How do you?

Alright, this is going to be a new piece in this blog, I’ll probably put it up in my other blog too, I’m calling it ‘How do you?’ And basically this is where I come up with a really weird, crazy, and at times down right dumb question. And I want all of you guys reading now to go and comment with what you think the answer is. This will go on for thirty days after I put up the question and after that no comment will be accepted, this is completely open, feel free to google, read, yahoo, whatever for an answer. And at the end of the thirty days, I’ll pick the best comment and put it up so everyone can see who answered the best, in my humble, opinion. That sound good? Good!

Today’s question; How do you kill someone with a strainer?

You have until October 22 to comment with what you think the answer is, and then I’ll put the best comment up on the first page you see when you click on my site.

Good luck and have fun!



One thought on “How do you?

  1. all my contacts (Michelle and Himali) has sugessted that you bash them on the head and my answer shall be commented later ♥

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