Just for reference

I’m a stupid asshole, and I admit it! I’m sorry!
You better be, skipping over all of April, and almost all of May! What gives?!
I’m glade you asked! Several things have gotten in the way of me publishing things. I’ve been sick for a lot of April, and then after that I had writer’s block for a long time. And I mean a long time. Just as I start to get insperation, school work, and my friends stop me from typing on my computer. I just got around to writing new things and posting some of them.
And what’s up with this story starting out of no where with you?
Family Feud(One Piece Part 14), is the 14th part to a story I’m writing on Quizilla. Unfortunatly, Quizilla isn’t letting me publish anything at this time, and because of me trying to please all of my readers I decided to make a jurnal posting on my account, telling my reader’s there that I’ll be posting here until I can get it back up on Quizilla. Until then here’s how to get t my quizilla account, http://quizilla.teennick.com/user/pir8chickk/ , highlight it, right click, and open. there you will be brought to my profile. And there, you will be able to brows through all of my stories and see what else I’ve done. Until that site works for me, I’m going to be posting here, so. . . . . deal?
Eh, if you’ve already subscribed to my blog no matter what I spew onto here, you’re most likely gonna like it anyways, right?
But the good thing about this that that next part in ‘Family Feud’ is going to be a Lemon, and I’d have posted it here anyways.