Teachers vs. Government

Today’s blog is one of both personal and political writing. If any of my readers live in Canada I’m sure you’ve heard of the teachers strike that’s going on in B.C. as you read this and I write. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t care where in the world you are. I’ll make a pretty safe bet that most of you reading have been in school during a teachers strike. As a kid, they aren’t really anything bad to you. A few extra days to sleep in, play, watch tv, those kind of things.

But for those of you in high school when it happens, it’s frustrating as FUCK! I was supposed to be going into eleventh grade this year. We’re two weeks into September, and from what I’ve gathered about the debates, conferences, and both the BCTF and our government we’ve gotten no where!

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who’s upset from this, but honestly! They’ve had all freaking summer to TRY and get something done so this doesn’t happen. But was anything done over the almost three months they had? No! They waited until the very last minutes and then this happens! This makes me wonder just what the hell goes on these guys minds! And I’m not just directing that at the government either.

Yes the teachers have made a lot of compromises with this, and I will always have a biased opinion too. The reason; allow me to tell you a story.

There once was a girl, for the sake of this story, let’s call her April. April was a nice girl, she went to public school. She liked it at first, but after a little while, April felt very discouraged about going to school. She had trouble reading like the other kids in her class, math was really hard for her, she would get really bad headaches when trying to understand simple addition and subtraction. In her PUBLIC ELEMENTARY school, she was always one child out of thirty or more in a single class. She began to hate school more than anything else. When she would raise her hand for help, the teacher would say, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” and so she would wait trying to understand what was in front of her on her own. Her teacher was always busy helping other students. And from this, April’s grades fell as she moved up from elementary school into middle school. She got more help in middle school, but it was still so hard for her because she didn’t get proper help from her teachers in elementary school. So she would only get C’s. High school she did get much more help, but in a lot of her classes she had smarter people with her, a couple of her classes only had about twenty kids in them, so any time she didn’t understand something one of the other students or a teacher was fairly easily accessible. However, those where only in her easy classes, in harder ones they were so full, and she felt bad for asking the teachers to slow down, or give another example.

Thirty or more kids in a class, my sister once had a class where they packed so many kids in that some kids had to stand.

For the longest time I hated school, the reason because I didn’t have enough help from teachers early on and that made building things ontop of others hard for me. And if you’re saying to yourself, “It couldn’t have been that bad!”. First thru fifth grade simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication were torcher for me. To this day I cannot spell very well, to the point where I still need to say in my head “Big Elephants Can Always Use Small Elephants.” to spell because! I’ve spelt business wrong for the longest of times.

I have dyslexia, I’ve some how managed to cope with it heading into middle and high school, but it’s very discouraging.

The points I’m trying to get across is, essentially what a lot of other people have already pointed out, there’s three parties that are being effected by the strike. A lot of you would be thinking teachers, parents, and the government. Yes, and no. The teacher because they don’t have work right now, the government because they have to invest all this time and energy in something that SHOULD have been resolved during the summer BUT wasn’t. Teachers, the government, and students.

how the The government wants to spend the money they save from giving the teachers raises into needle exchanges and their Italian sports cars. We wouldn’t need needle exchanges if there was a comprehensible curriculum for all students, and they spent a little more time investing in NON SUCKY movies for planning about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, along with the human anatomy, and maybe not scaring all the students with watching ‘the birthing’ video, anyone over sixteen knows what I’m talking about.

I mean honestly, I was not into having kids of my own in the first place, now I’m just looking down and wondering to myself, “how the fuck does that expand enough for a baby to come out?”

I’m serious! How! To any of you med experts out there, please comment below, give me any good web site recommendations so I can figure it out on my own. Anything like that, please.

And here’s another point I need to get across really quick. There are such things as baby booms. That is when a whole bunch of children are born about the same time. I was born during a baby boom, as where both of my siblings. So while I understand that there are people trying to make big enough schools to accommodate for all the students they have. In a few years the class rooms are going to be empty, the reason, NO BABY BOOM!

I have a way of compromise but I mean come on who in their right mind would want to hear something like this from a sixteen year old girl? Well, too bad, I’m gonna tell you what I think anyway. ‘Cause this is what my blog is about, my opinion.

I think the teachers wanted a seven percent raise, and the government is only willing to give six. Give them six point five. Leave the class sizes at thirty, AND give the teachers a teaching aid or two to help in the class room.

More teachings or TA’s= easier ability to teach students and easier on the teacher themselves= less likely hood of kids dropping out of school= less need to fund needle exchanges, homeless shelters, and ‘special’ pharmacies.

Look, there are reasons for me to always be against the government and for the teachers. And I will openly admit my biased opinion as biased, and mine. And that’s what I was trying to get across. Thank you too all who’ve read this. I’ve been really pissed with everything that’s been going on with the schools and stuff lately, so I decided why the hell not write a post about this?

excuse the excessive cussing, I just feel really passionate about this stuff. It’s happened to me twice in the past before. Once in second grade, and again in 8th grade, and now at the end of 10 and before I go into 11. Does anyone else find it annoying? I do.

Anyways, if you got this far, thanks. If not, this doesn’t even apply to you.

Unrelated note, I’ve been thinking of making a second blog for things like this. Basically, it’s where I discuss my views on certain issues like this. Let me know what you think about it.