Family Feud(One Piece Part 11)

“Take care.” I told my father as I hugged him, “We don’t know what they might pull.”

“I know, princess.” He told me tussling my hair around, “You just take care of things here.”

I nodded and let him go. He and Benn waved as they left for the ceremony. The remainder of us went to the meeting room. There we had a denden mushi set up to watch the wedding. There were others in there to call the specialty sector, and a map of the town spread out across the table.

We sat down and waited for the transmission to come through. The second Bonney started to walk down the isal is when they would be contacted.

But before that I picked up on smaller denden mushi that was yellow and a blue and white stripped mask on. I pressed the button and instantly called the other end of it.

“Ring ring ring…. Ring ring ring…. Ring-”

“Yo, Ceerie. What is it?” Killer asked from the other end.

“How many guards does it look like are walking around?” I asked trying to get an idea of the set up of the map.

“I went through everything, three times thoruly.” he told me, “I haven’t seen anyone.”

I nodded, “Good job.” I told him, “Wait in your designated position, and I’ll call again when the attack is on.”

“Roger.” He told me.

I hung up, and went back to the mushi that had just started to transmit the broadcast. The first bit was just Black beard saying he was happy everyone could attend, and was glad he was about to take on his wife and such.

“Hawkins, what do your cards say?” I asked the man who had layed them out on an unoccupied section of the table.

“Odds look to be in our favor.” He told us, “Hmm.”

“Hmm?” I questioned.

“Apparently love will be found at the end of this.” He told me looking up from them, “The plan is good, we’ll have high chances of obtaining what we want. I haven’t found anything to indicate we’re going to lose anyone. But I never found a love card come out when it was about something like this.”

“First for everything.” I told him, “Maybe you find that special girl.”

He shook his head, “The strange thing about this is it isn’t pointing to me, but rather you.”

“Me?” I squeaked, “Why would I fall in love during something like this?”

He chuckled, “You always have enjoyed blood baths.”

“This isn’t supposed to be blood bath.” I told him, my eyes darted around the room mainly waiting for Bonney to start walking down the damn isal. But Black Beard just wouldn’t shut up.

“Keep going.” I told him, “Maybe it’ll say who I fall in love with.”

“A head of you, Ceerie.” He told me, “And they won’t say.”

I growled a little and nodded.

The mushi finally turned away from Black beard and changed to outside the temple. There Bonney was beginning to walk up the steps. Lucky and Yassopp both extended hands to the denden mushis but I stopped them.

“Not yet.” I told them, “Not just yet.”

We waited, tension in the room was think. The only sounds were coming from the transmission and Hawkins reading his cards.

The transmission changed to the very back of the temple. Bonney came into view and the organ started to play.

I picked up the mushi for Killer and pressed the button.

“Hai!” He said when he picked up.

“Start.” I told him, “Call back every time you make more than two blocks of ground.”

“Yes, sir-er-ma’am.” He said and turned the mushi off.

Lucky muted the mushi, but kept the view on. The next almost hour was a complicated ballet of phone calls, orders, me climbing onto the table, ground being made, and red marker on the map.

“Ceerie.” Law said gaining my attention from drawing gain lines.

“Nani?” I asked looking up from where I kneeled.

“informants have come from the north and are attacking squad L. What should they do?” He informed,

I held out my hand for the mushi and he handed it over without a second thought.

“Don’t be stupid in this.” I told them my eyes glued to the transmission, they were just saying vows, “Who’s opposing?”

“Under grunts.” The squad leader told me, “But they’re a lot tougher than we had anticipated.”

I nodded, “Hold them back as long as you can, I’ll send in reinforcements.”

“Arigoto.” He cried.

I tossed the receiver back to Law and reached across the table to squad Z’s mushi. I pressed the button and they answered instantly.

“Aye sir?” The leader asked ready for anything.

“Squad L is in sector, thirty-seven, just west of you.” I told him, “Enemies are starting to come in, go and aid them.”

“Aye, sir!” He yelled and hung up.

I picked up Killer’s mushi as I put the other one down and tucked the marker behind my ear.

“Ceerie?” Killer asked.

“We have enemies coming in.” I told him, “I need you to do something for me.”

“Anything.” He said.

–No One’s Pov.–

“Got it?”Ceerie asked the Blonde man out on the battle field.

“I got it.” He replied before hanging up.

He took his troops and headed over to the far east side of town. If the enemies managed to get through that side they could split them up, and then they were screwed.

In the temple, the ceremony was just concluding. Red Haired Shanks was giving the final blessing, before the reception could happen.

“I wish both of you a long and happy marriage, and may it be blessed the beauty of loving each other.” He said.

“Arigoto.” Black beard laughed, “Come.” He said to the pink haired girl next to him, whom had a sour look on her face, “We’ve a party to go to.”

She nodded and followed behind him.

Shanks looked at Benn, Benn looked back. They both knew they should be getting back know. Or risk death by either Black Beard or Big Mama. It was going to be about now that they found out was going on anyway.

Back at the mansion the office was a mess, dendens going off every second, yelling, and red marker everywhere.

“What do you mean, you can’t advance?” Ceerie snapped into one of the dendens, “Why not?”

“The Flamingo gang is blocking us.” The man on the other end cried.

She sighed and pushed some of her red hair back behind her ear, “Hang on.” She told them, “I’ll have help over in a few moments.”

“Thank you.” He said and hung up.

She spun around on the table and picked another denden.

“Ace!” She shouted, without ever waiting for a reply, “Rose and his party are in trouble.” She went one, “Their about three blocks behind you to the west. They need your help.”

“On my way!” He shouted back and hung up.

The girl sighed and went back to answering mushis, barking orders, and colouring the map. But in all the confusion no one noticed a still and silent Basil Hawkins, that was staring at the cards in front of him in utter shock.