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How do you know when someone is an idiot?


Cookies(An Ouran High School Host Club Mori One-Shot)

“Aye~-Chan~!” Tamaki yelled in a sing-song voice coming through the door of the kitchen in the host club where I was.

“Konichiwa, Tamaki-san.” I said and bowed upon greeting him.

“Aye-chan, may I make a special request of you?” He asked and handed me a red rose.

“If it involves baking, of course.” I told him, “Anything else I’ll need to hear first.”

He laughed lightly, “You’ve always been so funny, Aye-chan.” He said, “Mori’s birthday is coming up and we want to have a party for him here at the club. I was hoping you’d make a special cake for him.”

I smiled, “Of course, Tamaki-san.” I told him, “But I need one thing from you frist.”

“Anything, Aye-chan just name it!” He said.

“Would you mind finding out what his favorite kind of cake is for me?” I asked, “I figured since it was his birthday it should be his favorite instead of my regular vanilla or chocolate.”

“Of course, Aye-chan.” He told me, “I’ll let you know as soon as I know.”

I nodded and smiled as he left bolting to the club room. It was funny because it was joined, my kitchen was part of the host club.

Rezuko Aye, that’s me. Gomena for not introducing myself earlier, demo I’m sure you know Tamaki-san. he takes the attention easily.

I’m a third year here at Ouran, demo I’m supposed to only be a first year with my bast friend Haruhi. But I was put up a few years.

Anyways, I got dragged into this day after school started and Tamaki tasted my cooking, saying that he needed me to cook for the host club, and he’d pay me for it.

Kyoya-san really did love having me around. According to him I can make a dollar stretch farther than he could, and it saved him a bundle with buying sweet treats for Honney.

Honney loved me merely because I baked. Meaning Takashi-san had no problem with me either.

The twins were iffy at the beginning, demo, they found out I can have a lot of fun as well.

I live with my aunt because I was abused so vigorously by my father. My mother walked out on us when I was young and I never remembered her. My aunt works here at the cafeteria.

I don’t wear the uniform either, like Haru-hime(My nick name for Haruhi since we became friends) until Tamaki-san made her a host.

Instead I wear a white button up blouse without sleeves, a black, pleated, mini skirt, a thick black belt around my slim waist, thigh high black socks that end inches before they meet my skirt, and palmless, fingerless black gloves that go all the way up my arms only leaving my shoulders exposed.

A lot of girls don’t like the way I dress. But I do this for a reason. See, I can’t dress as girly as other girls can. I’d like to, but I can’t really. My dad abused me so much as a little girl that most of the bruises have become permanent. I have stitches and scars webbing along my body.

The only people who have seen this are my aunt, Haru-hime, my father, and of course the club. I told them and they made sure that they were the only ones with access to me while I was showing any of them at school.

I set out to work on the next batch of cookies. We were running low on the peanut butter ones, I assumes Takashi-san, he wasn’t a big one for cakes like Honney, demo, he loved my cookies more than anyone.

“Bad news, Aye-chan.” Tamaki-san said coming in day before the party, “Mori-sempi won’t tell me or anyone else what kind of cake he likes.”

I nearly face fell, if not for the banana bread I was holding.

“So I need to go from guessing?” I asked.

He gave an apologetic smile.

I sighed in return.

What kind of cake would Takashi like? I asked myself.

“Aye?” The person in question came in with an empty tray, “Out of cookies.”

“Oh, uh, Hia.” I said and grabbed a fresh batch.

“Nay, uh, Takashi-san?” I asked, “There’s been something that’s been bothering me for a while, would you help out?”

He nodded but said nothing.

“Tamaki-san, Karu-san, Hikaru-san, and myself are having a little contest between the four of us,” I informed while placing them on the tray, “We’re trying to figure out who likes what kind of cake best and why. I have Honney’s, Haru-hime’s, and Kyoya-san’s. Demo, I don’t have your. Would please inform me?”

I could almost see a smile.

“I thought you figured it out by now, Aye.” He told me, “I don’t like cake, I prefer cookies.”

“What kind?” I asked him hopefully.

“Any kind that you can make.” He said and without another word he picked up the tray and left.

Any cookie I can make? I thought to myself as a smile pulled at my lips.

“Happy Birthday, Mori-sempi!!” Tamaki, the twins, and Honney shouted.

I giggled.

“Aye-chan, would you be a dear and bring out the cake?” Tamaki asked me.

I smiled and wheeled out a large cart with a silver cover over top.

“I hope you like it, Takashi-san.” I said and pulled the cover off to reveal, not a cake, not cupcakes, but a giant mountain of cookies.

Takashi’s eyes went wide.

“All the cookie resipies I know.” I told him, “I know you prefer them to cake.”

Strong arms going around my waist and pulling me to a hard chest, “Arigoto, Aye.”

“It’s your birthday, Takashi, enjoy them.” I told him.

Tamaki picked one up.

“Nay, Aye-chan?” He asked.

Me and Takashi pulled away.

“Did you really put this on all the cookies?” he asked showing in blue frosting ‘Happy Birthday Takashi’.

I nodded, “It took a while, but it’s worth it.”

“No cake?” Honney whined.

I giggled, “You know me, Honney.” I told him, “I have plenty in the kitchen if you want some.”

“Cake!” He yelled dragging Haru-hime with him.

The twins followed closely behind wanting some too, Tamaki was not one to be left out, and Kyoya wanted to make sure they didn’t eat through the next few months of food.

“Arigoto, Aye.” Takashi said yat again.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me.” I told him, “You know I love to bake.”

“You know, Aye, there’s one thing hat would make this day even better.” He told me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

The only answer I reserved was him pulling me back into him by the waist meeting a string chest and having him press his lips to mine.

A small amount of contact, sent goosebumps through my entire body. He held me in such a way that I’ll never be able to describe.

It was the best day ever, because after we kissed, He sat me in his lap and we fed each other cookies.

The farthest thing from a crummy day if you ask me.

Trafalgar Law Baby Daddy(Sequel to ‘The Captain And The Cook’)

I rubbed my face as I sat up on the deck with most of the crew. It was a bright sunny day and we were finally above the water. Everyone was having a good time. Well, almost everyone.

I was feeling pretty sick lately, but managed to pass it off as drowsiness. I had been tired a lot more lately, excessive cravings for fish, I was running a little late on my period as well.

Sickness washed over me as I attempted to keep the contentsĀ of my stomach down. It was failed as I shot up and spun around emptying my last meal out into the ocean.

Bepo rushed over to help me worried of what was wrong. The rest of the crew was yelling in discussion of what could be wrong. And in the midst of all this excitement, non of us noticed our captain come up from below deck.

I spit in an attempt to clean my mouth, but still had a bitter taste. I stood up right and wiped my mouth.

“Aiden-san?” Bepo asked, “Are you alright now?”

I nodded, “It’s nothing to worry about.”

“It might be.” Greige, the navigator said, “You’ve been sleeping more than you usually have, been eating less, and now this.”

I whistled, “Better tell captain to move over, there’s a new doctor on ship.” I said and rolled my eyes, “You noticed all that, now what’s wrong with me?”

“How the hell should I know?!” He demanded, “You’re the only girl on this ship! Isn’t something to do with your time of the month.”

“For your information, no.” I hissed back at him putting my hands firmly on my hips, “All of this has been unusual for my period. But at the same time, you’re so grossed out by it you don’t wanna hear about it, do you!”

“Then why bring it up?” He seethed, ready to run away if need be. I was a respectable fighter that could take him any day.

“Aiden.” Captain spoke, we all froze.

“H-hai.” I squeaked, almost shocked. Was he mad I didn’t tell him anything about this earlier? Would he punish me like he did last time? I hope so. What if he sends me in shambles and gets a new cook? He wouldn’t do that he loves you. Now shut up and listen!

He didn’t say anything just motioned for me to follow him. I did, hurriedly. He led me down to the infirmary.

“Sit down.” He ordered.

I did instantly. I was worried he was going to mad at me.

“Symptoms?” He asked as he pulled out a couple of tools.

“Drowsiness, cravings, headaches, and now nausea.” I told him.

He nodded, “Anything else I should be aware of?” He asked sitting in front of me taking my blood pressure.

I blushed a little, and he looked at me closely.

“Aiden.” He questioned.

“It’s nothing really.”I said, “It’s more so something to do with our environment, or new fish or something.”

“Aiden.” He repeated and made me look at him.

“I’m late.” I whispered. I had to say no more. He understood. His hands slipped from my chin and arm, his face looked down.

I bit my lip wondering what was happening.

He then looked up at me smiling wide.

“C-captain?” I asked.

He stood up and pulled me close to him.

“You’re pregnant, Aiden.” He whispered in my ear, “You’re carrying my child. I love you.”

My eyes started to water as I pulled him closer and buried my head in his chest.

“Wonder what the crew’s gonna say.” I mumbled.

“Who cares?” he asked.

I smiled. Everything would be more than alright.

Eight and a half months later——->>>>>>>>

Well, we told the crew and needless to say they were ecstatic about it. Between both my and our captain’s glares as they were about to protest, who wouldn’t be happy?

I was sitting out on the deck in the sun with the crew. I was munching on berries, and Bepo was rubbing my ginormous tummy trying to feel the baby kick.

“Come on little captain, kick for Bepo-san.”

I smiled and looked around. It was a normal day. Until, I felt such a large amount of pain wash over me. I leaned forward and clutched my stomach.

“Aiden?” Bepo asked.

“Get Law.” I breathed as more pain came over me like it did.

Within seconds I was laying on the bed in the infirmary, Bepo telling me it was going to be alright and captain was going to make sure everything was okay. Law was getting ready or this birth. I was trying to breath as the contractions became more intense.

Four hours and many curses later—->>>>

I held a beautiful baby girl in my arms as her father washed his hands. She had her daddy’s dark hair and my green eyes.

I couldn’t believe something so beautiful came from something so painful. But as the saying goes, every rose has its thorns.

“So, the moment of truth.” Law said sitting next to me, I had long since stopped calling him captain over his request. It was now a word reserved for the bedroom.

“What do you want to name her?” I asked staring up at him.

He thought for a moment.

“What was that flower you loved s much again?” He asked.

I was stunned, “Camilia?” I asked.

He nodded, “Trafalgar Camilia.” he said.

I looked down at the bundle of joy I was holding.

“Trafalgar Camilia?” I said out loud, “I like it. It rolls off the tongue.”

He chuckled deeply and took our Camilia from my arms.

“Sleep my love.” He told my and caressed my cheek. I smiled and gently coaxed into a deep sleep.

Fast forward seven years——->>>>>>>

“Why not?” Camilia whined holding her stuffed bunny to her chest.

“You’ll to be trained in the proper ways first.” Law said turning the page in his paper waiting for breakfast.

“But, but mama always says the bast way to improve in something is to try, right?” She asked.

Law sighed and put his paper down to look at the little girl.

She had short choppy hair like her mothers, but it was dark like his, her eyes were bright green and pleading for an answer.

“Next time there’s an open heart surgery I’ll alow you to watch, but you will in no way take part.” He said firmly.

“What about handing you scalpels?” She continued to pester.

“Keep that up and I wont let you watch.” He said and went back to his paper, “What about becoming a chief like your mother?”

“Face facts, Law,” I said coming out with dishes full of hot breakfast, “Ever since she first saw you fight all those marines, Camilia decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a surgeon. Can you not deal with it?”

“I still love you mama.” She said and smiled up at me.

“I know.” I smiled down and placed a hand on her head, “I just want you to know how to cook well enough so you know what to do when you’re on your own.”

She giggled, “I will.”

I nodded, “Let her watch, and if she’s exceptional until that point she can assist, if even in cleaning up.”

He was about to open his mouth and protest.

“Please, Law, just humor me.” I begged.

“I wanna see Daddy do a trick to!” Camilia cheered.

We all couldn’t help but face palm, smiling in the processĀ of just how opposite she was of both her parents.