One Piece Eustass Kidd One-Shot


We had just docked on a new island. I was eager to take a look around, but there was a little business to attend to before we even stepped off the boat.

“Hell makes you think I’ll even keep it?” Our Captain Eustass Kidd growled to his first mate, Killer.

“Ten million Belli from all of the crew betting against you, Taicho.” I told him coming up to the two men that the rest of the crew were to afraid to approach right now.

He looked/glared a me a moment. I was the only girl on board, not only was he completely opposed to me joining their crew, but I was a really good sniper, and I helped the Doc out a lot too(I was the only one who dared to tend to the captain’s wounds when he didn’t want someone too).

“And exactly who’s betting against me?” He growled bending down a little to be at my eye level.

“It was actually most of the crew, except for Killer, Wire, and myself.” I told him

He smirked and pulled back, “I guess I have no choice.” He said, “I accept this stupid bet!”

The crew cheered. For the past few weeks every town we’ve docked on Kidd has had the liberty of destroying with his own two hands. This bet was actually my idea, I just wanted to know that the man I was sailing under was still human.

“Let’s go!” He boomed.

We followed obediently, except for one of the lower in the crew who was on watch duty.

We were walking through the town, and we went past the town square. I stopped dead in my tracks hearing the most beautiful music. I looked through the crowd and on top of a small stage were four young men, a little older than myself. One was singing, and damn! Did he look fine.

“Hello.” I purred to myself. He was good looking, with dark hair and eyes. He had tanned skin. He was beautiful.

“Is someone in love~?” Heat sang in my ear as the rest of the crew stopped and looked back at me.

I tore my eyes away from the band and looked him dead in the eye.

“Not a chance.” I told him smiling, clasping my hands behind my back and started to walk, “He’s way to clean for my liking.”

“And pirates are too dirty?” Wire asked behind me.

I shook my head, “Just dirty enough.”

I heard my captain scoff and continue on again.

Our Cooks and medical personal soon broke off to fetch supplies needed before we left the island. We were in the grand line. We couldn’t take any chances of what might happen.

We came to a local bar, as soon my captain walked in the place that was once full of laughter, shouting, and drinking fell completely silent.

He glared at anyone who dared to make eye contact with him as he sat down at a table in the far corner of the bar. We followed him. Captain put his feet up on the table as we sat down. I quickly turned my chair around so the back was touching the table and I was straddling it. I, however, brought my left leg up to rest on the chair as well. Making sure that my pistol I had strapped to my thigh didn’t fall out.

“Can’t you ever sit like a normal person?” Killer asked me.

I nodded, “But I choose not to.” And I grinned up at him.

I was exceedingly immature, especially when you compare me to the rest of my crew. But when you grow up in a stuffy house, with eight older stuffy sisters, and an even worse stuffy mother, all teaching you to be proper, you eventually co against the flow and join a pirate crew.

“What may I get for you?” A bar maid asked meekly coming over to our table.

“Rum!” Most of the table said.

“Beer.” I told her.

She nodded, “Anything else?”

“If there was anything else, we’d have said it.” My captain growled.

“Hia!” She squeaked and hurried away.

“Where’s the next island we’re heading to?” Captain asked our navigator.

“The next island should be, Heiver island, sir.” He said.

“Heiver?” heat asked.

“Isn’t that French for winter?” I asked.

“You’re the one with the amazing education, you tell us.” Heat told me.

“Do you honestly think I actually payed attention to half the crap they tried to shove into my head?” I asked.

They got quite.

“Y-your drinks.” The bar maid said quietly.

It was about four or five drinks in that we all started to relax a lot.

“Onyx.” Wire called shoving a mug in front of me, “Do it!” He said.

“Is that an order or a request?” I questioned him raising an eyebrow.

“I’m ordering, do it.” Captain told me.

I grabbed the mug and chugged the entire contents of it. I set it back down on the table. My right hand went to my abdomen, right under my bust. My left hand was in the air holding one finger to signal a moment of preparation.

When a good enough bubble was ready, I let it go.

I went through the entire alphabet, the looks on their faces kept getting more and more amused as I continued on.

The bust out laughing, even Captain was chuckling. I let out another burp that wasn’t planned. Everyone stared at me.

I smiled as I said, “That was extra.”

“Beauty, and talent.” Someone behind me said.

I turned and crossed my left leg over my right. It was the singer guy from earlier.

“Our eyes met and I searched all over for you again.” He told me huskily, “May I know your name?”

I smirked, “It’s polite to introduce one’s self before asking for another’s name.” I pointed out.

“Ah, how rude of me.” He said and bowed, “I am Kyan. And you?”

“Have to go.” I told him.

“Pardon?” He asked his face falling.

“I don’t want it to be my responsibility for losing a bet, and my tiacho for taking off the head of a talented man.” I told him, “Beside, I need more amo before we leave.”

I stood and turned around, “With your permission Tiacho.” I said with my hands folded behind my back.

He waved a hand at me, “Don’t get in trouble.”


“And some new cloths while your at it.” He hissed, “I’m tired of seeing you in blue.”

I nodded and left a little dazed.

he wanted me to get new cloths? Since when?

I looked down at my jumper. I loved them. I always wore them because they didn’t restrict any movement, they weren’t tight, and I liked the way they looked.

I always wore dark brown, almost knee high boots with them, along with a black half vest over top, and my pistol was always on my thigh.

He and the rest of the crew never changed their cloths and he never told them to change. Maybe it was different for men.

I sighed and continued down the streets.

Amo was first on my list. I went straight to a weapon’s shop. After settling on a good price for a lot of amo, not just for my pistol, but for my shot gun aswell, I headed down the street for a clothing shop.


I went in.


I was in my room putting my haul away. I had already changed out of my blue jumper and into a brand new red one with little white pokadots on it, and nylons that ended about three or four inches before my jumper started. It was a little shorted than my other one, but this one came up higher on my bust.

A knock came at my door, I hurried over boxes and piles of cloths to get to it.

“Yo.” I said to Killer when I opened it.

“Yo.” He said back, “Did you seriously buy all of that?” He asked looking over my head into my room.

“Fifty percent off even sale items.” I told him, “I got stuff for you guys too.”

He chuckled behind his mask at me.

“We always need a bargain hunter.” He told me.

“There a reason you ventured all the way down to this end of the hall to see me?” I questioned him.

“Kidd wants to see you.” He said.

I sighed, “What did I do this time?” I asked killer.

“I’d tell you if I knew.” He told me.

I nodded and stepped out into the hall closing the door behind me. Killer headed back down to the opposite side of the hall, as I made the fifteen step journey to the captain’s room.

I knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

“Come in, Onyx.” He hissed through the wood.

I opened the door and stepped in quietly. I closed the door and stood there waiting for him to acknowledge me.

He looked at me from where he sat at his desk. He was drunk, I knew it.

“How was the time with your musician boy?” He spat turning back to what he had in front of him.

I looked at him questionably, “Tiacho,”I said softly, “I haven’t seen that guy since I left the bar.”

He slammed his fist down on his desk and glared at me.

“Bull shit!” He growled.

“I wouldn’t lie to you.” I told him.

“And how do I know that?” He snapped standing up.

“You allowed me to come with you guys, knowing full well of me being a woman, being childish, and with my family wanting me back for their plans. I believe I owe you my life a hundred times over at least.”

“Then why did you go off with him?” He demanded.

“I didn’t go off with him.” I assured.

“That’s not what he said.” He growled, “Did you have fun rolling in the hay with him, Onyx?”

My eyes narrowed understanding what went on, “I was a virgin when I first stepped on this ship, I’m a virgin now! I didn’t go off with him, I didn’t even talk to him after I left the bar! And above that, he’s not even my type!”

Everything in the room froze.

I should not have just said what I said. I scolded myself.

“Still a virgin?” Captain asked me.

I nodded, holding my ground. I learned this from experience, he’ll yell at you, but he won’t hit you if you hold your ground.

“And how do I know you’re telling the truth?” Asked taking a step forward.

“You don’t.” I told him wondering what he was doing, “I request you trust me with this.”

“And if I don’t want to?” He asked taking another step.

This time I backed up. I usually wouldn’t, but with what he was emanating I didn’t think I had a choice.

“Why wouldn’t you want to, Tiacho?” I asked him taking another step back as he stepped forward, “I saved your life a few times.”

“All the more reason for me to be curious.” He smirked at me taking a few more steps forward, I matched each step with another back, until my legs hit the edge of his bed.

I swallowed knowing exactly what was going to be coming next. He took another two steps forward and pushed me back onto the bed.

“Tiacho?” I asked before his dark lips attake my own. His tong didn’t even ask for permission before taking over my mouth and exploring it. He entangled his tong with mine, and I couldn’t stop the moan that pushed itself through my mouth.

Saliva was starting to drip down my cheeks, but I didn’t want it to stop.

He pulled back and I gasped for breath. I hadn’t realized I was low on breath until he pulled back. And with the smirk he gave me, I couldn’t help but let heat rush up into my face.

He won’t remember any of this in the morning. I thought, and then he’s going to come out complaining of a hangover.

His smirk widened as he came back down to attake my neck.

I let out light moans as his tong trailed along my neck and dipped into my cleavage. I gasped when he kissed my shoulder, I felt him smirk against my skin as he started to suck that spot lightly.

I ran my hands up his bare, toned back and entangled my fingers in his fire-y hair. His goggles came loose and fell from his head. He took a moment to put them on the night stand as well as the holster containing his dagger and pistol and boots. I pushed my boots off as well as my pistol, but that was it.

He came back and loomed over me, but I put my hands on his chest begging him wait a moment.

“Tiacho,” I begged.

“Kidd.” He corrected.

“Kidd,” I said feeling strange using his actual name, “Please.”

“I’m not stopping.” He told me and forced me in his lap facing away from him.

“I don’t want you too.” I told him as he kissed my neck, but he stopped instantly, “My entire life people have been gentle with me like you’re doing. I beg you, be rough with me for once in my life.”

“Rough?” He whispered in my ear as his right hand made it’s way up and pulled my left breast out from my jumper.

“H-hai.” I squeaked feeling him start to massage it, and squeeze the nipple. My breath began to pick up as he massaged it heavier and heavier. His other hand teasing my legs by rubbing the exposed areas of flesh, slowly pushing down my nylons and repeating the process.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked his hot breath tingling my neck, sending goose bumps corcing through my body.

I took a sharp intake of breath before speaking.

“I want you to play with me.” I told him trying to gain nerve, but being this close to him like this it was hard, “Play with, bite, suck, make me scream, bleed and beg for more. That’s what I want you to do, Kidd.”

I felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled, and his hands squeeze me tight, almost enough to burst, it hurt, and I liked it.

“I was going to do that anyway.” He told me.

His hands instantly clamped on my chest, pushing the material all down to my waist. He roughly squeezed, massaged, bit them and pressed them together. I couldn’t seen to steady my breath, but I didn’t moan yet, I wanted him to work for it.

He leaned over my left shoulder and took my entire breast into his mouth. A loud gasp came out of my mouth as he continued his actions, but it wasn’t until he bit both of my nipples at the same time did I let out a moan. He growled in satisfactions.

In one swift movement I was laying underneath him, my jumper being tossed out of the way. His left hand went down to my panties and worked me from the other side of the fabric. I started moaning a lot, but more so when he attacked my chest again. This time he was biting and sucking just about every last bit of available skin he could get a hold of.

He pulled my panties off and positioned himself in between my legs. With one hand he pushed my right leg up so he could get a better angel, and with the other he inserted one strong finger inside of me. I moaned loudly never experiencing a pleasure like this before, I threw my hands over my mouth, praying non of the crew heard me.

Kidd didn’t like that, so he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head with the hand he used on my leg.

“We don’t hold back, okay?” He told he coming so close to my face our noses were scraping each others.

I nodded completely lost for words. He pressed his lips roughly to mine again as his other hand went to working me around. His tong entwined mine again, as I moaned his name. He inserted two more fingers  spreading me wide. I moaned and started to wither under his touch. He smirked again as he bit my left breast.

“K-k-kidd!” I screamed when I came.

He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean.

“More.” I begged him quietly.

“As you wish.” He growled lifting my legs up and throwing them over his shoulders.

I half moaned, half screamed at the initial contact of his tong, I kept moaning as his warm, wet muscle did some kind of magic trick in me.

“Kid~!” I screamed as I came again.

My breath was ragged as he pulled me closer to him, he undid his belt, his button, and then his zipper. He slowly pulled his pants down enough to reveal something that looked rather painful. Ten inches and growing, cherry red head, and standing at full attention, he was there.

He positioned himself readily, and plunged in. I gasped at the initial contact, and moaned in pain and pleasure as he rocked his hips back and forth at a steady beat.

“F-f-fahh, faster, please.” I begged him. He obliged and pushed me even deeper into the bed as he started pounding into me with almost inhuman speed and strength. I held onto him for my dear life, his nails digging into my hips.

“Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidd!” I screamed again. It took a few more thrusts before he climaxed and then slowed down. His breath was heavy, but it didn’t stop him for more than a minute. He pulled out of me, I hadn’t even time to complain as he forced me on my hands and knees away from him.

He grabbed my hips again and plunged in from behind me. I moaned again as he started a rough pace. The bed creaked and groaned with our movements, slamming into the wall with every last one of his intense thrusts. I gripped the sheets trying to keep myself up, but my arms eventually lost feeling and I collapsed. That didn’t both, Kidd though, he kept ramming into me at full speed. From this angle it was different, but nice. His nail scratched my skin drawing a little blood. “Kid!” I screamed again. “Onyx.” I heard him growl as he finished.

He stayed in me a moment catching his breath, I gasped as well. I was seeing stars, and I didn’t think things could get much better than this. But as usual, my captain has to prove me wrong.

He pulled out of me ans turned me back over on my back. He put my legs over each of his shoulders and crossed his legs. He pulled in in once more, but the angel was so strange. I was leaning back supported by his legs, and his hands were under my arms instead of on my hips. I saw him smirk wide at me before his picked me up and slammed me back down.

“Ahhha!” I cried. Now I knew why he chose this position. I was really good.

He picked me up again and slammed me down on him before repeating his actions. I clung to his biceps, as my vision grew hazy.

“Ha, haa, haa, ha, ah, ha, Kid!” I screamed when I came.

He growled out something that sounded like my name before his movements slowed to a stop. Without even pulling out of me, he turned around and leaned back. He smirked up at me and I knew exactly what was going to happen.

He grabbed my thighs and started lifting me up and down on him, I let out low moans as I scraped my fingers over his well tones chest. He soon grew tired of his own movements and let go of my thighs. He proceeded to bounce me up and down using his own hips. The sound of skin slapping against each other filled the room, along with pants and low moans that projected from us.

It wasn’t too long before we both finished and he pulled me off of him. I expected Kidd to tell me to grab my cloths and get out. But instead he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me close before lifting the blanket over us. He didn’t say a thing, I knew he wouldn’t. And if he did, I honestly wouldn’t know. I passed out not long after he pulled me into his chest.

I woke up early the next morning and found it hard to move. I blinked away the sleep and found myself in the captain’s coorders.

I swallowed thickly remembering last night. I looked over to see my captain on his back, snoring loudly, his arm around my waist.

I groaned inwardly was I assessed the situation. It wasn’t going to be easy, and I didn’t want to face the music if Killer barged in here and caught us.

I stealthily grabbed a pillow and put it in my place. I quickly and quietly manoeuvred myself over my captain and onto the floor. I found my panties and put them on first, grabbing my jumper next. I pulled my vest on quickly, and then shoved my nylons into my boots, grabbing my pistol aswell.

I got out of the door just in time to see killer come out of his door.

I knew he was about to say something, but I put my hands together best I could and tried to get him to read my lips. I was begging for him not to say anything.

“Please.” I begged.

He nodded and made his way over to me silently. I closed the captain’s door and him in front of mine.

We both went in and I closed the door. I threw what was in my hands down.

“Onyx, what happened last night?” He asked me sitting on my bed.

I was about to make up a lie, but I caught myself in the mirror. Large bruises and welts on my neck and chest. I looked down at my wrists and saw evident prints on them. My legs were okay though. I was, however worried about marks on my hips.

I sighed, “What do you think happened, Killer?” I asked him defeated.

“I know what happened, I want you to admit it.” He told me.

My head shot up, and I felt my face getting hot. I could tell he was smirking behind that mask of his.

“Alright, new question.” I told him, “How am I supposed to explain any of these to the crew, let alone Tiacho?”

“Don’t you have make up around or something that you can use to conseal them until they heal?” He asked.

I crossed my arms and looked at him.

He sighed knowing the answer to that question. I liked jumpers and long hair, that doesn’t make me girly.

“Want me to tell them you’re sick?” He asked.

I shook my head, “I’d honestly like to stay in bed today, but then Doc’d be barging in here wondering what’s wrong, all the guys will assume it’s my time of the month. And worse of all, Tiacho’s going to come in here yelling I’m not sick and to get my ass out of bed.”

“Wake up the crew.” I said, “I got cloths to cover up in. Besides it’s starting to get cold.”

He chuckled, “Winter island.” He said.

“I know that.” I told him.

He left to wake everybody up. I stood and stared at myself in the mirror. He was rough alright.

I pulled my jumper off to see what I feared; bruises, prints, and marks not only on my waist, hips, and thighs, but my under arms aswell.

I sighed again and dug out shorts and a hoodie that was a little baggy.

After I was dressed, I put on sock instead of nylons, I headed to the kitchen, the entire crew was snickering.

I glared at all of them, most of them froze, “A single word to, Tiacho about what you heard last night, and I will personally rip your larynx out.” I growled.

They shut up instantly and I took my seat. Just as I was settled, Tiacho and Killer came out. Tiacho rubbing his temple, probably from his hang over, and Killer sighing with relief he finally got him up.

The day’s passed slowly, and I tried to avoid my Tiacho as much as I could without it looking suspiciuse to him.

It was about three months after it happened, all of my marks had faded, and things slowly began to go back to how they normally were.

One day we were fighting off marines, just before we could finish them off, Tiacho was throw into the water. I was the closest to him at the time. I took one last shot at the remaining marines and dove into the fridged water.

He was struggling, though we all knew it was no good. I grabbed him and hauled him back up to the surface, ha gasped for breath. We were between two marine ships.

“Deep breath, Tiacho.” I told him.

He sucked in air and we went under again. I was thankful for the swimming lessons my parents made me take, they were life saving.

We managed under one of the ships, and surfaced again next to ours.

“Oi! There they are!” One of the crew told the others.

“Marines are all dead, get them up!” Wire yelled.

A rope was thrown down. I was going to make him grab it and then make it come down for me, but he grabbed the rope in one hand, and my waist with the other.

We were hauled up to the deck were we caught our breaths.

I felt eyes on me so I covered my chest with one hand. I knew this jumper was thin. But I guess that’s not what they were looking at.

“Quite fucking looking at her, Baka!” Tiacho screamed to the crew, Something heavy, warm and wet covered me completely as he talked, “Loot the ships! Kill any remaining marines! And then get your asses ready to leave!”

“Hai!” They all yelled before going and doing as their told.

I pulled part of what was thrown on me off to see what it was. My face reddened. It was, Tiacho’s jacket he alwasy wore.

I looked down at myself. This jumper must have had a build it bra, I didn’t see any boob. But what I did see were the ver bruises that hadn’t gone away yet. The ones on my hips.

My face reddened even further as a shadow loomed over top of me.

I swallowed, “You weren’t drunk that night?” I whispered.

“No.” He said, I could feel his smirk dig into me.

“Did you do me because I was a virgin, or because you wanted to?” I asked him.

I could feel his smirk widen.


“Both?” I asked looking up him for the first time. He held out a hand to me.

“You’re going to catch a cold if you stay out here.” He told me, but there wasn’t any heat or demand in his words. That wasn’t an order, he was concerned.

I took his hand and he hauled me up easily.

“You should change too, Tiacho.” I told him when we stopped in front of my room. It’d be stupid if the captain got sick.” I smiled.

“Come to my room after you’ve dried.” He told me, “I’ll explain.”

I nodded and he took his coat from me. I entered my room and got out a towel.

Ten minutes later I was dried. I was standing in front of his door wearing the same jumper I wore that day. The only difference was that I was wearing black and white striped socks and no boots.

I knocked on the door, and it swung open, Tiacho was shirtless and he moved for me to come in.

I stood by the door and he sat down on his bed. It was quiet a moment before there was a creak in the bed. He layed back on it.

“Both?” I asked again.

I heard him smirk.

“What good is a pirate king without a queen?” He asked a rhetorical question, “And I wanted to be the one to claim you, and no one else.”

I felt my eyes grow wide.

“Even though I’m childish, hot headed, and bubbly?” I asked him.

“Yes, baka.” He told me, “What more do you want me to-OI!”

I giggled as I jumped on him in a hug, I straddled him. I kissed his lips, and he kissed back gently.

“Arigoto.” I told him, “And arigoto for fulfilling my request that night.”

He smirked even bigger at me.

“I have to keep my queen happy.” His smirk quickly turned into a scowl, “And next time I mark you, you do not under any circumstance hide them. Understood?”

I bit back rolling my eyes and kissed him again, “Awh, I understand, Tiacho.”

“Good.” He growled, “Next time any one of those idiot’s even looks at you I’ll skin them alive.”

I giggled, “I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that.” I told him.