No Way Out(A How To Train Your Dragon Love Story Part 1)

This story is set in modern day time, with no dragons(sorry), and for Tuffnut and an OC I came up with. If you don’t like this character don’t be going reading.

The sun shawn bright down on Los Angelus California that morning. The waves slowly lapping up against the beach not far from a restaurant that a group of boys were noisily making their way towards.

One boy was tall, but very round. He was chubby with messy blonde hair, green eyes, and was a little meeker than the rest of the group. The boy right next to him was slightly shorter than the blonde, but was almost stick thin with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. The second loudest of the bunch was also the shortest of the bunch, but it was made up for by the large torso and arm muscles that he showed off. He had black hair and pale blue eyes.

The loudest one out of the group of boys was the tallest one. He had a lean and muscular body, long blonde hair that had been done in dreadlocks and pulled back into a pony tail, with piercing blue eyes that almost matched the sea they were so close too.

The noisy bunch had finally made it to their destination and pushed open the door and the others out of the way.

“Thought I heard you boys coming down the street.” Stoik said from behind the counter at the dinner they’d just entered.

“Sorry, dad.” The brunette apologized, “You know how they get worked up after their morning work outs.” He gestured to the boys with the black hair and the dreadlocks.

Stoik just rolled his eyes knowing that he could never change what would go on with them.

“The usual boys?” Gobber called from the back in the kitchen when he saw the four of them at the counter.

“Oh, yes please Gobber.” The chubby blonde replied with a smile. He had always loved Gobber’s cooking.

The boys went to take their regular seats at their favorite booth, but the brunette turned back to his father seeing his expression, and couldn’t help asking.

“Is everything okay dad?”

Stoik look up at the words of his son, though he was still looking down at the boy because he was so much taller.

“Have you ever heard of Drago Blood Fist?” The red head asked the boy.

The boy looked taken back but nodded, “Yeah, sure. Everyone’s heard of him. He’s a really big mafia boss that has, not only pissed off most of the other opposing mafias, but basically controls just about every major industry here.”

The big, burly, red head nodded at his son’s correct facts.

“But I read in the news that he’d died, fairly recently too.” The chubby blonde cut in.

“He did, Fishlegs.” Stoik said acknowledging the comment, “And that’s why I’m so stressed out.”

The brunette just raised an eye brow. On top of helping out his friend Gobber at the diner when he needed it, Stoik was the mayor of the town, so he was always stressed out with paperwork, meeting demands, and other political decisions.

“Why would you be stressed out about that?” He asked, “If he’s gone then that means that he wont be around to reach us out here anymore.”

“That’s not why I’m worried, Hiccup.” Stoik told his son, and sighed, “Drago had an heir to his legacy.”

All of the boy’s eyes widened at that. They never heard that Drago had a child at all.

Stoik sighed again, he knew he couldn’t keep anything from the boys anymore, and considering that they were the only occupants of the diner at the moment he saw no reason as not to.

“She wants out of the business so she contacted me.”

“Woah, woah, woah.” The black haired boy stopped the red head there, “First you say that mighty Drago Blood Fist has a kid who is supposed to carrying on everything that’s he’s built up until now, then you saw he wants out of a life of luxury, and now you say he’s a she? What’s really going on?”

“Snotlout.” Stoik said in an authoritative voice, “Drago had a daughter, why he kept her, I don’t know. But what I do know is that she does want out. And the life of a mafia boss is anything but luxurious. She wants to start anew here, on the lowest possible profile. Everything that’s going on with her right now is going through me, so no one can find her.”

“Why are you even caring about her?” The blonde in dreadlocks asked board, “She’s just some mafia run away, and you’re the mayor of the town. You don’t owe her anything.”

“You’re right, Tuff.” Stoik said to the boy, “I owe her nothing. But I owed my sister-in-law a lot.”

All the boys looked at the man like he had just grown another head.

“She is the first and only daughter of Drago Blood Fist and Flemingtine Jorgenson.”

“That makes her, my and Snotlout’s cousin.” Hiccup said slowly.

Stoik nodded.

“I thought Aunt Flem went missing when we were kids?” Snotlout said.

“Kidnapped, more like it.” Gobber said coming around with their breakfasts.

“Flemingtine went missing, but sent letters to Spitelout.” Stoik continued, “She was well kept, but forced to birth his heirs.”

“And how, exactly, do you know she’s telling the truth?” Fishlegs asked.

“The girl was well prepared, I tell you that much.” Stoik told the boys, “Along with her letter introducing herself she included a copy of her birth certificate, her mother’s maternity journal, pictures of her mother and father together, D.N.A. samples that I could, and did, test against Spitelouts’, and Felmingtine’s necklace. She always wore it, so it was unmistakable.”

“Sounds like she really wanted you to believe her.” Hiccup said as he sat down in front of his food.

Stoik nodded, “Then she revealed something else to me.” He told them, “She’s a young author with the pen name of Jorden Sky BloodFiend.”

“You’re kidding?”

“You have to be!”

“No way she is.” Tuff finished for Hiccup and Fishlegs, “Who is that?”

Snotlout smacked the blonde upside the head before saying, “Even I know who she is then. She’s one of the youngest successful novelists of our time. I think her best seller was ‘Crime Through a Child’s Eyes’.”

Fishlegs nodded, “That would actually make sense knowing who her father is then. The book is about some of the intricateĀ workings of the mafia, and how it looked to a child growing up in those surroundings knowing nothing else but that. And if her father was Blood Fist there would be all she’d need to write that story.”

“According to her, that was, more or less, her life until she was thirteen.” Stoik said grimly.

The three boys, who actually knew what that story had in it, swallowed hard. They all remembered the detailed descriptions of savage beatings, intense treatment, lack of human interaction, and the cut off of the world the little girl in the story had suffered through her entire life.

“She’ll be coming to town in the next couple days.” Stoik told the boys, ” ‘nd I want you to be nice. Snotlout, Hiccup if you two could show your cousin around, that would be lovely. I still have a lot I need to do before her plane even lands. Any questions?”

Tuff raised his hand as a child would when a teacher asked a question of the class.

“Yes, Tuff?” Stoik asked with a sigh knowing he was about to say something really stupid.

“Is she hot?”

Faster than anyone could think he could, Stoik jumped over the counter and started for the blonde, he hauled him up the collar of his shirt when he reached the table.

“I am going to say this once, Tuffnut.” Stoik growled, “That girl has been through more of hell than you could ever imagine. She’s coming here to get away from the mafia, from her past, and most importantly, people that will hurt her. And I will not have you going and breaking her already fragile heart just for your own personal gains. The second she is off that plane and in my sight she is my responsibility. And if you so wish to go against my authority, I’ll have you know, Spitelout is also going to be responsible for looking after his favorite sister’s daughter. Am I clear?”

“As crystal, sir.” Tuff said nervously before he was dropped back down on the booth with his friends.

“You aren’t to touch her either.” Stoik said, his attention this time on Fishlegs.

“I won’t sir. I only want to talk to her a little about her writing, a-after she’s settled of course.” Fishlegs said even more nervous than tuff.

“Good.” Stoik said before turning back around and taking back his original place.


“You’re kidding!” Astrid and Ruff yelled together after hearing what the boys had to tell them.

“No.” Snotlout said board, “I’m still trying to let it all sink in.”

“Did you find out if she’s hot or not?” Ruff asked her brother.

“Whether she is or not, I’m going to die if I try.” Tuff grumbled.

“I wonder what she’s actually like.” Astrid said to her friends, “I think most people would assume she’d be cruel and cold, and heartless. But she actually wants out of it. Maybe she wont be that bad.”

Ruff shrugged in reply before saying, “Now we just have to keep her away from Dagur.”

The guys all groaned knowing the exact scenario Ruff was talking about.

If she was attractive in any way really, Dagur would try and take her for himself, one way or another, and then she’d be back to square one of being surrounded by people she thought would hurt her. And Stoik and Spitelout would kill them for letting it happen.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Astrid suggested, “Besides, if ‘Crime Through a Child’s Eyes’ is her early life she can most likely take care of herself in a situation like that.”

They all had to at least shrug at that. Besides,there was always the rumor that goes around that writers have a habit of exaggerating.


“Why did your dad want us here this early again?” Tuff asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes, it was about an hour until the diner actually opened.

Astrid yawned signalling she too wanted a reply from Hiccup.

“He just said we all needed to come down to Gobber’s place at this time, so here we are.” Hiccup said tiredly as he stopped in front of the door leading into the diner and pulled it open for all of his sleepy friends.

When they all got in they saw Gobber pouring coffee into cups for the three figures at the counter. One was unmistakably Stoik, the second one they could identify was Spitelout, Snotlout’s father. both men were on either side of a much smaller figure who had their back to the group.

Stoik looked up at the door when he heard it close.

“I’m glad you all could make it.” He said to them with a smile, “I’m sorry for calling you all in this early, but I figured this would be for the best.”

“Waking us up at four in the morning is not ‘for the best’ as you put it.” Astrid snapped, she had always been cranky when she didn’t get enough sleep.

“I’m sorry.” Stoik apologised for a second time, “But I know you all wanted to meet her, and I wanted it to be a little more descrite than a public lunch in the middle of town.”

As Stoik moved towards the group and away from the smaller figure, it turned on the stool and stood up to look at the people who just came in the door.

All of them stopped and stared at the girl in front of them.

She stood tall at about five ten, she had a lanky-ish body but it was clearly indicated she was far stronger than her body gave her credit for. She wasn’t that big in the chest or hips, but it was obvious she was female. Her skin was tanned but pale at the same time. She had dark brown hair with light brown highlights pulled back into a high, tight, and messy pony tail. She had about a quarter of her hair the right side of her head shaved off close to the skull. He bangs fell uneven over her left eye. Her mouth was in a tight line as she looked everyone inĀ the group up and down, deciding whether or not she should trust them or not. And her eyes were red, not from crying or anything like that, but her irises were red, like blood or rubies, strawberries, they were red.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She said finally, her voice harsh from God knows what, but smooth and very polite, “My name is Carstella.”

“Meet your cousins, Hiccup, and Snotlout.” Stoik said and placed a hand on the shoulder of the two boys he just introduced.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Carstella. I’m Astrid.” Astrid introduced herself first.

“I’m Ruff.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, my name’s big fan, I’m a Fishlegs.” Fishlegs introduced himself wrong, before realizing he messed up and started again, “I mean, my name is Fishlegs, and I’m a big fan of your writing.”

“Thank you.” She said meekly.

Tuff, who had yet to pick his jaw up off the floor at seeing the brunette was still staring her, until Ruff pushed his jaw up for him and introduced her brother.

“This knuckle head is my brother, Tuff.”

Carstella smiled at him, “It’s nice to meet you. All of you.”

“I asked all of you here this early so you can show, Carstella around today.” Stoik told the group before turning his attention back to the girl at his side, “I know you like knowing where you are at all times.”

Carstella smiled a little and nodded.

“What do we get out of it?” Snotlout asked board.

“Free breakfast.” Spitelout told the group.

“I’m in!” The entire group yelled.

Spitelout sighed, of course they would all say yes after that.

“I’ll get the usuals.” Gobber said before disappearing into the kitchen.

Astrid and Ruff pulled Carstella into the largest booth in the diner, one sat on either side of the girl as the boys piled in themselves.

“So, Carstella, what are some of your favorite things to do?” Astrid asked trying to get to know the new girl.

“I love writing,”

“No duh.” Snotlout cut in.

“And anything that can get adrenaline pumping.”

“Like what?” Ruff asked getting closer to the girl.

Carstella shrugged, “As long as I’m moving, I don’t care.”

“Another adrenaline junkie.” Stoik muttered from the counter.

“Do you know how to surf?” Astrid asked.

Carstella nodded.

“We’re so going to the beach!” Ruff shouted.

“And Shopping Alley too!” Astrid added.

Carstella just looked between the two wondering why they had to be so loud, and why the guys hadn’t said anything yet.