Interview With A Vampire; Vampire Chronicles A Lastat De Lioncourt One-Shot

I’ve never been like average, ever since I was born. I never fit in with anyone. I never cared for people like Justin Beiber, Celine Dieon, Robert Patterson. I’ve never been too into sports either.

After my seventh birthday I realized that no one loved me. My parents thought about putting me up for adoption a couple of times, but decided against it when they realized I was listening.

At the same time, how could I blame them?

Look at me. I’m hideous.

I have white eyes, my irises are white. My hair is blacker then the night. I’m un naturally skinny, but at the same time I’m extremely strong and athletic. I never see things like other people.

And then I had a few bad habits I can’t seem to kick.

I can never stop talking like someone from over a hundred years ago, even though it’s 2013. I enjoy the sight of blood, sometimes I’ll just cut my finger or wrist or something just to see it. And my mother doesn’t approve of this one in the least, I enjoy walking in the rain, no umbrella, no coat, sometimes not even shoes.

I was doing that right now. My parents were arguing again. They weren’t happy with the grade I got on an assignment. It’s not that I was stupid, I just gave up trying. No one cared, why should I?

I was just hoping for someone to give me a purpose. But, it didn’t happen.

I’m seventeen. I don’t know why I’m still acting like a young child, but I just keep wishing for someone to come along and knock me off my feet.

I stared down at my old broken black high tops. I liked them. Neither of my parents did. But they didn’t complain.

I think they stopped caring when I came home with my ears pierced in different places.

I closed my eyes enjoying the cool sky water wash over me, slowly dripping off all my worries and stress with it.

“Watch it!” Someone hissed as I bumped into them.

“Sorry.” I mumbled lowering my eyes.

This was another habit. I never liked anyone looking into my eyes. I never liked them to see the colour they had. So I kept my head down and my eyes out of view.

“You’re that weird girl from school aren’t you?” He asked.

I knew who it was, but I didn’t say anything. I just nodded.

“How about we show her a trick or two?” Someone else said.

“Sounds like fun.” Another said.

I just realized that there were about six guys in total.

They grabbed me and dragged me down. I didn’t struggle. What ever they wanted to do to me, it wouldn’t matter.

“No fight huh?” One asked as he started to rip my shirt off.

I wasn’t fazed.

Suddenly all the guys were off me. I sat up quickly and looked around. The one that was ripping my shirt was lying there dead. I turned around. All the others were too.

I felt cold suddenly and I was thrown against the wall, a man with long blond hair was staring down at me.

“I have just killed all of them.” He told me.

“How?” I asked quietly.

He smiled grimly and said, “I drank their blood.”

I wasn’t fazed.

“What would you say to me whipping your memory of all this?” He asked.

“You’re a vampire?” I asked.

“Yes, my dear.” He told me licking his lips. I could see the blood from the boys still on his teeth.

I moved my head so that he had full view of my jugular.

“Do the same to me as you did to them, if you wouldn’t mind.” I said.

He roughly moved my head so he was staring into my eyes, I felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze. This was a first for me.

“Why, do you wish to die?” He asked, almost demanded.

“I do.” I said, “No one will care at all. My parents hate me, no one cares. If I die then I’ll become happy. And if I can put myself to any use of someone I am in debt to, then I will. A vampire needs blood. I have some, take it.”

“What do you owe to me?” he asked leaning down close, I could feel his warm breath on my neck, I could smell the blood on hid breath.

“My virginity.” I told him closing my eyes, “You saved me from loosing it to them. I owe you that, you may take my blood if you wish.”

“What kind of girl are you who wants nothing more than to die?” He asked me.

“One of a kind, I suppose. I’ve never been like any other person my age, let alone a girl.” I said.

“If I wish to drink your blood, I may?” He asked, like he was making sure he could.

“As you wish, I will not object.” I told him.

“Perhaps, I will see you again.” He told me.

And he was gone. Before that though, I could have sworn I felt something on my neck.

The sun started to peek out of the clouds. That was my que. I walked back home.

Needless to say my parents weren’t happy with me being soaked and my shirt ripped.

I ignored them and went to my room. I blasted the music and turned on my computer.

‘Vampires’ I typed into the google search bar.

I researched what just happened.

Vampires can’t be in sun light, vampires don’t like garlic, a vampire can turn a person into a vampire if they drink that person’s blood and have that person drink their’s. I found a few interesting things through that. I never payed attention when we learned about mythical things. I prefered history.

I showered and changed into a pair of pjs. I stared at my ceiling a good half the night wondering just what the hell happened.


The next day was the usual. I walked to school. My teachers ignored me other than attendance, everyone laughed at me after I passed them, someone stuffed junk into my locker and it all spilt out onto me when I opened it, I ate alone at lunch reading, and was pushed down during the time we ran laps in the gym. Not to mention, I felt miserable all day.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy from the other day. That vampire.

I remembered how his eyes dug into me, like no one else could. How I almost trembled under his gaze. The way he roughly pushed me up against that brick wall and talked to me like we were almost equals. I remember the way his blood scented breath tickled my neck. And the way that he saved me and left me standing there in wonder in a blink of an eye.

It had been raining all day today too. I had no coat, wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I bumped into someone.

“Sorry.” I mumbled looking down.

“Well, it seems we met again.”

My head shot up.

There he stood in the rain holding a black umbrella over his head, smirking at me.

“You.” I said.

“Why yes it is me.” He said almost snobbish, “And whom are you again, I forgot to ask last time.”

“Alex.” I told him, “And whom may my rescuer of the day prior go by?” I asked.

“Lastat.” He taking my hand and kissing it, “Lastat De Lioncourt, at your service.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you Lastat De Lioncourt.” I told him.

“If you do not mind my inquiry,” He said, “What might a lovey young lady such as yourself be out in the rain without cover?”

I shrugged, “I love the rain, when I die it will be the one thing I miss.”

I hadn’t noticed until now, but the rain was falling, but not on my anymore. Lastat had the umbrella covering both of us.

“Why do you wish to die so much?” He asked me, “Why do you wish for it?”

“What happiness do I have?” I asked him, “You saw yesterday, they wanted to rape me and if not for you they would have in a minute without any regret. No one would care about me anyway. My parents have considered numerous times to place in an orphanage, or put me up for adoption. You see those people over there?”

I motioned to the open shop containing people staring.

“What about them?” he asked.

“They watch me like a hawk every time I go by their shop. I never touch anything, but they always glare at me, like they don’t want me to exist.” I told him, “I have no one. I never have and I never will. I’ve come to except that. So if you aren’t here to take me up on my blood offer, then please, I must be going.”

I turned to leave, but he caught me.

“I wish to speak with you more.” He said.

I straightened up a little and looked him up and down.

“My parents won’t be home for a few hours.” I told him, “We can talk there.”

“Thank you.” he said.

We continued to walk. He held the umbrella over each of us. I didn’t object. I prefered the rain, and to be by myself. But right now, walking home with someone, covered, and dry. It was nice.

I unlocked the door and let him in.

“A very nice place you have here.” he said taking off his coat.

“It’s alright, I suppose.” I told him.

He simply smiled knowingly. I rolled my eyes and showed him to the kitchen.

“May I get you anything?” I asked.

“Coffee, if it’s not too much?” He said sitting on one of the stool for the breakfast bar.

I turned on the coffee pot and got out two mugs.

“What do you take?” I asked.

“Black.” he said.

I nodded and poured some sugar into one of the mugs.

“What did you wish to talk about?” I asked him leaning forward on the counter across from him.

“There is one thing I think you might find interesting.”

“Go on.” I said as I turned around and poured the coffee.

“I’m about to give you a choice, I never had.”

I gave him his cup and sipped from mine slowly.

“How would you enjoy, being a vampire?”

I brought my cup away from me and rested it on the counter, still in my hands.

“Why do you offer it to me?” I asked.

“You are not like any other girl, Alex.” he told me shaking his head as he held the hot cup in his hand, “You have no fear, you feel no pain, you care not for anyone around you-

“That is a lie if I ever heard one.” I told him. He stared at me shocked for a minute, “I care about everyone who’s close to me. They don’t care about me. I get in the middle of my parents and have them yell at me so they don’t have the energy to yell at each other. I don’t fight back when someone at school bullies me because I know I can beat them in a second. I don’t cause anyone trouble, I don’t want their lives to be any harder than it already is!”

“And you truly, care.” he said.

“Alex, do you not realize how rare that is to some by?” he asked me.

“No, Lastat.” I told him, “You tell me.”

“Everyone says they care. But do they?” He said, “No, you care Alex. If any of them cared, they wouldn’t hate you. If any of them cared then you wouldn’t be alone.”

“Lastat, you’re just raising my point.” I told him, “I need you to drink my blood. I need you to kill me. My parents have locked up everything that you could possibly think of that I could use to kill myself with. I need to die.”

He sighed and looked down. I leaned forward thinking he’d say something against it.

Instead he lunged forward and brought me close. He put his lips to my neck. He licked slightly and then bit. I felt my blood rush out of my body, I was starting to grow numb. I clung to his shirt. Then it all stopped.

He held me in his arms like a dip for a dance.

“Have you tasted death enough?” He asked.

“No….” I trailed off.

I remember seeing his face in shock, then everything went black.


I woke up the next morning in my bed. I looked around, there was a note on my bed side table.

You’re an idiot, Alex. You have things to live for. There has to be someone out there who cares for you, you just don’t see it. If you accept my invitation of becoming a vampire, I will be in the same spot we first met. If you accept, say your good byes to the light. If you don’t, then I suppose this is good-bye for us.

-Lastat De Lioncourt

I put it down and got dressed.

I walked down the stairs. My parents were home. I forgot, it was Saturday.

“Some one decide to sleep in.” My mom commented on as I came into the kitchen and grabbed a cup od coffee.

“I’ll be home late.” I told her drinking it, not sugar this time.

“Why, don’t you actually get friends or something?” She asked.

“I’m just going for a while, I’ll be back.” I told her.

I grabbed my denim jacket and slid on my favorite shoes.

“Bye mom, bye daddy.” I said and left.

I walked down the streets, letting the sun bath over me. I never usually liked it, but for some reason I did today. I didn’t eat all day. I walked around, watched the clouds, the way the shadows were. Everything. I knew what I was going to do.

After I watched the sun set I walked to the place I first met Lastat.

I saw a figure leaning up against the side of the building where he had pinned me.

“Lastat?” I asked meekly.

He shot towards me.

He bit my neck, my blood was draining again. My heart was starting to beat slowly. I clung to his shirt as my body began to feel numb. My vision was starting to get blurry when he pulled away.

“I’ve drained you, Alex.” he told me, I could faintly see my blood on his mouth, “If I leave you now, you’ll get what you want. You’ll die. But if you choose to live, you can live forever. And you can feast on all the people who’ve ever done you wrong.”

“I don’t care about the people.” I said so quietly I almost could hear myself, “I wish to be with you.”

He could see him smile, almost sadistically.

He bit his wrist and weld it over my mouth so it poured into my mouth. I had never wanted that red stuff so bad in my life.

I reached up and grabbed him arm, pulling it down so I could get more. It felt so good going down my throat. I kept sucking until I saw pain go across his face.

I fell backwards onto the damp cement. Pain shot through me, my every muscle felt like it was having a spasm. I felt my airway constrict, my heart was beating so fast, I was afraid it was going to burst.

“Your body is dying right now, Alex.” Lastat told me, “Try and pay no mind. I know it hurts, but after that, you’ll be just like me. And as you wished, you can be with me for eternity.”

I felt like I could breath again. My heart beat became normal. All my muscles relaxed. I felt different.

“Lastat?” I squeaked.

“Yes?” He said.

“Is it normal to be hungry after this?” I asked propping myself up on my elbows so I could look at him.

“Don’t worry about that, my dear.” He said helping me up, “Let us feast, as we begin our first night of many together.”

He said as he wrapped one arm around my waist bringing me closer to him, and the other went to my head to cradle it. Then, he did something I was praying for. He pressed his lips to mine. I felt complete right then.

As we pulled away, I looked deep into his eyes, he did the same for me.

Perhaps he was correct. There is someone out there who cares for me. And I’m about to spend all of eternity with him.


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    i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a
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    • Thank you for the offer, but if I may be honest with you right now. I enjoy learning about vampires and their history and such, but I’m more interested into wiccanism and paganism. But thank you for the offer, it sounds quite intriguing.

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