Rain in the Forest Part 14

The moon was full as midnight neared both the town and the forest. Everyone on the beast master side were ready and waiting. The gunners and their allies were preparing to advance.

Crysalys sat up in a tree top, Silver, Romona, and Scar underneath her as she stared up into the sky. The full moon will be stained red tonight. She thought to herself.

Trevor stood at the entrance to the town staring up at the sky. If I can see you once before I’m killed tonight, I can die happy knowing you’re alive, Crysalys.

Each thought of the other moments before each side would lose countless members of each side.

It hurt both of them to know that the people they called their friends, their allies, companions, and at times masters would fall in the woods and be stained with each other’s blood.

Crysalys jumped down and looked over to where she saw Myrth and Colis, both knew what she knew. But both were willing to die for her. She wanted to die bringing peace to this land as there once was.

She looked up at the sky again, the full moon, the shinning stars above. But she couldn’t help but notice dark clouds moving in from the south east. A storm was coming. Her long dark hair was blown around in the night wind.

Trevor saw the same thing she did as everyone gathered to the entrance.

“It is time that we bring those beast vermin where they deserve!” Joseph yelled to the crowd, “Hell! If any of you aren’t man enough to bring them there yourselves you stay behind! Only real men can win this battle!”

They cheered and started towards the woods. The beast masters didn’t need to hear them to smell them coming a mile away. The only thing was the rain, their sense of smell wouldn’t be as sharp as it would normally.

Each of the gunners and their allies split up into groups of two, three, and four, just as Trevor suggested.

The beast masters grinned at one another, did they have a sharp princess or what?

They waited until they were between them and the warriors before they jumped down and started their assault.

Crysalys was running through the woods like lightning. There was a small path that almost no one knew about. No doubt that was where Trevor and Jub would be.

She head movement and jumped into the trees above to avoid being seen. One man came out mumbling to himself about his friend being a coward.

Crysalys curled her body in such a way no matter what came from her in any direction she’d be prepared. She waited patently as he passed under her, and when his back was turned she jumped straight at him.

He heard something and turned around just in time to see black, claw like nails, an animal like body, and green eyes lunging for him. He tried to reach for his gun, but she was upon him first.

He groaned as he hit the hard ground, but managed to keep her at arms length for a little while. She reached down trying to get his neck, but he twisted his body and she got his shoulder. She tore the material off and raised her other hand about to strike again going for the arms, but she froze.

He noticed this and looked at her. Carefully she traced his shoulder where there was a healed over scar that looked like a bite mark. She looked him in the eye and he was shocked.

They both repositioned themselves, he was sitting up, she was in between his legs.

He was more muscular, taller, defined features that showed he was strong and used to getting his way. Short brown hair and dark stubble on his chin that indicated he was capable of growing facial hair.

His gaze fell on her, long dark brown hair pulled into a high pony tail, bangs covering her right eye, a thin braid on the left side of her face. Her lips were blood red, nails black and animal like claws, the skin around her eyes was black as if she were wearing eye make up. She had filled out, she was taller, a larger chest, long powerful legs, tattoos covering her body, multiple piercings on each ear, full hips, and defined abs.

She placed a hand over the scar and leaned forward into his chest.

“It’s been a long time.” He said, his voice was much deeper, it was no long that of the boy she had known, but of the man she’d loved.

“Yes.” She replied quietly, it came out a little lower, harsher, and deeper then he was used to. All the girls in the town had high pitched and squeaky voices, it was new but he liked it.

“You’ve grown up a lot.” He told her, “You look more beautiful them I ever thought.”

She couldn’t suppress her smile, “Thank you. You’ve turned into quite a man. You must make the girl go wild.”

“Non have sparked my interest.” He told her, “Until now.”

“Did you still want to marry me?” She asked almost afraid.

He lifted her head so she could see him, then he moved the hair out of her face. He smiled gently and lightly fingered the old scars on her eye as he caressed her cheek.

“If you’d have me.” He said.

“You don’t realize how many proposals I’ve gotten since I was deemed old enough to marry.” She told him, “But I never accepted one,” His face dropped, “Until now.”

He looked at her wondering if she was serious, rain started to fall on them as their eyes met for the longest time.

“You would do me the honour?” He asked.

“If you would have me.” She replied not breaking eye contact.

Neither said anything as they both leaned into the other, faces coming closer and closer. . . . . . . until


They both pried their eyes away to see the gunner retreating this way. Trevor was about to say they should pretend to be fighting. But Crysalys wasn’t about to stop when they’d only met after so long.

She grabbed him and dragged him along as the rain kept coming down. She dragged him to the hidden tree and pushed the trick for the entrance.

She pulled him inside and it closed. Just like before, as if on cue the torches around them lit up.

Trevor looked around amazed at the place.

“Aren’t you going to sit down?” She asked ringing out her hair.

He sat down and pulled her down with him so she was sitting between his legs again, this time he was leaning against the wall of the inside of the tree.

“You’re beautiful.” He told her.

A small amount of heat rose in her face hearing that from him. She’d gotten that a million times from everyone else who wanted to marry her, but she always shrugged it off.

Sh swallowed and looked him in the eyes, she’d never been this nervous before.

“Trevor.” She began, “There’s something I need to tell you.”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her ever so slightly closer to him and nodded.

“I’ve been bitten.” She said.

He tilted his head to the side not understanding, “You mean, you got a disease or something?”

It was her turn to look at him weird.

“I’m in love.” She told him, “With you.”

He looked down, he never expected that from her so soon.

“Please tell me that means the same thing to you.” She begged.

Trevor didn’t reply. He reached on hand up behind her head and pushed her towards him locking them in a fiery lip lock.

It was as if hot and cold were mixing together in their bodies. Thunder could be heard outside the tree when they parted but they didn’t care. They went back for another kiss.

Trevor ran his hands up and down her back, pulling at her pony tail until it came undone so he could run his hand through it.

Crysalys felt everything under his soaked through shirt, but it wasn’t enough.

She pulled back and smirked at him, “I want you out of those wet cloths.”

Trevor was taken back for a moment then smirked back at her knowing what she was getting at.

He allowed her to pull his vest and shirt off, she then attacked his mouth again.

He gripped her shoulders and held her there as he layed her down on the floor. He then started roaming his hands around her top trying to figure out how it came off.

Crysalys pulled back and looked at him knowing he was having trouble. The shirt was wearing looked confusing but it wasn’t. White wrappings with red ones covering herself, red-brown animal fur for the bottom hem. Her sleeves consisted of three small belts on her right arm, and a detached sleeve on her right that just covered her arm. On top of that was a gold arm band one of the warriors gave to her that she always wore.

She pushed Trevor back a little so she could sit up, grabbing the hem of her shirt she pulled it sky words over her head, and had to hold back her laughter when she saw Trevor’s jaw drop.

“Never seen a woman naked before?” She asked, he blushed and shook his head, “Strange.” She teased, “I seem to remember someone was peeking on me when I was younger as I bathed.”

He turned redder that she remembered that and looked away.

Crysalys smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck pressing herself to him. Trevor froze more. He thought, in his many daydreams, that if they ever did something like this he’d be the one making such drastic moves and she’d be shy.

Crysalys made him look at her and then she kissed him, Trevor moved the hair hiding her hair out of her eye. Then he kissed the scars, her nose, peaked her lips, her cheek, her jaw line, several on her neck, two on her collar bone, one on the top of each beast. He kissed her lips again before running his tong along the her smooth skin between her breasts.

He kissed each nipple lightly, then started playing with each breast in his hands as he worked his way back up her neck.

Cryalys knew with every touch she could never be satisfied like this by any other man. She ran her fingers through his hair enjoying his warm welcoming touch. She loved him, everything about him, she wanted to be with him, she wanted to be one. Yet she gasped when she felt something warm, wet, and slightly sticky go over her left nipple.

Trevor wasn’t sure if she liked that or not, so if kissed it again and got encouraged to keep doing so when she pushed his head closer to her chest. Trevor got the hint and started playing with one with one hand and kissing, licking, nipping, and sucking the other.

He was only encouraged more when a longing moan escaped Crysalys’s lips.

He switched breasts giving the other the exact same treatment. Crysalys was starting to get board and pulling him up to kiss her, while he was distracted she layed him down like he had done to her before. She swung on leg on and straddled him. She broke the kiss and sat up straight ajusting herself to make it more comfortable for her.

Trevor looked up to see a dark goddess on top of him. The torches made her look even better, but even looking up at such a body and knowing that you loved who it belonged to and that she loved you a question came to mind.

“How old were you when you got your tattoos?” He asked.

Crysalys tilted her head to the side, “I don’t have any tattoos.” She told him.

He placed a hand on her lower stomach and traced the outline of the dragon, “Then what are these?”

“Birth marks.” She told him.

He looked at her like she was crazy, “I’ve never seen birth marks like that before.”

She smiled, “It’s sorta tradition as it were for beast masters to have strange birth marks.”

“Really?” He asked.

She nodded, “Usually the shape of the birth marks show the animals that are your specialties.”

He only looked up wonder what it meant.

She rolled her eyes and leaned forward on his stomach so they were chest to chest.

“If a beast master is born with the birth marks of say a bear, then they’d have an easier time have bears as partners rather than a panther.” She explained.

He nodded and kissed her again.

“I think you might have a snake birth mark.” She told him when they parted.

“What makes you think that?” He asked her.

“Your partner is trying to get out of your pants.” She said.

He turned redder then he was.

“That’s not a snake.” He said his voice breaking slightly.

“Then what is it?” She asked innocently.

“You’ve never seen a man naked before have you?” He asked in the same tone she used earlier.

She shook her head, “But I realized what I want to do with you right now.”

He froze, “What’s that?” It suddenly clicked to him that she might not have meant anything about what she said and use it to kill him, after all she had the high ground.

But all of those thoughts disappeared when she kissed him softly, “I wish to do what all animals do, I wish to mate.”

“Mate?” He asked.

She nodded.

“One question.” He said as it finally came to his attention, “Who’s on top?”

She sat up again and thought, “Do you wanna be on top?” She asked, “You are going to be the head of the town.”

“Aren’t you the alpha female?” He asked.

“More dangerous then the male.” She grinned showing her fang like teeth he missed.

“I like seeing you on top of me.” He grinned up at her.

“If that’s what the head wishes, it is what he shall get.” She said and kissed him again.

She slid down a little more so she was once again in between his legs, she slowly(Painfully slow) undid his belt, the the buttons, and pulled the trousers down. Trevor was left in just his under wear. Crysalys looked curiously at was bulging under the garment.

Her dominance and her innocence combined nearly drove Trevor off the wall.

“What is it?” She asked.

“The male part for mating.” Trevor told her using her language.

It finally occurred to Crysalys what it really was and she couldn’t help but go red in the face. She swallowed as she pulled off his last garment to reveal a large, throbbing, red member.

She swallowed again, “And that’s supposed to go inside me?” She asked.

“The idea of it.” He said.

“I wanna hear you say it.” She said looking at him dead in the eye.

Trevor propped himself up on his elbows, “Say what?” He asked her.

“I told you how I truly feel.” She said, “Just saying you wish to marry me isn’t enough. I wanna hear how you feel.”

He sat up and took the slightly shaking girl in his arms.

“I love you, Crysalys.” He whispered in her ear, “I love you more then the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain. More than life itself. And if that’s what you want to hear from me I will gladly tell you everyday for the rest of my life, that I love you more than anyway.”

She kissed hims deeply then as they held each other. It was all she needed to hear, but he told her so, so much more then she could ever hope for. Issa had been right that day, he had bit as bad f not worse.

She leaned Trevor back, untied the knot in her skirt and pulled her pants off. Trevor sat up again and leaned against the wall. She sat in his lap and he held her as he helped guide her down.

Not one sound left her lips as she lowered herself down. She only closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. It felt like too much in her once. Trevor realized her discomfort and held her close, rubbing her back, kissing her eye, telling her he loved her. Anything he could think of to make it pass.

Eventually it did, Crysalys rocked her hips and electricity was sent through both of them. Neither had anyone before the other, so it was all new.

As she continued to move Trevor held her close never wanting to let her go. Both had developed a thin layer of sweat that stuck to each other as well as to themselves. They both felt something build inside them.

When they climaxed, Crysalys had to dig her nails into the wall and bite Trevor, again, Trevor buried his fave in her hair, and they came together.

Both stayed there for a few minutes catching their breaths, still holding one another close. Neither knew how much time went by during that, neither cared.

For a moment they were one, they were together and now bound forever in destiny.

“I know what we were born for.” Crysalys told Trevor.

“To love one another and no one else?” He asked and kissed her lightly.

“Part of it.” She told him, “But the two of us are to get married and bring peace back. And because we love each other we can do it that much easier.”

“I love you.” Trevor said and nuzzled her neck again.

“I love you too.” She said embracing him deeper.

It was several more minutes before they decided to put their cloths back on.

As they were finishing with their dress, it sounded to Crysalys that the rain had stopped.

She cautiously opened the passage again and peered out. The rain had stopped, the sun was starting to rise, and everything was still.

Trevor kissed her one last time before they both headed off in their own direction. They had shared the night, they had shared their love, they had shared about everything. The only thing left to do was stop the fighting.

When Trevor arrived back in the town is was wreck, sick were being treated and rushed everywhere. A few were pulling wagons that had limp bodies in them. They were dead. He rushed to the office where his father paced around.

Without either men saying a word Trevor was brought into a tight hug by his father and held close. Tears fell from Joseph’s eyes know knowing he’d been too hard on his only son and when he thought he was dead he realized he was no where near a good father.

Trevor just stood there hugging the old man. What else could he do?

In the forest Crysalys came to the burial grounds for all those who have fallen. She spotted everyone there, women, children, elders, and Thirty four freshly dug graves.

She advanced silently and looked over each of them. Thirty three people. Gasps and cries and cheers and sighs were heard.

“Thirty three bodies, thirty four graves. We’re missing one.” She spoke quietly yet firmly.

“We thought you were the last.” Lilly cried wrapping arms around her daughter.

Crysalys placed a hand on her mother’s back but could do no more. She had been seeking pleasure with a man she loved while everyone around her was fighting. How could she of been so selfish?

As she looked on the faces of those dead, twelve beast masters, nine warriors, six black mages, and six necromancers.

Kenshil was part of it, along with the eldest of Tia’s two boys. She looked away ashamed of herself.

Many of those she had trained against in her spare time, many of them she called her friends, now gone.

She hadn’t seen Myrth or Colis in the crowd gathered either. If they were still laying out there dead or dying, she’d never forgive herself.

She clenched her fist in anger of what she had done. She couldn’t look at anyone.

“Mama.” She spoke quietly, “Where are Myrth and Colis?”

“In the cave.” She replied trying not to cry.

“Are they. . . .

“I’m afraid so.” She sobbed.

Without another word Crysalys was sprinting towards the cave. She had to see with her own eyes that they were both okay. If they weren’t then she’d kill herself. She couldn’t live knowing that she had hut her two best friends.

When she got in she immediately ran to the infirmary section of the cave. Forty, fifty people were there. She went to where Silver, Romona, and Scar layed.

Sure enough, they they were each badly beaten and injured.

She dropped her knees next to each of their beds.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered to them, “I never meant for this to happen to any of you. Please, forgive me.”

“What’s there to forgive?” She looked up to see both Myrth and Colis smiling at her.

“We’re okay, Crysalys.” Colis said, “We were worried about you.”

“Why would you be worried about me?” She asked holding back tears.

“I had this feeling.” Myrth said, “But now that you’re alright, it doesn’t matter.”

“I’m sorry.” She repeated, “If I had been there this never would have happened.”

“If it didn’t happen to us then it’a happened somewhere where they needed you more.” Colis told her almost snapping, “Your mother looked after us when we came in.”

That made her feel ever so slightly better. Crysalys’s mother was the best, and if they were looked after by her then they should be fine sooner then anything. But she found no comfort in it.

“I didn’t want this.” She whispered looking down and gripping the material on her thighs, “I never wanted this to happen to anyone. I had no choice, and I just wanted peace. That’s all. I’m so sorry.”

“Crysa.” Myrth said, Crysalys looked up into his blue eyes, “I know. It’s okay.”

She never said anything that he could read. As of right then she thought that they didn’t even need that magic, they understood each other perfectly well without anything.

And if was only after her best friend told her that what they both knew was wrong, was when she allowed the tears she’d been holding back fall.