Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei Lemon

I closed my bedroom door and slid down it. It was too quiet in the house for my liking. I have eight older brothers and a father that passed his bipolar disorder down to four out of nine of us. It was too quiet.

I sighed and pushed myself off the ground to stand up. Might as well just go to bed. I thought to myself as I pulled my baggy sweater over my head.

Hiei was in demon world on business and I didn’t know when he’d be back. My dad was out on business. And all my brothers had either moved out, were at college, or were having hot dates. I hadn’t really talked to many of the guys lately. Kurama I saw everyday because we went to the same high school.

I miss hanging out them. I admitted to myself pulling my jeans off. I really did. The recklessness of running around doing jobs for Koenma, the hours of intense training we’d all do to try and do the others and improve ourselves for future opponents.

I sighed and looked up into my mirror. I was going to be turning eighteen in a few days. But I didn’t feel like it. I had gotten a nose stud on the right side, and a lip piercing, but I took that out after a while, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I did. I had however liked the small figure I had gained. Hips, no chest, but hips. My waist was starting to come in a little more then it was. I was becoming a woman.

I ran a hand through my long green hair and gasped when I felt a hand take it from my hair and hold it. A strong arm wrapped around my waist pulling me into a toned chest. Hot breath tickled my neck, and the cool air of the night came through my open window.

“You’re back.” I said breathlessly.

“I hate to admit it, but I can’t stay away too long.” He breathed in my ear.

I smiled and leaned more into him.

“I assume you know what I want as a welcome home greeting.” He hissed seductively.

“Drop ’em.” I told him reluctantly pulling out of his grasp and turning around.

He hadn’t changed. He was a demon after all. And how some one who thought humans were impure creater, and demons(unless they prove otherwise) were so pure, fell for the dirtiest of creaters like myself. A half breed.

He smiled at me bearing his fangs, as he slowly undid his belts. When he was done and the material had fallen to the floor, I knelt down and slowly started to pump his shaft with my hand.

“You were gone a long time.” I commented, licking his tip, “Was everything alright?”

I took him in my mouth and he grabbed my hair as he replied, “It was just the hunting of a few demons that were messing around in the human world too far away for you or Yusuke to do anything about it.” He groaned lightly as I started to circle him with my tong, “We had to execute them. And then there was patrol on top of that.”

“I understand.” I said and kissed my way down to his balls and started to suck on them lightly as he gripped my hair tighter. He didn’t like that at the beginning, but now he loved it when I do that. I heard him growl and he smirked.

I licked my way back up and kissed the tip, “Just call me on the communicator next time.” I pouted looking away from him, “I get worried.”

“Over nothing.” He assured as positioned my face back to where it should be.

“I can’t help it.” I told him and took him back in. I swirled my tong, and sucked long and hard, I deep-throated him, which I almost never do. I missed him so much.

He started to pulse in my mouth, I sucked harder and the familiar salty, metallic, sour fluid filled my mouth. I swallowed every last drop and liked my lips.

He pulled my up, gently, by my hair and smashed his mouth on mine. I tangled my fingers in his soft locks and kissed back. His tong pushed itself through my lips and teeth and wrapped itself around my muscle. I broke back for a second just for air, but Hiei used that to go to my neck.

How the hell that demon could go so long without air was beyond me, but oh I loved it!

I moaned when his lips brushed against the mark he made where my neck connected with my shoulder. I felt him smirk loving the sound he’d most likely been dreaming of the past few months.

He pushed me back on the bed and practically ripped my muscle shit off.

“Hiei!” I said taking his head in my hands and making his beautiful, beautiful red eyes star into my blue ones, “We have all night.” I cooed to him, “I’m not going anywhere. And if you are, you can kiss the mark on my neck good bye.” I threatened.

He kissed me deeply before pulling back and looking at me.

“What about your brothers?” He asked.

I giggled and rolled my eyes, “I thought you saw everything?” I teased, “They’re all out.”

His grin became almost malevolent. His warm, callused hands slipped under my sports bra with ease, as they had so many times before. His lips captured mine again rough and hot, but loving had always been there.

His skillful thumbs hardened my nipples in a matter of seconds, circling them, moving them, and in between his thumb and pointer finger he pinched roughly.

I let out breathy moan as he did all this, his lips then moving down my neck. He kissed his mark on me lightly before leaving little hickies here and there. I couldn’t stop moaning, and I couldn’t be happier that there was no one else in the house at the moment(excluding zooroo, but if I was in ecstasy so was he. . . . . and he’s seen a lot worse).

His hands pulled off my bra and tossed it aside. His mouth immediately started sucking on my right erected peak. I was blushing more then I should have. I should have been more developed by now since he left. He switched his hot mouth to my other peak and took that in sucking hard.

When he was done tormenting my chest, if that’s what you could call it, he came back up and captured my mouth. He pulled away and moved a few strands of hair from my face so he could see my eyes better.

“What’s wrong.” He demanded more then asked.

“It’s nothing.” I told him and smiled. It didn’t work.

“Onna, tell me what’s wrong!” He hissed.

I went red and looked away.

“I’m underdeveloped, and I’m ashamed about it because you deserve better.” I told him.

I heard him chuckle, and then he flat out laughed.

I shot my gaze up an glared at him.

“What?” I asked starting to get panicked and anxious.

He kissed me lightly again and smiled.

“I love you, Ayame.” he told me, “And don’t you ever think that you aren’t good enough for me.”

“You aren’t disappointed that I’ve only gained a little hip since you were gone?” I asked propping myself on my elbows.

He cupped my cheek and kissed me again.

“What did I tell you when I first kissed you?” He asked.

I thought a second, “You met me when I was twenty-one thanks to the time ring thing, and you said something about helping me later on or else we wouldn’t be together fr a few more years.”

He nodded, “I met you then, and I know the woman you will become. Now stop comparing yourself to every other girl because they green melons in their shirts and your don’t. I love you, and if you are the Ayame I know, that’s more then enough for you.”

I smiled, “You know me too well.”

“Exactly.” He said and tore off my panties throwing them somewhere else.

He slid one leg over his shoulder and started eating me out like only he can. I was moaning like crazy. He knew where I was sensitive.  His tong hit a certain spot that sent me into bliss.

“H-Hiei.” I whimpered.

I knew he was smirking as I gripped the sheets tighter.

He kept licking and sucking before the coil built up in my stomach and I came undone.

“Hiei!” I cried.

he licked his lips and then kissed me passionately. It was open mouth and our tongs danced together. I still wasn’t used to the taste of myself on his tong just yet. But I couldn’t necessarily say I didn’t like it.

He broke the kiss and wrapped my legs around his waist before plunging deep within me. I bit my lip from crying out in pain. He’d already claimed my virginity a while ago. But it also had been a while since he’s been inside of me.

He waited patiently for the pain in me to pass. And it did in a matter or moments. I pulled him down into a kiss and he started to move in and out. Soft and quiet moans pushed past my lips in anticipation for what else he would make me feel. They steadily grew louder and louder as his thrusts picked up the pace.

“Hieeeeeeeei.” I whimpered when he hit my g-spot. Of course he aimed for that spot and hit it almost every time he did.

It wasn’t much longer before I felt the coil build up in me again. I closed my eyes and got ready for the orgasm at hand.

“Hiei!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my walls clamped down on him, the coil released, my sweet juices(According to Hiei) stained the sheets. I was just coming down from my high when I was turned over and put on all fours.

Just like Hiei. I thought, needs two rounds to get off once.

He pushed deep into me again, I moaned out still sensitive from a few seconds ago. In and out faster, deeper, harder. He was making full use of my newly developed hips. I was making use of the soft linens and bit down on them, and grasped them hard.

“Ahhh!” he hit that spot again and kept aiming for it and getting it.

Third orgasm of the night was coming close. I could feel, Hiei start to pulse inside me as well. The coil was stronger then it was before, and I knew it’d be more intense. I closed my eyes as ecstasy washed over me and I screamed his name again, hearing him growl mine as well.

I was leaning forward on the bed, hips up in the air, Hiei still hadn’t pulled out. But I didn’t want him out.

“I hope you didn’t think we were done, onna.” He teased, “I’m only getting started.”

“Excuse me as I need to reach into my spirit power supply.” I told him, “what next?”

He didn’t say a word, he just pulled out and flipped us over so I was on top and he was laying down.

Girl on top. I thought to myself, the only position that can get him off in one hit.

I leaned forward and kissed him lightly before moving back on my knees and staring down at him. I was thanking the heavens that he loved fighting so much, it had done his body so much good.

I began to go up and down slowly, knowing he was getting pissed off just by this. He grabbed my hips roughly and slammed be back down, we both moaned at that. I knew then not to toy with him any more, I went up and down hard and fast. Moaning the entire time. Hiei had that look on his face too, he was in too much pleasure right now to do anything. I started to feel another coil build up in me along with Hiei starting to throb. A few more thrusts and he started to pulse as my walls started to tighten. We were going to come together. I went faster and faster with him helping me by holding my hips.

The pleasure was too much to take I came undone at the same time Hiei did.

“H-Hiei!” I screamed.

“Ayame.” He growled.

I leaned forward clutching the sheets on either side of him as I caught my breath. He still held my hips as he struggled to control his breathing.

Drowsiness started to come over me as I slipped myself off of him and nestled into his side. instinctively he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close as I pulled the sheets over us. He sunk his fangs back into my neck to freshen the mark there. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to other pains I’ve had.

He gently stroked my hair as  layed on his chest. He had no heart beat to hear. But that’s how demons were. It was the silence in his chest, and the loving stroke on my neck that eventually brought me to sleep with his finale words of the night.

“I love you, Ayame.”