Jealousy(Laxus Dreyar One-Shot)

JEALOUSY: to be fearful of losing a partner or possession to a rival.

It was a few months since the return of the main portion of Fairy Tail; a few months since the lightning dragon slayer and Fairy Tail’s Flower Hime had gotten together; a few weeks since Laxus had returned to the guild, as per gildart’s orders; and in the same time Laxus hd returned, the entire population of the guild had learned bout the two being a couple. Laxus was intent on showing it.

“Hey, Camilia! Let’s see if your sword is stronger than Grey’s ice one!” Natsu suggested loudly as practically threw himself between his adopted sister and Laxus.

Camilia smiled, “Alright, tell Grey I’ll challenge him in just a moment.”

“You going down Grey! She accepts!” He yelled running back over to he guys making details about a bet they were most likely making.

Camilia watched her brother go off, before turning her full attention back to her boyfriend that had his power emanating out of him in anger.

“Laxus.” She called to him softly. His power instantly stopped and the angry look he had on face softened to a ghost of a smile as he looked at the yellowed eye girl.

“We talked about this, remember?” She told the dragon slayer, “I can still hang out with all of my friends, and you get missions with the thunder god tribe.”

“I know.” He sighed, “It just takes some time to get used to.”

She smiled lightly and placed a small hand on his brawny shoulder, “I’m not gonna leave you for another man.” She told him.

“I know.” He said, he then reached and cupped her cheek with massive hand and kissed her forehead affectionately, “Now go kick, Grey’s ass.” He told her returning his attention back to his drink in front of him, “I’m routing for you.”

Camilia smiled and kissed his cheek before leaving the large man along and going outside where the majority of the male population was awaiting her arrival, just to see if steel trumps ice or not.

For a few moments the guild was quiet. But it was soon broken, not by the mages outside, but rather by all the girls huddled around the bar giggling and cheering for an unknown reason.

“I wonder how she’s going to react?” Lisanna’s squeal made it’s way to the Dragon slayer’s ears.

“She’ll be flattered, that’s for sure.” Erza added.

“I never thought this would happen to her.” Cana said, “Watch her stutter and turn redder than a rose when she finds out.”

“A poppy’s redder than a rose.” Lisanna corrected the card mage’s metaphor.

“Did she teach you that?” The brunette asked the white haired girl.

The girls giggled again.

“I say we tell her when she comes in again.” Mirajane suggested.

“Tell who what?” Laxus asked sitting down at the bar placing his glass down and motioning for Mira to refill it.

The girls giggled and whispered asking one anther if they should tell him or not.

“Camilia.” Levy finally said, “She has-

“The elemental sword trumping champion!” Natsu yelled bursting through the doors. Right behind him was Elfman, on Elfman’s right shoulder, Camilia sat perched and waved slightly.

“She trumped not only Gajeel’s Iron sword, and Max’s sand sword, But the steel-like ice sword from Grey! All with a cactuse sword!”

“S-several cacti, actually.” She corrected, but not too many heard her over the the cheering of the guys.

“Cami-chan, congratulations!” Lisanna yelled to her friend.

Elfman finally let her down, right in front of the bar.

“You aren’t going to believe this!” Evergreen said and grabbed her arm dragging her to the center of the girls, before she could say anything.

There were a few moments of silence, then;


“Camilia?” Erza questioned her friend placing a hand on her forehead as her face grew crimson, fr redder than the Titania’s hair.

“I-ii-i-issssss this true?” She finally asked the girls around her. Her large eyes dilated to be quite small.

They all giggled lightly and nodded.

“It’s as it says, Camilia.” Mirajane told her, “Jason has asked if you wanted to star not only in an interview but a photo shoot for sorcerer’s weekly. What do you say?”

“I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i.” Camilia gripped the paper in her hands slightly tighter and took a deep breath to try and compose herself before speaking.

“I don’t know what to say.” She finally said quietly.

“Why not go for it, Cami-chan.” Lisanna encouraged.

“It’s a lot of fun.” Mirajane to the purple haired girl, “and if you aren’t comfertable in certain outfit, they can always find ways to make it work.”

“This could be really good for you.” Erza told her, “You have a beautiful body, Camilia, why not show it off for once.”

“I still don’t know.” She said, “What do you think, Laxus?”

The blonde paused from the sip he was about to take from his drink. He could have told her he didn’t want to do it, and that he wanted her to be for his eyes and his alone. But he had a good idea about how she would react.

“If you wanna do it, I’ll be behind you all the way.” He told her, “It’s your choice, not mine.”

She nodded and looked back at the paper in her hands.

“I’ll think about it.” She said.

–The Next Day–

“Camilia!” Happy called gaining the plant mage’s attention.

“What is it happy?” She asked politely.

“Natsu and the others are outside having a battle, no magic! We wanted to know if you wanted to join in? A-and maybe Laxus too~.” He told her and slowly started to cower away.

Cmilia smiled and picked him up from his mid flight, and held him close to her chest.

“I’d like too.” she smiled.

Happy blushed then almost fainted from the glare he had received from the blond mage next to the yellow eyed girl.

“Laxus?” She asked.

“I’m good.” He told her and went back to his drink.

She nodded, “Let’s go, Happy.”

“A-Aye.”He said.

Laxus finished off the last of his drink as his girlfriend left with a MALE exceed in her arms. As he sat down he asked Mira for a much stronger drink than the one he had previously downed.

–Two weeks Later–

Laxus and his team were just climbing the last step up to the Fairy Tail guild. They were all tired and hoping to come back to good friends, some food, and a small amount of rest before going out again.

Laxus was more looking forward to seeing Camilia’s smiling face greeting him, then embracing him, and asking him how his mission went, before asking about the details. It was a simple routine, but it was one he had greatly enjoyed, one he had looked forward to. HAD, being the key word.

The second the doors had been opened he was greeted with the sight of his girlfriend over Grey’s right shoulder, her left wrist held by his left hand. The entire guild cheering, and Camilia giggling.

Hardly two seconds after the doors opened, Camilia looked up from Grey’s back. Her face red from the blood rushing to head and laughing.

She managed inbetween giggles, “Hey, how was the mission, succesful, neh?”

The room froze knowing who had come back.

“Aw.” He said and entered with the rest of his teaming walking towards his usual table on the other end of the guild.

“Gimme a sec, and I’ll be right over.” She told him.

Camilia swiftly grabbed onto the material of Grey’s pants on the back of his thigh.

“Sorry, Grey.” She told him, “But I can’t play anymore.”

She threw her legs up over her(And Grey’s) head, before bending them at the knees and forcing them over the rest of her body. Thus propelling her to her feet, and throwing Grey off. Then throwing him down to the floor, twisting her left wrist and pinning his wrists behind his back.

Grey chuckled, “I guess you win this time, Camilia.”

“You keep getting better.” She told him as she got up and offered him a hand.

Grey accepted thankfully, promising that he’d beat her one day.

Camilia left the rowdy group, much to everyone’s dissatisfaction.

She hurried over to Laxus where he sat waiting patiently.

“So how was it?” she asked, before narrowing her eyes at the liquid that was in his glass, “Isn’t it a little early for you to have something that strong?”

“It was a long mission, Camilia.” He told her.

In the back of his mind he made a mental note that Grey was going to be the first one he killed.

–Three days later–

“You denied the request?” Natsu asked confused.

Camilia nodded, “I accepted the interview, but the photo shoot.” She shook her head, “I think I’ll leave that to Mira and Lucy and Evergreen. It’s just not my thing.

The amount of relief that washed over Laxus when he heard that his flower wasn’t going to be going out for the world to see was beyond words.

“Guess that means you have a lot of time to train, neh?” Gajeel asked the flower mage, who promptly nodded and replied, “And I’ll be happy to train with you any time, Gajeel.”

Without even thinking about it, Laxus ordered another drink at twice the strength.

–the next day–

Laxus and his team were out on another mission. Camilia was at the bar with all the other girls.

“Don’t you think, Laxus is a little…” Levy trailed off looking for the right word.

“possessive?” Lucy asked.

Camilia shook her head, “Laxus isn’t possessive, just, really, really, really, jealous. And doesn’t really know how to show it through anything other than anger.”

“And you put up with it.” Canna said taking another swig of her sake.

“I honestly wonder what I’m gonna do.” Camilia told the rest of the female population, “I love him, but it’s gotten kinda hard to handle. And when I try to talk to him about it, he evades it saying he’s not the jealous type. What do you guys think I should do?”

“Maybe making him see it your way would be good.” Lisanna suggested, “You know be jealouse about him, and make him see what it’s like.”

“How would that work?” SHe asked, “He doesn’t really hang around any girls except for me and Ever- huh! Li-chan! You’re a genius!” She yelled and embraced her best friend tightly.

“No problem, Cami-chan.” She laughed.

–Eight days later–

Laxus and the thundergod tribe came through the doors like usual, being greeted by their companions.

Laxus scanned the room before his eyes landed a certain purple haired plant mage in the far corner of the hall.

He made his way over to her. He was glad to see her by herself for once instead of in the arms of another guy, like last time.

“Yo, Camilia.” He said and smiled as he sat down adjacent from her.

“Yo.” She said boardly, not looking up from the book she had in front of her.

He waited patiently for her to finish her page, but after she flipped the page, twice, without acknowledgment him.

“Camilia.” He called trying to get her attention.

“Nani?” She asked almost bitterly.

This made the lightning dragon slayer raise an eyebrow.

“Did I do something to piss you off?” He questioned her, placing his left elbow on the table and rested his head on his hand.

“Wow!” Camilia said sarcastically snapping her book shut, “Give the boy a prize, he guessed right!”

As she prepared to rise and leave Laxus stopped her by grabbing her arm.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her quietly, his eyes begging her for an answer. Laxus could take defeat, he could take being beaten by a girl, he could take a lot of things. But Camilia mad at him, again, after he’d just gotten her back, that was not one thing he could handle.

“Where’s your precise Ever-chan?” She demanded from him.

“What about, Ever?” He asked cocking his head to the side. Now he was just plain confused.

“You have been gone a week, on a mission, with her.” She stated plainly, “How am I supposed to react to that, huh?”

Laxus blink and smirked, “You’re jealous.” He called her out on it.

“I am not!” she insisted, “I just don’t like you hanging out with any girl alone, other than me!”

“Camilia, you know Evergreen and I are just friends. She’s kinda like a little sister to me.” He told her, “Besides, I love you and I’m not gonna leave you for her. I thought you knew that.”

Camillia pulled her arm from Laxus grasp and crossed her arms over her chest, before telling him, “Natsu’s my brother.” She told him, “Grey, Elfman, Nab, Max, Romeo, Freed, Bixslow, Gajeel, Jet. Their all my friends, Laxus. And I love you too, and would never leave you for any of them.”

Realization finally dawned on the Blonde man, as he scratched the back of his head and evaded his gaze.

“I guess I have been kind of, you know, jealous.” He admitted.

Camilia knelt down on the bench and put her crossed arms on the table leaning on them.

“Laxus, you almost gave poor Happy a heart attack from one of your glares.” She told him, ” ‘Kind of’ and ‘jealous’ have become understatements.”

“I can’t hep it.” He started.

“I know.” She told him, “Being part dragon it’s in your nature to want to protect your mate. But protect me from a cat! Really?”

“He was cuddling your chest!” He defended.

“In which case I’m jealous of your overly large and furry coat!” She told him narrowing her eyes at it.

“And why’s that?” He almost demanded.

“It’s blocking my view of a perfectly, sculpted body.” She said stressing ‘perfectly’.

Laxus sighed, “Alright.” He said in defeat, “You’re mine, so I guess other guys stealing you isn’t going to be a problem.”

“Laxus,” Camilia cut in, “If there is guy stupid enough to try and take me way from you, I’d be the first one to hit him.”

He chuckled, “Okay.” He said, “But I get to glare when your wrestling or fighting with one of the other guys.”

“No death glares.” She warned.

“No death glares.” He repeated.

“And for the record,” She added, “Happy is the only one I carry like that, and he likes Charla.”

“That’s good to know.” He chuckled.

“And no ordering strong alcohol in order to try an cope with it.” She added.

“Deal.” He told her.

“Deal.” Camilia smiled.

And with that, Laxus shed his coat like an extra skin, just for Camilia.

Her yellow eyes sparkled at him, before she lunged and wrapped her arms around his waist best she could, being only a third his size.

They enjoyed the silence between them. Camilia curled up at Laxus’ side, Laxus leaning back against the wall, hand resting on Camilia’s shoulder, him smiling down at her, Camilia’s face buried in his side.

Many moments passed, as the life within the guild returned to its normal routine.

Then Camilia’s eyes shot open, she had suddenly remembered something.

“Oh yeah.” She said to no one in particular, “How was the mission?”

Laxus smirked down at her as he tousled her short, dark purple locks lightly.

Maybe jealousy wasn’t that bad.