What If It Were Real?(Part 6)

The sounds of screams where in the air, blood splattered on the floor boards, and guts were pouring out of half alive victims stomachs.

The Kidd pirates had run into another pirate crew on the second half of the grand line, and like usual the captain wanted to fight. All of them boarded and prepared for battle. But unlike the rest of the time, there was an extra body on the Kidd’s side.

The short haired brunette tossed knives like they were nothing into vital parts of her enemies. She moved with such grace as she ran past those who were still alive and slicing them open like a loaf of bread. Unlike her male counter parts she wasn’t afraid to slice off the enemies masculinity in order to weaken them enough.

She was relentless. Even when the remaining fifteen survivors begged her and her captain for mercy, Captain Kidd nodded for her to finish them all off. And so she did, without any hesitation.

When the last body fell to the floor limply with a thud, the crew went to loot the ship for what it’s worth.

They then sent the ship floating on, on the sea waves to where ever it would like to take it. And they moved on, back to their regular life on the ship.

Torri’s pov.

I watch coldly as the ship floated out further and further. It was odd, I didn’t feel any remorse for killing them either. I actually felt good about it, like I’d done something I’d been deprived of my entire life.

I took a deep breath and held it a moment before exhaling.

I did feel really good.

“sandwiches are done!” I heard Mykhayla sing as she burst open the door heading into the dinning cabin.

“And I made all your favorites!” She giggled as she started handing them out to the crew.

I smiled and crossed my arms as I watched her, ‘She’ll always be this way.’

“Torri, we ran out of turkey breast, so I used ham, chicken, and roast beef. But your favorite cheese and bread is on here, along with mayo, tomato, cucumber, and lots of lettuce!”

“Thank you.”I said to her and took the food she offered me.

“Were we gone that long?” I heard Heat ask the girl as I took a bite.

“No.” Mykhayla said plainly, “It only really takes about one minute and forty five ish seconds for each sandwich, unless it’s grilled cheese, but you can multitask with them.”

Everyone kind of nodded and dropped the subject. It was nice to come back after something like that to something nice like this.

Meanwhile, twenty miles away. . . 

“Captain!” A man about thirty came running up to the captain who sat on deck talking into a mushi, “We’ve just identified a pirate ship heading our way!”

“Then stop it!” He snapped at the poor man.

“That’s the thing sir.” He started, “By the looks of it, someone else already has.”

The captain raised an eyebrow and then spoke into the mushi, “I’ll call you back.”

The captain instantly rose and went to see what his underling was talking about.

“I’ll be damned.” He said in disbelief when he saw a fairly notorious pirate flag still flying high, but there was no one on board that he could see.

“Prepare to board.” The captain called, all around him nodded and ran off to prepare.

When the ship came close enough they drew it in fully and boarded without hesitation. But when they crossed over, all the navy soldiers were appalled, and some where sick at the sight. The captain looked in utter horror. There was no way this was done by a no body crew.


The faint sound of a voice reached his ears as he saw there was one final survivor in this horrific mess.

The captain grabbed the half dead man and held him.

“Who did this too you?” The captain asked.

“I don’t know.” The pirate said, “I know the captain had fire-y red hair, and yellow eyes. There was one with long blonde hair and spinning sythes on his arms. Another breathed fire. And one was in a cloak.”

“The Kidd Pirate crew.” The captain growled, “Those men are some of the cruelest pirates this world has ever seen.”

“They weren’t all men.” He said, the Captain’s head snapped back to the injured man, “There was one who looked boy-ish, but she was the cruelest of them all. Even the captain didn’t immaculate any of the men.”

The Captain looked down on the pirate with utter horror. There was no way that Eustass ‘Captain’ Kidd would ever take a woman on his crew, not unless she could be a threat on some else’s crew to him.

“She must be really powerful.” The captain half laughed to the pirate, but then realization hit him when the pirate didn’t respond. He was dead. The wounds he’d received had been too great for him to withstand any longer.

“Find the Kidd Pirates!” The captain yelled to his underlings.

“Yes sir!” They yelled and went back to their ship to be sick once again.

Torri’s pov.

“Just get what you need.” Kidd snarled at the two of us when we told him we were going to get supplies.

“Don’t worry.” I told him, “We’ll hurry.”

Kidd just rolled his eyes as we turned and walked down to the town.

“Can we get ice cream?” Mykhayla asked as we walked down the path.

“Sure.” I smiled at her.

“Yay!” She said and began to jump up and down.

“Come on.” I told her and rolled my eyes as we pushed on.

“Coming!” She called after me.

We managed to find an ice cream stand easily, Mykhayla got vanilla and I got cookies and cream. We sat on  a bench over looking the sea as we ate them. We figured we should savor them instead of eating and running, besides it was a beautiful day out anyway.

We’d both just finished our cones and were just about ready to go out shopping, when I felt something prick the back of my neck. I felt my eyes grow wide, and wanted to alert Mykhayla to run, but I couldn’t even speak. I felt my eye lids get heavy and I was forced into a drug educed sleep.

–1.5 hours later–

I heard foggy words as I started to wake up. I was brought fully awake by a bucket of water getting dumped on me.

My eyes opened fully and I heard myself gasp because of the cold.

“Bout damn time you woke up pirate.” The marine in front of me growled. He was the one who threw the water on me, the bucket was still in his hands.

All I did was glare at him. He tisked and turned away from me to put the bucket down. I took the opportunity.

I was in a white room, sitting in a metal chair, my wrists bound together with rope, there were two marine officers in the room with me, that included the evil water guy, and I didn’t see Mykhayla.

That meant one of two things; either Mykhayla got away from them and managed to make it back to the ship, or they were holding her in another room.

Either way, I instantly wanted to disembowel them.

“Girlie, we have some questions for you.” The water guy told me, “And you’re going to be nice and answer them for us, and we’ll be nice back. But if you aren’t going to be, we’ll get mean.”

I didn’t respond, I just held his gaze as he said that, unblinking.

“This is gonna be a long day.” The other marine in the room said to himself.

Mykhayla’s pov.

I mumbled a little and rubbed my eyes as I yawned.

“That was a nice nap.” I said to myself.

I opened my eyes and looked around the room I was in.

“Torri?” I called out because I couldn’t see her, “Are you there?”

“Don’t worry.” I heard a strange male voice say, “She’s alright, we just wanted to ask her a few questions.”

“Okay,” I said shifting awkwardly, “When will I possibly be able to see her again? We have things to do and we need to get back or someone will be a mile past pissed at us.”

“That will depend on your friend.” he told me, “If she answers all the questions we have for her it maybe soon, otherwise I suggest you get comfortable.”

I sighed, “I assume we’ll be sitting here a while then.” I told him.

“What gives you that impression?” He asked me.

“She either speaks in English-giberish or not at all.” I told him.

“Then would you like to talk to me for a while?” He asked.

“Anything inparticular?”

“Your affiliation with the Kidd pirates crew.” He said calmly.

“What about it?”

“How do you know the crew?”

“Not very well.”

“I mean, how did you come in contact with the crew?”

“Fluke,” I told him with a shrug, “Kidd wanted Torri, and Torri wouldn’t go without me. So I somehow got suckered into this. But I’m not a pirate, Kidd refuses to call me one of his own. I’m just the sandwich maker.”

“How long have you two been traveling with the Kidd pirates?”

“32 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 25 seconds.”

“You keep track of all that?”

“Yes, yes I do. There’s nothing else for me to do on that ship other than keep time, and make sandwiches, because Kidd won’t let me mop anymore.”

“Is there anything you can tell me about the crew?”

“Their favorite sandwiches.” I told him with a smile, “Oh, and Heat’s shampoo! It’s wonderful!”


I spit out a small amount of blood from the last punch that guy gave me. I still refused to talk, and he was getting absolutely pissed at me.

“I’ll ask this one more time.” He growled at me, “What is your affiliation with the Kidd pirates?”

I just stared at him.

He then gritted his teeth and hit me again.

“You’re being a bitch!” He yelled at me.

I only spat the blood that was in my mouth on his face.

And with that he started pounding me like there was no tomorrow. But I had to smile. He wasn’t getting anywhere with me, and all I had to do to get to him was glare.

His tantrum session was cut short by a third officer entering the room.

The water guy stopped and looked at the new guy.

“Anything out of the blonde?” He asked.

“Nothing useful.” He stated and rubbed his face, “But I can tell you their favorite sandwiches.”

They all sighed.

“Any better luck here?” He asked.

They shook their heads, “She hasn’t spoken a word since she woke up.”

“If they don’t start talking soon we’ll have to escalate to real torture.”

“Maybe we should bring the blonde in here.” One of them suggested, “If we smack her around in front of this one, she might give us answers.”

“You wont get any answers.” I called to them.

“What was that?” The one marine snarled at me.

“I said, you wont get any answers.”

“So, now you decide to talk.” He chuckles, “Is there anything else you would like to say now that your mouth isn’t sealed?”

“Yes.” I said coldly, “You made two mistakes. The first was isolating me from Mykhayla.”

“And how’s that a mistake?” He laughed.

“Because she wont be able to see what I’ll do to you, so I wont have to hold back when killing you.”

“And how are you going to do that?” He laughed.

“That’s your second mistake.” I told him, a smirk pulling at my lips, “You bound my wrists in rope, and not cuffs.”


“Dun dun duhhhh!” I sang while doing the piano gesture.

“What the hell was that for?” The new marine in the room asked me.

“Ever have a feeling something really intense is going on with someone you know?”


“I’m having that right now!”

“I see…”


“And how are you going to undo the knots?” He asked.

“Amatures.” I said and rolled my eyes, “You don’t go for the knots, you go for the rope itself.” I lifted up my arms to show the broken rope on either wrist, “It breaks easier.”

When one of the marines reached for a gun I broke the neck of the guy in front of me and grabbed the knife he had on him.

I then lunged at the next nearest marine and stabbed him right in the heart, he spit up blood and fell limp against me. The last marine had gotten the gun and was firing it at me, but I used the marine that was still on my knife as a human shield. And when he ran out of bullets, I pushed the one off the knife and pounced on the last one bringing the knife down right between the eyes.

I waited a second before pulling the knife out and wiping the blood off on my jeans.

My knife holster was on the table, so I grabbed it and made my way out of the room as I pulled it on.

‘Hard parts over.’ I thought, ‘All that’s left to do is find Mykhayla, and escape. Easy.’


“Dun dun duhhh!” I sang again with the piano gesture.

“Again?” The marine asked me.

“Yup.” I said with a smile on my face.

Just then the door got kicked open and in the door way stood a red stained Torri.

“Oh, Torri! You’re okay!” I was happy when I saw she was alright.

“Yeah.” She said in her regular ‘I don’t care, but don’t mess with me’ voice,”Mykhayla, can you look out the window for about fifteen seconds?”

“Okay!” I picked up my chair and turned around to look out the window to see the blue sky. I heard a muffled thud about five seconds in, and wondered what is was.

“Can I turn around now?” I asked her.

“Yeah, sure.” She said to me.

I picked up my chair and turned around to face her again before taking my seat again.

I saw her wiping the same red substance as before on a clean spot of her jeans and the marine officer that was standing there confused before, on the floor without a head.

“That was fast.” I stated bluntly.

Torri shrugged, “You know I don’t like to wast my kill time on marines.” She told me.

I nodded.

“Let’s get out of here.” She said.

“Okay!” I said started towards the door, only to stop when I felt her hand on my shoulder stopping me.

“We can’t get caught again.” She told me slowly, “Meaning we’re going out that way.” And she pointed to the window.

“I see your point.” I said and nodded, “Let’s go.”

—Two hours later—

“Where the hell have you two been?” Kidd yelled at us as we approached the ship.

“Just shut up.” I told him, “It’s been along day, and I’m currently in no mood to deal with you Captain”

“Then what the fuck happened to your face?” He demanded.

“It’s the newest fashion trend!” I barked back at him, “Look like you’ve been through hell today! Maybe you should try it too, Kidd! I’d be more than happy to help you out with your look!”

And with that I pushed past him to bring all the stuff up into the kitchen.

Mykhayla’s pov.

Kidd watched Torri storm into the ship before turning his attention to me.

“What the hell happened to you two today?” He growled.

“Oh, you know.” I started, “We just had a nice conversation with some marines, no big deal.”

“And what the hell happened to her face?” He demanded.

“No sure.” I said honestly, “We weren’t in the same room.”

“What did they want to know from you guys?”

“Nothing much really.” I said, “But I told them about your guys favorite sandwiches.”

And with that Kidd face palmed and went back into the ship.

–Later that night–

I was sitting at the desk writing the log by candle light. I told about the island, and the slight marine disturbance that Mykhayla and I went through.

Mykhayla was on the bed reading a book, waiting for me to be done in order for us to go to sleep.

There was a knock at the door. Mykhayla got up to answer it.

“Oh hi, Killer.” I heard her say, “What’s up?”

“I got something for, Torri.” He said to her.

“She’s right there.” Mykhayla said to him.

I put the quill down and turned to look at him. He was carrying a tray in one hand.

“I thought you might want some medicine to elevate the pain and stop a possible infection.” He said a little sheepishly.

I smiled at him, “That’s kind of you, thanks.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, “But just what happened to you today?”

Sighed before replying, “Mykhayla and I got kidnapped by marines, and put in separate interrogation rooms. They wanted to know how we became members of the Kidd pirates and such. I refused to answer and the guy got mad. So he hit me around a bit to see if I would talk. I didn’t.”

“Bastard deserves to die.” I heard Killer mutter, “You shouldn’t hit a girl.”

“I broke his neck.” I told him with a smile, “And I don’t believe in that rule.”

Killer nodded and bit before saying, “I hope you feel better in the morning.”

“Thank you.” I said, “Have a good night.”

“You too.” He said, “If you need anything don’t be afraid to ask.”

I nodded and he turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him. I watched him the entire way. And my eyes darted to Mykhayla, whom was behind the door. A childish smile on her face, and hands in the shape of a heart next to it.

I raised an eyebrow at her.


“He’s so crushing one you!” She squealed.

I shook my head, “He’d have done that for anyone in my situation.”

“Suuuuure.” She said with an eye roll, “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Torri.”

“He would.” I defended, “Killer’s just that kind of guy.”

“I wonder about you sometimes.” She said shaking her head.

“And what pray tell do you wonder about?”

“How you can be so dense when something is so obvious!” She argued.

“What’s obvious?” I asked.

“Killer has a thing for you!” She said in a sing-song voice.

“Yeah,” I said, “And he left it here.” Motioning to the tray of medicine.

Mykhayla face palmed, “I’m just going to stop this conversation so we can go to bed, because I don’t know about you, but I need to sleep.”

I shrugged, “Okay. I’ll be in as soon as I patch myself up.”

I headed into the bathroom with the tray in hand to put on the medicine, and on the way I faintly heard Mykhayla say something along the lines of ‘That girl’, which I just rolled my eyes to.