Family Feud(One Piece Part 3)

“Look what we have here.” Bonney sneered as we walked by her, Kidd, and Apoo.

“Nani, Bonney-san?” I asked boardly.

She smirked, “I’m making sure I’m the only eledgable female head.”

I rolled my eyes, “I already told Kidd we’d settle this in our fighting class.”

She chuckled, “You did. And he’ll honor it. But nothing like that was made with Apoo.”

He grinned and leaped towards me. I sighed as I dropped my bag to the ground. When I opened my eyes, I jumped up gave him a round house kick to the stomach sending him flying and bashing into multiple trees. I landed in a crouch and stood up.

I walked over to Bonney, ignoring Kidd.

I placed a hand on her shaking shoulder.

“Whoever get’s it, get’s it.” I whispered in her ear, “I’m not going to kill you for that title, Bonney-san. If you want it I can make an arrangement with my father to make me Boss after you. I only want to make him proud. The title is yours if you want it.”

She pushed my hand off.

“Like I’ll believe it.” She hissed, “Kidd! Grab Apoo! We’re leaving!”

He sighed and grumbled under his breath as he did what she told him too.

I stretched my arms out as I walked back over to my aniki and picked up my bag.

“It always like this between you two?” Onii-san asked.

I nodded, “Bonney has her mind fixed that I’m going to kill her and take the title for myself. What should we do now?”

They all looked at me.

“I don’t wanna go home yet, and we already ate. So what now?” I asked.

“We could head to Nami’s and Robin’s.” Luffy said, “They have good tea cakes.”

I giggled, which took them all off guard.

“Kay, let’s go.”

We headed off into their place.


Neither Nami or Robin had much if any family. Only Nami’s older sister, Nojiko.

Sitting at the kitchen table with Nami, Robin, and Nojiko, only half listening to their conversation as most of it was drowned out by Onii-chen in the kitchen with Sanji trying to get some of the food he was making.

“Ceerie?” Robin asked taking my attention.


“Shouldn’t you be getting home soon?” She asked.

I sat up from my hunched over position and pressed my back against the back of the chair.

“Ah, that’s just what I need.” I told them smirking sarcastically, “Getting a lecture about how I should have my legs folded and not crossed or apart, as I get quizzed not only on family history, war tactics, and paper work, but also how to act when at the upcoming showing ceremony. Arigoto, demo, I think I’m better off here.”

“Must be a lot of work.” Nojiko said resting her head on her right hand.

“I just hope they don’t tie my obie as tight as they did before, or I’ll pass out.” I said.

“The way you always talk about being the next in line for such a powerful family, it’s like it’s a curse.” Nami said.

“In a way it is.” I said as I crossed my arms on the table and rested my chin on them, “But at other times, it’s nice.”

“When is that ceremony anyway, Ceerie-hime?” Sanji asked coming out of the kitchen with drinks, looking behind him I saw my Onii-chen all on the floor in tears with large bumps on their heads.

“This weekend.” I told him, “And my father has just informed me that there’s still a lot more preparations left to do.”

“You think you’ll ever be free of these responsibilities?” Onii-chan asked me coming out of his state first.

“Maybe if I die.” I said, “Or I some how have an older much more qualified sibling that’s actually related to me.”

We all sighed knowing after the showing ceremony I was hardly ever going to be around. It was going to hurt, but I would still see them in school everyday.

“And above all do not smile!” Lucky Roo scowled as I stared at my plate.

“Were you even listening to him, Ceerie?” My father barked across the table from me.

“Hai, do I really need to regurgitate it?” I snapped.

He sighed and rubbed his face, “I just don’t want this to go wrong.” He told me.

“It’s not going to.” I told him pushing the food on my plate around, “I just wish you’d trust me a little.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you.” He told me, “It’s that there’s a lot more to being a head than I’ll allow to think.”

“That you’ll allow me.” I repeated throwing my fork down, “Whether you allow me or not, I have my freedom of thought, and of speech. Those you can’t take away from me without my life.”

“Ceerie, I didn’t mean it like that.” He started picking his napkin from him lap and laying it on the table next to him plate.

“I know being a head isn’t all fun and games.” I told him glaring holes into the table cloth, “I know there’s a lot of work and split second decision making. I know people are gonna die if I make even the right choice, and to be honest I’m perfectly okay with it! I’ll take whatever someone has to throw at me and send it flying right back! But damn it! If you aren’t going to take the time to trust and get to know me a little, daddy, what’s the point?”

I heard the soft sound of his chair pushing out, and the sound of his foot steps coming towards me. I was expecting him to back hand me like all the times he threatened to, but instead I go a hand on my head, ruffling my long red hair and a chuckle.

I looked up at him to see him smiling at me.

“Gomena, Ceerie.” He said eyes starting to get a little glossy, “Demo, I guess in all that’s been going on I figured you understood I wasn’t thinking about everything. And when I wasn’t thinking about everything, I let things slip through the cracks. One of them was you, and for that I am truly sorry.”

I smiled, “Don’t be sorry.” I whispered, “I just know this already.”

He nodded, “Then I wont have anyone tell you this anymore.” He said, “Please eat something now.”

He got up and went back to his seat as I picked up my fork and dug into my pasta.

“By the way, what did you pick for your extra?” He asked me when he sat down.

I swallowed, “Fist fights.” I told him.

He didn’t seem surprised as he smirked, “I knew you’d pick that one.” He paused, “You know you’re old man was a legend at that program.”

I nodded and swallowed again before replying, “When we took a tour of the school in middle school I saw some of the championship pictures. And I saw you, then I knew I was going into it.”

He chuckled again.

“Guess it’s true what they say,” He said, “Like father, like daughter.”

“And for your homework you’ll have a three thousand word essay about the peace keepers, due Monday!” Sensie told us.

Light groans were heard throughout the room.

“B-But sensie!” Scratchem Apoo called, “This weekend is the showing ceremony!”

“All the more reason for you to do it now!” He growled, “I’m being nice enough on you baka slackers as it is! Now shut up and sit down before I make it four thousand!”

The rest of the class grumbled quietly as we pulled out notebooks and pens(Bonnie lickrish whips).

I started and made it to just over one thousand words before the bell rang.

Last block of the day was Fight class. All week Smoker-sensie had been testing us on our skills and abilities. Today we were actually going to fight some one.

I walked out of the girls’ change room and into the fight room. There most of the guys were, as usual protocol, they were shirtless, and in tighter shorts. I on the other hand was in baggy sweat pants, and a tight dark blue wife beater.

I sat down next to Onii-san as we waited for Somker-sensi to come in.

“B-but Smoker-sensie!” Tashigi obgected as they came in.

“Enough.” He said abruptly.

She shut up. They stopped in front of us. He took the cigar he had in his mouth out and blew out the smoke. He didn’t bother to put it back in as he spoke.

“I usually don’t do this.” He said, “Usually I pair students up by weight. However, because of the skill in the class, and someone being so much lighter than everyone else,”

“Ceerie.” Some one behind me fake coughed as I rolled my eyes.

“I’ve paired you up based on skill.” He finished, He put the cigar back into his mouth as Tashigi handed him the clip board.

“Before I tell you who you’re partner for the duration of this class will be, I have a few rules to go over.”

We all groaned. We waited all week, We wanted to fight!

“Hair pulling, biting, spitting, screaming, and grabbing certain parts of the body are off-limits. When I blow the whistle, I don’t care if you’re in the middle of the worlds greatest punch, you stop. Everyday, when you get in here and change, I shouldn’t walk in and see you guys just sitting around, I want you warming up. And lastly, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have two girls in the class. Keep it as mature as you can.”

He blew smoke again and then looked at the clip board.

“The first two I call out, meet down in the ring. You’ll be sparing every day after this class.” He told us, “Ace and Sabo.”

This was no surprise. They evenly matched last summer. Over every one of our breaks, the four of us meet up in the woods to a place we found when we were little. We fight, and at times camp out there. We had an agreement, 100 fights a day no more and no less. Sado and Ace would always go at it, they would always find themselves in a stalemate thought.

They went at it for a good ten if not more minutes, neither could get anywhere with the other. just when it looked like one of them would make a little bit of ground, Smoker-sensei blew the whistle.

“If we had more time, I’d have given it to you two, but we have to get through everyone.” He told them, “Up next are Luffy and Bepo.”

The polar bear? I thought. Well he does owe Law quite a few favors. I guess keeping on his toes would be another way to help him.

They were ging at it head to head. But after a little while, Luffy sent him out of the ring and into where we were sitting, I got out of the way immediately, the guys behind me, not so lucky.

“OI!” Eustass Kidd shouted at him trying to get up.

“G-Gomenasai!” He said trying to get up, but onii-chan was on top of him.

I hauled Ace off, grabbed Bepo and set him out of the way, I then extended my hand down to Kidd who smacked it out of the way and got up on his own.

I put my hands on my hips as I watched him, “Never say I didn’t try to be nice.” I told him.

He turned around fast about to make a snide comment when Sensie blew the whistle.

“That’s enough.” He told us, “Good job both of you, Bepo you’re going to need to work on not leaving yourself open. Next is Urouge and Bege.”

They two were at a stale mate for the longest of times.

I was getting kinda anciuse right now, there were only four left. Me, Kidd, Killer, and Bellamay.

“Killer, Bellamay, get your asses in the ring.” Sensie said.

I guess I was fighting Kidd. He noticed this too.

“Oi! Sensai!” He yelled.

“Nani?” Smoker asked lighting another cigar.

“Are you trying to say that I’m weak enough to be sparing with a girl?” He growled.

“I wouldn’t take it as an insult, Kidd.” Ace told him, “I’ve lost to, Ceerie too many times to count.”

“Eustass,” Smoker started, “You’re an exceptional fighter, and I’ll show how impressed I am with you. With skill, endurance, stamina, agility, and ability the girl has every last one of you beat so badly it’s hard to even imagine. You’re the closest to her skill level, take it as a compliment. Now shut up and let your peers have a go.”

He sat back down begrudgingly. I just smirked to myself.

Killer had Bellamay pinned easily, but I knew he wasn’t an easy opponent, so I gave Killer props for taking him down.

Kidd and I walked into the ring, I could feel he was seething for being paired up with me.

“You get the first move.” I told him.

“Don’t do me any favors!” He growled and came running at me swinging a strong right.

I moved out of the way, he retaliated with a left. I moved again.

By this time he was furious. He started punching wildly and kicking where he could.

He had good defence, I couldn’t find any openings until his breath got ragid. I Brought my right fist in for an upper cut jab into his ribs, then my left went for his head(We were all wearing padding by the way), and I swung around for a kick that sent him into the ropes. He kept coming at me, and I was surprised when he’d been able to take three direct hits from me and still want to fight.

I balled my right fist and sent that dead center of his chest sending wavering, but I knew that wasn’t enough. Left face, right face, left stomach, right face, and kick.

He was down. I heard gasps from most of the class, and cheers from the three that weren’t gasping.

“You okay?” I asked him, bending at the waits over top of him.

“Bitch.” He muttered.

I smiled, he was a sore loser. But I still offered my hand to him. Once again he swatted it away and got up on his own.

I shrugged it off and went back to my seat. My onii-chen smiled at me.

“Kidd, I suggest you stop swinging your limbs around wildly and actually contemplate the situation.” Sensei told him, “Good work all of you. I think for the rest of the semester these will be your partners, unless your skill changes so drastically that I need to make changes. Now hit the showers.”

We all got up and headed for the change rooms.

I was glad for the hot water on my body, Kidd gave quiet the work out. Even my aniki couldn’t do that to me.

I dried off and got dressed quickly and headed out into the hallway waiting for the bell to ring. We always had to wait in the hall for any kind of phys ed.

The door to the boys locker room opened and out came Bepo, Luffy, and Bege. Luffy and I talked a little until Ace and Sabo came out along with Killer.

“Oi, killer.” I called.

“Nani?” He asked from behind his mask.

“Great job in the ring with Bellamay. I fought him before, I know he isn’t an easy battle.” I said.

“You made taking Kidd down look easy.” He told me.

I smiled a little, “He’s a lot stronger than I first thought, not even my Onii-chen can take that many hits from me and still be concise.”

“R-really?” He asked.

I nodded, “I kinda wish he was on our team.”

I heard growling behind me and turned to see Kidd glaring holes into me.

“Great match-

“Whatever!” He hissed and stormed down the hall.

“Gomena, Killer.” I told him, “I may have just made your nakama mad at you.”

“Please don’t worry about it.” He told me.