Family Feud(One Piece Part 1)

I laced up boots in the front area and grabbed my school bag. I threw the strap over my shoulder and pushed the door open.

“Heading off now Ceerie?” Benn asked me from the right side of the door where he lounged.

I nodded, “I promised I’d be there early.”

“Who’d you promise?” He asked.

“Onii-chan, Onii-san, and Nii-san. Why?” I asked.

“I thought you might be going off early to meet up with a boy.” He told me.

I rolled my eyes, “Like I have time for one.”

I waved back to him and the snoozing Yasopp as I made m way down the path to my school.

I didn’t have time for a boyfriend. I barely had time for anything really. I was going to have even less time after today. We were sighing up for our extra circulars today.

I was going to sign up for fist fighting. So was Onii-chan, Onii-san, and Nii-san.

I knew Sanji was going to go for an extra cooking class, Nami was going to take navigations, Brook was taking music, Franky would take wood, Robin would take an extra history class, Usopp would end up in archery class. I didn’t know about Zoro though.

I figured he’d take the sword classes, uncle Mihawlk was teaching.

I sighed as I opened the doors to the school and stepped in. I pulled my shoes off and put on my indoor ones.

What I didn’t like about this place was everyone had to be the same. And they always had to compare people.

Every girl had to wear the same skirt, the exact same length. Boys were in the exact same khaki pants. And everyone had to wear the same white button down shirt.

However, no one ever said anything when we personalized our uniforms.

I had my shirt unbuttoned with a wife beater underneath, jeans under my skirt, many belts at my waist, and a dog collar, along with my usual sea prism stone necklace around my neck.

All of my nakama, exception being Nami, did something similar, meaning they personalized too.

“Oi, there you are!” Onii-chan called to me as I saw him, Sabo-Onii-san, and Luffy-Nii-san waiting for me at the sign up boards.

“You waited for me?” I asked when I reached them.

They nodded.

“You are our little sister, Ceerie.” Onii-san told me, “Of course we’re going to wait.”

I smiled, “Arigotto.”

We each signed up for fist fighting. I knew I’d be the only girl in that class, I also knew the teacher would have no choice but to set me up against people I knew would be a challenge.

“Ceerie-Chan~!” Sanji sang as he literally flew down the hall to us.

Five feet from impact, I lifted my right leg and stopped him as his face collided with my foot.

“Yo, Sanji.” I said blandly and Luffy-Nii-san burst out laughing calling it funny.

“Ohaio.” Robin said as she walked up to us with Franky, Zoro, Nami, Brook, and Ussopp.

“Ohaio.” Everyone replied. I nodded and pushed Sanji off.

“You four in fist fighting huh?” Usopp asked looking at the sheets.

We nodded, “I really hate to burst your bubble Ceerie-san,” He said, “Demo, Smoker-sensie pairs up students by weight.”

“I know.” I told him turning to walk to class, “Demo, he also matches based on skill after a while. So I know I’ll get a good workout.”

He nodded and I headed off.

I didn’t need to stick around to know what everyone else was going to pick. I already knew.

I entered my class room and sat down at my desk. Nothing was out of the usual.

For some strange reason the school paired all the kids with bosses for parents in one class room. Probably because of our sensie.

It was me, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, X Drake, Urouge, Scratchmen Apoo, Capon Bege, Jewlery Bonney, and Killer.

There were four families that were the largest, most pwerful, and dangeruse of them all.

The Sweet Family, Boss of that was Big Mam.
The West Family, Boss of that was Kadio.
The Dark Family, Boss of that Marshall D. Teach a.k.a Black Beard.
And The Red Family, Boss of that Red haired Shanks. My father.

Jewelry Bonney and myself were competing to be the first true female Bosses in history. Big Mam was actually a transvestite. She was born a man and changed into a woman.

Bonney was working to become the next Boss of the Sweet Family. I was doing my best to show my father I was the best choice for the Red Family.

Marshall D. Teach didn’t have any children or an heir as he had just overthrown Whitebeard. He was the most powerfull before hand, not anymore.

Urouge was next in line for the West Family. I knew he was cocky about it.

The rest were either heirs to a smaller Family that were part of one of the other families or the heir to a small family hoping to rise up in power and over take one of the four.

All four of the larger families had been at constant war. White beard, it used to be the White Family, and my daddy stopped fighting and came to a truce when I was born.

Basil Hawkins, Trafalgar Law, and Killer were all in Families under my father’s. I knew they respected me, but they hated me with a burning passion. And to be honest, I couldn’t blame them.

“So.” Kid started, “Miss illegitimate it here now, huh?”

“I’m as capable of becoming a Boss, just like you are, Eustass-san.” I said and pulled out my drawing book.

“Huh?” He asked getting pissed, “Last time I checked, you had to have had married parents to be ligament.”

“At least I was expected from my parents.” I told him, “They planed on having me.”

With the exceptions of Trafalgar, Capon, Kid, and myself the room burst out laughing.

“Nani?” He asked slamming his fist down on my desk and making the rest of the room shake.

“I believe the term I’m looking for,” I told him, “Is ‘Your parents didn’t believe in the use of condoms’.”

This time everyone laughed, I cracked a grin, which was rare.

“What?” He asked gritting his teeth.

“You heard me.” I told him.

“Why you-

“Take your seats.” Sakazuki-sensei came into the room.

We all sat down, if we weren’t already, quietly and orderly.

He sighed, “Why they let kids like you into public schools is beyond me.” He said, “Why can’t your rich parents have you taught from home?”

“Because Then we wouldn’t know how to socialize and be around people, so we couldn’t be the best Boss’ we can be.” I told him.

Everyone stared at me. Sensie didn’t like it when we called out in class, he hated it even more when it was about our soon to be trade, even more when we told him something about things like these, and even more than that when it was me. He didn’t like my father.

I saw a vein nearly pop in his forehead.

“Lines.” He told me, “Afterschool.”

I shrugged and nodded.

He might not like me or my father, but he knew a hell of a lot better than to do anything bad. He had a wife and kid to think about.

He started the lesson, it was the same old same old. Kid and Law had glaring contests all class, Bonney managed to sneak some food into class, Apoo couldn’t keep still, the rest of us acted as if non of the others were in the room.

And then it was lunch time.

We all left the class room orderly. Kid was waiting for me.

“I was planned.” He sneered as he stalked after me.

“Sure.” I told him, “Shouldn’t you be following Bonney around?”

He groaned, “You are under Big Mam.” I told him, “You should be waiting on her.”

“And have her get a big head, yeah right.” He hissed.

“So why follow me?” I asked.

“Just waiting to get out of sensie’s eye.” He said looking over his shoulder to see him glaring at him. I heard him swallow.

“I saw your name on the fist fighting sign up sheet.” I told him, “We can settle what we started there.”

I turned a corner and went out to the court-yard and had lunch with my nakama.