He yelled, “If I’m so immature, you go, Mr. has-all-the-experience-and-has-to-put-every-one-around-him-down! If you’re not a coward, you’ll take a few teams, a lot of fire power, and you’ll set out to the forest and get her head before she gets yours!”

“It is not that easy boy!” He hollered.

“The names not boy, dad!” He interrupted, “It’s Trevor! It’s not boy, it’s not son, and it’s not kid. And if you’re my father then you’ll tell me why it’s not that easy. Why you can’t just take all our man power and kill the little bitch.”

“Because she will not show herself that easily.” He told him, not yelling this time, “She will hide in the shadows, watch our every move, and with every family member, teammate, lover, friend we cut down, the hate in her rises. And then, in our weakest hours she will be there to eat our hearts, and rip our throughts out.”

“She’s still a little girl right now.” He argued, “One day she might do that for fun, but for right now she’s still probably picking flowers in the meadows and bringing them to her mother. We can beat her if we act now.”

“I understand your point.” Joseph told him, “But we don’t know what type of training that they put her through, for all we know she could be as strong as any of us right now. I want everyone to train and work at getting better, when I’m satisfied, we’ll kill her.”

“Geeze.” Trevor sighed, “If you just told me that from the beginning I might have actually listened to you.”

“Your old man isn’t a fool.” He told him, “They probably know they we know there’s a beast princess right now. So they’ll protect her at all cost, they’re working on building up their armies, making them stronger, better. That way, when she’s all grown up and ready for the war at hand they will stronger warriors to fight beside their ultimate.”

“Think she’ll be pretty?” Trevor asked.

“So-uh, Trevor, if the legend of her is correct, which it always is, she’s going to be the most beautiful thing in the world. And it’s up to you not to get blinded by it.” He told him.

“I can’t make a promise, dad.” Trevor admitted, “It is about that time when girls are all I can think of.”

He smiled at his son, “Believe me son, when the war is all said and done, you can have as many beautiful women as you want so long as we win.”

Trevor smiled, he had a plan. But he couldn’t do it alone.