I guess this is a sign, huh?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I first came across this quote in the ninth grade on valentine’s day when my friends forced me to get my valentine off the wall. I dismissed it and shoved it into my pocket. A few months later, I was marathoning Criminal Minds before I had to go back to school, Hotch made this quote as well. I came back to the valentine I didn’t throw away, thinking this was just a coincidence. And then I get back from my first day of tenth grade at a brand new school, I’m in honours English, and at the bottom of the course out line sheet there is this quote.

Alright! Whatever sign I’m being shown I see it! Now tell me what you mean! Or do I need to find the quote again for it to really impact me? Or does the quote find me and I’m just assuming that I find it when in truth it was written for times like these?


Anyway, if anyone has any idea of how this keeps happening let me know. If I come across it again, I may freak out.