Rain in the Forest Part 13

Everyone in the cave who would partake in the war gathered around the fire with the elders early the next morning.

“When will they strike?” Garther asked to anyone who knew.

“Tomorrow night.” Crysalys said from the furthest wall from the fire. Her voice was cold and emotionless as she had been trained.

“That’s soon.” Tia said, “Will we have enough time?”

“We’ll have to make time.” Colis said, “If they’ll attack tomorrow night, we’ll have to be waiting for them.”

Myrth nodded, “I think we’ll need to be more careful now then we have in the past.”

“What makes you think that?” Keshil asked.

“Trevor.” Crysalys said, “He’ll be a problem. He’s been training to surpass even me, if his father pushed him hard enough he just might.”

Everyone swallowed, no one could ever match her, ever.

“So then what do you suppose we do?” Awkie asked her.

An evil smirked cracked across her mouth, twisting her face into pure evil bliss everyone had come to fear.

The morning Trevor, Joseph, Jub, and the advisors were meeting in the head’s office to discuss the plan of action they’d take.

“I say we use a direct approach.” An alchemist said.

“They’d be expecting that.” Trevor told them, “The best way would be under the cover of night, we split off into small groups of three or four, not too far apart from one another but far enough so they can’t see us. They won’t expect it.”

“But,” Jub said, “A lot of them will be beast masters. Don’t they have the ability to smell like animals do?”

“This is true.” Trevor said, “But as we advance the smell of us will be all over the forest, eventually leaving them in a place that they can’t smell and anticipate our next move.”

“The princess will be the only problem.” Joseph said, “She wont be as easily confused or tricked like the rest of them.”

He nodded, “But believe me father, I can handle her.”

“You’ve only been training like this for five years.” He pointed out, “She still could rip you limb from limb.”

“I’ll have to take that risk.” He said, “It’s my duty as the next head after all.”

His father nodded approvingly. He had turned into the man he wanted him to be.

“They’ll most likely give a frontal attack.” Crysalys said to the cave taking center stage, “But they know we’ll be expecting that.”

“So then what do we do?” They asked.

“They know we’ll know, so they’ll try something reckless like splitting up into small groups and move forward.” She said, “They’ll most likely think that we’ll be confused when their scent is all over the forest. We won’t.”

“If that’s their plan, what’s our counteraction?” Myrth asked.

“We wait.” She said, “Beast masters will be waiting in the tree tops when they come in, We’re the first line of defence.”

“We aren’t going to take this offensively?” Tia asked.

She shook her head, “That’s what they want.” She told them, “We go defensively. That will throw them off, giving us an opening. If any of them get past us then the warriors will be the second line, two or three miles in from where we are. Necromancers and black mages will be the last line, and I’m sorry for lumping the two together but I think it will work.”

“How do you figure?” Garther asked.

She smiled grimly, “Black mages charm them into being still, into stopping, hell I know some of you can out right kill them on the spot. But when they’re paralyzed the necromancers can use their dark magic against them. I want you placed around the base of the mountain.”

“So three lines of defence, but there will be no offence?” Issa asked.

She shook her head, “They’ll be defence.”

“You are not.” Myrth said.

“On the contrary, my friend,”She said slyly, “I am.”

“Do you not realize just how stupid that is?” Garther asked.

“I realize.” She said, “And that’s why I have all of you on defence.”

“How do our positions work?” Keshil asked.

“You wait in the trees,”She said, “When the gunners pass beneath you, you pounce on them. The one’s you can’t get the warriors do, and if they can’t get them all, it’s up our magic sources.”

“What about us?” Awkie asked.

She closed her eyes and looked away, “Thiefs will remain in the cave.” She said, “In case all the lines fail I want someone here to look after the women and children.”

“In other words, we’re the true defence?” He asked.

She thought for a moment, “Actually, I do suppose you’re right. The theifs will be true defence, the rest of us will be offence in a defensive manner.”

“And you’re straight out offence.” Myrth said.

“I think it’s about time your princess got her hands dirty.” She said, “Don’t you?”

“You always get all the fun.” He said.

“What did you want in?” She asked.

“Maybe I did.” He said.

“Scared, Colis will take them all out before you get any?” She teased.

“Will you two ever stop flirting?” Lilly asked.

They both smirked at each other reading the other’s thoughts.

Trevor on the other hand was having trouble in the town.

“And this is young miss, Ella Dora Migree.” Joseph introduced to his son.

He tiredly looked over the girl. She wasn’t unattractive, but she wasn’t his type.

She had long, curly hair that was as gold as the sun, her cheeks were freckled and covered in light pink either from make up or her blushing, she was petite, a large chest, thin, but her eyes are what caught his attention. They were a deep, forest green that reminded him of her.

“Her hobbies are cooking, cleaning, shopping, and reading. She prefers to spend a night in rather than a night on the town. She isn’t one for violence, and likes to cuddle.” The square announced to him.

He sighed and turned back to his game of chess with Jub.

“I-I am very honoured to be chosen for an option of your bride.” She squeaked. Her voice was high, sweet, feminine, and girly.

“Everyone is.” He told her, “Go find another man, I’m sure it won’t be hard for you.”

“Am I not of your taste?” She asked sadly.

He waved her over, she came obediently. When she was at his side he placed his hand on her upper arm. She froze thinking he’d do something to her right then.

“You are a lovely young lady.” He whispered to her, “But I already have my bride picked out.”

“Who is she?” She asked in a quiet manner.

He smirked and let her go, waving her off, “If I told you that, how would it be considered a surprise?” He asked.

“How stupid of me.” She giggled, “It was very nice meeting you.” She curtsied and left.

“Son, we’ve gone through more than half the women in the village.” Joseph said annoyed, “Is there not one to your liking?”

“No.” He replied shortly.

Even he were to be given all of the beautiful women in the world, Trevor would gladly give up each and everyone just to see here once more.

“Perhaps you’ve been a little to specific in what you’d like.” Melody said coming in with Star and Chime who ran to their older brother’s lap to hug him tight.

“How do you mean?” He asked her after he hugged each of them.

“Well,” She began, “Your father wasn’t my type, but now look. A happy family, a nice house, I no longer have to dance for my next meal.”

“I thought bards were supposed to be well respecting, clean, and never having to worry about money.” He told her.

“In the town.” She said, “Remember, I was an outsider.”

“Do you really have to marry?” Star and Chime asked simultaneously.

He nodded, “In a couple of years you two will be getting ready for marriage too.”

“Eww.” They droned, “Boys have coodies.”

“What about me and dad?” He asked.

“Except for you two.” They told him.

“Am I invisible?” Jub asked.

“Hi Jubby!” They sang.

“Hey, to you too.” He smiled.

“I thin we should focus less on my bride and more on the war.” Trevor told his father, “Are we still making the first move tomorrow night?”

He nodded,”But we’ll push that back if you don’t choose your bride.” He threatened.

“I want a strong girl, father.” He told him, “Smart, strong, sweet, a little wild, and green eyes.”

“We’ve brought you all the girls like that in the town.” He told them.

“Not one of them was wild.” He told him check mating Jub.

Joseph glared slightly at his son having a bad feeling about his taste in women. He was just preying to all heavens that his hunch was wrong.

Everyone in the cave nodded understanding their roles in this war tomorrow night.

“Crysalys.” Her mother called on her.

She turned in acknowledgment.

“You still need to choose your mate.” She told her, “You’ve had so many requests, and yet you haven’t made any move to choose who.”

“Don’t worry, ma.” She told her, “I have been weighing out everyone who’s proposed so far. I’ll let everyone know after this war is over.”

“Why after?” Colis asked.

“Two reasons.” She said, “One I will not have to weep over the death of the man in which I wished to spend my life with, and two,” She smirked evilly again, “It’ll show me who can keep up.”

Everyone who had ever wanted her swallowed loudly. Non of them wanted to die, all of them wanted to be the one she chose, but now they understood just why she never really got close to anyone. No one, other than maybe Myrth could ever keep up with her. She was after all the beast princess.

It was long ago everyone forgot that she had been bitten and bit the heir to the town making him her’s. All except for her and Myrth.

Two sides in the same situation, two sides with a love hate relationship between them thanks to two of their kin, two sides about to be locked in battle. Two side that will have a lot more to deal with then they first had thought.