Rain in the Forest Part 12

Over the course of the next five or so years, all of those from Crysalys’, Myrth’s, Colis’, Jub’s, and Trevor’s generation have under gone intense training for the war that was going to happen.

Everyone still heard the words that Crysalys had spoken to everyone when she was young, everyone wanted to stop fighting, but they couldn’t accept the others just yet.

Neither Trevor or Cyrsalys had forgotten about the other. During the day they didn’t have time to think about what the other was up to, but at night, when things were calm and everyone else was asleep, all they could do was think about the other. Wondering if they were still alive, what they were doing now, and if they thought of them.

Trevor still had a well defined scar from Crysalys. He had grown up a lot in five years. He was a lot stronger, more muscular, smarter, her knew why what happened that day happened. The two sides, while willing to forgive one another, were not ready for such a large step just yet. A marriage was unheard of at the time. But what he said to her he still wanted to carry out. He could only hope she still meant what she said about the bite marking him as hers.

Crysalys would lay awake next to Myrth every night, she could never handle staying in her chamber alone at night. Scar, Silver, and Romona were too large to all fit in the chamber along with them, but they lay asleep right outside every night.

This night was a restless night for Crysalys. She was, as usual, wondering about Trevor, the gunners, and the war. She didn’t want this war but she had no choice on the matter she didn’t want to hurt her mother anymore than she has. She wondered if the gunners even thought about just calling a trues between the two. And of course, Trevor. She wondered mainly about him. How he was doing, if he still had her mark on him, if he still had the same views as she did, if he was even still alive! But mostly she wondered if when this was all over if he would ask her again. If he would still want her as his bride.

She sighed and sat up. Soon she’d need to take a husband, but whom? Offers had already poured in for her. It wasn’t all that much of a surprise to her. She had gotten taller, she had full hips, a large chest, though she had abs, lots of arm muscle, powerful legs. She grew her bangs so it covered her right eye, she thought she looked better that way. The skin around her eyes had become fully black, her lips darker then blood red, and her nails were black.

Even Crysalys couldn’t deny the fact that she thought she was beautiful, but she wasn’t happy.

She looked over at Myrth in the darkness. He lyed there with not a care in the world about anything. She wished she could be like that for one night. Not worry about anything and could just sleep.

She found it funny how Myrth had seen the most of her, had held her, had protected her on more than one occasion, he had been there when others hadn’t, he had named her, yet not one of those offers had come from Myrth. She would sometimes wonder if she wasn’t pretty enough for him. And then she began to wonder what it was that didn’t attract him to her like everyone else.

As she had thought, Colis had asked the second the elders said that she was capable of marrying. But she didn’t want to marry anyone in the cave.

But she still wondered that maybe if Myrth asked her she’d say yes and she’d forget all about Trevor. But she’d marked him years before, she promised him then that he was her’s.

She sighed and left the chamber careful not to wake Myrth or any of her partners. She quietly walked to the ridge of the opening.

She stood out in the night air and looked up at the almost full moon. She sat down on the path and enjoyed the open air around her.

“Can’t sleep?” Someone asked behind her. She didn’t need to turn around, she knew it was Myrth.

“Yeah.” She said in her distant voice she always used now.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked sitting next to her.

She shrugged, “I’m just thinking about it all.” She said.

“The war?” He asked.

She nodded.

“Crysalys,”He started, “I know you don’t want to fight them like this. But we can’t do anything about it. If we could I’d be doing any and everything I could because I know it’d make you happy.”

“Why is it everyone always cares about me and not anyone else?” She asked.

He smiled slightly, “You’re the beast princess.” He said, “You’re supposed to be our hope, our ultimate warrior, our savior. The most beautiful woman ever.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful, Myrth?” She asked almost scared of the answer.

“Of course I do.” He said, “Why would you ask such a question?”

She only looked into his eyes, and even without the power they’d obtained he knew exactly what she was thinking.

“Oh, Crysalys.” He said wrapping her in a hug as tears began to fall from her green eyes, “I’m sorry.”

“I just wanna know.” She said.

“You were bit.” He said, “And not for me. I know you marked him that day. I know he’ll mean a lot more to you then I ever will like that. If you didn’t I’d of been the first one to ask you when you were deemed old enough.”

“If I hadn’t of bitten him, would you want to marry me today?” She asked.

“No.” He said, Crysalys almost pulled away, “I’d want to marry you when all of this is over the land is at peace again. Then we can have kids who don’t have to grow up like we did. I know you don’t want them to be like us. But I can’t marry you, can I?”

“And to think all this time I thought it was because I wasn’t pretty enough for you.” She laughed.

“Hey,” He said making her look at him, “You are the most beautiful girl in the cave. But I don’t look at you as anything other than my sister. And I don’t want you to look at me as anything other than your brother.”

“Is that why you named me?” She asked.

He shrugged, “I just thought it suited you a lot.”

“Do you think, Trevor’s looking at the same moon as we are?” She asked.

“I think he is.” He told her, “You’re gonna get cold if you stay out here.”

“Just a while longer.” She said.

“Alright.” Myrth complied.

In the town, it was true. Trevor was looking at the same moon as they were, for the most part.

“You need to pick a wife before the war begins.” Joseph told him son, “As soon as it’s over you’ll be head of the town, so you’ll need to marry, get an heir ready.”

Trevor was only half listening, he was wondering the same thing Crysalys was. He wanted her to be looking at the moon so it was like they were watching together.

“Trevor.” His father said, “I’m growing old. I can’t keep running the town forever. It’s your turn. And if I may suggest to you, bards make exceptional wives.”

“A bard?” He asked, “Father if I’m going to marry a girl it’s not going to be a bard. No offence mother, but their not my cup of tea.”

“I’m sure you’ll change your mind.” She said, “There is no woman more beautiful than a bard.”

“I beg to differ.” He mumbled looking back out at the moon. She was only a young girl, but Crysalys was the most beautiful girl he’d of ever seen.

“Just keep an open mind.” His mother told him, “Star and Chime have taken to my heritage.”

He sighed, “I’ll think about it.” He said, “But I don’t promise that I’ll find a girl before the war starts.”

“Perhaps we could help,” His father offered, “What kind of girls are interested in?”

Trevor thought for a moment, “She has to be smart.” He said, “But not a complete brainiac, she has to be pretty enough to turn a few heads, sweet, she has to care about people. She has to be strong, mentally and physically, I want a woman with a sense of adventure, she has to want to try things she never has before, I want her to be wild. And I’m a sucker for green eyes.”

His father nodded, “We’ll see what we can find.”

He nodded.

The moon was almost full. He knew it would be tomorrow night that it began. He was just hoping he could see his hopeful bride to be before she killed him.