Family Feud(One Piece Part 8)

I was right. It was a long day. Not only was it hard for me to wake up this morning, IT had come early. I hardly had time to eat breakfast because of the previous two things, I got jumped on the way to school my the Flamingo gang. I got yelled at not only by my sensie but by my principal Garp(Yes, Luffy and Ace’s grandfather), Bonney wouldn’t stop throwing Black liquirsh jelly beans at me all class and my sensei said nothing about it. At lunch I had to go to the nurses office because my head, eye and stomach were killing me, Dr. Chopper managed to give an aspirin, mydol, and a bag of ice. But then I had to skip lunch, I was actually glad about that, I wasn’t too hungry. Then my sensie held me back to yell at me more at the end of class, and I was late for fist fighting.

I sighed for the millionth time that day as I pulled my hair back and grabbed my padding. I was thankful that I at least got note to excuse my lateness.

-No one’s pov.-

“Has anyone seen, Ceerie?” Smoker asked the class of boys realizing his red-haired student was no where to be seen.

“Sakazuki-sansie held her back.” Said one Trafalgar Law.

“You’ve any idea why?” He asked the younger man.

“It’ll be pretty obvious when she comes in.” Kidd told him smirking.

Smoker was about to ask him to elaborate when the door to the change room opened and out came a small red head. She walked with her head down over to her sensie and handed him a note without a word and took a seat next to Luffy without saying a word or looking at anyone.

Smoker sighed, “You came in good time.” he told her, “I was just about to explain what was going on.”

The girl still didn’t reply.

Smoker sighed again and lit a new cigar.

“Alright, there’s a reason why Mihawk’s class is here with us.” He told all of them, “The school thought it would be a great idea if we collaborated in classes. Now, mihawk has already graded his students on same scale that we use. So a lot of you will be getting a new partner to spar with. However, we have an odd number, and in both classes one still reins supreem.”

“And who the hell might that be?” Some one in the small crowd growled.

Everyone that was originally in the fist fighting class pointed to the red haired girl that had come in late.

“And you’d be correct.” He hissed, “I was actually thinking of keeping her and Kidd together to spar all week.”

“Umm, sensie.” I small voice asked capturing all the men’s attention, he looked over to the red head as she lifted her head, he could see her left eye went black and bruises on her face, “If I may suggest, it would probably be beneficial to mix up everyone.”

“Yeah, but Kidd’s improved a lot while sparing with you.” He told her, then sighed, “But I was planing on doing that anyways.”

The man felt as though he had no choice, the girl was basically pleading with him not to put up against anyone.

“In that case, you’re without a partner all week, I want you lifting weights and at the punching bag to get ready for the meet.” He told her.

She nodded.

He started to list off who was partnered with who. And when he was done they left to start their training.

-Normal pov.-

I was thanking whatever God there was. He may not have been there for me in the morning, but he was with me right now.

I honestly didn’t think I could stay up if I were going against Kidd. The mydol was working fine until half way through last period.

I pulled my hands through my gloves and headed to the punching bags. I was letting out all of my anger and frustration of the day on this thing. But even I could tell I wasn’t nearly as fast or as strong as I usually am.

And I guess someone else noticed aswel.

“Alright, what happened?” Smoker sensie asked me holding the punching bag.

“I got jumped by the Flamingo gang.” I told him and kicked the thing, “I’ll be fine.”

He nodded not really believing me, “Now tell me what’s actually wrong.”

I stopped for a minute and looked at him while catching my breath.

“What are you talking about sir?” I asked.

He gave me a knowing look, “You’re a hell of a lot slower than you usually are, and this thing is barely moving.”

I looked away, “I guess I’m just not feeling well.” I told him.

he nodded, “I want a note tomorrow, exactly what’s wrong with you.” He told me.

I nodded, and he left. I went back to what I was doing, until he blew the whistle and told us to hit the showers.

The water felt good on my hot skin, but now I had to get my father to write a note saying I was just in the middle of my menstrual cycle and nothing more.

I dressed knowing it couldn’t get worse. But as I walked out of the changing room, realization hit me like a ton of bricks seeing my onii-chan together. I still needed to tell them.

I sighed again an dragged my feet over to them. It wouldn’t be easy to explain, but it was better than the cold shoulder.

“Yo.” I said coming up to them.

“Yo.” They said.

“Missed you at lunch, where were you, and what happened?” Sabo asked.

“I got jumped by the Flamingo gang walking to school.” I told them, “I went to the nurses office at lunch, I needed some aspirin.”

They nodded.

“Something on your mind, Ceerie?” Ace asked me.

I looked down then up at them, “You remember when we were little and I told you guys that if I become a Boss I’m going to need to distance myself from all those I care about?”

They nodded a little confused.

“The time is now.” I told them, “I know it’s sudden.”

They all grinned at me and Sabo placed a hand on my head, “We can always meet behind closed doors.”

I smiled and nodded.

“We’ll tell the others too.” Luffy told me.

“You don’t mind?” I asked.

They shook their heads, “Besides,” Ace told me, “It looks like you’re going to need to go home as soon as you can.”

I blushed a little and looked away.

“Arigoto.” I said and moved away, down the hall as the bell rang.

I left the school and hurried home. I really didn’t want to face anyone right now, and I knew sooner or later I was going to overload and break down. But there was good news when I got home.

“I’m home.” I called when I got in the door.

“Oh, Ceerie, there you-”

Daddan stopped mid sentence and I knew then this was not going to be good. She opened her mouth and sucked in a breath.

“SHANKS-SAMA!!!!!” Her voice boomed through the house.

“Nani, Daddan?” He asked coming to the foyay with Benn, Lucky, and Yassopp, “We were in a-”

And he too stopped mid sentence.

“Nani?” I finally snapped, “I got jumped by the Flamingo gang on my way to school!” I yelled, “I am alright! I don’t care I was in another fight! Yes, this time I did fight back! And I need note for fist fights telling my sensie I’m only on my period, can you write one for me?”

“Ceerie-hime.” The sweet voice of Makino cut through the foyay, “Come to the kitchen.” She told me, “I’ll give you some pain killers and make you some hot chocolate, neh?”

I nodded and followed her away from the scene. I sighed and sat down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar. She handed me two mydol, three aspirin, and a glass of water. I threw them all in my mouth and downed the water.

“Looks like you had a rough day.” She told me as she set water on to boil.

“You have no idea.” I told her as I pulled out my home work.

“You wanna talk about it?” She asked taking a tray out of the oven, instantly my mouth started to water.

“No.” I opened my math text book.

“I think your father has good news for you, if he gets over his shock.” She told me placing a hot mug and a plate of cookies in front of me.

“If he has good news for me, he’ll tell me.” I told her and flipped the page. I was almost done.

The kitchen doors were pushed open and in came my rambling father.

“So let me get this straight!” He said to no one inparticular, pacing around the room, moving his arms for enfasis, “You get jumped on your way to school, fight back, end up being late, then I assume you get yelled at by your sensies. And now you need me to write you a note about your menstrual cycle for your fist fighting class?”

“There’s a little more to that but you got the gist.” I told him taking a sip of my hot chocolate.

“What else could there be?” He asked flailing his arms around.

“I had to skip lunch to go to the nurses office for mydol, aspirin and some ice.” I told him, “Got held back and was late for fist fighting, and at the end of the day my onii-chen actually understood what I accepted to become a head, and have no problem with me becoming more distant to them, and telling our nakama what I told them.”

“Wow.” He said and slid onto the seat next to mine, “I thought I had a bad day. Oooh, cookies.”

“Help yourself.” I told him sliding the plate closer to him, “what made your day bad?” I asked switching over to history.

“Spies still haven’t found anything.” He told me, mouth full, “A couple of the logs in the forest had been there longer than anticipated.”

“What’s going on there?” I asked turning my attention from the industrial revolution.

“A few of the logs have begun to rot and go into the soil, making it a little hard for wagons to get over.” He told me.

“Get a few planks of wood and lay them where the rotting trees were, the planks will eventually rot aswell, but at least the grass will grow over them.” I suggested.

“That’s what I told them to do.” He told me, “And so far it works, but we still aren’t going to be able to get the road ready until the end of the week. Then Benn looked into the selling of the factory. First they didn’t want to sell it, saying that if we took it everyone would be out of business. But we finally got them to sell it to us, under a contract saying that when we get it running at least half of the hired workers will be from their town.”

“Weren’t we going to do that anyways?” I asked.

He nodded, “Some people just require a little more persuasion than others.”

“I’m glad we got it.” I told him going back to my homework.

“I realize you aren’t having a good day, but I would like to ask something of you.” He said, I looked up at him, “I have already arranged with the three of them for Friday after school that they would meet you at Bartie’s. But I would like it if you got to know Law, Killer, and Basil a little better.”

“Know and trust who you work with.” I whispered.

“Exactly.” He said, “Do you mind?”

I shook my head, “What amazes me is that you managed to get all of them to say yes to this.”

He had a sheepish smile on his face.

“Daddy~.” I sang as I smirked, “What did you tell them?”

He started to laugh nervously, “I may or may not have told them it was a date with you to discuss family maters.”

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“And I would like you to know that I am going on this ‘date’, after school, in my uniform, slightly sweaty from class. Okay?”

He nodded, “And I’ll write you that note for tomorrow.”