Flowers(A Laxus Dreyard Two Shot Part 1)

It was normal day in the guild for all. Natsu and Grey were fighting, Erza was eating her cake, Lucy and Levy were talking, Elfman was lecturing most of the male population of the guild about being a man, and Mirajane was behind the bar cleaning some mugs. For most it was an everyday normal thing, but there was one witch that wasn’t as usual as she was.
Camilia Grean sat at one of the tables on the far side of the guild away from the stage. The deep purple haired girl had woken up that morning with a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what might be wrong, as everything was normal, but she knew it was bad.
And there she sat, staring into her juice as if it held all the answers she could hope for. But she was smarter than that.
“Camilia.” The said girl tore her amber eyes away from the drink in front of her to the white haired maiden that had just called her. “This just came for you.” She said and handed Camilia a letter.
She smiled at the beast witch and accepted the letter, Mirajane smiled back and left her alone. It had been a few months since the yellow eyed flower of the guild had been happy and social, as it was a few months ago that the Fairy Tail parade had happened, and someone was forced out of the guild.
Everyone was in the guild watching the beauty pageant happen. Most of the girls from Fairy Tail had entered in hopes of winning the prize money. But as Lucy came up for her turn, Evergreen had turned her into stone, and the curtain came back to reveal that all the other competitors had been turned aswell. Laxus and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe showed up. Laxus said that today was when they found ou who the strongest in Fairy Tail is. And after a few more words, he and his gang were gone. It was just as everyone was about to run out and find one of the traitors that pale pink flower petals started to fall out of no where. Everyone in the building soon became very sleepy, and fell down. The only one who stayed standing was the one who had cast the spell. Camilia picked up her sword from a near by table where it had been leaning, and put it in her belt as she walked towards the exit. Her yellow eyes bore daggers into everything they landed on, anyone who didn’t know her would say that she had the intent to kill behind them. ~~~~ It was almost an hour later when everyone in the guild started to wake up, they saw on the ruin board that only two remained, and they all rushed off to the cathedral where they last remaining where. When they got there, they saw two forms in the wreckage. The smaller of the two was standing up over top of the larger one, it kicked the larger one in the side sending the form from its stomach to its back, and then pressed their heel into their chest. “What the hell makes you think you have the right to do this?” Camilia snarled, “Why did you do this?” The last part she spoke, her voice started to break. Laxus smirked up at her grimly, “I felt like it.” He told her. Camilia’s hands clamped into tight fists at her sides, but before she could do anything she was pulled back by Natsu, Grey, Erza, and Elfman. She pushed all of them off and started walking in the opposite direction of Laxus, but she paused to say something. “I will never forgive you for this.” She choked, “And I never want to see your face again!” And with that she took off leaving a confused guild and a heart-broken Laxus.
Everyone who had been in the guild for a while knew that Camilia was the only one who could calm Laxus down or get him to bend to her will. But Camilia never pushed any boundaries. To someone outside the guild it would look to them as if they were together. But to everyone in the guild they knew that neither of them would ever admit any kind of feelings that they had.
Camilia broke he wax seal and unfolded the parchment in her hands.
The writing on the page was of a strange origin, one of which would make someone turn their head in confusion. But for Camilia, this was her birth language, and upon seeing the particular script, her eyes scanned over the letter taking in its contents in record time.
As she finished she sprung from her seat and grabbed her katana, ready to pull it on the next person who came through the front doors of the guild.
Everyone looked at her knowing there was something wrong. Erza was about to call her out on it when the front doors burst open.
Without even getting a good look at the person, Camilia unsheathed her weapon and charged at the form in the door way.
Those who were watching knew this attack would take out whoever was there, but all of them headed into shock when the same mage got thrown back against the far wall like it was nothing.
A tall man with dark features, dressed quite sharply stepped into the guild hall.
“My, my, my.” He said and clicked his tongueto the roof of his mouth, “After all these years you still haven’t learned.”
Camilia pulled herself out of the rubble, and spat a small amount of blood to the side.
“Shut up, you b@stard.” She hissed as she went after him again.
With only one hand he not only deflected her attack but sent her off into a pillar and a wall again.
Shock on her nakama had wore off, and they started to get angry.
“Oi! Kisama!” Natsu yelled starting off to the strange man.
“Natsu stay back!” Camilia ordered as she forced herself to stand again, “He’ll kill you if you go against him.”
The man began to chuckle.
“What’s so funny?” She demanded.
“You have become a little smarter.” He told the yellow eyed girl before him, “But you’re still so stupid.” He paused and looked back at the rest of the guild and licked his lips, “I was going to kill them regardless!”
“Over my dead body!” She cried and went back at him, making multiple attempts, but the result was still the same. He stopped everyone of her attacks with one hand.
This was amazing everyone in the guild, as not even Erza Scarlet, Titania, the armoured mage could barely hold her own against her with swords.
“You still have no respect!” He snarled and sent her flying back to the far wall, harshly.”Like I could ever respect you.” Camilia spat as she hauled herself up from under the pile of rubble.He began to chuckle again.
“What are you doing here anyway?” She question gripping the hilt of her sword tighter.
He instantly stopped and stared at her, then smiled grimly, “Is it a crime for a father to visit his daughter? You never came to see me.””You’re not my father.” She snarled.
“After all I did for you! This is the thanks I get for it all?!” He said in fake hurt.”With all you did too, and made me do, you shouldn’t be surprised.” She told him.”I gave you a time limit, Chamelona.” He smirked at her, “This is your warning. You have three more days, and then I come for you, and all you hold dear.”
“I’ll kill you before that happens!” She yelled cutting through his cackling.
He stopped and sized her up a moment before a wicked smirk broke out on his face, “You wouldn’t be able to, even if you have a mirical.”
And like that he was gone. When the door was fully closed, the once strong standing flower collapsed under her own weight.
When she opened her eyes again the first sight that greeted her was a crying Happy on her stomach and a concerned Natsu putting a cold cloth on her forehead.
He smiled at her when he saw her open her eyes.
“Glad to see you’re awake. How do you feel?” He asked.
“Like I got hit with a thousand bricks after I ran three marathons.” She replied with a weak smile.”Why did he call you Chamelona?” Master asked the bed ridden girl gaining everyone’s attention.Camilia looked away, obviously uncomfortable by the question.”That’s my name.” She almost whispered, “At least, that was the one he gave me when I was born.”
“Chamelona?” Erza questioned.
Camilia pulled the covers from her torso and forced herself to sit up, brushing Natsu off as he tried to make lay back down.”I have about two hundred brothers.” She started, “About a hundred and eighty are older than I. My father-Komoto, he did experiments with all of his children. Infusing them with lizards, and lizard demons. I was the only girl who survived, and I was infused with the lizard demon Apagathisum.” There eyes widened. Everyone had heard of her, she was the demon of many fables in children lor.”He always named his children after the type of lizard he put in them. Mine was a chameleon, so I was named Chamelona. Not really creative.””And what did he mean by a time limit?” Grey asked.She looked down and gripped the material of the blanket on her lap tighter.
“Camilia.” Happy whispered.
“I actually thought I managed to escape him back then.” She told them, it was obviuse to them all she was holding back tears, “But it was all his plan. He wanted to see just how powerful I could get on my own in twelve years. I can’t believe I was so stupid to believe I actually out smarted him!”She was giving a weak pathetic laugh at her words, before sniffing and bringing her knees up to her chest and hugging them there, as well as burying her face in her knees, “No one has ever, ever out smarted him, ever!”With the exception of the soft sobbing coming from the purplette, the room was quiet.
It was only broken by Natsu smirking and slapping Camilia on the shoulder, causing her to look up.”We’ll just have to beat him!” He smiled.
She shook her head, “He’s too strong.” She told him, “Not even a hundred Gildarts, backed by fifty masters, in their prime, would be able to take him down.””But you forget, Camilia.” Master said gaining her attention, “The power family, is far stronger than any other force on this earth.”She looked down and nodded. Camilia always had faith in the guild. She always loved it, and it’s members. But just speaking about such a thing as this, made her feel dirty. She had only ever revealed what her father had done to her to two people. And both of the people who were in her life where now gone, and they weren’t coming back. Ever.
–3 days later–
“Let me out of here!” Camilia screamed bashing her fists against the magic ruins that held her in the small square.
“This is to protect you.” Master told her.
“What you about me?” She asked, “How am I supposed to feel staying in here while all of you go out and fight my battles? He’s after me! And if I’m not there to protect you. . .”
She could only trail off on that thought.
“Freed, let me out!” She demanded.
“I can’t do that.” He told her, “This is for your own good.””Listen to me.” She begged, “I am the only one who has even the slightest chance in hell of defeating him. Non of you stand a chance, even if you stand together.””But a good family will not their family go through something like this alone.” Makarov said turning his back, “If we can’t defeat him, we have business calling you our family.””Master, please listen to me.” She begged, “I know a way to defeat him, but I need to be out on the battle field with you guys.””Enough.” He told the young girl, who was now on her knees, “You will not partake, you will remain here until we come back.””What if you don’t come back?” she yelled to the retreating forms of her guild, “Master!”As the doors flew shut, the yellow eyed girl willed herself not to cry. She had to figure out a way out these ruins to save her family.Thankfully, she had known Freed for a long time thanks to a certain blonde a**hole. She unfortunately didn’t have a magic pen to rewrite the ruins, but she had the next best thing. she stood upright and grabbed her sword.With one swift motion she cut the floor, and ruins aswell allowing her freedom.She didn’t have long to congratulate herself. She took off towards the rondevo point.When she had arrived she saw Komoto throwing the last of the guild to the side. It happened to be Evergreen. She was tossed in the same direction as Camilia was standing.She managed to catch the woman, and rest her down on the ground gently.”I’m the one you want.” She said moving forward reaching a hand into one of the pockets of her cargo shorts, “You leave them alone.”He started to chuckle, “and you now have the guts to tell me off? My, my, my, cocky little one now aren’t we.””Camilia.” Makarov called to her.”I hate to saw it master, but if you had listened to me before running out, we’d have avoided all this injury.” she told him, She reached down and grabbed a random stick from the ground and grabbed a match out of her pocket, she struck it and held it to one end of the stick and went over to where Natsu lay.”Eat.” She ordered, giving it to him.He took it gratefully.”A miricale.” Camilia said to herself as she lifted her shirt hal way up her stomach to reveal bandages on the lower half of her abdomen, “Hate to break it to you,” She began to undo the bandages as she spoke, “But I don’t believe in those. Hard work pays off. That’s it.”The last of the wrappings fell to the ground, revealing a smooth stomach, and her lower back had a tattoo on it: Swerling stems that stated that the back of her hips, going towards her spine, around them were a few small stars, on her tail bone was a sun, it’s rays jetting out in all directions, and a crescent moon within the sun.

“Your birth mark.” Natsu thought out loud as he had finished the given fire.”This is a seal.” She told her adopted brother as she helped him up, “It’s what stops Apagathisum from taking control of me. There’s only one way to remove it, and that’s by burning it off.”That same dark chuckling started again, “So, you would rather die by the hands of that lizard demon taking control of you, then you would coming back with me? My, you show gratitude quite well.””If you take Fairy tail from me, I will have nothing.” She told him, then turned her attention back to Natsu, “Burn it off.” She told him, “I’ll create a barrier and then you and anyone else who can stand take everyone to safety and take care of them.””What about you?” He asked.”Yes, what about you, Chameleona?” Komoto asked, “You’ll die when that seal gets released, and you’ll be on your own.””I won’t die.” She told him smiling softly, “They would never forgive me if I died at the hands of someone like you.”She turned back to Natsu who had his lips pressed into a thin line and his eyes were down.”I’m ready Natsu.” She whispered to him, “I have to do this, and it has to be alone.””I know.” He said swiftly, “It just hurts,” He paused as a single tear ran down his cheek, “That we’re going to have to say good-bye.””Don’t think of it as good bye.” she told him and slowly wiped away the water from his eyes, “Think of it as finally closing a bad chapter, and opening a good one.”He didn’t reply as he took Camilia in his arms for a tight embrace.”I’ll miss you.” She told him.There was no hint of sadness or sorrow in her words. Natsu knew that she had accepted her fate, and he had to do the same.”I’m gonna miss you too.” He said and slid her t-shirt up so he had access to the tattoo, “I believe in you.” he whispered as he set her back a flame.”Arigoto.” She whispered back as she pried herself from him and jumped back creating a large wall of indestructible vines between her and Komoto, and the entire Fairy Tail guild.~~~”Come on.” Natsu said to everyone who was concise, “We need to get out of here.”He picked up an unconciuse Juvia, and Dorry.Erza nodded, allowing her eyes to water and nothing more, as she got up and helped injured Lucy and Levy away from the scene.Everyone got away as soon as they could, but they couldn’t help but spare glances back to see if their nakama was alright.


Her breath was ragged as she layed sprawled out on her back. He sun was beginning to go low in the sky. She pulled herself to the roots of a willow tree near her. She wanted to rest against the trunk as she died, but soon gave up on that thought as her arms gave out on her.She was surprised she had made it that long in her released form. It had been hours, and he was finally dead, meaning she could die in peace.Camilia knew it wouldn’t be too long after this. Her arms were covered in small scales, her finger nails had turned to claw like talons, and she became colder than she normally was.”I only have one regret.” She said to the wind, “I never got to tell him myself how I felt, and I never will.”A single tear escaped her as she layed her head down on her arm, prepared for death. She kept getting colder, so cold she felt like she was freezing.Freezing!She glanced behind her, and sure enough, ice was forming at her feet moving it’s way up he legs.”Mena.” She whispered and bit back the tears. She raised her right hand out in front of her. She gave the sign. To always be thinking of them, no matter how far away, or where they are.—“What do you think?” Levy asked after Camilia was party thawed, “It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try.”Camilia nodded, “Do what ever you need to.” she told her, “I realized I’m not quite ready to die yet.””It’s gonna hurt a lot.” She warned.”Compared to what he put me through. It can’t be that bad.”She nodded and Grey removed the rest of the ice, she performed the spell and they left.At first Camilia didn’t feel anything, then she felt as though I was being burned alive, and pulled apart, and stabbed in so many places. And eventually started to cry out in pain.~~~”You think it’s gonna work?” Natsu asked the blue haired girl after she finished explaining, Camilia had begun to scream from the back room.”It’s a long shot, but I figured it was worth a try.” She told him.He nodded and looked back at the door. He was worried about her. He knew from the moment he first saw Camilia all those years ago that she was delicate, and he now knew why.~~~It was almost three days after Levy hod preformed the spell on Camilia. The idea was to reverse the effects of the broken seal, of course she need a new one soon, but it would keep he from turning.Camilia’s cries had started to quiet and stop all together.No one dared to go into the room, scared of what they might find. But Master got up from his seat at the bar and headed for the back room where Camilia was. He came back hardly ten minutes later with a grave look on his face.”Camilia Grean had a long hard battle against her father, and herself. One which we can never understand.” He started to the entire guild, “For us she tried to hang on. She tried to live when her life should have ended.””Gigi.” Natsu said more as a question than a statement. He had already known the answer, but he couldn’t accept the truth. Camilia couldn’t be.”I’m sorry, Natsu, mena.” Master’s voice cracked and he started to cry, “Camilia is dead. But there was one finale message she wanted me to deliver to all of you.”There was not one person in the entire guild that didn’t have watery eyes at least. Gajeel and Elfman denied it, but everyone could see. Juvia was crying an ocean at the master’s words. Wendy and Happy were aiding in it. Even Evergreen, who never really got along with Camilia because they were so different, allowed tears to fall down her cheeks.Camilia was a mage who used plants, vines, flowers, and their root systems as magic. She was known to Fairy Tail as the flower hime. And as he name suggests, even if she and her guildmates have vastly different views, she still manages to bloom in their hearts.”What did she say?” Natsu choked out, the only one who dared to say anything.”Arigoto.” The master said, “Arigoto, mena. For being my nakama, and showing me what a true family is.”Everyone broke out into loud sobs, calling out for their lost friend.”Baka!” Natsu yelled after a minute, “Don’t thank us for it! You returned the favor a thousands times more than we ever did!”


A few days had passed before Camilia’s funeral came. The guild planned to have the funeral in the church yard and bury her there. But Natsu wouldn’t alow it.”Natsu we need to but her to rest.” Mirajane told him.”I know that.” He said calmly, “But in the middle of the city, under cement? I’m not gonna put her there.””Then where?” Erza sniffled. Camilia was like a younger sister to her, and she was taking it very hard. She was wearing a long black skirt, a black tank top, and a black arm band to symbolize mourning.”Her garden.” Natsu whispered, “Under her willow tree. Her entire life spent here in Fairy Tail she devoted to that garden. We should make her finale resting place there, then she’ll be able to become one with what she loved the most.”Everyone looked down knowing his words were right. No one had gone near Camilia’s house since she died. But her house was paid off, and they knew that should take care of all th plants that are in her place for her. It was all they had left of her.So it was set. When the day came the sun was shinning bright in the sky, hardly any clouds around, and it was warm. It was summer weather.Natsu had just finished carving the engagement into the bark of the willow tree. He knew if Camilia was here she would scold him for doing such a thing and then fix the bark. But he also knew that if he had put a cement tomb stone there she’d have complained that it was going to kill some of the grass.Elfman was the one who dug out the grave, it had just enough room for the coffin, and it wouldn’t disturb any of the flowers she had previously planted.Then both men left the open grave and went out to the church. They met up with Grey, freed, Bickslow, and Gajeel.Each man grabbed a section of the pole on either side of the coffin. They hoisted it and then walked through the streets towards Camila’s house where the rest of the guild members were waiting, and crying.”Kinda funny.” Gajeel finally spoke breaking the silence between the men, “The sun’s blaring, but we’re acting as the rain.””Both are important.” Natsu said, “We can’t live without one or the other. Besides, Camilia’s always liked sunny days opposed to rainy ones.””Now we just have to hope Juvia doesn’t drown her garden.” Grey joked lightly, but no one laughed.They finally reached the house and went around to the back where everyone was waiting. They slowly lowered the box into the freshly dug grave.Master stood in front of the hole with sad eyes as he spoke, “Camilia was more than a friend to us. She was family. She was their when we where sad, and she would pick us up and make us feel better. When we were happy she would stand with us and make us even more so. She will be missed by all. I never thought I would actually meet a plant mage that was also part lizard. She was probably the best S rank mage of this generation, yet while she won’t hesitate to end the mission, she also has the biggest heart I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I know all of us will be incomplete from now on, because when she left she took a large part of all of us.” He quickly turned around to the crying guild behind him, “Anyone have something they want to say?”Erza was first to step forward. She knelt down and threw a cyclamen onto the coffin.”Your swordsman ship has always been one that I’ve admired. I wanted to learn it, and you tried to teach me.” Her voice kept breaking, “But I couldn’t learn, because it was your style. It was something only you could do. I wanted so badly to beat you with my style, but now I can’t. Camilia, you had to be the best friend, and training partner anyone could ask for. Just know that I love you. And I understand why you didn’t tell me about your father before hand.”And with that she went back to the others sobbing into her hands.Surprisingly Evergreen stepped up next and threw in an iris.”We’ve had our differences Camilia.” She started, “We’re, we’re too different not to. I always tried to start something with you because I wanted you to acknowledge me as an equals in intelligence and power. I find this stupid because if I told you this while you were still alive, you would probably smile at me and say you do, we just have different magic and a different way to use it. Everyone does. I’m going to miss our spats, I’m going to miss you. You are a wonderful beautiful person, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”One by one all of Fairy Tail dropped a flower into the grave and said what they wanted to say. Last but not least, Natsu stepped up.In Natsu’s hand he had a fake flower, not a real one, which came as a surprise to many. It was a think green stem, and the large deep green leaves. The petals where a shade of scarlet that rivaled Erza’s hair. The design in them were almost that of lightning bolts, in such a blood-red colour it looked almost real. The pollen stems in the center were a bright orange, where on its own would be hideous, but combined in a small amount with the reds, looked beautiful.”I know you hate fake flowers.” Natsu said to the wind, “But you know just how hard it is to find a real blood cosmos flower, so maybe you’ll forgive it.” He gently tossed it in on top of all of the other flowers. There were iris, daisies, chrysanthemums, azaleas, bagonis, all the common flowers. And they all seemed to pale slightly to the blood cosmos that was just put in. “I’ve known you for the longest time. But I think I’m the first who admitted you were gone. You never told me what it was that was holding you back, and you never explained your seal, or birthmark as you told me, you hid it. And I can’t blame you to be honest. The look in his eye as he saw you struggle, when he saw us at his mersey.  Camilia I don’t know what he did to you, to be honest I don’t want to know, because it’ll pain you and make me want to kill him another hundred times. But you’re free from it now. You don’t have that demon holding you down anymore. Make like the pollen and blow in the wind, but you’ll come back. This is your home, it always will be. We’ll always smile for you.” And he raised his right hand to the sky, and made the fairy tail sign, “You’re one of us, even after death.”Everyone agreed and did the same as Natsu. They all knew how much Camilia loved the guild, and so she would remain as so untill the end of time.