Family Feud(One Piece Part 15[Warning Lemon])

One, or was it two in the morning? I can’t tell you. It was really early when the party died down.

As everyone bid their good nights(Doflamingo took a long time with me), I spared a quick glance at Law and Hawkins, they both shook their heads. I unnoticeably gritted my teeth.

It’s not like Killer to take this long on a job. I thought to myself, he should have been back hours ago.

I held in my sigh as I was escorted to my room by Daddan.

“I got it myself.” I told her when we had come to my doors.

She had opened her mouth to object, but I cut her off.

“I can take the dress off without any help.” I told her.

She sighed but nodded, and headed back down to the ball room to help with the clean up.

I pushed the door open and closed, along with locked it behind me. I pulled the elastic out of my hair, letting it fall down. After that I put on some heavy metal music, blaring it. I knew the noise wouldn’t reach anyone outside of my room, so I didn’t bother to lessen the volume.

I pulled my boots and glove off, along with stalkings. I put my jewelry on my vanity, and started the tap in the bathroom.

After scrubbing the make up off my face, I looked like me again. But then I scowled in a realization.

Light freckles had always dusted my cheeks, but they were becoming greater in number. I was thankful non had reached my nose yet, but it had seemed to me that I had gained on for every ounce of stress I had reserved.

I sighed and started to undo the knot that held the corset tight, as I walked over to my wardrobe.

As the black and purple material polled around my feet as I let it drop, I looked out the window. Dark foreboding clouds had come in much earlier, no rain had fallen yet, but I could tell that lightning was waiting.


My eyes shot open, I didn’t know if it was from my highly developed senses or the thunder that cracked outside.

I sat up in my bed as I glanced at the clock. It read two thirty in the morning.

I looked around the room for something that might have caused me to wake up. I found it as my eyes landed on my balcony doors.

I scrambled out of bed, tripping on the sheets, three times, and quickly opened them.

“Killer.” I said as I opened them and stepped aside, allowing the taller man to enter, “Are you alrigh-

I was cut short, seeing as he had several tears in his shirt, a few cuts on his exposed arms, and his hair was matted.

I took his hand, ignoring the still open door, and led him to the bathroom.

I flicked on the lights and told him sit as I grabbed a first aid kit I always had stashed in my medicine cabinet.

“Shirt off.” I ordered as I filled the sink with warm water.

He obeyed and peeled the black fabric off of his torso.

I wet a wash cloth and kneeled in front of him. I gently cleaned the blood off of his skin and then reached for peroxide to clean the cuts.

About half way through one of them, I realized a couple of his cuts were deeper than I had first thought. I reached for a needle and put disinfectant on it before threading it.

“This is gonna hurt a little.” I warned him.

“I’ll be fine.” He assured me and put his hands behind he head to give me full access to his torso.

I did a pretty good job with the stitches if I do say so myself.

I had already known how to do clean stitches from watching the doctors do it so many times to me.

In my right thigh, there is about three hundred or so stitches. They follow the pattern of the teeth marks. When I was little I was playing in the water unsupervised, a . . . . . something came and grabbed me by the leg and pulled me under. I never got a good look at it. But the doctors managed to save my leg, but they couldn’t give anything for the pain because they needed to know I was still able to feel in that part.

I cut the last of the twine and started to disinfect the stitches again. After that I bandaged them all up.

I stared up at him a moment, tilting my head slightly to the side.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked.

“Take your helmet off.” I said.

“N-nani?” He froze. I had never made as direct a statement as that before.

“Take your helmet off.” I repeated, “If there’s an injury there I’ll need to clean it.”

He paused a moment, but then I heard him sigh. In few swift movements, his helmet was off, and laying on the counter next to him.

I studied his face, the parts that weren’t covered by his long bangs where breath-taking, sharp, defined. But I didn’t fail to notice an old scar going up his cheek and under his bangs. Or the light trickle of blood coming from the opposite side.

I carefully moved some of his bangs out of the way to get a good look at the cut. It wasn’t deep enough to need stitches, but it wasn’t something to sneeze at either.

I reached for the wash cloth and disinfectant once more.

“So how many guards where there?” I asked gently dabbing the blood away.

I had to continuously refocus myself. I was getting lost in his right eye. It was deep green, almost like a forest.

“It was nothing I couldn’t handle.” He told me studying my movements carefully.

“And, Oflux?” I asked applying medicine.

“Dead.” He told me.

I nodded and put the ointment down and picked up a bandage.

After I applied it, I took a step back. And then looked down. Out of habit my left hand reached up to grab my right upper arm.


“For what?” He asked quietly.

“Making you do my dirty work.” I said and moved my head to look towards the door.

Killer reached out and grabbed both my hands in his, and held them. I looked at him. His bangs were back in his face.

“I don’t consider it dirty work, Ceerie.” He told me, running his thumb over my knuckles, “If someone hurts you, I will be the first to make them regret the day they were born.”

“Killer.” I whispered, I barely heard my own voice.  The way my stomach was feeling, I almost felt like I was going to be sick, but I kinda liked it.

He gently pulled me down, so I was bent slightly at the waist. He let go of my left hand and brought his right hand up to my cheek and caressed it softly.

“In a way you were right.” He told me.

I looked at him confused, I didn’t have any clue of what he was talking about. And the fact that his hand had moved from my cheek to my hair, and started to play with lightly, wasn’t helping.

His mouth twisted up into a smirk, “I did have a crush on you, Ceerie.” He said pushing my face a little closer to his, I could feel hot breath hitting my face. And I didn’t know if it was him or me, but I was beginning to warm up in my cheeks.

“And I still care for you.” He said and closed the gap between us. My eyes were wide at first. He had just confirmed a theory of mine, and now here he was kissing me.

He was just pulling back when my gears started to turn, I let go of the hand he was still holding and reached around to the back of his head, grabbed a couple fistfuls of his wild blonde hair, pushed him forward.

He obviously liked it, I could feel his smirk on my lips. His other hand took hold of my waist and pulled me as close as he could to him.

It wasn’t one of those kisses where lips were locked together forever and there were tongue battles, but rather there were about a million little kisses, each spelling out all the feelings we had for each other through the years. Or at least that’s how it was until he stood up and gently laid me down on the bathroom floor.

Killer straddled me and then our tongues fought together. His hand traveled down from my hair to the hem of my long-sleeved shirt. He got it about half way up when I realized something and placed my hands on his chest pushing him back, telling him to stop.

“S-sorry.” He mumbled looking away from me, “I shouldn’t have-

“It has nothing to do with that.” I told him and reached up cupping his cheek and making him look at me. His right eye was green, his left was a milky white colour from several scars that criss-crossed over that side of his face, “I just don’t want your wounds to open up.”

He grabbed my wrist lightly and pinned it down on the floor next to my head as he smirked mischievously, “You don’t have to worry about that.” He whispered seductively in my ear sending shivers down my spine, “I’ve been hurt worse.” He paused for a short moment and bit my ear lobe, “And I know it turns you on.”

I knew there was a small amount of heat in my cheeks after he said that, but it didn’t stop me from being myself.

“Shut up and kiss me.” I told him.

His smirk only widened as I said that.

“Is that a request or an order?” He teased.

I decided to play too, “Which ever makes you want to do it more.” I smirked back.

“I’m gonna have you begging tonight.” He said and crashed his lips onto mine.

Rough kissing continued, mostly with tongue. But I didn’t fail to notice how he picked me up suddenly. I wrapped my legs around his muscular middle as he carried me out and into my room. Nor did I miss the almost evil look he shot me as he roughly threw me on the bed.

I landed with a muffled thud and glared lightly at him. He pulled his boots off his feet before getting on the bed and crawling over to me. I put a hand on his shoulder and cupped his cheek, I was about to go in for another kiss when moved swiftly to pull my shirt up over my head. I hadn’t seen it coming so I was in a small daze for a moment, before I quickly covered my mounds.

It wasn’t that I was ashamed of my size, though I was nothing compared to Nami, Nojiko, or Robin, it was just that I wasn’t used to being this exposed.

He gripped my wrists and pulled my arms away from my chest. Instead of going for my boobs, he kissed me lightly and whispered in my ear:

“We can stop any time, you just have to say so.”

He waited for me to tell him to continue, a moment passed. His grip on my wrists began to loosen and he was about to pull back when I had finally found my voice.

“Don’t stop.” I whispered, “Please, don’t stop.”

His mouth twisted into an evil smirk as he gently laid me down on the cotton sheets that were already spewn about.

His lips started at my mouth and trailed down to my neck, his hands started at my wrists and traveled down my body towards my legs, then threw them around his middle again.

His hot mouth had just reached my left breast and he started to torment it while his other hand massaged my right breast and pinched my nipple. It wasn’t long before he switched and my breath became ragged. His mouth continued south nipping and sucking on various parts of my stomach as he went.

He just reached the waist of my tight black short shorts did he look back up as me with a dangerous look on his face.

“You aren’t going to moan for me are you?” He questioned cockily.

I smirked down at him, “You have to find my sweet spot if you want me to make noise.”

“Really?” He questioned moving back up my body to my face, “And can I get a hint as to what your sweet spot may be?”

“It’s not something you would really expect.” I told him.

He didn’t bat an eyelash nor did he hesitate in picking me up and sitting me in his lap, facing away from him. His rough hands ran up and down my arms sending goose bumps through out my body. Killer kissed the back of my neck, and I held back a moan. His lips trailed down inch by inch kissing along my spine every time. I tried hard to hold back a moan, but it was damn hard. And I knew he knew he had found my sweet spot as I clenched his denim covered thighs in attempt to quiet myself.

And for a while it worked, until he ran his tongue from the base of my spine to my neck. I couldn’t hold back any longer I moaned, loudly, I might add. He bit several places along my spine, only causing me to gasp and moan louder.

“Quite unusual.” He whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t say anything, just grip his legs tighter as his hands wandered over my hips.

I could feel his smirk on my neck before he threw me forward and turned me over onto my back. He wasted no time in peeling off my short shorts and tossing them across the room.

I looked away knowing what he was thinking.

“What?” I asked when his gaze didn’t light up and still hadn’t moved.

“Do you always wear a thong to bed?” He asked.

“No.” I hissed, “I just really don’t like having a pantie line, no matter what I wear.”

He kissed me again as his hand slipped down and moved my panties out of the way. I moaned as he started tease the outside. He bit one of my breasts as he inserted one finger into me, I first gasped, then moaned as he started to move around inside me.

I half whined and half squealed as he inserted a second finger into me. I was embarrassed of the sounds I was making so I put my hand over my mouth trying to stop.

Killer didn’t like it and pinned both my wrists above my head with just his left hand.

“I want to hear you scream.” He told me.

“Kya!” Was my only reply to him as he started to scissor me.

He soon put a third in and I was moaning and squirming under him.

“K-killer.” I whimpered.

“Say my name again.” He told me, as he removed one finger.

“K-kil-ller.” I moaned.

“I know you can do better than that.” He told me as he removed a second finger.

“Killer!” I whined.

“That’s my name.” He said before he literally tore my panties off and chucked them across the room. He hoisted my legs up over his shoulders, holding on to my thighs. He started to eat me out.

I gasped and moaned at the foreign feeling he was giving me.

“Killer!” I cried when his tongue hit a certain spot. He kept licking and sucking on that spot as I moaned and cried out in ecstasy.

“K-Killer.” Whimpered when I had finally came.

I was breathing heavily as he dropped my legs and started to unbutton his jeans. I pushed myself up into a sitting position as he discarded both his jeans and his boxers. And I swallowed thickly.

There was absolutely no way he was going to be able to fit inside me.

“Scared?” He teased.

“Terrified.” I replied.

“I’ll hold you through it.” He told me about to go back on top of me.

I pushed him back and forced him onto his back.

“Alright.” I said teasingly, “But first I get to hold you.”

I kissed him softly and worked my way down his body slowly, Scraping my nails along his chiseled abs as I went. I finally arrived at my destination. He was fully erected now, and was pushing about a foot in length.

I swallowed again before I lowered my head and kissed the tip, which caused Killer to shutter. I licked from the tip to the base all around him, and lightly sucked on his balls before kissing my way back up to the tip. I used my hands to give friction to where my mouth couldn’t.

I attempted to take as much of him in as I could, but soon realized I didn’t like that and sucked on the very tip. I scrapped my teeth against him lightly and he finally moaned. I sucked a little harder and swirled my tongue around him. Soon enough I felt him start to pulse. And hardly a moment later he came. I sucked it all up. He was very bitter, but I kinda liked it.

I pulled back and liked my lips. I looked up at him and turned red. I don’t know why, but just the way he looked at me, I felt different that I usually do.

Killer pushed me gently onto my back and kissed me. This time the kiss was open mouth and full of tongue. I could taste myself on him, and he could taste him on me. If I wasn’t wet from him at that point, I was now.

Killer pulled away leaving only a small string of saliva connecting us. He grabbed my hips roughly and positioned himself properly between my thighs. He teased my entrance with his tip causing me to shutter and moan.

“Do you want this?” He asked seductively licking his lips.

I nodded, knowing full well what he wanted me to do, but he had to beg me to beg him first.

“What do you want me to do?” He teased.

“What do you want me to say?” I purred.

“You aren’t gonna make this easy on me, are you?”

I smirked up at him bearing my canines, “Do I ever make anything easy?”

“Loving you, but I assumed that was just me.” He grinned.

I raised an eye brow at him and he chuckled lightly.

He leaned down and kissed me lightly.

“I want, no, I need you to tell me what you want. How to please you, because, Ceerie, if I don’t take you now I’ll go crazy!”

“I thought you were already.” I whispered.

He glared lightly at me as I chuckled quietly.

“Take me.” I told him, “I want you inside of me as much as you want it. I want you to grab hold and pound into me without mercy! I want you to fuck me with all your might, and satisfy me in ways only you can. Oh, Killer, I want you to make into a woman. I want you to love me. Take me! Please!”

“How do you want me to take you?” He whispered seductively in my ear as his hand started to tease my entrance again, “In the ass?” moan, “Your pussy?” moan, “Maybe missionary?” Moan, “Or maybe girl on top?”

“Yes.” I whimpered.

“Which one?” He asked.

“A-all of them.” I whined, “Please, Killer no more teasing like this, fill me up. Please.”

“I don’t know.” He said smirking evilly.

“What!?” I yelled.

“You haven’t said a simple three word fraze yet.” He told me.

“W-what fraze?” I asked. I was almost in a complete panic mode.

He mouthed it to me and I instantly broke into a smile.

“I love you, killer.” I whispered.

“I love you too, Ceerie.” He said and kissed me hard.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands gripped my hips tightly and he positioned himself ready to enter me. And all at once he plunged into me full force.

I let out a muffled cry from the pain. In a moment he broke the kiss and licked away all the tears that were forming at the corners of my eyes.

“Are you in?” My voice almost didn’t come out.

“Not fully.” He told me.

I buried my head in the crook of his neck, his arms moved from my hips to embracing me. He began to continue his way in slowly and I stopped him.

“All at once, it’s too much to bear other wise.”

He nodded, holding me close to his chest. I sunk my teeth into his shoulder as he completely thrust into me. I waited for the pain to pass, as did he. I only let go of his shoulder when the pain had subsided, and when I did blood dripped down from the small wound I had inflicted on him. I licked it all away, an nodded for him to move.

I had heard him smirk at my small actions, but ignored it as I held him tight.

He pulled out almost all the way and rammed back into me causing me to gasp loudly and dig my nails into his back. He repeated this process, and each time I moaned loudly and dragged my nails down his back in an attempt to hold on. His thrusts were hard and fast, to the point where I could do nothing but hold onto him and take the treatment with wide-spread legs.

My vision started to blur and I could feel my climax coming. But then he stopped completely.

“W-wh-what!?” I asked scared, I tried desperately to move my hips for a little friction. But it was no good. Killer had pinned my hips so I couldn’t move.

I began to hate that smirk on his face as he said what he did.

“If you want me to continue, you need to say my name.”

I had a weird feeling was going to be doing something like that soon, but now he was just being evil.

“Killer.” I said.

“Louder.” He teased.

“Killer!” I shouted.

“Louder.” He told me.

“Killer!” I screamed.

“You can do better than that.” He smirked even bigger.

I gritted my teeth, but was left with no other choice. I filled my lungs with as much air as I could.

“Killer!” I cried as the top of my lungs.

“Now keep that up or I’ll stop.” He warned.

He started thrusting again, and I moaned. He began to slow. I dug me nails into his back and began to cry out his name. At this he only picked up the pace more and more. My climax was coming much faster than I had thought. I had cried out his name much louder than I had prior when I came. Killer was about to pull out to finish off when I held him in place with my legs.

“C-ceerie.” He said in alarm.

“I’m ordering, don’t pull out.” I hissed.

He thrust a couple more times and then he came. I felt much warmer in my mid section than I did before.

We were both breathing really hard, Killer made a move to pull out again. I kept my arms around his neck and legs around his waist.

“No.” I whined into his neck.

One of his hands went from my back to my hair and started to play with it a little.

Killer soon rolled over onto his back and pulled the sheets up over our naked forms.

We were quiet a few minutes. The only things to be heard were the thunder booming outside that we had missed, the almost silent rumple of sheets as Killer stroked my hair, and his heart beat.

Killer was propped up on a couple of pillows, with me laying on my stomach on his chest.

I almost wanted to sleep, but if I did I would miss him, and he would most likely leave. I guess he thought I was probably asleep as he whispered to himself.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” He sighed, “Things are about to get confusing.”

“I’ll say.” I said and moved my head to look at him. I reached up and moved the hair in his face away so I could see his eyes again, “Do you regret making love with me?”

I instantly wanted to smack myself for that. Making love? It was obviously sex, nothing more, nothing less. And of course he regrets it! In a way you’re his boss. Boundaries have just been crossed that should never have even been drawn! Especially in our line of work.

“Yes and no.” He told me.

I tilted my head to the side asking silently for him to elaborate.

“No, I don’t regret taking you because I love you. But yes I do, because what if someone finds out?” He told me looking away, “Business will suffer, and no one will want to associates with a whore. Not that your one, but if they-

I shut him up with a kiss.

“I know what you mean.” I told him and twirled a piece of his hair between my fingers, “But I’ve already made a public statement, everyone knows I’m not going to choose my husband based on a dowry or power. I want love, and I’m not marrying until I finish what my father started.”

“What are you trying to tell me, Ceerie?” He asked softly.

“I’m saying; I love you, Killer. And after I’ve succeeded in what our original plan was, I’m going to take a husband. And I want it to be you. That way no one can call me a whore.”

“And what about for right now?”

I smiled, “No one has to know.” I told him, ” Most everyone was drunk from the party, and the storm was a really good cover.”

He smiled and leaned back resting his head on the pillow behind him.

“Now I have a question.” I told him.

He kissed my forehead telling me to continue.

“Do you like being inside me?”

I knew he knew I was referring to the fact he was still inside me.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up to him for a kiss.

“More than you would ever know.” He smiled.

The rest of the night we spent talking about nothing and everything together. Until I realized the time.