Family Feud(One Piece Part 2)

“So you were held back by him again, huh?” Onii-san asked as I sat down next to Onii-chan.

I nodded.

“What did that baka make you do this time?” Onii-chan asked leaning back in the booth.

“Lines.” I said simply and picked up my menu.

We were at Barties restaurant like we did everyday afterschool. We’d eat and do homework together, it was nice.

The booth we were in was red and large, you could easily fit twenty or so people in it. Yet most of the time it was just us four.

“And what will it be today?” Patty asked to take our order.

“You order for the table, Ceerie.” Nii-san told me.

I smiled slightly, “Spicey ramen, tokenji, oingri, sweet rice balls, tempora fish, fried shrimp, meso soup, curry, and house okonomiyaki(sp?), please.”

“I still wonder how you four can eat so much.” He said.

“We work it all off.” Onii-chan told him.

“I’ll tell the chef, but it’ll take a while.” He said.

“Hai.” We replied and opened our books.

“That Saka guy really pilles the work on doesn’t he?” Luffy asked as he, Ace, and Sabo had finished their already.

“When you think about it.” I said, “He’s preparing us.”

“How?” They asked.

“A Boss’ job isn’t simply you meet with someone every second day, the days in between you kill someone, and you spend your free time drinking.” I told them, “It’s a lot of hard work. Split second decision-making, hard choices that you know could hurt you either way. It’s not fun, it’s all responsibility.”

Luffy whined, “I wanted to be a Boss.”

“Gomena.” I told him, “But it’s the truth, it’s hard work to have that title, it isn’t easy in any way.”

“You’ll have your work cut out for you then, huh.” Onii-chan said.

“It’s never guaranteed.” I told them.


“The position of Boss is never guaranteed until your given the title.” I repeated, “Even to the oldest, most responsible, trustworthy, strongest, keenest son. It is never guaranteed.”

“But you’re not a son.” Luffy pointed out.

I nodded, “Until now, no woman was ever suggested to become a Boss, it was unheard of. Until, Daddy had me.”

“What about Bonney?” Onii-san asked.

“She was put up as Big Mam’s daughter a few years ago. She wants her to be the first female Boss.”

“Isn’t Big Mam a girl?” Luffy asked.

“Right now, hai.” I told him, “At birth, no.”

“Huh? How does that work?” He asked.

“Transvestite.” Onii-chan answered for me, “Born a man changed to a woman. I don’t know why.”

“He wanted to be the first female Boss.” I told them, “So after he received the title, he got a sex change, demo they still counted her as a man and now she’s furious and is trying to make it her Family that has the first female Boss.”

“What about the Red Family?” Onii-san asked, “Doesn’t your father want you to be the first female head?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, Onii-san.” I admitted, “I know he wants me to be happy, he wants me to live, and have fun. He wants me to be me. I honestly don’t think he cares if I’m the first or not. Demo, I just wanna make him proud.”

“It’s all done.” Patty said and placed plates and plates and bowls and bowls of food in front of us.

“Arigoto gozimose for the food.” We said and ate.