The Outsiders Seven Minutes In Heaven(Second Edition!)

“8?” You called out to the room of boys. Dally stood up and sauntered into the closet a head of you. Normally you weren’t shy with any of the guys, but you were going to be in that closet with the Dallas Winston for seven long minutes, and you know exactly what he does with his girls. Steve grew impatient and pushed you into the closet slamming the door behind you. You flinched, and heard Dally chuckle. You turned light red and leaned on a wall.
“So?” He asked getting close to you,”We’re alone for seven minutes. What are we gonna do?”
You didn’t know how to reply to that, so you just looked away. He roughly grabbed your chin forcing you to look at him. You blushed and shifted under his gaze.
“I know what we can do.” He said with a smirk and crashed his lips on top of yours. You didn’t fight it, you had a lot of feelings for Dally you just didn’t want to admit it. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his snaked around your waist. You moaned when his tongue pushed its way into your mouth. It was clear that either the walls were thin or you were loud because you heard laughter coming from the living room.
He pulled back and you reached for your breath. Dally wasn’t really effected. Must be from all the practice, you thought and moaned louder as he kissed your neck. More laughed was heard from the livingroom. You were starting to get really red, not because of Dally but ’cause of the guys outside.
“Dally.” You moaned, “Please stop.”
“Why?” He asked starting to take your shirt off.
“The guys.” You moaned again pulling at his hair.
“You don’t mind any of this, do you?” He asked, much to your surprise.
“No.” You squeaked, “I really like it.”
He kissed your lips once more before pulling back and staring at you in the dim light, “You’re my girl from now on.” He told you, “Let’s get’s out of here.”
Before you could say anything he threw open the door and pulled you out of the closet, out of the house and down the street to Buck’s place where you spent the night with him. Dally became a little nicer and smiled more, everything was okay.

“12?” You asked giggling. You loved games like this. Something told you, you were going to get Soda or something, but your stomach did flips when Johnathan Cade stood up and shakily made his way over to the closet. You grinned and shot up following him. This was how you usually acted so no one expected anything. You closed the door behind you softly so not to spook him.
“Johnny?” You whispered.
“Yeah?” He answered back.
“We need to kiss.” You told him.
“I-I-I-I don’t know.” He said, “I ain’t good at it.”
“Neither am I.” You admitted, “So let’s be bad at kissing together.”
You couldn’t see him but you knew you made him grin. You reached out slowly trying to find him in the darkness of the closet. You did and he jumped.
“I’m sorry, Johnny.” You apologised.
“It’s okay.” He said and grabbed your hand.
You held it back and smiled as both of you leaned in, together your lips met in the middle. As soon as skin touched that closet was a flame with sparks and fireworks and hearts stopping. Weather either of you were a bad kisser, neither knew. You two were two wrapped up in each other that when the door opened Steve and Soda had to pry you two apart(after a clear ‘aww’ cession.). You two stayed together forever and lived happily ever after, as much as you could for being two greasers in love anyway.

“18?” You asked shyly. You didn’t really wanna play the game, but it was either be here and play this game with your older brother or be at home and listen to your mother and some random guy fuck in her room. You blushed as you saw Ponyboy get up and shyly head over to the closet with his older brother, Soda cheering him on. You slowly followed him and your brother followed you to shut the door.
“Have fun kiddies.” He laughed.
“Oh, shut up Two-bit.” Pony snapped to him.
“Don’t do anything with her I wouldn’t.” Two-bit warned, “Your time starts now.” And he slammed the door causing you to jump.
“You okay?” Pony ask placing an arm around you to try to clam you down. You nodded and snuggled into him a little. You both knew you had a crush on the other, but decided against getting together because of the things the gang would say.
Pony lifted your chin up a little and you got lost in his dreamy green grey eyes, he brought his forehead to yours and kissed your nose. You grinned and so did he. This time you kissed him on the lips. He slipped his arms around your waist, and yours went to his neck. They were light soft kisses, but enough to make you both weak. You gave him a warm smile as he kissed your eye as the door opened and held you close.
“About damn time you two got together.” Soda laughed as he was the one who opened the door.
“Woulda been sooner but we didn’t know what to do about you guys.” Pony said.
“All you had to do was ask.” Two-bit grinned.
You scowled and pulled Pony out of the closet you sat together the rest of the night and fell asleep with your head in his lap. The gang did tease you a lot about being together, but you didn’t mind, you both loved each other. and that was all that mattered.



“92?” You asked board. You didn’t like high school games, but for the sake of your friends and boyfriend before you were sent off to college you’d play it.
“What do you know?” Soda asked, “That’s Darry’s number.”
You rolled your eyes like they hadn’t rigged it. Darry helped you up and held the door open for you. You smiled a thank you and entered, he did after you and closed it behind you.
“I’m going to miss you.” He said as he took you into his arms.
“I’m gonna miss you too.” You said resting your head on his chest.
“Let’s make the most of it.” He suggested.
“Mr. Curtis are you implying that we do things we haven’t done since junior year of high school in a closet with your brothers in the next room?” You asked.
“Yup.” He said and kissed you before you could say anything else. You weren’t complaining. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he picked you up. His strong tongue made its way to your mouth as you moaned, you loved him touching you. You ran your hands up and down his strong torso under his shirt, he pulled away just long enough to pull it off so there was more for you to feel. He didn’t go back to your mouth but started sucking your neck. You couldn’t surpress your moans anymore. You were just praying non of the guys heard you. Oh who were you kidding? You were moaning loudly. But the funny thing was there wasn’t any laughter coming.
“D-Darry.” You moaned.
“Hm?” He asked working on unbuttoning your blouse.
“I don’t think there’s anyone in the living room anymore.” You told him.
He paused looked at you, looked at the door, back at you. He slowly reached for the nob and turned it. There was no one in the living room, but there was a note on the table. He put you down and read it.
“We decided you guys need alone time before ____ heads off to college, we went out will be back at a reasonable time. Have fun you two, too much fun if you want to. -Sodapop curtis.”
You smiled at him, “Wanna take this to your room?” You asked.
“Always.” He said and picked you up carrying you bridal style to his room.

“5?” You asked. You were nervous, you grew up with guys and they were like brothers to you.
“You got the cutie.” Steve laughed to Soda who jumped up carried you into the closet.
“Seven minutes.” Steve yelled and slammed the door after you.
“What are you guys plan-
You were cut off his soft warm lips crashing down on yours. You moaned in surprise, he took the opportunity to explore your mouth. You moaned lightly with his every movement, he set you down in his lap as he sat down. You put your hands on his chest and felt the abs beneath his shirt. He growled lightly and pulled his shirt off, then yours so you’d match. He went to kissing your neck and you started giggling. At this point the greasers outside heard you and started laughing as well. You and Soda both grinned at each other. He kissed your lips softly again.
“___,” He said, “I want you to be my girl.”
You thought for a moment, then grinned, “I’d love to, Soda.”
He grinned and kissed you again, this time the door was pulled open and there were wolf whistles and cat calls all around. You and Soda slipped your shirts back on and headed out to the porch to talk. You were in love from that night on.

“I got 3.” You told the room full of boys. Steve groaned, got up and headed to the closet. You narrowed your eyes but followed. “No killing each other.” Soda yelled in and closed the door. You and Steve locked eyes, you two only pretended to hate each other in front of the gang because you were the only Curtis sister and everyone knew what happened to that poor Brumley boy that asked you out a while ago, so you and Steve dated in secret. He came up to you and wrapped his warm arms around you, you snuggled into his chest. You two kissed softly and gently. He pressed his forehead to yours. “I don’t wanna hide anymore.” He said. “Steve,” You started. “I don’t care if your brothers do threaten to kill me.” He said, “I don’t wanna keep hiding this and coming up with reasons for Soda why I’m not flirting with girls at the station anymore.” You tilted your head to the side and sighed. “Fine.” You agreed, “But when Darry breaks both your legs and arms and your neck, and pony beats you black and blue don’t come crying to me saying I never warned you.” “Why would I cry?” He asked. “Because my grand parents are this close to making me live with them.” you told him. “That’s a good reason.” he said. “Shut up and kiss me.” you ordered. He obeyed and slowly kissed your neck, you were trying so hard not to moan. “Steve.” You whisper yelled. “What?” He asked. “Stop.” You whined. “Why?” He demanded. “Someone’s going to bust down that door in a matter of minutes and I don’t need you dead and all you left behind me was a hickey.” You tried not to yell. “I love you.” He whispered and kissed your lips as the door opened. Everyone was silent. You looked out into the living room, everyone was smiling. “You finally asked her out huh?” Soda asked his friend. “Yeah.” You muttered, “Something like that.” “You know the rules then.” Darry told Steve. “You had this set up?” You screeched. “Something like that.” He said. You pushed him off you and started to storm to your room. “____!” He called. You paused and turned around, your face slightly pink, “I love you too.” You said and fled the room.

“21.” You said hesitantly. You were a little iffy of playing the game with your friends, but they told you other wise. “Well, well, well.” You heard Two-bit say, “It’s this miss grease’s lucky day, for she gets to be in a closet with me.” You laughed and rolled your eyes, “Yes, Two-bit.” You told him, “That has been all I have dreamed of since I first saw you.” “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!” He yelled, “You can’t keep your eyes off me!” You laughed again. “Absolutely not.” You told him, “And when that door shuts, if you’re not willing I’m raping your ass!” More laughter filled the room. “Even luckier for you, I am always willing.” He told you and sashyed into the closet you couldn’t help but laugh more. You followed him and someone closed the door behind you. “Come on Two-bit,” You called, “No more games.” “I like games.” He whispered in your ear causing you to jump, he ran is warm hands over your bare arms, your breath started to get ragged. You liked Two-bit, but you never thought he’d feel the same way. You gasped when you felt his soft lips connect with the back of your neck. “What’s the matter?” He teased, “I thought you were going to rape me?” “We were messing around.” You told him trying to keep your voice even. “You were.” He whispered, “I wasn’t.” He turned you around and pinned you to the wall. He attacked your lips in a fiery passion that sent your head spinning. “Two-bit.” You breathed when he pulled back. “Hmm?” He asked working at your neck. “I really, really like you.” You admitted, “How do you feel about me?” He stopped and stared at you deep in the eyes, “I love you.” He whispered. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him near for another kiss. You were in love. You pulled his shirt off and started kissing up and down his neck as you ran your hands up and down his strong chest. It was his turn to pull you up for a kiss. The door open and you heard roars of laughter. Two-bit pulled back and you saw why. Two-bit had his shirt off, yours was unbuttoned, both of you had a hickey and no one ever thought about you two being together like this before. You both fixed yourselves and exited the closet where he pulled you out of the house and to his car where he drove you up to a pretty over view of the city, there you spent the night making out. Ever since you’ve been laughing, watching Mickey Mouse, and in love ever since.


If I Can’t Protect You(A Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei One-Shot)

In the heat of battle I heard the owf tell the onna to watch out. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see her push Yukina out of the way and take something in her stomach.

I watched with wide eyes as two demons came and took her away.

I quickly finished off all the low level demons and met back up with Yusuke and them.

“I’m so sorry.” Yukina said on the verge of tears, “I should have been watching, I shouldn’t have let her get hit and taken, I’m sorry.”

“Quite your complaining.” I told her.

“Hey, don’t talk to my girl like that shorty!” The owf yelled.

“She’s being completely irrational.” I told him, “The onna’s strong enough to take care of herself, we don’t need to rush off and save her like a normal human.”

“He has a good point.” The fox backed me up, “If we rush in without a good plan then, Ayame-chan could get hurt in the process. For now we should think of what to do and assume that she’ll be alright.”

“Why do you think she’d be alright, Kurama-san?” Yukina asked him.

He smiled, “It’s quiet simple actually, they shot the tranquilizer at you knowing that Ayame was the closet and was more than willing to take it for you, Yukina-chan. That knocked her out and they took her being quiet careful about her body. I’d assume that who ever’s behind this want’s, Ayame-chan’s body in tact. They wont hurt her just yet.”

I hated what the fox was saying, if they weren’t going to hurt my onna yet, when were they and what were they going to do.

I thankful for her though, saving Yukina like that. I also knew she wasn’t going to die that easy. But I was mad at her for allowing herself to get captured that easily.

“I think I know how we can find her!” The owf suggested.

“How Kuwrabara?” Kurama asked.

He grinned stupidly, “With, Hiei and the red string connecting them.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, just because he was stupid enough to believe in the crap didn’t mean he had to aswell.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I demanded.

He looked at me like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “The red string that connects two lovers, duh. I used it to find, Yukina, you can use it to find Ayame.”

I sighed, I never should have let her announce that we were together in the first place. Ever since then everyone had been asking about us and teasing. But never once had that lop sided grin on her face even wavered.

“I’m not sure it’s the same for them as it is for you two.” The fox told him.

“I kept one of the hunch men alive,” I told them pointing to a half dead demon that layed limp against the trunk of a tree, “He can tell us where they’re heading with her.

“You know I seriously thought that you’d be cutting and killing everything in your sight until you found her.” Yusuke told me.

“I can keep a better head then you can.” I told him and picked up the demon by the scruff of his neck.

“Tell us where they took the onna.” I told him.

He said nothing but turned his head away. I gritted my teeth silently before pointing my sword in his face.

“I can make this painful for you if you don’t cooperate.” I hissed.

“That’s what I expected.” Yusuke said more to himself than anyone else.

“Shouldn’t we have a plan?” Botan asked.

“With this slew?” The fox said, “We can make one but who’ll follow it?”

She sighed knowingly.

“Th-there’s a mansion, a-about five miles west.” He stammered out, “They took her there.”

“And what do they plan to do?” I snarled.

He swallowed, “Our m-master. H-h-h-heeee wanted the most beautiful dancer around for his birthday.”

I threw him to the ground and started off west.

“A beautiful dancer for his birthday?” Yusuke asked, “Then why Ayame?”

“Not a beautiful woman tha dances.” The fox told him, “A dancer that dances beautifully. And if we’re going by around here, that’s Ayame.”

What was coming out of his mouth was really starting to bug me. My onna was beautiful, the most in the land, they were just to blind and stupid to see it. And her dancing abilities even more beautiful.

“Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, Hiei.” The fox told me.

True enough, but I continued to stalk on quickening my pace. I wanted her back as soon as possible. Never would I be able to admit this out loud, but I missed having my onna at my side.

Ayame’s pov.

I blinked a couple of times upon waking up. I looked around, no longer was I in the forest with everyone else in the heat of battle. Right now I was sitting on a large bed in a room, full of beautiful furniture. On the end of the bed where I layed was:

Red Ayame top

Red Ayame Bottoms

I looked at it dumbly. Why was red always a sexy colour? I asked myself. I didn’t look good in red, I looked better in purple, or blue, or black. Anything but red!

The large door opened and I reached for a knife in my boot, only to realise not only were my boots gone, but I was chained to the bed.

“So you’re up.” A man about thirty or so said as he walked in with several other men. Two were body guards, one was carrying a tray, and the last was actually a girl in a maids outfit.

“Where am I and who the hell are you?” I demanded in my roughest voice(I was mistaken for a boy a lot because of my rougher vocal cords).

“I’m Jogi Lee.” He said showing me his crooked, yellowed, and slightly rotting teeth, “And you my dear are in my humble home.”

“What am I doing here?” I snarled.

“You’re my birthday present.” He told me, “And tonight you’re gonna dance.”

I spat on him and hissed, “I only dance for people I like.”

He stepped closer and closer toward the bed, “Then we can skip the dancing, and go straight to my birthday present from you.”

I eyed him coolly.

“I get to kick you in the groin?” I asked.

His right hand, rough, cold, hard, collided with my left cheek.

“Watch yourself girlie.” He told me, “You’re in no position to be ding stuff like that. I could kill you at any moment.”

“Beats lookin’ at your ugly mug.” I told him, only to receive a few more slaps.

“Sakura.”He snarled, “Fix her up and make her look nice for tonight. Like it or not she’s dancing, and like or love it you’ll be in my bed tonight.”

I narrowed my eyes and spat, “I’ll kill you before you can even touch me.”

He hit me again and left with the three men leaving the girl.

“You shouldn’t talk like that to Jogi-sama like that.” She told me as she put ice on my face where he hit me.

“Don’t worry about me.” I told her, “I’ll carry out my promises to him.”

She didn’t say anything she just kept doing what she was supposed to. But there was no way I was ever going to be in that outfit.

Hiei’s pov.

Call it a feeling, but I was pretty sure that someone just hit my onna.

I clenched my fists and headed on with an even faster pace.

“Hiei, slow down, we have time.” The fox called after me.

“He’s touching her, I can feel it.” I hissed.

For the past little while I’ve been trying using my jagan eye to find her without the rest knowing. I managed to locate her spirit power length. It was easy because I was so accustomed to it.

I couldn’t locate her exact location, but I knew she was in a house, surrounded by demons, and there was a pervert in there who hit her.

Human or not, I was going to kill him.

Ayame’s pov.

I sat in the fetal position on the bed staring at the door. I knew there was something outside it, I just didn’t know what.

The girl left a little while ago to tell her boss that I refused to put on the outfit.

That gave me time to think.

I tried focusing my spirit power to break the chains, but I couldn’t. Found out the chains sucked out any and all spirit power I had if I tried to use it.

I growled in annoyance. For once I actually wished someone would save me.

The door opened and in stepped Jogi, his body guards and a demon.

“Change her.” He ordered to the demon.

I had really good eyes when it came to watching this that were fast. The demon never even moved. And without warning I felt my back and arms didn’t have anything on them. I glanced down to find myself in that red outfit, and my cloths laying where the costume had been.

“What the hell is this!?” I demanded and started flailing my arms around keeping my knees against my chest, “I watched his every move! How the hell did that happen!?”

“I can change things as I please.” The demon told me,”If I so wanted to I could strip you of your cloths, your hair, your life and you wouldn’t even know until it’s too late.”

“I hate demons like you.” I told him, “So weak you need to have someone who’s rich and powerful make you think he owns you. And you do what he says because you think he does too. You can’t think for yourself, so you do as he wants thinking that’s what you want. But that’s not true is it?”

“Master said I could watch you dance, and that’s what I want.” He hissed back.

“Get in line, no one in this house is ever going to see me dance.” I snarled.

“Sir!” another guy in a tux said bursting through the door, “The west wall has been infiltrated.”

“How many?” He asked.

“Six.” he said, “Two are women, three are average middle school boys, and the last appears to be a demon.”

“I’m getting out of here! You’re gonna die!” I sang to him.

He hit me again and snarled to his hunch men, “Hold them off, but make sure they come to ‘that’ room.”

“Sir, are you sure?” He asked.

“Don’t second guess me!” He said, “I’m taking the girl there.”

“Sir!” He sad and took off.

“Drug her.” he said to one of his body guards.

He approached me with a needle in hand, I struggled a little to get away, but the second I felt a small prick one my arm, everything went black again.

Hiei’s pov.

“Damn it where is she!?” Yusuke yelled.

“This would be easier if he had the string!” The owf yelled at me as we fought of many demons.

“I have something better, Baka!” I said slicing through eight at a time.

“You actually have her and we’re just wasting time?” He asked.

“His Jagan eye!” Kurama yelled for me.

“We’ll just stay here!” Botan yelled to us.

As of right now I couldn’t care less about either of them. I needed to know my onna was alright.

Yusuke kicked open a door, the rest of us behind him. My eyes went wide with what I saw.

Ayame’s pov.

When I woke up again, I was sitting on the ground in a new room, facing a set of doors, my long hair covering my chest, my shirt was gone, and my arms were up bound with chains that went up to the ceiling.

I nearly cried out in pain as something connected with my back. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Jogi holding a whip in one hand. A lot of demons behind him.

He cracked the whip again and I bit my lip to stop from screaming, I bit hard enough to draw blood.

He was about to use it again when the door got kicked open.

My eyes went wide looking at them, they were just as shocked if not more. Hiei was a million miles past pissed.

I grinned sheepishly at them, but them cried out in pain as the whip hit me again.

“Baka like you can’t have a beauty like her.” He snarled.

I watched Hiei’s movements carefully, in a normal blink of the eye he unsheathed his sword, cut the chains that bound my hands and cut through about half of the demons behind me, not to mention cutting the whip into small useless pieces.

My arms instantly moved to my chest to cover it better as the chains were no longer on my wrists.

Something then floated down and landed on my head. I pulled it off careful not to expose my chest, it was Hiei’s cloak thing.

I looked back at him. He didn’t look at me.

“Cover yourself.” he told me, then looked at me out of the corner of his eye, “And for future reference, red isn’t your colour.”

I grinned at him and pressed it closer to my chest to cover myself. It was just his way of saying everything will be alright.

Jogi grabbed me by me hair and pulled me up, he pulled out a knife and held it to me.

“One false move and she’s dead.” He threatened.

Hiei didn’t blink, no one had moved from the door way.

“You know something, Jogi.” I told him, “You should never threaten a girl who can kick your ass.”

Before he could say anything I shot my leg up and kicked him in the jaw and sent him through, oh, I’d say about every wall in the house, and a good number of trees outside.

I smirked at my work and wrapped Hiei’s cloak around me better. The demons all ran away, along with the body guards and staff.

“That was easy.” Kuwrabara laughed.

“Ayame!” Yukina ran towards me, “Let me heal your back.”

I looked at her and smiled, letting her do what she needed to do.

“Well, he didn’t hit you too many times.” She smiled, “You’ll be fine.”

I smiled down at her, “Arigoto, Yukina.”

“You’re alright, Ayame-chan?” Kurama asked.

I nodded, “I’m not gonna be able to lay on my back for a while, but I’m fine.”

We shared a small laugh. I looked over and saw Hiei examining the floor where I once sat.

“What’s up with shorty?” I faintly heard Kuwrabara ask.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

“It isn’t your fault.” I told him burying my face in his hair, “I shouldn’t have been so careless.”

“I was right there.” He told me clenching his fists, “I was right there and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“No,” I said, “You could have. But you trusted me enough not to interfere with my fights. You knew I could handle this, and I did.”

“You shed blood.” He almost whispered sounding hurt.

“But you came along before I could spill anymore.” I told him, “Yukina said I’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of taking a couple pain killers tonight.”

He looked at me, and I saw something only I could see on his handsome features, concern and worry.

“Pain will fade, but you need to move on aswell.” I told him.

He sighed and grabbed my hand before pulling me out.

“Let’s go.” He said to the others.

“Did I miss something?” Kuwrabara asked.

“It’s one of those moments you have with Yukina.” I told him walking backwards, “It’s just a lot rarer with us.”

“Not really, the shrimp’s emotionless.” He said.

I started to giggle. Hiei may be a lot of things, but emotionless was not one of them.

That night I layed on my stomach, Zooroo asleep at my head. My brothers made me take at least thirty pills before sending me to bed when in truth I only really needed some aspirin.

I looked over to my window, and on the ledge sat Hiei.

I propped myself up on my elbows causing him to look at me. I motioned for him to come here and he did. I moved to my side to look at him.

“What happened today was not your fault.” I told him.

“Your brothers acted the opposite.” He nearly hissed.

I wrapped my arms around him forcing him to lay next to me.

“Those guys freak out when I get a paper cut.” I told him, “They’re my brothers, and while I can beat them all up in an instant, they think of me as fragile.”

He looked so sad as he caressed my cheek.

“You’re an older brother too, you look at, Yukina like a delicate flower, right?” I asked.

He nodded.

“It’s the same for them. Even if I came back unscathed, they make a big deal out of it.” I told him, “Don’t beat yourself up over it.”

“But I was there and I could have stopped it.” He told me.

I sighed before getting out of bed and grabbing something from my desk drawer. I flicked open the switch blade and poked my finger with it. A drop of blood fell to the floor.

I looked at him, “You could have stopped that, but you didn’t. And I’ll tell you way.” I put the blade back and sat next to him on my bed, “You trust me enough to know I can take care of myself, and you know something like that wouldn’t hurt me.”

“But a whip and chains are different.” He said sitting up.

I put my finger in my mouth and sucked for a minute before showing him the lack of blood flow.

“Things like these heal easy.” I told him, “But it’ll hurt longer if you keep thinking it’s your fault.”

“It is.” He nearly hissed.

I grabbed either side of his face and pressed it against mine in another mind-blowing kiss only he could ever give me. I pulled away way too soon for my liking but I was making a point and had him me right in the eye.

“Were you the one who used a tranquilizer on me?” I asked him.

“No.” he said softly.

“Did you chain my unconscious form to a bed in a strange room?” I asked.


“Did you magically change me from my jeans and hoodie to that dancer’s costume?” I asked.

“He what?.” He demanded staring me dead in the eye.

“Did you?” I demanded using my height to my advantage to make him answer me.

“No.” He said looking away.

I made him look at me, “Did you then order one of your henchmen to knock me out again, bring me to a different room, remove my shirt and bind me in such a way I might as well a slave?”

“No.” He closed his eyes and then opened them up looking at me straight.

“Did you bring a whip down on my back three times, before you saved me?” I asked.

“How can I save you if I’m hurting you?” He asked.

I smirked and crossed my arms.

I gave him a moment to think, then a rare smile crossed his lips before he carefully brought me int his chest and we layed down.

I rested my head on his chest, and he placed a hand on my back where we both knew I wasn’t hurt, he guided me with him as he layed on his back, I was on my stomach.

I traced the muscles on his torso as he stroked my hair, according to him it always smelled like strawberries. Makes sence because of my shampoo.

Slowly but surely I began to fall asleep to his demon heart beat.

Hiei’s pov.

I stared down at my onna. I knew she was asleep by know, I just watched her peaceful face in the moon light.

She was right though. I couldn’t protect her from everything. No matter how hard I tried. I never could. I couldn’t protect her from getting the scar on her tail bone, I couldn’t stop Taguro from ripping a hole in her stomach in the champion ships, and I couldn’t protect her today from a human.

I tightened my grip on her. If I can’t protect her,then do I have the right to call her mine in the first place?

I lightly kissed her head and stared up at the ceiling. I don’t think I do. But if I were to ever tell her this, she would say the exact opposite. I will trust her to do things herself. I know she can.

But I also knew that if I am to protect her, I can’t let her out of my sight. The only time I can protect her is when she’s with me. And if I can’t, I have absolutely no reason to call her mine at all.

How do you?


Alright, this is going to be a new piece in this blog, I’ll probably put it up in my other blog too, I’m calling it ‘How do you?’ And basically this is where I come up with a really weird, crazy, and at times down right dumb question. And I want all of you guys reading now to go and comment with what you think the answer is. This will go on for thirty days after I put up the question and after that no comment will be accepted, this is completely open, feel free to google, read, yahoo, whatever for an answer. And at the end of the thirty days, I’ll pick the best comment and put it up so everyone can see who answered the best, in my humble, opinion. That sound good? Good!

Today’s question; How do you kill someone with a strainer?

You have until October 22 to comment with what you think the answer is, and then I’ll put the best comment up on the first page you see when you click on my site.

Good luck and have fun!