I guess this is a sign, huh?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I first came across this quote in the ninth grade on valentine’s day when my friends forced me to get my valentine off the wall. I dismissed it and shoved it into my pocket. A few months later, I was marathoning Criminal Minds before I had to go back to school, Hotch made this quote as well. I came back to the valentine I didn’t throw away, thinking this was just a coincidence. And then I get back from my first day of tenth grade at a brand new school, I’m in honours English, and at the bottom of the course out line sheet there is this quote.

Alright! Whatever sign I’m being shown I see it! Now tell me what you mean! Or do I need to find the quote again for it to really impact me? Or does the quote find me and I’m just assuming that I find it when in truth it was written for times like these?


Anyway, if anyone has any idea of how this keeps happening let me know. If I come across it again, I may freak out.


The Captain And The Cook(A Trafalgar One-Shot Lemon for my Quizilla Account)

“Shut up!” I whined to my crew as they were arguing about stupid things I didn’t care about.

I’m Adien, chef of the heart pirates crew and the only girl on board. I still had a headache from the previous night and them shouting wasn’t helping.

No, I didn’t drink if that’s what you were wondering. I got shot in the knee yesterday by a marine officer, my captain saved me, he’s also the doctor on the ship. he couldn’t give me anything for the pain or to knock me out because we were out and hadn’t stopped on another island yet, so I stuck it out without anything. Not the smartest thing to do in the end.

I turned my glare away from them and stood up limping down to the kitchen to start dinner.

“I thought I told you to stay off your leg for a while.” My captain said leaning on the wall as I passed him.

I smiled at him and said, “I wish I could take your advice, captain, but you know your crew. I stay sit down and they’re starving.”

He smirked back at me and followed me into the kitchen.

“It still amazes me how you managed to stay awake during that and not scream out in anyway.” He leaned on the door frame staring at my back as I worked.

“I’m full of surprises.” I told him looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

He stayed their at the door watching me cook. It wasn’t uncommon for us, and I never minded.

“Captain?” I asked politely.

“Hm?” He responded.

“Would you mind getting the crew for dinner for me?” I asked and smiled.

“Put the food on the table.” He told me and turned away. I did and pressed myself against the wall as they speeded by me to get to their seats.

I smiled and took my seat as they dug in.

“Fish?” Captain asked looking at his plate.

I swallowed and nodded, “It’s a new recipe I got at the last island, I though I’d try it out.” I told him.

“Explains why it doesn’t look like you’re fish surprise.” Brayn, the marks man said.

“You wanna know what the surprise about that dish is?” I asked him, all except for the captain leaned forward eager to know, “Anyone who doesn’t like it gets a surprise the next night.”

“Which is?” Bepo asked for all of them.

An evil smirked pulled at my lips and a glare set in on my eyes, “You aren’t waking up the next morning.” I hissed.

They all gulped and stared at me as I timidly went back to eating my own dinner. It turned out better then I thought.

“It’s good, Adien.” Captain complimented, “But I still prefer you fish surprise.”

I swallowed thickly and glanced over at him. he cleared his plate.

“Arigoto, captain.” I said and stared down at my own, “I just thought changing things up might be fun.”

He smirked at me, but not like he normally would anyone else. It was softer, sweeter, nearly like a smile. I finished quickly and started clearing the table.

Never once had his gaze lifted from mine.

“Adien.” Captain called me half way through the dishes.

“Hia.” I said turning my head to look at him.

“Bepo’s taking your watch sift, I want you in my chambers as soon as you’re finished in here.” He told me.

I nodded and he left.

What would he want me in his chambers for? I asked myself as I scrubbed.

I sighed in slight frustration at trying to understand my captains mind, but it didn’t work.

I finished washing the dishes, I dried them, put them in their proper spots, whipped down the counters and stove, and sharpened the knives.

I wasn’t worried about him wondering what I was doing, he’d seen me do my regular after dinner routen many times. I quickly swept the floor and hung up my apron.

Looking around I saw nothing was out of place so I turned off the lights and headed over to my captain’s quarters.

I winced slightly just before his door at the pain in my leg, before raising a hand and knocking.

“Come in.” He said quietly.

I slowly pushed open the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

He sat up and looked at me. I held back my blush, his hat was off and his hair was messed up, but he looked so sexy like that.

“You wished to see me.” I said and folded my hands behind my back.

“At ease.” He told me, I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my jeans, “Come here.” he said patting a place on his bed next to him.

You’d think being on a ship with all guys for as long as I have, you’d be used to being in men’s rooms, but no actually. My quarters are on the complete opposite side of the ship.

I quickly sat down next to him. He gently placed a hand on my right knee.

“Does it hurt?” He asked quietly.

“No don’t captain, I’m fine.” I told him smiling.

He looked at me cooly before saying, “You’re lying.”

I looked down for a moment and sighed, “You do know your crew.” I told him.

“Why haven’t you told me?” He asked slight anger rising in his voice.

“You have so much to worry about with the crew, and the ship, and marines, and being a captain, and your own health, I figured a little pain wold be normal after that so I didn’t bother with it.” I admitted, “Besides it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

He grabbed me by my shoulders pushed me back on his bed roughly, he straddled my hips and glared down at me.

“Never think that between everything I do on a daily basis means I don’t have time for you.” He snarled, he then sat up and pushed the material of my baggy jean caprices up so he could see my knee. I propped myself up on my elbows to examine what it was he was doing exactly.

He pressed down on various parts of my knee, when he pressed on one part I hissed in pain. He poked it lighter again, and I groaned lightly.

He moved his hand away and smiled lightly before looking at me.

“If that turned out to be anything serious you could lose you’re leg.” He told me.

“It’s not?” I asked him.

“A small amount of bruising.” He told me and then resumed his place overtop of me, “Next time I want you to tell me sooner.”

I smiled up at him, “I’m sorry captain.” I told him, “I never ment to worry you. I trusted what you did the first time knowing it worked, I wasn’t about to second guess that.”

He ran his warm knuckles from my right shoulder up to my cheek and then caressed it. Going over the strap of my tank top like it was nothing.

“You trust me?” He asked continuing to run it hand up and down from cheek to shoulder, stopping for a moment to caress each, each time.

“With my life, Captain.” I told him smiling brighter.

He leaned down to me, expressionless, his dark orbs holding my green ones. His hand that was caressing me moved to my short, choppy, dark blue hair and tangled his fingers in it.

His breath was hot on my face as he pressed his lips to mine. I couldn’t help but moan when his touched mine, his skillful tounge wandered into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around his neck and tangled my fingers into his silky locks.

“Room.” I heard him mutter as it surrounded us, I looked up slightly questionably why he used that now, he smirked down reading my mind, “So no one heard us.”

I turned red but smiled more as he leaned back down to kiss me. I pushed him harder against me with my hands in his hair, his hands quickly pulled my tank top up over my head and discarded it quickly onto the floor.

His hands then moved to lightly brush over my exposed stomach and he broke the kiss to leave light smooches up and down my neck and collar bone. Yet, even though I wasn’t wearing a bra he left my boobs completely alone. Painfully slowly his hands moved north and started to massage my chest. I couldn’t hold back moans any more. I gripped the sheets beneath me. He started with my boobs, but there had yet to be any nipple play.

As if reading my mind, like he always does, his hot mouth went down and kissed the pink peak of one of my smaller then they should be mounds. He flicked his tounge across it, and I arched my back into him, before he took the entire thing into his mouth. I moaned like crazy as he sucked it like a baby would it’s mother. As I started moaning out his name louder, her switched to the other breast giving it the same treatment.

He pulled away and looked at me, I knew I was red, but I was also panting from the pleasure that he gave me.

“You’re ashamed.” He said moving some of my bangs from my face.

“W-what makes you say that?” I asked trying to catch my breath.

He kissed my mouth again before looking me dead in the eyes, “You didn’t look at me when I took your shirt off.” He said, I looked away knowing he was right, I heard him smirk, “Most women think men like girls with large breasts.” He told me, “I prefer smaller ones.”

“Really?” I asked him.

He bent down and captured my mouth again in another hot kiss, he pulled away and broke the string of saliva that was coming from both our mouths connecting them still.

He smirked down at me and nodded as he said, “Do you have any idea how hard it is to fit a double D in your mouth? Besides, it stops unwanted eyes from looking at what I claimed.”

I smiled and looked away before he roughly moved my head back so I could look at him.

“Look away again and I’m sending you in shambles for a week.” He threatened.

“You’d starve.” I teased.

He smirked and dove back down to capture my mouth again, “I’ll find another punishment.” He said and kissed me again.

I couldn’t take it any more so I tugged at his shirt wanting to feel more of him. He obliged and pulled it off for me before flipping us over so I was on top straddling him. He smirked up at me loving the confused look on my face, I smiled down as soon as I knew what happened.

I ran my hands up and down his toned sides before leaning forward and kissing him having my breasts press against his bare chest. His hands ran up and down my back sending goosebumps all over my body. I pulled away from the kiss and started working on his neck, leaving a large mark when he growled just like did me.

I left a trail of kisses down his chest and abdomen until I got to the belt of his pants, and without looking up at him I unbuckled them slowly, pulling them down along with his boxers. I tossed them aside with my long since forgotten tank top and coaxed him to the edge of the bed.

I looked up at him and smiled, he returned it with such a look of love in his eyes shrouded slightly with lust.

I looked at the object a head. Long, big, hard, and throbbing by the looks of it. I swallowed hard before pumping the shaft a little and taking as much as I could into my mouth. I started to bob my head and he grabbed my hair. I licked and sucked best I could while allowing my teeth to gently scrape against the sensitive skin every once in a while. Before I knew it he was pulsing in my mouth.

“Adien.” He groaned and released.

I swallowed all the hot seeds that shot into my mouth, and when I was done I licked him clean and my hands.

He pulled me up and kissed me fiercely before throwing me back onto the bed and pinning me down. He kissed his way down my body to my pants, unbuckling my belt and slowly pulling them off along with my panties. He picked up my legs and slipped each over his shoulders. He smirked sexily at me before his wet muscle entered my woman hood.

I gasped at the initial contact, but moaned as he kept it up.

“C-captain.” I moaned when he hit a certain spot.

He liked what I did so he kept aiming for that spot and hitting it, licking it, twirling his tounge around inside me sending me off the edge.

“Captain!” I screamed as I released, he happily licked up all my fluids.

“And I thought you were wet before.” He said licking his lips.

I blushed, but held my gaze with him.

He slipped my legs off of his shoulders and held them around his waist. He positioned himself right at my entrance, he looked at me. I looked back. This was what we both wanted. He pushed himself inside fully, using my hips to gain a better angle.

I wasn’t a virgin, neither was he. In fact he saved me from quite possibly my end when he came to my town. I was the chief at a local restaurant, the owner was also my owner, my parents sold me before I could ever remember them. He used, abused, and raped me. And one day the heart pirates came in, the owner didn’t like it, captain killed him and the rest that stood in his way. He looked at me, knowing I could cook and had Bepo drag me to their ship where he deemed me his cook. He or any of the crew never did anything like what he did. And I eventually told them about what happened to me before them. He promised no one else would.

It had however, been a while. I groaned adjusting to his size. I moaned when I was ready and he began to thrust into me short and slowly. I groaned in annoyance.

“C-Captain.” I whined, “Faster, p-please.”

He smirked but obliged shooting into me with intense speed and force.

I started moaning like crazy.

“Captain!” I yelped when he hit a bundle of nerves that made shivers run all over my body.

He aimed for that spot and got it ten out of ten.

A build up began in the pit of my stomach, building up with every thrust. His thrusts became harder and faster as I felt him start to pulse in me.

“Captain!” I screamed as I came undone, he followed quickly after groaning out my name.

We stayed like that a minute catching our breaths, then he pulled out. I whined silently at the loss.

“On your hands and knees.” He told me, “And face away from me.”

My eyes lit up knowing he wasn’t done with me either, I eagerly did as he asked but gripped the bars in the head board for extra support.

He took hold of my hips and plunged in deeply, I screamed in the pleasure just that brought me. I knew he was smirking even though I couldn’t see his face. He pulled out and plunged back in fast and hard just like before moving the bed with us. I cried out in pleasure with every thrust. I felt the same coil build up, but it was somehow different.

“Captain!” I cried as he brushed the nerves, I was nearing my third climax of the night, he was definitely following soon after me.

My moans got louder and louder, until I finally snapped and went over the ledge.

“Captain!” I screamed and fell into the pile of pillows below me that he always had on his bed. It only took a few more thrusts and he was done.

We were panting even heavier then before, he laid down on his back beside me and picked me up, placing me down on him. I moaned in pleasure loving feeling him inside me. I waited a moment to get just enough energy back, then I was bouncing up and down on him, he helped by holding my hips.

The last orgasm I had was the most intense.

“Adien!” He moaned.

“Captain!” I cried out.

Covered in sweat doesn’t even begin to describe us. Pants could still be heard throughout the room well after ten minutes.

I groaned lightly, and he pulled me off him. I had no more strength left in my body.

I lay limp on his chest as he pulled the covers over us and he kissed my forehead.

“I love you, Adien.” He whispered kissing my ear.

“I love you too, captain.” I said and snuggled into him.