Information You Should Know

Greetings and salutations to all my readers out there reading this post. Thank you for sticking with me so far, but for right now I have a couple small and large announcements to make to you right now.

Just today I went to a site I used quite regularly called Quizilla. Now the reason why I say used is simple; “As of October 1 Quizilla will cease operation.” So a whole bunch of stories ranging from my ‘Red Shadow Hunt’ to my ‘Family feud’ Stories, along with a couple other one-shots and such that I honestly can’t see deleted or don’t want to risk having them deleted will be uploaded, and in bulk. I’m one of those people who likes to do things all at once, so probably a little later today, and or tomorrow you will receive a giant wave of stories from me. And because I know that my sight can be confusing at times, I figured I’d let you guys know in advanced. And then this brings me to my second point.

I’d been thinking about this for a little while, and I’m still considering it. But with Quizilla kinda shutting down as an outlet for me, it’s kinda the final push I need for this. I’m going to start a second blog. And on this second blog(Which will also be with wordpress, so don’t you worry your cute little heads) I will be tackling topics like I did in my ‘Teachers vs. Government’ post I put up the other day. I wanna do this because I recently realized that there’s a lot shit I have an opinion about going on, especially lately. And I want this blog to be for fun, where I write what’s on my mind in a story format, or just pump out straight lemons. And in a way I’m kinda happy quizilla is shutting down, now I can express myself without a filter. Once I get my new blog set up, I’ll put a link for it in my ‘About’ page. It’s literally the first thing you see when you come to my blog, so you guys’ll know.

So, yeah. That’s pretty much it. I’ll post here whenever I have something else I need to tell you guys, and keep you updated. So yeah, have a good one.