Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, But Two Hates Can Equal Love(A Steve Randle One-Shot)

Music was pumping, people were laughing and yelling, smoke and beer filled the air. And I was getting hot and sweaty.

I was sitting in my boyfriend’s lap during a party at Buck’s. He was kissing me neck just the way I liked it. I ran my hands through his greasy hair. He bit my collar-bone and I pulled away.

“What?” He spat, we both had a few drinks.

“You don’t mark me up.” I told him staring down at him, “We agreed on that.”

“Honey, a greaser don’t agree to nothing he don’t like.” He said and smirked going back to my neck.

I pushed him off and left his lap. He grabbed my wrist as I tried to walk away.

“You ain’t going anywhere you bitch.” He hissed through the music.

I yanked my wrist away, whirled around and punched him right in the nose. Probably breaking it again.

He stumbled back and glared at me. I glared back.

“Somethin’ wrong here?” I heard the most familiar voice ask.

“I don’t know, Bro.” I said still staring at him, “Do we Tim?”

He hissed knowing he lost. He could take me. He could hold his own with Dally. But the infamous Winston siblings together. I doubt he had a death wish.

He stood up and left.

“We’re done!” I yelled to him over the music.

“You’ll come crawling back before the weeks over!” He called back.

I looked timidly over at my older brother.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Told you he ain’t nothin’ but trouble.” He told me messing up my blond hair.

“So are you.” I said pushing him off, “So am I.”

We laughed lightly and headed up to our room.

Dally was my best friend, I could never ask for anyone better in my life than him.

“You gonna go back?” he asked after he shut the door muffling the noise from downstairs a lot.

“Not a chance in hell.” I told him lighting up a weed, “He always begged me to come back when he was drunk. And you know me, I can’t stand to see a greaser cry.”

“Yes you can.” He smirked at me.

“He’s the exception.” I said blowing my smoke at him.

He was referring to the man I couldn’t stand. I knew for a fact he felt the exact same way as I did.

Growing up I teased him a lot. Made him go home and cry. I sometimes would beat him up if he called me something, or if he just pissed me off.

Our friends found it funny. He was a year older than me. Yet I threw him around like he was a doll. He’d always fight back with me. But never win.

Steve Randle. I loathed him.

Everything about him; his cocky attitude, his being rude to everyone, he’s thinking guys are superior to girls, the way he treats his girlfriends, and worst of all the way he confuses me.

I don’t know how, but every time I see him, or get near him, or I’m arguing with him, or something like that, I get this weird feeling in my stomach like I’m gonna be sick. I kinda like it too. But I hate him.

So I hate the kid, and he gives me this feeling that I like.

See, he confuses the hell out of me!

The worst part is we have mutual friends, and we work together.

I have a part-time job at the DX. Originally it was to help the Curtis brother’s with the bills. I figured I’d take a little of my money and give Soda the rest. He was a real good buddy of mine. But he knew I loathed his best friend.

Hell! Everyone did!

I put the cigaret out and threw my shoes off. I layed back on my bed and fell asleep. I was thinking about me and Dally on the run like we always were.

Being wild, free, no cares in the world, always having each other, never needin’ anything more than that. That’s the way I liked it. That’s the way I wanted it.


“Sky. . . . Sky. . . . Sky!”

I opened my eyes and looked up at my brother’s blue eyes.

“Morning.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes.

“Finally.” He said, “I was beginning to think you’d never wake up.” He joked.

“I ain’t gonna let you off that easy.” I said as I sat up.

He tossed me my shoes and I put them on.

We grabbed our jackets, and picked up my DX shirt from the floor on our way out. We were headed to the Curtis house.

When we got there the usual.

Two-bit glued to the tv, Darry making breakfast, Pony looking for his school stuff, Soda asking for jeans, Johnny sitting in the corner, and of course. . .

It was stuffing its face with chocolate cake.

I rolled my eyes and plopped down next to Two-bit.

He wrapped an arm around me and brought me close.

“Hey clouds how you doin’?” He asked.

I shrugged, “Not bad Mickey, you?”

He was like a second brother to me, Dally never minded even though I was a blond. I wasn’t anywhere near Two-bit’s menu.

He said, and I quote, “I value my life too much to think about touchin’ you, nothing personal” This was after I asked him why he went after almost every blond he sees except for me.

“Not, bad.”

I nodded and slipped out from under him. I took off my leather jacket and pulled on my DX shirt over my white wife beater.

“We’re gonna be late!” Darry yelled.

I jumped up and followed him after saying ‘bye’ to the guys. I was followed by Soda and Steve.

“Don’t kill each other!” Darry called as he dropped us off.

I rolled my eyes and headed to the garage.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” He spat.

“To work.” I said back smart ass-ly, “You should try it sometimes.”

He put his arm out and blocked me from going through the door to go into the garage.

“I work in there.” He hissed.

“Not today.” I growled.

“Wanna bet?” He asked getting to my eye level, as I was shorter to him.

Damn it! There it is again. I feel sick, like there’s something in my stomach.

“Sky! I need you to be on counter today! A bunch of girls are dropping by!” Soda yelled stopping our fight.

I glared at Steve, and he glared back as we walked to our designated positions for the day, and did as we normally do. Work.

Noting really happened until after school let out. Girls came flooding in, just to see Sodapop. They came in and bought something every once in a while, but not really.

“Hey Sky.” Pony said as he came in, Johnny, Two-bit, Dally, and for some reason Curly Shepard following him.

“Finished in the brain washing facility?” I asked as Two-bit cracked up a little.

“For the day.” he droned.

I nodded.

“Don’t touch any of that kid.” I spat as I saw Curly eyeing the candy.

“I wasn’t gonna take non.” He said walking up to the counter, “Only reason why I’m here is ’cause my brother asked me to tell you something.”

“And what’s that?” I asked not caring in the least what he had to say.

“Just that he’s expecting you back in his bed about midnight.” He grinned.

I hopped over the counter, Two-bit was holding me back from killing the little creep. Johnny and Pony were doing their best with Dally.

“Why don’t you tell that cunt of a brother of yours that the only way he’s ever gonna get anything in his bed is a rabid sewer rat that wants to rape him!”

He stood there shocked for a minute but then left. Everyone had burst out laughing.

I hoped back over and sat on the stool behind the counter.

“Sky, you hang around Two-bit too much.” Dally told me when he calmed down.

“Who else am I supposed to hang around after you’re jailed?” I asked, “Steve?”

“I’d be a start.” He said leaning over.

“You’re one hell of a stupid brother you know that.” I growled to him.

“And you’re a pretty mouthy brat considering everything I’ve done for you.” He hissed.

We smirked evilly at each other for a couple of minutes until I heard the bell of the front door open.

I turned away, and there she was. Dyed blond hair, high heels, cake face, mini skirt, shirt that shows a hell of a lot more than it covers, and chewing about a half a pack of gum. Evie.

“Hi, Sky.” She said cheerfully coming up to the counter, I might not of liked any of the guy’s girls, but even when it was Sylvia or one of Steve’s I was always polite.

“Hey.” I said.

“Steve here?” She asked.

I groaned and rolled my eyes pointing to the back. She nodded and left.

“Why do you hate him so much?” Two-bit asked sitting on the counter.

“Because he’s Steve Randle.” I told him, “I can’t stand that.”


We walked back to the Curtis place and bummed around a little.

Two-bit and I were wrestling around on the floor like always. The guys were cheering for either of us. Of course it was always like this;

Dally cheered for me, Steve cheered for Two-bit, Johnny cheered for me, Pony cheered for Two-bit, Soda Cheered for me, when he was here Darry cheered for Two-bit.

This would sometimes switch if one of us wasn’t feelin’ too good or something. But two things were always the same. Dally’d always cheer for me, Steve’d always cheer for Two-bit.

“I win!” I yelled in Two-bit’s face as I pinned him.

“Wanna bet?” He asked.

Then flipped me. That didn’t last too long as I flipped us and put him in a head lock. And my grip was deadly.

“Holler Uncle!” I ordered.

“Never!” He yelled trying to get free or bite my arm.

I tightened the grip and it was getting hard for him to breathe.

“Uncle!” He choked out dramatically. I let him go and sat up smiling. He took dramatic gulps of breath and panted like he was about to die.

“You’re a wimp.” I said shoving his shoulder.

“Am not you are.” He said sticking his tongue out at me.



“I know I am, thank you.” I said victoriously.

His face dropped knowing he had been defeated.

I high-fived Soda, Johnny, and Dally wrapped me in a hug.

“You’re going soft.” I teased when he let me go.

“Quiet down other wise it’ll be the last you say.” He told me darkly.

“You ain’t ever gonna hurt me, Dal. You know it.” I told him.

The phone rang bringing us out of our little sibling brawl as we call it. Soda answered.


“Yeah, he’s right here.”

“Steve, phone.”

He picked it up, “Hello?”

He got quite after that.

“No I understand, don’t worry. Bye.”

He hung up and ran his hands through his hand and collapsed on the couch, burying his head in his hands.

I walked up and poked him lightly.

“Randle, what’s up with that?” I asked.

He looked up and glared at me.

“Non, of your freaking business.” He snapped. He stood up and pushed me back, sending me to the floor. He them stomped out.

“Steve!” I yelled and tried to rush after him, but was stopped.

“Let him vent, Sky.” Soda told me holding me back, “I think the last thing he needs right now is you teasing him about this.”

“I need to know what’s goin’ on.” I strained and tried to pull away but he held tighter.

“Come on, he’s only gonna explode on you anyways.” He told me.

“I don’t care.” I said still struggling.

“Why do you care so much, I thought you hated him?” Two-bit asked.

“I do.” I said finally getting out of Soda’s grasp.

I sighed, “Maybe you guys can explain this to me?” I said.

“We’ll try.” Darry told me.

I passed around a second, and walked a little so I was practically in the door way of the kitchen. I turned back and looked at all of them.

“I hate Steve, with ever fiber of my being.” I began, “But for the weirdest reason whenever he’s talking to me, fighting with me, or just around me in general, I get this weird feeling. Like I got somethin’ in my stomach, like it’s almost flutterin’. I feel sick and I like it. What’s wrong with me?”

I looked around. They were all staring at me like I was crazy.

Soda then broke out in a smile and jumped up from the couch.

“Congrats Sky!” He said beaming, “You’re in love with ol’ Stevie.”

I stared at him shocked for a minute. Did I?

I burst out laughing sliding down the wall, crying. I was laughing so hard. I think it took about five minutes before I calmed down fully.

I whipped away the tears and looked at Soda dead in the eye.

“I like the joke, now what’s the truth?”

“That is Sky.” he told me.

“No possible.” I said standing up.

“Maybe it’s true, but you don’t realize it.”Darry told me.

“Whaddya mean?” I asked.

“You know how little boys would tease a girl because he likes her and doesn’t know how to express it? That’s what you’re doing Sky. You’re so unaccustomed to dealing with stuff like this you use nasty words and violence to deal with it.” He told me.

I thought for a minute.

Me and Steve had been through a lot. He beat Tim up for me after we first broke up for cheating on me. He stopped Socs from jumping me about a year ago. He never tackled me too hard in football. He was nice enough, and he wasn’t too bad lookin’ neither. But who he was. He just pissed me off.

Then again so did Tim, so did Curly, so did Socs, so did Buck, so did Dally some times.

I thought really hard. I never knew how to deal with anything other than rage and hate, just like Dally taught me. So I treated everything like that.

No, no I didn’t completely hate Steve Randle.

Standing there thinking, all I could do was run.

I ran out that door with everyone calling after me. I didn’t care. I too off. I let my feet carry me where they wanted to go. But I didn’t stop. Not until I collapsed.

I tripped and sat up. Looking around. I caught my breath and took in my surroundings.

This was the scrap yard we came to for car parts. All of us. Soda and Steve, Pony sometimes. I’d tag along if asked.

I stood up and climbed over the fence. I hit the ground with a muffled thud.

I started walking around. I didn’t know why but I did. In the moon light of the night I saw a shadowed figure leaning over a car.

“Steve?” I asked almost meekly.

“What?” He snapped harshly.

I was used to this so I wasn’t phased in the least about he was acting.

“I wanna know what’s wrong.” I told him stepping closer.

“Non of your damn business, Sky!” He yelled into the night air, “Why don’t you go back wrestle more with Two-bit, or to Buck’s make out with Tim again.”

“I’m done with him.” I told him.

He paused, stopped moving, I mean. But he didn’t look at me.

“I broke up with him and I ain’t never gonna go back to him.” I told him, “I think I wore Two-bit out for today anyways. Sides, I think it’s best I come and see how you’re doing.”

“Why? So you can go around and tell everyone?” He hissed.

I shook my head stepping closer, “I’m sorry okay, I never knew how to cope with what I was really feelin’ towards you.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” He almost snapped, but this time he looked at me.

“I don’t know.” I told him, “Not for sure anyways. Soda said I loved you, but I doubt it.”

I looked at him, his brown eyes were starting to bore into me.

“I get this feelin’ in my stomach.” I told him placing a hand on my tummy, “I feel it right now too. It’s like there’s something in there, fluttering almost. I feel sick, and for some reason I really like it. But I find it weird ’cause over the years I told myself I hate you.”

“Butterflys.” He told me looking down back into the car engine.

“What?” I asked.

“You have butterflys in your stomach.” He told me looking back at me. I was taken back slightly. His voice was gentile this time.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Soda was right.” he told me.

“Oh.” I replied looking away. I felt my cheeks start to heat up a little.

“I feel ’em too.” he said.

My head shot up and I stared at him.

“You what?” I asked.

“I feel ’em too, Sky.” He told me, “The butterflys. I’ve always ignored them ’cause I knew you hated me. I figured if you didn’t want anything then neither did I. I never hated you like I told you a million times.”

“Then how do you feel?” I asked, “About me, I mean?”

He looked at me. For once his eyes showed something I’ve never seen as he gazed over me. He walked up to me. My heart was pounding in my chest as he was so close. He tucked a strand of my white blond hair behind my ear. He cupped my cheek and leaned it. He pressed his lips firmly on mine.

Fireworks everywhere. I was on cloud nine right now. I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing him down, he snaked his around my waist bringing me closer to him.

We pulled away for breath. He kept his forehead on mine the entire time. He looked deep into my icey blue eyes. His brown ones were mesmerizing.

“I love you, Sky.” He said, “Always have ever since I first saw you.”

I bit my bottom lip, “What about Evie?”

“She was on the phone.” He told me, “Broke up with me. Not like it matters. I was only with her to get you jealous.”

I smiled and kissed him again. Better than before.

“I’m not sure since when, but Stevie, I think I love you too.” I said.

“Don’t call my that, Skyler.” He told me.

“Fair enough.” I said and brought him down again.

I never did end up getting back together with Tim ever again. Steve sweetened up a little after we got together. Dally never really worried about us as a couple.

The guys were happy we were together now. Excpecally Sodapop.

Steve and I still argue, quite often too. But it never stopped us and our love.

I think we’ve done each other a lot of wrong before we were together. I knew from experience that two wrongs will never make a right. But at the same time, two hates can equal love.